Friday, July 13, 2007


Friday the 13

the big local news is the heat, which is miserable, and the Folklife Festival this weekend.

Folklife This Weekend

Serbian and Roma Returnees Dumped in Sandzak

Jailed Bulgarian Medics to Sign Pardon Claim

U.S. Albanian Diaspora Bridges Investment Gap in Kosovo

New funds to help displaced and refugees

This was really stupid and a total abuse of authority. I realize some kids can be really trying on trips, kids have a way of being really annoying when they are tired, but there was no good reason for the flight attendant to tell the mom to give the kid 'Baby Benadryl' .
I remember the flight where the little monster behind me kept kicking my seat, and no one did a damn thing to stop it. I could not even ask to be moved since it was a very crowded flight. Asking the parents nicely to please have their kid quit kicking didn't work either. I still remember that kid and it's parents with no fondness. It was hard enough to travel before 9/11, what with the turbulence sign preventing trips to the bathroom when one desperately needed to go, and getting stuck behind the drinks cart, and lost luggage, and being stuck on the plane if something went wrong instead of being put someplace comfortable in the event of a long delay. I'm talking about REPUTABLE airlines here, I haven't flown many cut-rate airlines.
Meanness on the part of airline employees, security employees and so forth is no help, it does NOT enhance security. I have always said, 'I don't mind being someplace, but I hate traveling.' It used to be pretty nice traveling by air. Now it's not much of an improvement over the bus.

Mother and toddler kicked off plane

Yet another gang shooting in Sofia

Well whatever the Bulgarian official says, claiming a pardon is a formal acceptance of guilt. But if that's the only way to get them out of the situation then a formal declaration that the trial was unjust, corrupt, and vicious wouldn't help, I guess.
I think it's better to just get these people out and then deal with Libya later. My suggestion? No one sends health care workers to places where foreign health care workers are unjustly treated.
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