Monday, July 23, 2007


Monday, and it feels like one but it's not fact it's kind of therapuetic

Shaina over at Bosnia Vault already posted this, but her source didn't have pictures, so here is Jasmina Tesanovic's latest:

Return to Srebenica

Turkey Reelects Prime Minister Erdogan

Wag the cat..or something...

Remember the film 'Tight Little Island'? For your edification, the Balkans version....

Interesting find in a Bulgarian village

Kosovo swept by wildfires

Wildfires are a problem in many other areas of the Balkans right now, as is the heatwave.

Naked Bicyclists Fined in Serbia

Sorry I can't help but think of the naked bicyclists who grace the Freemont Solstice Parade some years anyway. One of them was undergoing some interesting surgery, he had more than the usual male body parts, and then had rather enviable breasts. I couldn't believe my eyes. These people however were probably not anything much to write home about.

So now Newsweek mentions Guca?

Embracing Gypsy Culture

Cecilia Sarkozy meets with a daughter of Kadafi

Ethnic Albanian leaders in Washington after independance films shelved

last night a little baby spider decided I was her playground. She was a baby jumping spider of some sort. Usually wolf spiders and jumping spiders are on their mother's back awhile. I had fun observing her, trying to get her to go on the wall to play, and having her come back. This went on until time to sleep. Imagine something so tiny you can barely see it, that is as playful as a kitten, that can leap, that can spin webs. Imagine something that is tiny that looks like it's made of spun glass. I would have filmed it, but my camera hasn't got good enough resolution.
So all I did was watch it play.

I know this is old, but thats not entirely accurate about jumping spiders. I dont know about wolf spiders but Salticidae (Jumping spiders) are not social creatures except for mating. They make a silk pouch, deposit eggs, and leave. I had been eyeballing one for a months and put it in a jar, few days ago the tiny buggers all came out. We have about 30 adults in this house but none of them have ever had their babies carried with them (nor had I ever heard of it). They typically dont eat for a few days then head off for mites and fruit flies. honestly, I have never seen an adult larger than a pencil eraser. Since they're the only spider that shows any interest in people, they make for interest, albiet small, pets.
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