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Update Time:
BiH Elections Commentary Mostly

Other Commentary on BiH Electiolns

The Trade in Babies in Bulgaria,,2089-2383126,00.html

More on the big Explosion in Sofia Bulgaria

Correction to Yesterday's Story which was a Mladić Update

Serbia to Adopt New Constitution in a Bid to Keep Kosovo

if 'Echalon' or 'Karnivor' worry you Do Not Click, Iranian news source

E.U. Ministers to Discuss BiH and Darfur Missions

Early Morning Explosion Wakes Up Sofia, Bulgaria

not to be confused with Sofia Coppola

Bulgarian Ladies Urged to Join Military

There is a picture and these young ladies look really good in uniform.

Pope Backs E.U. Membership for Albania

I'd be pretty annoyed at this rule too!

E-Mail From Bulgarian Observer Has Remarks about Roma Women

Just goes to show some predjudices are hard to break.

Suspicious Device

and file under 'Wierd Matierial Culture'

Friday, September 29, 2006



Update Time:

Most Serbs See Kosovo as Lost

More Details on Krajišnik Verdict

Further Discussion of Krajišnik Verdict

Good News Macedonia De-Mined

The Nasty Election Campaign in BiH

Warning, this story has an obnoxious ad with a female behind in less than adequate underwear.

Not Enough Being Done To Catch Mladić;_ylt=A86.I1QaHB1Fa2oB4xBm.3QA;_ylu=X3oDMTA5aHJvMDdwBHNlYwN5bmNhdA--

Lindh Killer Should Not Go to Serbia

Interesting Article on Difficulties of Imposing Penalties for War Crimes

This subject has had quite a bit of coverage on NPR the last couple days actually.

British Citizen Found Working Illegally in Bulgaria

Well at least it was something one would expect a British person to be good at! Odds are he was serving a mostly British clientel as well.

If this keeps up the British in Bulgaria might end up with an institutionally complete sub-culture.*

*a little sociology lingo for those of you in Rio Del, it means a social grouping that has no need of the surrounding culture for anything.

Thursday, September 28, 2006


Something Worth listening to!

Terry Gross Show
Two really interesting interviews on the Terry Gross show, listen to both of them if you don't get her show where you live, because both are REALLY interesting shows.


Update Time

a Bosnian Youths Protest

Commemeration of Babi Yar

Article on the President of Slovenia

Nice hat dude!

Croatia's P.M. to Visit U.S. in October

Bregović in Moscow

Beautiful Downtown Belgrade

Another Article from CONTEXT

kudos to them for mentioning 'The Good Life' a favorite of mine and my son Ivan the Terrible who saw me as someone who should be in that show! :) I think the beginings of the infamous Raspberry Wine Industry and the Mead Industry made him see the similarities!

Balkans people also make a lot oftheir own sausages and such as well, and usually the end product is DELICIOUS

And another big fat YIKES!!!


Stuff I Got Free Today

Sometimes a zeka lucks out and gets them some free stuff, so yesterday I won a big box of gobstoppers and today I got from Mr. Blizard a picture of my fence taken by a zeka named Valerie who has been released since she took the picture of my fence, but not for taking a picture of my fence and I got some free books to read, which I will share when I'm done



BiH Elections

Situation of BiH Catholics Still Bad

Liberal Party to Pull Out of Serbia's Governing Coalition

This could be a problem.

Bulgarian Universities Slammed for Corruption

Melton Man Delivers Electric Wheel Chairs to Patients in BiH

Review of 'Fuse',atkinson,74573,28.html

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Today's Mladić Update

Today's Mladić Update

although it's really more about his good buddies


Stealing something of someone else's štik!

The promised pix sorry I had to be late for this party.

Krumpire Bratstvo i Jedinstvo!

or as Idajevo has it

Potato i Jedinstvo

Whatever...later incriminating pictures of zeks eating potatoes at the big potato social will follow later.



Krajisnik Sentanced

I wonder what good even this high sentence is when you consider that he was cleared of genocide charges.

Article from 'Time' Magazine on BiH's Upcoming Elections,13005,901061002-1538599,00.html

Bucking Up Eastern Europe

Kosovo Solution Needs to Avoid War\ACQDJON200609250918DOWJONESDJONLINE000301.htm&selected=9999&selecteddisplaysymbol=9999&StoryTargetFrame=_top&mkt=WORLD&chk=unchecked&lang=&link=&headlinereturnpage=

The main reason the solution to Kosovo is problematic is the attitude that it can be used as a cause of war, it's very easy for politicians to use these sorts of things to stir people up and it is equally easy for them to talk in s
uch a way that it doesn't upset people so much. Mr. Drašković might want to think about that.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


all I could say was 'YIKES!!!'

No Justice and definately no peace..

This to me is totally disgusting! It seems unbelievable this sort of situation would happen in the United States of America in this day and age!



short clip from this year's festival



via Metafilter!

Mud Season Still Exists in Russia!

The Sea Monkey Scandal

Micheal Savage Article

I promise, really cute and funny, well funnier, way funnier than the dumbass forwards people still send me!

What Would Have Happened if God Was a Nerd With a Computer

a little old but important speech

Slovakia'a President on Kosovo\ACQDJON200609251249DOWJONESDJONLINE000523.htm&selected=9999&selecteddisplaysymbol=9999&StoryTargetFrame=_top&mkt=WORLD&chk=unchecked&lang=&link=&headlinereturnpage=

Rumsfeld in Crna Gora

Bad Infrastructure, Bad Advertising Harm Bulgarian Tourist Industry

Croatia Denies Musharraf's Claims

Bulgaria Bans a few Serbs and a few Arabs

Monday, September 25, 2006


Monday and it sure feels like a Monday..

And for your edification Gentle Readers, More updates:
Let Radicals Take Rap for Loss of Kosovo

BiH Holds Back on Prosecution Agreements

Election Aims to Heal Strife Among Macedonian Muslims

Bulgarians No Longer Dancing to Serbian Tunes

Update time:

BiH, Slovenia sign agreement on illegal aliens

We Must Stop Genocide,,1880812,00.html

Interesting Opinion Piece,,1880859,00.html

Ethnicity Isn't Just a Balkans Thing!

Interesting Article on Ramzan

Which I hope will be a blessed time for those of my readers who are Muslims.

Balkan Leaders Unite in IOP First

Serbian Paper Publishes Poster in Support of Mladić

National Bank of Australia Customers Phished from Sarajevo Airport

Ireland Hints at Restrictions on Immigrants from Bulgaria

I've thought that the E.U. was a silly fad anyway for some time, this sort of thing only makes it look silier. What good is it to be part of an international organization which restricts immigration in this fashion? Another thing, tight immigration hurts people when there is a crisis where they live. The difficulties people faced in leaving was a death sentance for many in many eras. It can be a form of complicity. I am not alone refering to Europe, the same thing is true in North and South America.

Over the weekend there were strong rumors that Osama bin-Ladin died of some waterborne illness back in August.
He is rumored to have had kidney disease for years too, if he had a waterborne illness that would be more dangerous for him than for the average person if the other strong rumor is so.
NOTE I mention this clearly as being a rumor.
It is not unheard of for certain governments to start these rumors in an effort for him to make a new video and prove he's still alive.

Sunday, September 24, 2006


Charros, a.k.a. Dancing Horses

this is from yesterday's Sunfair Parade, I really liked the band that preceded the horses, and of course the horses themselves. This group has gotten bigger every year.



E.U. Rejects Safeguards for Balkans Nations

Bulgaria Burns 20 year old Irish Beef

Talk about well aged! yikes!

Letter: World Must Resist Evil

to which I say 'Good Luck!'

Hepatitis Epidemic in Plovdiv Exceeds 1,000

Romanian Orphans Claim Years of Abuse,,2089-2372123,00.html

Reflections on 9/11,1406,KNS_2797_5014184,00.html

Saturday, September 23, 2006


Herking Big Haney Road Train and a teeny tiny road train..


Saturday Morning

Switzerland May Expell 200,000 Albanians

Testimony in Martić Case

Economist Article on Bulgarian Cyrillic via BNN

The fault is NOT with Cyrillic, it is with the Latin alphabet actually. I think that the only work-around is to do what is done with the Latin alphabet in B/C/S.

Royal Family of Serbia to Visit U.S.

Monterey C.A. and Dubrovnik H.R. Sister Cities

Yet Another Bulgarian Election Controversy

Catholic and Muslim Albanian Americans Contribute to Statue of Skenderbeg

Feztival in Boise

I am absolutely WASTED after the fair expedition! We all had a lot of fun looking at the assorted animals, normal farm animals and a few exotics such as a really sweet baby camel, and a miniature zebu. THe kids had a great time, and really wanted to see and do EVERYTHING. Of course the first visit is NOT when you buy EVERYTHING! :)

Friday, September 22, 2006



Just a couple quick updates:

Last American troops to be pulled from BiH by December

OSCE Mission trains Kosovo Protection Corps officers on human rights

From Sept 21

3 Christian Militants in Indonesia to be Exectuted

A couple interesting things about this case, 1. Christian Militants who caused 70 deaths in Indonesia, 2,At least SOME Muslims are among those protesting the execution!

The Latest I have so far on Winnifred Brady

This whole case just bugs the Hell out of me!

Effects of War on Women and Girls Continues: Report from OSCE

War has terrible effects on social life generally, I think that men lose some of their moral fiber too! Something goes wrong in all social arrangements for a long time after the war.

Report on Domestic Violence in BiH

It's not actually mentioned in this article but, another huge need is some sort of sensible, rational reform of family law, BiH has a particular need in this regard, but legal structure in the Balkans generally is a patch-work of laws that date from the Middle Ages, the Ottoman Era, the Austro-Hungarian era, and the Communist era, then there was the war and while I realize legal structure must address such matters as war crimes, nothing has been done to set up a rational system for family law, the law on divorce, marriage, custody, etc. People cannot lead normal lives when these things remain un-addressed.

Cultural, Religious Festivals to be held during Ramzan in BiH

Smokers May Be More At Risk for HIV

Captain Dragan in Court

Richard Gere Discusses Karadžić

Turkish Recognized as an Official Language in Kosovo

I hope to be going to the local fair today, so don't expect my usual updates at my usual times if that's what you come here for, I will try and get some pictures and films from the fair though.

Thursday, September 21, 2006


Thursday! :)

Mladić Aide busted

Story broken by Gordy over at

East Ethnia

Bosnian Family Deported from U.K.

Serbia May Be Headed for 'A Perfect Storm'

NATO Steps up Kosovo Patrols

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


sort of a slow news day really

Film Asks Why No OneCan Catch Karadžić bin-Ladin

Many Car Makers Have Production in Eastern Europe

A nasty murder suicide committed with tank mines

b.t.w., for those of you in Rio Del, 'Lang' is a German family name

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Very Important Update

Dodik Faces Sacking for his Speech in Favor of Referendum R.S. Independance

Jelavić Ring any Bells?

my fellow zeks I rest my case!


Yes it's Update Time again in the Gulag...

Two Serb Policement Busted in Kosovo

More on Sandžak assasination and it's effect on local tensions

Kosovo Rebel gets 13 years for war crimes,1,3804767.story?coll=la-headlines-world&ctrack=1&cset=true

Balkans: UNHCR, EC and OSCE urge full implementation of Sarajevo Declaration

UN agency calls on Balkan countries to assist over 500,000 displaced people

More on Catholic/Orthodox Talks

Zeks in the Gulag were subjected to a repetitive Mike Savage rant for not the usual three hours but from whenever he starts right until MIDNIGHT!
jebiga, I'm sick of that stuff.



PWFWC caught in Greece

Fox radio reported during the 9:00 pm news broadcast that the military is testing coal kerosine in jet engines, yes NAZI Jet Juice! XA!

Correction to War Crimes

Assylum Seekers Article

Immigration to be Restricted

Run Off Sure Bet in Bulgaria

Monday, September 18, 2006



When I talk about Christian Extremists this is a big part of the crowd I'm talking about. Frankly they ARE dangerous, and they are wrong, and they are VERY out of touch with the real teachings of Jesus.
Jews who hang around such people really puzzle me. You will hear a good explaination of Christian Zionists on this show, and hopefully understand why they upset me.
Really Interesting Show on Fresh Air Re: Christian Zionists

And further Must Reading,

A newer blog, but a very good one, that has valuable information, often things that are news to me. Today he has a website you should check out if you, like me didn't see it before!

Americans For Bosnia

Balkan Developement Newsletter

This in reply to the Christian Extremist post, but for some reason when I try to click on the "comment" link, I get a "this page cannot be displayed." Anyways, I'm sure you have already covered this, since you cover everything ;) But in case you haven't, have you heard of the new film "Jesus Camp"? It is about an extremist evangelical camp for children. Film Trailer"I want to see them as radically laying down their lives for the gospel as they are in Palestine, Pakistan and all those different places," Fisher said. "Because, excuse me, we have the truth" Fisher is the head pastor at the Camp. (great, that's all we need, suicide bombers and "martyrs" in Dallas Texas (or wherever). You can find a lot more on the film, including the official website, through google and google news. While of course the extremists certainly do not represent all Christians, or even all Evangelical Christians or as you noted, the teachings of Christ, there does seem to be an increase in Christian extremism. shaina bavault

I do not know what in BLAZES happened to comments but no Shaina I hadn't seen this and I really deeply appreciate this! hvala najlipse!!!


Some stuff I meant to share with you all last night, but I was too busy.

Prince Charles to Buy Property in Romania

Election Rhetoric Still Divisive in BiH

Maybe dual citizenship for BiH Serbs isn't a bad idea, if it's available to BiH Croats, it's only fair to allow it for BiH Serbs. Still I do wish Dodik would stop already about this rot about referendums.

Bulgaria's Buffalo Breeders Can Fill a Niche Market in Europe

These are water-buffalo, not bison for those of you in Rio Del! They are kept as draft animals and dairy animals and another thing, there used be rice cultivation and of course non-mechanized rice cultivation requires water buffalo, this is the same as in Italy's rice country!

Elephant Thrills Sofia

Review of Scholarly Work on Water Buffalos

I learned something new, there are riverine and swamp water buffalo!

Introduction of Water Buffalo to Florida as a Dairy Animal

Aparently the best dairy specimens come from Bulgaria!

An Account of Agriculture in Ottoman Times in Bulgaria

damned interesting reading...I was trying to find out just when water buffalo got introduced to Bulgaria and Macedonia and ran accross this interesting volume!

Water Buffalo Farming in ...England!

Jasmina Tešanović's blog on B-92!

I love this woman's writing! Some is in English and some in Serbian, well worth a read either way!

Evidence in the case of the 6 Algerians


Iz škola!

I'm logging in from school, there isn't a lot happening that can't wait for my twisted take on it.

Actually something IS going on that needs my twisted take.

Catholic/Orthodox Talks Resume

If this means I have to stand up for three hours of Mass FORGET ABOUT IT! :)

Sunday, September 17, 2006



Sturdy, Affordable, Hurricane Proof Housing Option

For those Harry Potter Fans in my Readership!

Searh For Missing Irish Woman to be Scaled Down

The fact they've scaled down the search concerns me. It makes me wonder if they consider her dead or if maybe there is something ELSE we don't know. The Krizavac is a steep climb. When I was there, I probably could have handled it, I probably still could and I wanted to go, BUT my fiance wasn't able for that level of climbing. He was having a problem with his leg, and therefore all we did was make a brief visit to St. James, and get some souvenirs in the regular bazaar of shops that have sprung up over the years to sell souveniers to visitors, oh and went to use the extremly clean bathrooms, then back on the road to Sarajevo.
I should say the surrounding countryside is very hilly, there are lots of ravines, and probably there's minefields in the area. Most people around would be helpful to someone Irish who was lost or in trouble, the Irish are well liked in BiH, despite the fact that the assorted Irish nationalist extremists tended not to get it about Slobo. Most Irish people who were not involv ed with that tended to be supportive of BiH generally. Ireland has as a government sent a lot of humanitarian aid, and very competant peace-keepers, and ordinary Irish people of all political leanings have gone out of their way to help the Bosnian people as a whole, in an impartial way.

Article on Travel to BiH

Bulgaria's Health Fund to Cover Bulgarians in E.U. Up to 2500 euros

St. Sofia Day Celebrated in Bulgaria, and other Orthodox countries

Oh Goody Goody Gum Drop! Another Milošević

Saturday, September 16, 2006



First Military Parade in Decades in Belgrade

And here' s the kind of speeches they had...surprise surprise!\ACQDJON200609161508DOWJONESDJONLINE000764.htm&selected=9999&selecteddisplaysymbol=9999&StoryTargetFrame=_top&mkt=WORLD&chk=unchecked&lang=&link=&headlinereturnpage=

What Cerić Had to Say About the Pope's Speech

It pains me that the current Pope isn't as able to deal with people of other faiths as his predecessor. He's got a HUGE responsibility to Christians who live in non-Christian lands, the safety of those people is his responsibilty, more even than the responsibility of any other Christian leader. I was dismayed and Cerić has raised an important point as far as the Balkans Muslims are concerned.


This guy does a good job of reporting the ambience and the history of the festival and the area of Serbia where it takes place.


In honor of 16 de septiembre!

A source of 'Mexican' Music in Ex-Yu

I hope his music links still work, he has some real cool renditions of Mexican classics in B/H/S!
In particular I recomend 'Karabina 30-30!

*also Check out the Movie Trailer! it's new, he's rearranged the site some, so explore it I'll have to I haven't looked at it in awhile.

* Unfortunately the best song on this site Karabina 30-30 is returning a 404 error, that annoys me, I'm REALLY glad I got in on hard copy for my own enjoyment! Even though the audio was kind of bad, it felt right!


Yet More O-Zone

this is from a Russian making of the video deal, it has a more turbo/techno feel to it.



This song has a rather surreal video, WARNING cute kids in the video!


Another O-Zone Song

I really like this video, it has that cabaret someplace in the Balkans only on T.V. not real life feel to it!


Originalni O-Zone

the original 'Numa Numa' song done by O-Zone





16 de septiembre!

Feliz 16 de septiembre a mis amigos mexicanos!

Today is Mexican Independance Day, I wish my Mexican readers well on this day, I know I have at least a couple readers from Mexico.
The aims of the Mexican Revolution were just as lofty as the aims of the American Revolution. I wish well the People of Mexico, who deserve so much more oftheir government and their lives.

In other news Oriana Fallaci died, she was an elegant and fearless woman who unveiled before Khomeni and made him like it and who made Kissenger feel like an idiot. She went to war zones all over the world and wrote amazing things.

EU Reps on Moldovan/Transdniestra Referendum

Anyone who wants to get an idea how things are needs to go have a look at BalkanBaby's account of his trip there. It's really kind of creepy if you ask me, a 1950s time warp.

Road to Thracian Shrine Opened

Kosovo Talks in Jeopardy

EU Observer Warns Macedonia on Minority Rights

Bomb Blast Damages Bulgarian Flats

Da Vinci Original Manuscripts on Display in Sofia

The weather in the Yakima Gulag has cooled. Won't be long until it's really cold. Already the maple tree in front has begun to drop a few leaves. I'll be back in classes soon. This time I only have two, it probably is going to be impossible to get into the math class I need to repeat this quarter which of course means things will take longer. On the up side, the classes I have on my schedule are not going to be too hard for me, and I think I'll get something out of them.

Friday, September 15, 2006


Must Viewing for All Who Care about BiH..


These videos show what it's like in BiH for ordinary people, it's very telling and it's real, I know this from my own experience.
If you go to this link, you can look at all the videos. Unfortunately there's some abusive commentary by some people who need mental help, but the videos are of very high quality and informative.


Already a busy news day in the Balkans...

It's about 7:00 AM in the Balkans and guess what? It's a super busy news day already!

From Sept 16

Two Gay German Tourist Beaten Up in Split

Split used to be a safe place for gay tourists!

Visit Beautiful Albania,,1863117,00.html

Another Mladi ć Update

Optomisti, a review

Bosnia's top envoy moves to unify ethnically divided city

Macedonia first to be absorbed in next wave of EU enlargement


Some People Have NO Sense at All!

Incidentally the story recieved notice on another blog, just wanted to point out, the hedgehog is ok, the guy got what he deserved! When you think about it, this was so totally absurd, I think all the humans involved need to be taken to the Funny Farm!

U.S. to Build New Embassy in Serbia

U.S. Behind Sacking of Top Bosnian -Croats

Unanswered Questions in Babić Death

Testimony in Marti ć Testimony Case

Noted Romanian Dissident Dies

Hyde Schedules Sub-Committee Meetings on Serbia, and other matters.


Goran Višnjić

Goran Višnjić being interviewed in regards to the movie 'Welcome to Sarajevo' which is about all a lot of Americans know about the Bosnian War.



Bollywood Star Has Bad Trip

And to think I had no problems on Lufthansa.

200 Join Search For Missing Irish Grandmother

Maybe she is ok but has decided to stay in BiH? If they can't find Mladić I wonder how they'll find her, I doubt she speaks Bosnian, so she'd be helpless to ask for help or escape if she's been kidnapped. Would she know what 'Paže Mine' means? Would she be able to find a restroom? Her passport and other things were in the room, could she have been arrested for being out without the little card you need to fill out for the police?

Price of Prunes Up in Serbia

a>E.U. Talks to Resume on Arrest of Mladić

E.U. Calls for Free Elections in BiH

Is N.A.T.O. Becoming Obsolete?

Special Needs School in BiH Keeps Doors Open thanks to Scots

bonus, BiH isn't the only place with a Pyramid Story!

Scots Descended from a Pharoah's daughter?

Not that I think this is a likely story! It's more like the sort of sillyness I read in a book for Orange Order members that was given to me.

The discussion thread is funny too! Enjoy!

Because this is NOT funny!

Kosovo Interior Minister's Car Bombed

Your Holiness, this is NOT Helpful!

It makes a huge difference who is Pope!

Thursday, September 14, 2006


Sometimes you don't know what is being said about you, and then you find out

Yakima Gulag Literary Gazett Balkans Blog of the Week August 7th 2006!

the things you find out messing around on Technorati!

width="425" height="350">

Glamočko Kolo a Serbian dance from BiH


What to do if the neighbors won't turn off their loud music...

trust me this is WAAAY LOUDER in Real Life


How to Wake Up the Neighborhood!

KulturShok in Pula a couple days ago



Hunters Join the Search for Missing Irish Lady

This is the woman who disappeared in Međjugorije. Apparently she didn't go up the hill with everyone else in her pilgrimage group.
I have seen the hill, it's a real climb.
Previous RTE coverage:

Warning the videos are on ''Realplayer"


This is just NUTS!

Babić Inquiry Will Not Be Re:opened\ACQDJON200609140830DOWJONESDJONLINE000688.htm&selected=9999&selecteddisplaysymbol=9999&StoryTargetFrame=_top&mkt=WORLD&chk=unchecked&lang=&link=&headlinereturnpage=

Review of 'Balkans Beatbox'

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Anne Richards Former Governor of Texas Dies at 73

Ann Richards once governor of Texas and a great Democrat died today. I met her, and remember her speech at the Convention in Seattle. She gave a great speech, Senator Chris Dodd was there too. I remember how she spoke, and her enthusiasm. She was a great lady, and I feel sad about her passing.


Zvonko Busić to be Freed after 30 Years

Today's Mladić Update\ACQDJON200609131238DOWJONESDJONLINE000830.htm&selected=9999&selecteddisplaysymbol=9999&StoryTargetFrame=_top&mkt=WORLD&chk=unchecked&lang=&link=&headlinereturnpage=

In Croatian language:

Zvonko Busić Free After 30 Years


Some Background Information in English

Shadowy Journey of U.S. JetTraced

Dodiik Says ' Serbs See No Future in BiH'

Synagogue Destroyed in WWII by Croatian Government

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Muha Priča

Used to watch this on HRT in Croatia


This Just In***

Judge Rules Sacirbey Can be Extradited



Serbia: Judge's Departure Shakes Djindjic Trial

But I heard it first from Radmila!


Somebody's nuts movie on YouTube


Go have a look at Shaina's review here

unfortunately I don't have a way to comment on her blog because annonymous comment is disabled, and I can't comment any other way than Annonymous because of this glitch in Blogger Beta, anyway just wanted to call the attention of my readers to this review, and to say Good Job Shaina!



Several Arrested on Terrorism Charges in Montenegro

Putin Says Russia May Veto Kosovo Provisions

Gordy of East Ethnia had the original story from B-92.

Election Death in Novi-Pazar

Irish Peacekeepers, Family Members Aid in Search for Irish Woman Missing from Medđjugorije

I wonder if in fact this was a suicide? It's too convenient for some people who are quite bad.

More Details on Todorović Death

P.M. Urges Approval of New Serbian Constitution\ACQDJON200609120754DOWJONESDJONLINE000325.htm&selected=9999&selecteddisplaysymbol=9999&StoryTargetFrame=_top&mkt=WORLD&chk=unchecked&lang=&link=&headlinereturnpage=

Another Croatian Journalist Convicted of Contempt by ICTY

School Desegregation Balkans Style

BiH Invites Indian Investment in Textiles Sector

Albanian Village of Pot Growers Angry With Police

H.R. Involvement Could Have Predicted True Numbers of Eastern European Migrants

Monday, September 11, 2006



Today of course is the 5th anniversary of the September 11th attacks so there is a lot of media coverage in the U.S. of the anniversary.

Interestinc Commentary in Guardian on Sept 11th movies,,1869353,00.html?gusrc=rss&feed=27

That day, I was very sick with the flu. I was barely awake when I heard the first news of it, and recieved a paniced call from my daughter who asked me 'So has World War F***ng Three Started?!!!'

I said 'So it wasnt' one of my wierd dreams!' and turned up the news.
Reaction locally was very strong. There's still a lot of superficial super patriotism, and a lot of people locally have served in Iraq.
Then there was all the pre:occupation locally with supposed predictions by Nostradamus, the preoccupation with supposed coincidences in the event. That sort of thing drove me just nuts. People who'se educations should have made them a little more sceptical were so preoccupied.
I think in a way, the fact I'd been to BiH several times before the Sept 11th attacks gave me a sense of perspective I might have lacked. This sense of perspective I believe was helpful to my family and to people around me that helped keep them calmer than they might have been. In a way this is leads up to today's stories.
I actually haven't arranged today's stories in order of objective importance, more in line with what struck me about the stories.

Međjugorije has been a remarkably safe destination in BiH. Most of the people Iever have known locally who have gone to BiH for reasons un-connected with service in the U.S. army have gone as pilgrims to Međjugorije. Come to think of it, this applies to people I knew before being a zeka in this gulag. When I was in San Francisco for example, I knew at least three people who went to Međjugorije as part of pilgrimage groups. So reading this upset me. What I don't understand is why this woman and her husband did not go together. It's quite a prominant story in Irish media as well, because most Irish people who have ever been to BiH other than as soldiers or humanitarian workers have gone as pilgrims to Međjugorije, and had a reasonably safe experience. Even in the war time it was fairly safe there. The day I went there, supposedly there was an incident, I was there at the same day, and it was totally calm. Wierd disappearances like this don't make sense either.

Irish Woman Disappears in Međjugorije

As is tradtional in Serbia,

500 Gather at Milosević Grave Site to Mark 6 Month Mark

Results of Montenegrin Election

Sunday, September 10, 2006


Opening Reception for a Very Cool Exhibit

Everyone needs to get to this exhibit at the Larson Gallery! The majority of the artists are Latinos, and of course that always means lively and cutting edge painting!
Paintings I particularly enjoyed, Daniel De Siga's two paintings called 'Alien Invasion' which had a peaceful field, but instead of flying saucers landing, there were tortillas, painted so well that they looked edible! in one, red chilis formed the legs of the 'flying saucers'!
'Cats With Fish and Guns' by Vidal David Gonzales, portrayed some very macho cats. His style is like those Huichol yarn paintings. He also has some way cool masks, he won an award, the Wilma Dulin Award. I liked two pieces by Guillermo V. Casteneda, Signs of Spring, and The Heavy Harvest. He recieved the Bernal Baca Award for his large piece which is also a poem called 'The Mexican Man' I can't look at that poem without wanting to cry.
the Kathleen McDonald Award went to Pablo Soto for his Group of Head-Start Children and he got the American Federation of Teachers Award for his 'Pottery Vendor'. There was work by young artists as well, that I liked by Cecelia Cienfuegos and Nuvia Chavez, and Ricardo Farias, and Juan A. Cortes.
All the art works were excellent, and worth the trip to the Larson Gallery, and they had very nice refreshments, as well as two music groups, a more 'norte americano' sensibility being represented by a group of flautists, who did a chamber-music treatment of various traditional Mexican airs, then there was a Mariachi who were excellent! So all in all a good outing.
Next Sunday from 2 pm to 5 pm they are having a Family Day, with opportunities for children to paint, as well as music, dance and food. I hope I can at least take my little grand-daughter to this!


Preying Mantis


Burning man video

and go have a look at this art bus, and the other work by Daerice! she has fantastic pictures from Burning Man!

Cool Pink Art Bus



Reuters Video Montenegrin Elections

Montenegro's Djukanović confident of poll victory

Scotland Wants Bulgarians and Romanians to Come

Well I guess all efforts to get descendants of Scots driven out during the Jacobite wars, or driven out during the Clearances have failed utterly. At least I've never seen any campaign to encourage thisMost of them could no longer point to Culloden on a map, would no longer cry if you sang them 'The Skye Boat Song' or toast the 'King Over the Water' at a dinner party. In fact most of them barely know they ARE Scots!
Maybe Romanians and Bulgarians are a good replacement then!

Attack Party Activist Severely Beaten Up

Why am I so un-surprised? Name your party something like that, and someone may take you up on it!

'Rejects' Find Acceptance in S. Korea

Xa xa ! Made ya look! Seriously they sound like they might be good!

Open Romanian Archives!

Sofia Prepars Venue for Kosovo Contact Group

And stuff of interest from elsewhere!
Dangers of Groupthink

White Bread Puts You More At Risk for Diabetes

My mama didn't allow that in our house! We did black bread or whole Thewheat or corn tortillas. White bread literally sticks in my craw, I don't like it! I don't eat it, when I order a hamburger, I order it without the bun whenever I think I can get away with it. The only white flour in my diet is if I eat a cake or cookies. My daughter is a baker so obviously I'm not out to boycott cakes and cookies! :) I just don't eat lots of them, and I don't eat white bread at all.

Saturday, September 09, 2006


Mostar Sevdah Reunion clip

interview with the members of Mostar Sevdah Reunion. Pity they weren't allowed to come to America!


Subota, Sabado,Saturday, De Sathairn

Poetry Website Lacks Poems by Bosnians, Croats,

I know, it seems petty of me, but my readership has the power to fix this!

Ohio National Guard, Serbian Army Partnership

I had stuff on this before, but this is more detailed.

Montenegrin Politician Accuses Police,_i_rssPage=7c485a38-2f7a-11da-8b51-00000e2511c8.html

Britain Not Alone in Immigration Problems

Alitialia Flight to Sofia Diverted to Belgrade, Serbia

NATO Meets with Balkans Defense Ministers

Pliva Bidding War Goes On and On

Some stories of totally trivial nature, one may have appeared here before, but they are all marked by their wierdness. Some really belong in 'Mind Improvement'.

Staljin Era Prison Songs+Surf Sound

Definately this zeka wants it for Christmas!

And this poor man got more than he bargained for

Croatian man finds remains of dead NAZI soldier in a bag of garden soil

Cold Case

Thieves Almost Make a Clean Get-Away with a Donkey Cart

In a frank effort to copy SeeSaw over at Jugoslavia, here is another cut by Divlje Jagode, Turska Marš

Silverio Perez

And a note to those of my readers who are interested in bullfighting, Barnaby Conrad was interviewed on NPR because Silverio Perez died last Saturday at the age of 90. Worth noting, more bullfighters are killed in car wrecks than in the ring.
AlsoBarnaby Conrad has a new book out. My late mother called him 'Barnaby Cobweb'. He knows his stuff, I have to give him that. His new book is called 'The Death of Manolete'.

Friday, September 08, 2006


Afternoon Updates

This is good news.

Kosovo Albanians, Serbs Reach Agreement on Churches

I predicted this!

Why Location Matters to Oursourcers!


U.N. Official Urges Meeting on War Criminals

Albania's Albatros Airlines Grounded

The name of the airline is beyond funny under the circumstances....

It's warm here and I have been doing assorted things that have to be done. Not nearly enough but something anyway!


Annoying Stuff Going on at Blogger

Apparently if you have Beta, you can't comment for at least awhile on other blogs that are not Blogger Beta, except possibly annonymously. So to accomadate my friends who can't comment otherwise, I am going to allow annonymous comments for a time, if you are a regular that can't otherwise get in, identify yourself in the begining of your comment, and if I know you, you'll get in, the truley Annonymous are not getting in, they seldom have any real contribution anyway. I don't get a lot of true Annonymous commenters anyway.If I do, and they are particularly funny or something I might let them by and make fun of them.



War Criminal's House Raided

War Criminal's House Raided

Sheer wierdness!

Two Chinese Diplomats Have a Sword Fight

Today's Mladić Update:
Tadić Says He Really Wants to Find Mladić

And I have this really nice bridge in Brooklyn....

RSF Not Satisfied with Roma, Egyptian Inclusion in Montenegro

Richard Gere in Croatia for Filming of Spring Break in Bosnia

Thursday, September 07, 2006


A pet for me! :)

adopt your own virtual pet!



Update:A zek in the Yakima Gulag, Faik Ibrahim was on the Rush Limbaugh show, after speaking with his sister in Baghdad. Her home was searched by U.S. forces but she had no anger, in fact called her brother to say that the troops conducted the search in a thoroughly professional and proper manner. She also said she felt the troops should not be withdrawn.
I mention this for a couple reasons. 1. Faik Ibrahim is someone I know here, he used to have a restaraunt in downtown Yakima, a good restaraunt, and I ate there several times. 2. He's voted Democrat in the past. Still he was not afraid to give credit in a public way to U.S. forces when he felt it was due. His sister btw used to be very against the U.S. presence. I heard the original call and the news story on K.I.T. noon news which carried this story.
I wanted to mention this because I want to re:enforce the point, the correct conduct of troops in time of war makes ALL the difference! If soldiers conduct themselves properly, as they did in this situation, then it means at very least they are respected, and not hated. That can mean the difference between a successful mission and coming home alive or a bad situation.

Third Balkans related NPR story in the last two days! hmmm not so much coverage since the end of the wars of the 1990s....

U.S. Offers Carrot to Serbia

From an Iranian Source in case you were worried about Karnivore

Tihić Rules Out Referendum over R.S.

Serbia Finalizing Law To Return Property Seized By Communists\ACQDJON200609070923DOWJONESDJONLINE000729.htm&selected=9999&selecteddisplaysymbol=9999&StoryTargetFrame=_top&mkt=WORLD&chk=unchecked&lang=&link=&headlinereturnpage=

But we knew about this! So what is being done already?

Hundreds of War Criminals Walking Free in Ex-Yu

Bulgarian Woman Dies of Anthrax

Store of Anthrax Victim Closed for Disinfection

Anthrax is endemic in some areas of the Balkans.

Energy Situation in Kosovo-Metohija Near to Being a Humanitarian Crisis

Investors Cautioned Over Bulgarian Property

Nice to see some positive news!

Volunteer Delivers Wheelchairs to BiH Landmine Victims

Soldier Reaches Out Through Music

Bulgarian Government Urges Hireing of Disabled and Accesibility

one of my tabloid moments

Natasha Kampush 'Gave journalists the creeps'

I'm here to tell you that she isn't reacting that unusually to her captivity. It's not at all unusual to have the reactions she did, and I would not have had the creeps...
Doesn't mean this young lady shouldn't have psychiatric help, but it's not so wierd as all that. Kidnappers need to think about the fact their victimes don't love them. Stockholm syndrome may be a reality, but so is the longing to behead the captor.

Something from her interview

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