Tuesday, July 31, 2007



Kosovo is in the news a lot of late, N.P.R. weirdly enough hasn't been covering the latest. Anyway here it is.

At the risk of poaching on Michael Manske's territory:

Slovenian plan to break Kosovo log-jam


a Russian link, bonus, you can if you dare click on a banner ad labeled 'Osama Marriage Video'
Might not be safe for work I haven't looked so I wouldn't know.

Kosovo ready for talks adamant on independence


E.U. may have to recognize Kosovo


Majority of Serbs favor cooperation with E.U. even if E.U. recognizes Kosovo


Romanian Orthodox Patriarch Dies


U.S. Steel Serbia worker arrestef for taking bribes


Confederation of Sovereign States 'A nonsense' says Kostunica


Not directly Balkans news but of interest anyway,

Well this has SOME Balkans relevance:

Why Africa fears Western Medicine


Deadly Monsoon Season in India


And something I thought I'd never live to see:

Last Days of British Mission in Northern Ireland


Well some kitchen items are going away Thursday, along with three trunks, YEAH! :) Trunks don't do well long term in storage sheds so I have wanted to give those trunks away. They've been spare seating in the meantime.

I am feeling tired already, it's getting hot, but I have to go out to the garage and throw some things out, and some kurva sina had a party on my lawn, and didn't bother picking up his beer bottle. The appraiser was in today. A nice lady.

Well off I go to do my chores. :)

Monday, July 30, 2007


Another Monday...

Trial for officer accused in shelling of Dubrovnik


Agressive Tactics in Norac-Ademi Trial


Samardzic: Talks Approach More Important Than Mediators


Not Balkans related but important:

Immigration /surge in U.S.


and Ingmar Bergman has died. I loved his films, the wierdness and the total Swedishness of them made them cool. I especially liked 'The 7th Seal' and was horrified by 'Virgin Spring'

If your mother was raised in the woods by Swedes then well, serious discussions of Ingmar Bergman is important ....

R.I.P. Ingmar Bergman


And an example of how America's diversity can be it's greatest strength:

FBI language recruitment goals being met


and file under

kako bezkulturno!

Goran Visnjic's Alleged Mistress Got Nasty Voice Mails from Mrs. Visnjic


Well it's nice and windy this morning, meaning much cooler. I have some soup started to use up some of the last of the meat and the other half of the cabbage.
Right now the beef, a little bacon, some onion slices and a clove of garlic are browning in the little wok, with some pickling spice. I am going to take it out when the bacon is cooked and the meat is browned on all sides, then put it in a pan with the cabbage and half a packet of cider mix and enough water to cover it, and add in the cabbage. There's some dehydrated vegetables I'm putting in to make it taste a little like Vegeta. Yesterday I had a bunch of visitors, we all hung out for a bit, and then one left, then one of them and I went off to Red Robin. They have something really nice, it's called a Burger Salad, it's a burger without the fixings on a nice salad, I had that with a side of their horse radish sauce, and the Ultimate Margarita, which was VERY nicely done.

Sunday, July 29, 2007



Pyramid Update


I wish the author of this article had bothered to read YGLG, because the back story on this wasn't very complete. As well it is pretty close to blasphemy at the end of the article, God can do anything He pleases! Has it occured to anyone that maby the reason God doesn't do many straight lines might be that perhaps He just doesn't LIKE them?

Balkans to get visa freedom 'Only if they reform'


Serbian army, KFOR cooperate well


And a follow-up to the sad story of the Bulgarian and Palestinian health care workers:

Quiet, Libya has an AIDS problem


Yesterday a friend and I were supposed to go to a concert at Seasons, then I went to another friend's home for lamb curry (mmmmm!) and where I got a call from the friend who had invited me to the concert, she'd fallen from a ladder doing some work in her yard and didn't feel too wonderful, so she said she couldn't take me. I don't drive so going by myself wasn't practical. I just hope she'll be o.k.!

I will e-mail her later to see how she's doing, or call, it worries me that she fell.

Kulture Korner:

Saturday, July 28, 2007


Has it been that long? Really has it been that long?

Bosnian Muslims Celebrate 600 Years of Islam in Bosnia-Hercegovina

Sorry about the above link, I don't know what happened. Here it is again.

Bosnian Muslims Celebrate 600 Years in Bosnia


Pastor Helps Those Far From Home


I thought it was nice that a Catholic church was helping a Protestant church who in turn helped a guy who is probably Orthodox, just neat.

Immigrants clash in Sacramento Ca.


So was it because the guy was gay? because he was Fijian Indian and non-Christian, or was it race?

It's been pretty hot, hard to sleep properly in this weather. I assume I'm out of here August 10.

Friday, July 27, 2007


Bosnia: High Representative demands expulsion of Islamic radicals

Libya asks other Arab countries to cut ties with Bulgaria


Serbian court denies assasin's appeals


Albania cuts government work hours due to power shortages


I have noticed a sharp upturn in obits in Slobodna Dalmacija, mostly older people, but even some younger people, and I can't help thinking that the hot weather is a contributing or even a causative factor.

One of the stories I wanted to include yesterday, but lost when Blogger ate my post

Will Serbs declare independence from Kosovo?


and Kultur Korner:
People aren't the only kritters with kultur :)

Spider Flamenco, don't click if you hate spiders...seriously the sound reminds me of flamenco, it's really cool...

Spider porn



Up way too late or way to early

I had a look over at 'Finding Karadzic' he's back in business, anyway he says there's a trailer out for the Richard Gere flick, and the plug in he had didn't work for me. So I got another trailer at Google, that I can watch anyway. It looks promising, despite all his not being able to handle the smell of cevapcici.

Thursday, July 26, 2007


Thursday's excuses.

I will never forgive Libyan tormenters: Palestinian doctor says


Srebenica remains recovered\


Drought devastates Romanian crops


Sarkozy under fire for nuclear deal with Libya


BBC undercover report uncovers details of child smuggling from Bulgaria


And in news from the Yakima Gulag... READ this QUICKLY they put stories behind a pay wall very fast at YHR.

Video visits for Yakima inmates


The gist of it is that there will not even be visits behind the glass, in British parlance 'closed visits' for inmates at the Yakima county jail. I want to know how it is contraband is an issue in a 'closed visit'? As well not mentioned in the article, if someone leaves money on an inmate's book so they can use the commissary, it's got to be a money order, which of course is an inconvenience to the families of inmates. Now I don't like criminals any more than the next person, and I realize that yes they are in jail and usually for good reasons, but making it harder on their families, and them than it's got to be isn't a useful thing. I do understand that the video option has certain advantages, such as maybe not needing to search people, making the visiting process go smoother, but it's got disadvantages too. I overheard a woman on the bus talking about it with her friend, that's where I got the detail about the money orders. She was in the paper and quoted in the story.

Well today was a hot day again. I was able to donate the adjustable bed to a boy's home. That leaves me with a book shelf and an entertainment center that have been rejected due to their age. They'd look fine if they were painted. I also have two school desks to get rid of. I am trying to arrange getting those items out of here. As things stand I have like one or two pick up loads of things that can go to the shed, kitchen things, and my luggage. I recieved papers from the title company of the buyers, and I filled those papers out and hand delivered them to the title company. Came home wiped out, rested for a bit, and then went out with a friend to go hear some music at the park. It was great fun. Got some more shisha work done while listening, my friend and her baby went to the pool since it was free. Anyway it's not like I didn't warn you that things will be erratic for a bit.
Then blogger ate my post, and I can't find the 'recover post' button. I wonder if they got rid of it, I had to re do it, and re-finding a couple stories was a problem.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Tickle me Tuesday...

Please bear in mind that this source is called 'Unconfirmed Sources'

It is SATIRE! Someone has to 'Weird Al' the news sometimes.

Bush invites Romanian torture expert


This however isn't satire!

Those d*** slug eating Swedes!


The heatwave has been severe in all the Balkans region, I believe nearly every nation in the region also has forest fires.
The Bulgarian people are very happy that the nurses and the medic are home, while the families of the HIV/AIDS infected children are angry. Word up! the nurses weren't the cause of their children's misfortune, the conditions in the hospital a whole YEAR prior WERE. Just because the Bulgarians and the Palestinian aren't Libyan doesn't give Libyans a right to blame them for what happened. It's time to move on now.
I found a taker for the bed, I don't know how the inspection of my house went. I don't know when I'll know. They can't have found anything too awful wrong. I had the lawn mowed because despite the heat, it has been growing a lot. The rose that's not trained began a second bloom. I gave both roses some Christmas candy I never got to. The sugar can't hurt. Those roses have such attitude, I love them for it.

The flooding in England is sounding like England's Katarina. It's pretty awful. I hope my English readers are alright.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Bulgarian Health Care Workers Freed.

Bulgarian Nurses, Palestinian Doctor Freed!

the Bulgarian nurses and the Palestinian doctor were flown to Bulgaria this morning, this was on N.P.R. this morning. It was reported early.
Bulgarian Health Care Workers Freed


They've had more Balkans coverage on N.P.R. lately, what with Kosovo, and they are nearly the only news outlet locally that HAS covered the story of the ordeal of the Bulgarian nurses and the Palestinian doctor.

One Bulgarian's ordeal


Rice, Kosovo leaders meet

Wahabbis in the Balkans


Bosnia, joint trial for paramilitary leaders


Kultur Korner:

Trust me there's a Balkans connection here...

For the first time, a woman wins D.C. piano competition


Monday, July 23, 2007


Monday, and it feels like one but it's not awful...in fact it's kind of therapuetic

Shaina over at Bosnia Vault already posted this, but her source didn't have pictures, so here is Jasmina Tesanovic's latest:

Return to Srebenica


Turkey Reelects Prime Minister Erdogan


Wag the cat..or something...


Remember the film 'Tight Little Island'? For your edification, the Balkans version....

Interesting find in a Bulgarian village


Kosovo swept by wildfires


Wildfires are a problem in many other areas of the Balkans right now, as is the heatwave.

Naked Bicyclists Fined in Serbia


Sorry I can't help but think of the naked bicyclists who grace the Freemont Solstice Parade some years anyway. One of them was undergoing some interesting surgery, he had more than the usual male body parts, and then had rather enviable breasts. I couldn't believe my eyes. These people however were probably not anything much to write home about.

So now Newsweek mentions Guca?

Embracing Gypsy Culture


Cecilia Sarkozy meets with a daughter of Kadafi


Ethnic Albanian leaders in Washington after independance films shelved


last night a little baby spider decided I was her playground. She was a baby jumping spider of some sort. Usually wolf spiders and jumping spiders are on their mother's back awhile. I had fun observing her, trying to get her to go on the wall to play, and having her come back. This went on until time to sleep. Imagine something so tiny you can barely see it, that is as playful as a kitten, that can leap, that can spin webs. Imagine something that is tiny that looks like it's made of spun glass. I would have filmed it, but my camera hasn't got good enough resolution.
So all I did was watch it play.

Sunday, July 22, 2007


got to sleep way late, got up way late.

Congresspersons express support for BiH


B.T.W. name drop moment, I've met Jim McDermott several times.

Serbia asking neighbors for help fighting wild fires


The heat wave is contributing to fires all over the Balkans, and to deaths from heat exhaustion. 15 more Romanians have died from the heat.

Goths strong presence in Bulgarian genome



Saturday, July 21, 2007


Stuff that is keeping me up nights....

Spanish scientist finds new bee parasite from China


I am running down another story, brb

One view of the executive order


the executive order itself:

Executive Order: Blocking Property of Certain Persons Who Threaten Stabilization Efforts in Iraq


O.K. here it is, I heard something alarming on the George Noory show last night, I think this is the Executive Order refered to by George Noory and by a caller. I am not a big fan of President Bush, but I think just maybe there was an over reaction on the part of both George Noory and the listener who called to confirm the story. It's an easy over-reaction, but my reading of this masterpiece of legalistic gobbledy-gook is that this is less menacing to the American public than George Noory thought, or his listener thought.
Basically they thought that the latest Executive Order meant that the bank accounts of anyone who protested the war too much could be frozen. This Executive Order is pretty specific in referring to matierial assistance to extremist groups in Iraq, and doesn't specify protests of the war by American people. I could be wrong, but it doesn't look as menacing as all that to the people here who honestly oppose the war and exercise their First Amendment rights. I admit to having been very distressed by this story that was on George Noory's show last night, because the last such story on his program proved to be totally accurate, and it was distressing. I had no time to check into it as there was a 'back-up offer' on the house, and then I left to go to the monthly protest of the war that we have here.
The 'back up offer' on the house is good news, even if it's for a bit less than the initial offer, it's a cash offer, and I would not need to pay closing costs, as well the other offer may not go through, I was worried that I didn't hear from my agent. He is on vacation it turns out. His assistant however came to my home, and let me know the financing might not go through for the first people, so I decided that it made sense to take the 'back-up offer'. I should know something Monday. So if the first offer goes through after all, I'm o.k. and if it doesn't go through, the 'back-up offer' will go through. It means I'll be out of here in two weeks
Then I can be on my merry way. I will know more on Monday, I made sure to let my agent's assistant know that I have been fairly anxious and would like to know what is going on as soon as possible. Meanwhile I guess I go back into pack mode. I have a lot of spices I need to give to someone else, because I can't take them with me, nor can I ship them by way of the luggage forwarding service I plan to use. I am doing my level best to avoid having to check luggage, checked luggage has been a pain before. The less I have to carry the happier I'll be.

Friday, July 20, 2007



No U.N. vote on Kosovo


Serbia's former state prosecutor arrested on suspicion he belonged to criminal gang"

Kosovo considering Nov 28 declaration of independence


Bear fatally mauls man in Romania


His wife tried to save him by attacking the bear with a pitchfork, makes me think of the story my mother told me with the lines 'Go woman! Go bear!' except this has a sad ending.

Bears that HABITUALLY attack people often turn out to be older and in ill health. This is different from bears that will go after women alone in the woods.

Another thing, people should not be feeding the bears. The bears are capable of getting their own food and feeding them makes them bolder than they would otherwise be around humans.

WARNING MUCHO PROFANITY: For those of you in Rio Del, that means REAL BAD WORDS.

The White Trash School of Writing is on display here, with lots of unnecessary parenthesis, and the works. izolite if you are not at work....
By way of 'The Smoking Gun'


Thursday, July 19, 2007

Russia will veto any plan for Kosovo which is unacceptable to Serbia


Rice pushes for action on Kosovo independance


Bulgaria asks Libya formally to transfer the medics


In most of the Balkans it's been extremely hot, some areas have proclaimed heat emergencies.

It looks like it's going to be another hot day. I wonder how the financing is going on the house. During Folklife while I was gone someone came to look at the house, brought by someone from another agency, and yesterday two guys came with an agent from my own agency to have a look. They looked like investor types. Anyway I have had a lot of action on the house and the fact it is a sale pending situation hasn't slowed things down that much. This is a good thing. I hope the people who want it can get their financing. I am really ready to go. I need to pack up the kitchen. That is about the last thing I am doing, since I will need things in the kitchen. I hope anyway that some word comes today, or at worst tomorrow. It makes me a little nervous not to have heard something yet.

The rose that got trained has bloomed a second time. It looks lovely.
The other rose exploded into early blooms and hasn't bloomed a second time. It was extravagantly beautiful though, just wall to wall roses. it doesn't climb, The flowers on the roses look about the same but they behave differently. I love them both, I should get slips from them so that maybe they could have offspring at my daughter's place.
I love those roses, they are about my favorite thing about this house.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007



Bulgarian medics saved from death penalty


I will feel a lot better when I know those folks are on the plane.

I heard it first on NPR yesterday, but I was too tired to get on line.

Macedonian officers jailed over illegal weapons trade


Article from Der Speigel on Kosovo


There are going to be scattered thunderstorms here today so I won't be online much.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007



Toxic Cloud From Rail Accident in Ukraine Has Not Yet Reached Romania


Bosnian Muslim Gets 30 Years For War Crimes


INA discovers new commercial oil field in Syria


The usual nargles on Kosovo. Things about the same for the Bulgarian nurses and the doctor.

It has cooled off a little today, I am waiting to hear from my real estate agent, and also need to go out to the garage and throw some things away. Most of what needs to be thrown away has been thrown away. That is of course a good thing. We could even get thunderstorms today so I won't be online much.

Bonus Video, the Serbian born baby panther and it's foster family

Panther video


Monday, July 16, 2007


In Recovery From Folklife

But first the news from elsewhere:

Libyan debt may be forgiven to free AIDS case nurses and doctor


Kosovo police trade shots with 'uniformed gunmen'


Kosovo's Surroi Calls on West to Curb Russia's Say on Breakaway Province


Murder extradited to Croatia


Serbian General Pleads Not Guilty


Belgrade as a tourist destination


Kind of a 'Mind Improvement' story but oh what the heck....

Baby panther adopted by female dog


Folklife was excellent. I was the slavish shameless hopeless groupie of 'Dave and the Dalmatians' They came back and sang lovely klapa type songs, and a few songs not strictly klapa, but Balkans in origin, one Cossack song, and one majestic Georgian hymn. They sang 'Tamo Daleko' a Serbian song, and sang it so well it nearly brought tears to my eyes. They performed in the park and in 'Seasons' a former Christian Science church. Busses weren't running so I got a ride down with a couple of the members of the group. Greg another of the group. This was great because I would NEVER have made it downtown on time to see them perform. It was very hot Friday and Saturday. As well busses don't run at the time I needed to get downtown. So their kindness in giving me a ride was deeply appreciated.
I got to see Albert Snow and Tracy Spring too, old friends of mine here, and Brian Felix and Nick Hughes and his son Nick, and many friends of mine who are Folklife regulars. Folklife has been a big part of my life here.

I had my hands done, and learned some new things about henna in the process. Some previous henna artists have not done as well in instructing people how to keep their designs longer, so this was good and not as expensive as having this done, I paid $10 for a simple design on both hands and the henna took well. I am one of those people whose skin doesn't take henna easily. I also got two 20 gram packets of henna powder to either touch up my hands or do a different design if I wish to, ran into the World Treasures people too, and that was nice. They are good people.

Over the weekend as well I found out there is a really good new taxi company I didn't know about in our Gulag, A-1 taxi, the drivers are all women, and that is a plus, they give military discounts and senior discounts, and are good people as well. As a non driver, good taxi service is vital to my having an independent lifestyle. I far prefer a female driver if I can get one.

Local film of a local band that performed at Folklife, A Christian group called 'Second Chance' who are good, they are from Selah.

Second Chance in rehersal


Saturday, July 14, 2007


Folklife lots of fun

Russia pulls out of key arms treaty over U.S. plans in Romania, Bulgaria


Whoever rules in Russia must defend Holy Mother Russia.

no ifs, ands or buts...

in other news, looks like Cecilia Sarkozy is doing some good,

Cecilia Sarkozy Provides Plane for Bulgaria's HIV Convicts in Libya


I hope that she has brokered a deal that can work, and hej Viva la France!

Bulgaria and other countries to pay families of AIDS-HIV infected kids


Bosnia pays out first war time debt


an article that is interesting in that it's in the Iranian official type press, for those of you paranoid about KARNIVORE, this is your cue to not click...Iran has had some interesting ties to Russia for some time....

U.S. Interests in Kosovo


U.S. may bypass U.N. on Kosovo


Not Balkans Related, but what the heck...

As some may know, the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona is in progress, warning not so nice picture of a bull getting two guys for the price of one if you know what I mean and I think you do.

bull gores two American brothers at same time in Pamplona


the guys are recovering.

Folklife began last night, it's kind of fun going bar-hopping and only needing one cab, I had a lot of fun, met some new people, and listened to some nice music. Today ought to be a lot of fun, called up some friends and e-mailed some family to join me to hear Dave and the Dalmatians who are really good.

Friday, July 13, 2007


Friday the 13

the big local news is the heat, which is miserable, and the Folklife Festival this weekend.

Folklife This Weekend


Serbian and Roma Returnees Dumped in Sandzak


Jailed Bulgarian Medics to Sign Pardon Claim


U.S. Albanian Diaspora Bridges Investment Gap in Kosovo


New funds to help displaced and refugees


This was really stupid and a total abuse of authority. I realize some kids can be really trying on trips, kids have a way of being really annoying when they are tired, but there was no good reason for the flight attendant to tell the mom to give the kid 'Baby Benadryl' .
I remember the flight where the little monster behind me kept kicking my seat, and no one did a damn thing to stop it. I could not even ask to be moved since it was a very crowded flight. Asking the parents nicely to please have their kid quit kicking didn't work either. I still remember that kid and it's parents with no fondness. It was hard enough to travel before 9/11, what with the turbulence sign preventing trips to the bathroom when one desperately needed to go, and getting stuck behind the drinks cart, and lost luggage, and being stuck on the plane if something went wrong instead of being put someplace comfortable in the event of a long delay. I'm talking about REPUTABLE airlines here, I haven't flown many cut-rate airlines.
Meanness on the part of airline employees, security employees and so forth is no help, it does NOT enhance security. I have always said, 'I don't mind being someplace, but I hate traveling.' It used to be pretty nice traveling by air. Now it's not much of an improvement over the bus.

Mother and toddler kicked off plane


Yet another gang shooting in Sofia


Thursday, July 12, 2007



Goran admits to affair, and admits kid could be his


Well, Trinity and I had a look at a picture of Mrs. Visnjic, and she looks like a goldfish with those Botox lips. She is an otherwise good looking woman. She needs to have her REAL lips.

EXIT music festival kicks off


Opinion Round-up from IHT


Kustunica says 'U.S. insults Serbian intelligence'


Sarkozy's wife visits death row medics


So I'm late again, I can't help it, had to wait for someone from the Uniion Gospel Mission to come get the couch, I did not know the mattress on the bed had a stain on it.I had to go out and get some peroxide to deal with the stain, it has worked so I'll call them back, the driver said they'd take the bed if it didn't have a stain. I applied lots of peroxide, and put paper towels and now I'm just letting it dry to see how it looks. At first there were reddish brown edges. I think a person who stayed with me a few years ago must have had a nose bleed. I am kind of bugged by it, because it should not have been there. I had all kinds of sheets and blankets between the mattress and any humans, as I did with the couch. Right now I have a floor bed set up, it's comfortable. I should sleep well enough.

It has been really hot and humid here. I am dripping sweat.
Our local festival, Folklife kicks off tomorrow. I am going to go and enjoy it. Dave and the Dalmatians are back.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007



Srebenica Commemoration


BiH wants negotiated settlement for Kosovo


Suspected Mass Grave Actually a Dis-Used Old Cemetery


For the benefit of an earlier anonymous commentator, I did report a SUSPECTED mass grave, and this is the follow up on that report.

Death Sentence Upheld in Libyan Case


Serbia rejects new U.S.-backed U.N. resolution for Kosovo


Refugees and displaced persons returning to Kosovo


Talk about going straight to the TOP!

I could not believe it yesterday, the first thing was that the lady accross the street did me a huge kindness, she brought me a bag of cherries. Beautiful FAT and juicy, huge delicious cherries. Of course I thanked her and thanked her, in Spanish since that's what language she speaks. Then no sooner had I sat down, the doorbell rang and two people came to look at the house, without an agent. They'd been driving by and I talked with them and showed them the house. I explained that the situation is one of a pending sale and I would know if the people got their financing in 8 days, (now 7 days). Anyway they wanted to pay cash and not involve my agent. I have a contract with my agent that is good for one more month, so I feel pretty hesitant about this. I halfway wondered if the lady from across the street brought the cherries to see if I were home and if these folks are known to her family or related in some way. In any case, I can't do anything with it until there is a decision one way or another about these other folks financing. Since they are pre-qualified, there's a good chance they will get their financing.

Man Sues God, Case Dismissed


This has to be the most amusing lawsuit ever...

Otto von Hapsburg Given 'Freedom of the City of London'


Tuesday, July 10, 2007



Health warning: This IS Pravda probably you don't want to look at this at work.

40 sentence for Milosevic hit man upheald


This man killed so many people. 40 years is being way too nice to him.

Bad news for the Bulgarian nurses and the Palestinian-Bulgarian doctor


8 more days before I know if the people who bought my house can get their loan, they are pre-qualified so I hope that goes well for them. I am waiting for the dispatcher at Salvation Army to get back. I had wanted to donate the couch to the hospice, but they don't do that here. Instead, I am tired St. Vincent de Pauls, and that didn't work out because they are between drivers and not taking donations as a result. So I called the Salvation Army and the Salvation Army dispatcher isn't in yet. Probably I will just give the school desks I use as computer tables to a friend. She has expressed interest in them, another friend will get the trunks if she can get someone to help her get them to her place. I still need the tarp. I'll give it to that friend next. and I need to go out and throw stuff away out in the garage, like quick before it gets hot.
take care dear readers.

Monday, July 09, 2007


Monday Morning

Delic Trial


Breaking Point Reached Over Srebenica


Commemoration of 12 Anniversary of Srebenica Massacre


Montenegro urged to keep up hunt for war crimes suspects


"The fact that Djordjevic was able to hide in Montenegro during a long time without being detected, and with the false name of Karadzic, is something that must be avoided," Del Ponte said.

Now that is a tidbit I didn't know about Djordjevic's arrest!

The World's Worst Airlines


We note that two Kazakh airlines are high on this list, but mostly the Congo comes off badly.

Why am I so un-surprised?

'This is no life!' Gypsies in Belgrade


In fairness to Serbia, Gypsies don't have a good life anyplace in Europe.

Bid to arrest C.I.A. rendition team splits German government


And just one more thing...I saw this in Metafilter, the spelling isn't terribly Dutch, it looks like Balkans Ladino to me, Ladino is the Spanish dialect used by Sephardic Jews. In Sarajevo a Jewish run charity called 'La Benevelencija' did a lot of good work to try to help people and I like the concept they are using here, there is a need for the same idea in the U.S. frankly, and the Middle East for that matter. God bless the work!

Radio La Benevelencija


And just a minute, I need to mention something else..
I want to commend Blogger for having the auto-save, it just saved me from committing worse blasphemy than I already have committed. I had a thorough screen freeze but thanks to Blogger, my post is alright! :)

I promise you I'll leave you alone after this one... well for today anyway....


Yesterday a friend of mine invited me on a short road-trip to the Tri-Cities. She was looking at a truck, and basically just wanted to have some company besides her very nice baby. We got there to look at the truck, and she went with the guy to give it a test drive, while I sat in the shade of a lantern tree with the baby, popping lantern tree seed pods to entertain her. After a bit they came back and we got to meet the guy's girlfriend, we all introduced each other, turned out the guy's girlfriend's former boyfriend, the father of her kid was a Bosnian Croat guy, so she had picked up some of the language. We chatted away and cracked jokes, and had a generally pleasant conversation about our favorite Balkans delicacies. It was too bad to leave. They were nice people. Probably my friend is going to buy that truck, because it does run well and only needs minor repairs.

Sunday, July 08, 2007


So where was Comrade Zeka Katja Yesterday?

Well usually I do put things up no matter what, but yesterday was an exception for two reasons,
1. the house sold, my real-estate guy, Mr. Holbrook was over with the paperwork pretty early, and I signed everything. The sale closes in August. For the record, the house sold in just under a month!
2. One of my friends has parents who had their 70th wedding anniversary yesterday, and she invited me to the celebration.

So I didn't put up any news links because I was simply too tired after all the excitement yesterday.


A Bosnian family in America

Summer Work Visas to U.S. in Short Supply



Medieval Church Ruins Found in Bulgaria


BBC article on Roman ruins in Albania


Violence and arrests at Zagreb Gay Pride parade


Friday, July 06, 2007



Mladić will be at the Hague by year's end


We've heard that before, HOW many times? I'll believe it when I see it.

Serbia's FM warns neighboring nations not to recognize Kosovo indepence


Health Advisory: this IS Pravda, where there is no truth, Do not look at this at work, really ugly side story pictures, some of which are of people who need to put on some damn clothes, but it has a story about Goran Višnjić, one of my favorite actors.

Goran Višnjić faces paternity suit


Jadranka pastry shop re:opens


No deal on Bulgarian nurse's case


Polish official will sue CIA prison journalist


Thursday, July 05, 2007


Film of the Finale Rack, of yesterday's excellent fireworks display. As it happened I walked down. I used to make that walk in about 45 minutes, but that was then, this is now. It's five miles, I took it slow due to the weather, it got hot early. I left at 9 a.m. took a food and bathroom break at Taco Bell, and arrived at 11:30. By then even taking it slow, drinking lots of ice cold water I had a headache. I laid down under my favorite tree, and rested. Then got coffee and mini donuts to try and make myself feel better. It helped a little bit. I got hosed down by the firemen. That is probably why I did recover from the headache, and feel good enough to enjoy the company of one of my friends, and my daughter and son-in-law and the kids, it really was a nice day. I ended up not taking the bus, but riding back with my friend. My daughter and her family took the bus. It was the first time my grandkids have ridden public transit. At first they were scared, then they liked it.

I could not help thinking of this video as I watched people cavort in the lovely cold water under the rainbows, when the firemen had the water going.

I do speak passable Bosnian, but not Slovenian, so I didn't realize just HOW suggestive this song is! :) Majkl has a rough translation of some of the words posted for his 4th of July post.


Today's Balkans News


Bosnia civil society: paths from Srebrenica


Suspected Mass Grave in Kosovo Being Excavated


War Crimes Indictee Gets Compassionate Leave


EXIT Visa Campaign


The campaign isn't only intended to help Serbs go to other parts of Europe, is meant to help other Balkans people who want to travel in Europe.
Visa regulations are pretty tight for anyone not from the E.U.



Originally uploaded by Yakima_gulag
Some of the excellent fireworks in the Yakima Gulag

Wednesday, July 04, 2007


****Happy Fourth of July*****

Donors pledge money to help Srebenica


the real headline has a typo.

Keep Up Pressure on Serbia

Macedonian troops to serve as peace-keepers in BiH


Failure to elect president may force early elections in Albania


It is July Fourth, Independence Day for Americans, I wish all Americans Happy Independence Day.
My plan is to shut this box off for the day, and walk down to the Fairgrounds to spend the day being too hot, and the evening watching the usually wonderful fireworks show. Perhaps I will be joined by friends and family. I always see lots of people I know at this event. The past couple of years I haven't gone since there have been family barbecues to go to. This year there won't be such events so I will walk down to the Fairgrounds, and when it's all over, I will take the bus back, that is the safest way back, as the streets become clogged with crazed people trying to get out, and other crazed people who are illegally using recreational explosives.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


The Devil Likes This!

Recycle those bullets,



Late Updates

Russians Supporting Bosnian Serbs on Srebenica Issue


U.N. Bans Rubber Bullets in Kosovo, Considers Wider Ban



Tuesday and taking it easy...

Mladić aid refuses to cooperate with the court


Serbia elects ombudsman


Electing and ombudsman is a good step, and this site has a lot of news, so it's nice to find it.

'Dracula Castle' on the market...again


As if we cared!

This is what the second or third time it's been on the market? The guy was supposed to be so happy to get it back...Well I suppose he saw the HORRENDOUS heating bills, hard to get enough servants, the tourists paying to get in just don't cover the expenses....

Well yesterday, two potential buyers came to look at my house, a Mexican-American couple, and a guy who had two charming little girls. They had a good look around. These were nice people, but now I'm ready to hear some offers. People have been traipsing through here for almost a month now.
People do seem to like the hard-wood floors, the nice early 20th century light fixtures in the dining area and in one bedroom, the HUGE basement, the built in closet, and the big yard.
They like the roses too. I don't blame them, those roses are special. That devious tough one that is in bondage by the garage has broken loose from one set of wires, and has sent a branch in the general direction of the garage roof. I need to go confine that branch again. That rose is so tough!

Monday, July 02, 2007


This is amusing....at least mildly amusing...

Via MetaFilter:



a b c č ć d dž đ e f g h i j k l lj m n nj o p r s š t u v z ž

A B C Č Ć D Dž Đ E F G H I J K L Lj M N Nj O P R S Š T U V Z Ž

But it messes up some of the letters more than it seems right to mess them up. Maybe it's the font.

ž z ʌ n ʇ š s ɹ d o ظu u ɯ ظ1 1 ʞ ظ ı ɥ b ɟ ǝ đ žp p ć č ɔ q ɐ

ž z ʌ n ʇ š s ɹ d o ظu u ɯ ظ1 1 ʞ ظ ı ɥ b ɟ ǝ đ žp p ć č ɔ q ɐ


1976 heading back

1976 heading back
Originally uploaded by Yakima_gulag
To understand the importance of trolleys to Yakima first imagine how hot it is here in Summer, how muddy and snowy it is in Winter. Imagine tired feet, imagine having to go put in a full days work, imagine dirt roads, imagine no cars, not even ONE in the entire county, imagine now how your feet hurt, and imagine your joy at seeing a lovely trolley come your way, even standing room only this would be a welcome sight.
Sundays there is no bus service and they've been doing something to Tieton Avenue that makes for a lot of dust. I walked through that dust to go to the Farmer's Market, and then had a ride from a friend to the trolley barn, where I waited for the Trolley Parade. Then I took a trolley back up to my neighborhood. Stopped off for a beer and then went home to rest. I really enjoyed the day, it was a low key sort of event, but think of it, a 100 years ago the trolley was the ONLY readily available way of getting around. It went all over the Valley. In fact it gave better coverage than any bus system since.


Monday Morning

New High Representative for BiH


The fact the man speaks the language well is a definite plus! I think a poor command of the language by people of responsibility in BiH doesn't help at all. Czech is fairly close. It's funny to read things in Czech and realize just how close.

Killer in BiH prison brags about killings in Sweden


He sounds like a nasty customer.

Over at Balkan Baby there was a report on the concert. I did not realize this was on HRT. That probably was not a good idea. I don't have it in for all of Thompson's work, there are some of his songs I like very much, some of his songs are more 'folky' but the Ustaša behavior at the concerts bothers me a lot. It's a past that should not bring Croatians pride.

and something that is rare even in the U.S.:

The First Theatre for the Blind in the Balkans


It's been pretty warm here, locally the trolley line celebrated it's 100th anniversary.
I went down to the Farmer's Market on foot, where I bought some local honey and some local garlic. Then I ran into a friend who gave me a lift to the trolley barn. I got some really nice pictures and short film clips of the Trolley Parade.

Sunday, July 01, 2007


Sunny Sunda too!

Priests Beat Imams in Football Match


Well at least there wasn't a football riot after the match! And the money went for a good cause. Still I had this funny mental picture of priests in cassocks and imams in their robes and turbans running about kicking a football, a visual which delighted me. Of course the orphans will be better cared for because of this so regardless of religion, God's work was done.

Poison Toothpaste from China could reach BiH


Given how many 'discount' stores and 'drugstores' there are in BiH which sell goods at lower prices, somewhat like the 'Dollar Store' chain in the U.S. I have actually been pretty concerned about the arrival of unsafe goods from China.

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