Monday, July 16, 2007


In Recovery From Folklife

But first the news from elsewhere:

Libyan debt may be forgiven to free AIDS case nurses and doctor

Kosovo police trade shots with 'uniformed gunmen'

Kosovo's Surroi Calls on West to Curb Russia's Say on Breakaway Province

Murder extradited to Croatia,21598,22081239-5005361,00.html

Serbian General Pleads Not Guilty

Belgrade as a tourist destination

Kind of a 'Mind Improvement' story but oh what the heck....

Baby panther adopted by female dog

Folklife was excellent. I was the slavish shameless hopeless groupie of 'Dave and the Dalmatians' They came back and sang lovely klapa type songs, and a few songs not strictly klapa, but Balkans in origin, one Cossack song, and one majestic Georgian hymn. They sang 'Tamo Daleko' a Serbian song, and sang it so well it nearly brought tears to my eyes. They performed in the park and in 'Seasons' a former Christian Science church. Busses weren't running so I got a ride down with a couple of the members of the group. Greg another of the group. This was great because I would NEVER have made it downtown on time to see them perform. It was very hot Friday and Saturday. As well busses don't run at the time I needed to get downtown. So their kindness in giving me a ride was deeply appreciated.
I got to see Albert Snow and Tracy Spring too, old friends of mine here, and Brian Felix and Nick Hughes and his son Nick, and many friends of mine who are Folklife regulars. Folklife has been a big part of my life here.

I had my hands done, and learned some new things about henna in the process. Some previous henna artists have not done as well in instructing people how to keep their designs longer, so this was good and not as expensive as having this done, I paid $10 for a simple design on both hands and the henna took well. I am one of those people whose skin doesn't take henna easily. I also got two 20 gram packets of henna powder to either touch up my hands or do a different design if I wish to, ran into the World Treasures people too, and that was nice. They are good people.

Over the weekend as well I found out there is a really good new taxi company I didn't know about in our Gulag, A-1 taxi, the drivers are all women, and that is a plus, they give military discounts and senior discounts, and are good people as well. As a non driver, good taxi service is vital to my having an independent lifestyle. I far prefer a female driver if I can get one.

Local film of a local band that performed at Folklife, A Christian group called 'Second Chance' who are good, they are from Selah.

Second Chance in rehersal

1995 Feral Tribune interview with Jadranka Kir:
Thanks for your diligence in watching out for developments in the case of the nurses and the doctor.
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