Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Happ Passover to my Jewish readers:

Happy Passover to those of my readers who are Jews! All the best!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


A handful of lynx.

Serbian parliament offers apology for Srebenica massacre, but stops short of calling it genocide:

Apparently the perpetrators of the Moscow Metro bombing were so called 'Black Widows' pictures of the suspects have been shown on all news sources. The photos are very fuzzy.

And like that's gonna work! People who do that kind of time come out dangerous if they did not go in dangerous and if they go in dangerous, they come out more dangerous! When will they ever learn?

And here is a prediction, if they don't do more to keep these right wing militias in check, left leaning militia groups will be an inevitable consequence.

There is way too much of people running around with guns disrupting public order so I hope my prediction is wrong.

Monday, March 29, 2010


Lubyanka Station and other Moscow Metro Stations Bombed

Female suicide bombers, in Moscow parlance, 'black widows' bombed two Moscow Metro stations. This is not good, a lot of innocent people were injured. They have bombed trains, and then there was the terrible Beslan bombing. This is not at all a good thing. I do not know what it helps. Terrorism is rotten and ineffective.


2nd Post Surgical Update

Well so far so good. I find that I can go out without my sunglasses if it is bleak like it has been just lately. I carry them anyway because we have seen some lovely bright sun-breaks. My daughter got me a pair of cheap reading glasses, which the doctor suggested. Now I can sit up instead of crouch over my computer. This is pretty nice. I won't hurt my neck so much. I still need to get used to reading books with my better eye. I mean these cheap $1:00 readers are able to make it possible for me to reaad at the computer but for whatever reason books are harder. I have to train my left eye to handle it because it is a given I will lose sight in my right eye. It is not operable.

Today I was out and about with my daughter, her two children and their cousin, and we went to a friend's house and I got to watch the gold-finches getting food from the feeders and arguing with each other. At that distance they would have been dots, fast moving dots. If I were lucky enough to spot them at all. I love birds! All my long term readers know that.

Friday, March 26, 2010


Results so far of eye surgery:

So far I notice much improved distance vision on my left eye, the one which was operated on. There still are halos around lighhts. I think I am still pretty dialated. I was told this will be the case for some days. I hve these Arafat style sunglasses to wear out doors. I find them creepy but they are neccesary if I am not to suffer pain, and damage the hard work of a really good surgeon. They did not put me altohether out like I had hoped. but out enough n0ot to mind so much. Yes I felt some things. but I suppose thatt is to b e expected. I have terribly sensitive eyes. I also was told I was a fairly young person to need this operation. So far it looks like a success, Hvala Bog! I can sit and watch TV at a normal distance for example. My daughter took me to and from the operation. Everyone was very good, and did their jobs well. Then my daughter got me lunch at Arbys. She brought me some nice Indian Takeaway and we sat and told funny stories and she made me laugh really hard. She got to know my house mates better. She is coming to have lunch with me later. I woe up from a fairly soud sleep. I am really good at falling asleep too early and waking up around midnight.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Lynx Dump for Wednesday:

Gah, When when are they putting Dodik in the nearest mental institution?

Seems like someone agrees with me about this!

Croatia sees increase in both marriages and divorces:

Macedonia having problems:

Macedonian company targets asylum seekers:

BiH would be welcome in NATO:

OK, I may or may not be in here tomorrow. I am having eye surgery and anticipate being out of commission a day or so. Then again I may bounce back faster. It all depends.

Monday, March 22, 2010


Evening lynx.

A very brave journalist succumbs to cancer:

Operation Halyard Survivor Passes:

OK I have other news but somehow the internet is not cooperating. Be back later with other information ako Bog da! :)

Allright, back with a couple other links:

Karadzic told to move it on DNA part of case:

Karadzic thinks people are going to believe the Bosnian people had the time to move all those bodies there themselves.... he needs some in-house treatment if he thinks anyone will believe that!

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Yes House Bill passes!

By 219 votes. so now they have to vote on the Senate bill. it is a win though. 33 nays.


Watching the Health Care Vote

Not perfect, not at all what I hoped for, but I guess better than nothing. Stupak has just had his ruffled feathers patted down. So the 216 votes needed look secure. We'll see how this plays out.


This is bad and wrong!

Australia has had a feral camel population for a long time now, I realize their numbers might be very great, but they are a resource that can be sold. Camel meat is still popular in most of the Middle East. Some companies in fact sell such meat online. So instead of culling them, why are the animals not rounded up and then slaughtered correctly for sale in the Middle East?

Shooting at these animals from helicopters and leaving their bodies to rot is wrong, and bad and wasteful.

Camels are actually in demand in India for transport since gas prices have gone up.

Friday, March 19, 2010

It is a very nice sunny day today, I really am enjoying it! I don't know what it is that I feel so sleepy however. Once I go back home, I am making some coffee. Yesterday I ran around with my artist friend Jeanne and we checked out the fabric store, so she could check out some fabric for a special project of hers and I got a stainless steel coffee cup with a handle that meets both walls of the cup, and is not decorated with anything too obnoxious, and a pepper mill salt shaker set, the salt shaker is messed up a little, has rust on a couple places but the pepper mill is fine, and it is cute. So I filled it up. I wanted something smaller than average. I don't like big pepper mills, they seem pretentious to me.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all my Irish readers!


So I went to sleep early and woke up again...

Then I did the last thing you are supposed to do when you wake up at night, turned on the tube. Watched 'Dirty Jobs' which involved the guys going to the Oasis Camel Farm someplace in California. These people take good care of their critters. It was fascinating to watch them. I always felt camels get an unjustifiably bad press. Yes they are large, they will kick if mis-handled, but they contributed greatly to civilization by helping transport goods and people over distances, and in climates not so great for horses. One interesting factoid I learned is that raw camel;s milk is supposed to be very good for people with lactose intolerance, that in fact this huge critter produces milk which is very similar in composition to human milk. Funny it would be better for people than milk from cows which are smaller.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


If this is true, I am very disappointed.

President Obama made a back room deal with the for profit hospital lobby to kill the public health care option.

I voted for Obama in large part over the health care issue. Why are we being betrayed as a people in this fashion?

Monday, March 15, 2010


Check this out!

Kucinich says new health care reform bill leaves Americans vulnerable to insurance companies.

I have been saying all the provisions are more of a boon to health insurance companies than the public anyway. The ONLY way to go is single payer, but NOOOOO that is so socialist, we can't do that this is America (that IS my SARCASTIC VOICE)


Not even a lynx dump, just a lot of ccommentary...

Witness in Lukic case sentenced for contempt of court:

I am so tired of Dodik, can't bring myself to actually link any of his nonsense, but he has called for 1. the division of Kosovo.... um isn't Kosovo like small enough already? Just saying...Dodik has also ordered RS officials to boycott the station which airs 60 Minuti I believe that is an FTV show. No I do not miss Mr. Dodik. He is what would happen if our own Glenn Beck got to be in politics instead of on radio only.

Closer to home, Americans who have consular duty in Ciudad Juarez have been killed by drug cartels, the BBC has reported on it pretty well, and so have American news sources. It is really very provacative and illustrates some of the dangers of our very porous border with Mexico. I found it interesting that the Mexican government actually wants the U.S. to harden the border a bit. It was a provision of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo that the border not be militarized. Things have gotten out of hand with the drugs for guns trade a long time ago. Maybe the time has come to take them up on it, for their sakes and our own.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


More household chemical warfare...

So one of the housemates had decided to clean the oven. He then decided to clean the floor, which was fine, BUT some of the chemicals he used gave me that familiar burning in the back of my throat...

So I am not able to really leave my room for a bit until that crap dries up. I already know I am sensitive to oven cleaners, but the Spic-n-Span just really began doing a number on me, and I was trying to flee the smell. He meanwhile was asking computer questions, and I don't know a damn thing about Windows Vista except that I don't like it, we don't play well together. So I explained, I've been using Linux for some time now. I am not really even Nerdy enough to do it, but it has worked out anyway so far.

I can use a computer o.k. but I can't explain it all that well. I can't explain what I have been up to either. I am a tech support person's worst nightmare! :) also I can't do tech support, especially standing around trying to breathe with my throat burning like I got a distant whiff of CS gas.

I finally just said that I had to lie down. I feel tired from just the smell of that stuff.


A little bitty Lynx Dump

The 'Jihad Jane' case has some updates. Interesting that someone Croatian was involved.

Bosnian Serb policeman extradited from U.S. to be tried for war crimes in Srebenica

Update on a priest's intemperate remarks.

BiH's Eurovision song has been selected, but none of the links actually would play the song for me. So I have not inculded it this time. it is called 'Munja i Grom,' 'Thunder and Lightening'


Happy Pi Day!

Even math challenged Nerds mark this day with a pie, or something, because well it is Pi Day! Enjoy! :)

Friday, March 12, 2010


And the self censorship exercise FAILED.

Unless you are a war criminal or a sympathiser to war criminals, I don't think much in here is truely offensive. So why is Dans Guardian messing up my ability to get in here? It is a bot, it is like internet crabgrass, or internet dandelions only there is no Round-up I can apply to it. There is no way I can protest, I can only back door my way in here again. Where do we go to protest this sort of abuse? Who do we call? How do we sue? I don't know. All I do know is I want them GONE. Gone with the wind, gone with the last century, gone gone gone. I want their mothers to turn them from the door in their hour of need. I want them canned, I want them homeless on the street, and then I hope no one gives them a nickle. I want them then sued silly. Don't even ask me what I hope happens to them in prison. Can't say it, they will censor me some more.


Friday Night Lynx Dump

Thanks Dans Guardian, now I have to do a self-censorship exercise because I have had to sneak into my own blog. I hope someone finds them, offs them and salts the earth where their office is. They hide themselves like cowards. No phone number, no working e-mail, just an insidious presence.

NOW to the story, the NGO Women to Women International does NOT repeat, does NOT belong on a list of terrorist organizations. The fact that they help women specifically is in fact a great preventative of terrorism. Women who must raise children without enough food are desperate and vulnerable. Women to Women has done great work in Bosnia Hercegovina and around the world. Why have they been accused? Who decided they should be on this list?

Sort of a Mladic update:,0,5037542.story

well so long as they don't look here for work! :)

I am really glad they got this guy, I hate traffickers. I do not consider them as human beings like myself.


And this annoys me as well, not good publicity for the Catholic Church, especially in such times as this...

Mirsad Repak declared guilty

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Pretty Nifty!

I wish they had these places I have been stranded! :) I would have felt a lot safer.


Last Leper Colony in Europe

Unbelievable that there is still leprosy in Europe.


Ganic out on bail.

Bosnia-Hercegovina wants an apology for the arrest. I think an apology is in order It seemed a little too tit-for-tat that Serbia insisted on Ganic's arrest in the first place. More worrying is that Ganic was denied his medications during his stay in Wandsworth. I know a little about Wandsworth, back at another time in my life someone I knew was there awhile. I doubt they have a special 'foreign leader's cell'.

Some Medieval customs were not all bad.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Granny D has passed

I was sorry to see she had passed, but she sure did some good in her life


Early Morning Drive By Lynx Dump

Asylum seekers to be sent from Belgium back to South Serbia

Ganic Appears in Court, Next Hearing Set for March 25

over at 'Americans For Bosnia' there is a defense of Mr. Ganic that is pretty well written. Pop over and have a read.

New Border Checkpoint at Klobuk, BiH for Montenegro, and BiH

this story is plain wierd! I never heard about it before.

and Kultur Korner

interview about the new film 'Lebanon'

Passages: Tito's second wife has died at age 96. I can't get details to you, as the filter doesn't like the link. So I have to look for a different link.

OK, found a workable link:

Monday, March 08, 2010


International Women's Day Post

Do not click if you are very sensitive or young, this article deals with the rape of women during the Bosnian war.

Never mind flowers or sentimental tributes on T.V.! Bosnian women deserve justice to be done on their behalf. They suffered in the war too. That nothing has been done for their suffering is a very sad indictment. It is not only women who were raped. The same happened to men and children during the war.


Colder Weather Coming

So there is supposed to possibly be snow. We've been spoiled, temps in the 60s. Anyway, at least I have not put away my Winter stuff, but it is kind of good news and bad news, birds are back, they will be cold, bugs are out and pest or beneficial alike, it will not be easy on them. Farmers like the cold snaps to come before the trees and other things bloom.

Last night one of the house-mates made spaghetti for us all mmm! :)

Lunch is going to be some of the left overs from that. ako Bog da.

I was glad not to have to cook. My hands were still fairly itchy. They get wet I have a problem still. Both of them, although the left one seems mildly worse.

I think it was the Febreeze, it would not be getting better if it were medication related.

Sunday, March 07, 2010


From MeFi of March 1 (Bosnian Independance Day btw)

The Secret Life of Radovan Karadzic: Warning DO NOT CLICK if Al Jazeera or Karnivor or Echalon scare you!


Febreezed to death...

I was at a friend's yard sale and she used WAAAAAY the Hell too much Febreeze on this old couch she was trying to sell. I am still coughing, My hands are very itchy and the only help has been to put unsalted, whipped butter on my hands. My eyes are red to the point that I don't DARE put on eye makeup. I look like I was on a 3 day drunk. Not that I do that sort of thing... at least not any more...

I think the butter has helped, it is so pure, it molds if you aren't careful to use it all up fast enough. Other stuff I could do involves additives and perfumes. Right on one's skin is not a good place to put perfumes, especially at a time like this. I do see a doctor tomorrow, so I will mention the symptoms. It is POSSIBLE that I am not reacting well to one of my new medications. If so that is a problem, because otherwise they are working nicely for me. Some things out there are likely to restrict my diet away from foods I really enjoy.

Saturday, March 06, 2010


Ayn Rand was EVIL

What ELSE do you call someone who thinks a man who killed and dismembered a 12 year old girl is, she called that man a 'beautiful soul'

The Right Wing in our country worships this bitch.

Friday, March 05, 2010


Found it highly amusing that

Wikipedia has an Irish language page, a Navajo language page,

As well as

What is kind of funny is how varied the contents of all the articles really are! :)

Thursday, March 04, 2010


Check out Utne Reader this time:

Utne Reader has an article called 'The Dark Side of Dairies' which covers the abysmal conditions of dairy workers all over the Western United States. It is must reading. Tillamook is using milk from union dairies, so all my yogurt is going to be from Tillamook.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010


Yesterday, a shooting

There was a shooting in an alley behind Union Street. I used to live not all that far from that street. I have walked the precinct there ages ago. It is an area of very old houses, high back fences and the occasional really fierce dog.

The shooter was intervening in an incident of domestic violence. The perpetrator of the domestic violence was a Mr. Bonser who is 47 years old. He was arguing with his ex-girlfriend, his 18 year old ex-girlfriend, meaning he a 47 year old man was at some point going out as an over 30 year old man with an under 18 year old girl. Mr. Bonser tried to bash his ex-girlfriend with a huge stone, so the neighbor grabbed his rifle and told Mr. Bonser to stop, so Mr. Bonser tried to run both his ex-girlfriend and the neighbor down with his truck. That is when the neighbor shot Mr. Bonser.

What the HELL was Mr. Bonser doing with a girl that young? No seriously, it is CREEPY a man his age with a girl who had to be under 18 when their relationship started. Where were her parents? Diid they do anything about it? Did he have a wife? Most 47 year old men do have wives actually. You just wonder about some people.


Earthquake in Chile, tsunami

Apparently, the earthquake in Chile, 8.6 was enough to knock the earth momentarily off it's axis. The film of it is horrific, not the same type of horrific that Haiti was, because things were somewhat better built to start with, but horrific none the less. The fact that no figures on deaths are really clear should bother people generally, because Chile has been a very much more organized country.

The thing I can't stand seeing is the military is shooting 'looters', but I don't see much film of them distributing food. Most of the 'looting' looks like hungry people trying to lay hands on some food. The saddest thing you see in these scenes of devastation is children separated from their parents though.

Some affected areas are so far off the beaten track that one worries how aid will reach people in the first place. Well built roads and other infrastructure is destroyed, and of course buildings.

Monday, March 01, 2010


Karadzic trial

Yeah, it's always nice when someone nominally 'Christian' refers to a genocidal war as 'holy' and no one remarks on the fanaticism of the whole thing. Nothing is 'holy' about war! War in fact is every bit as filthy a thing as anything on earth! Fly-blown, bloated bodies, yeah real 'holy'. People displaced from their homes, also very 'sacred', very 'holy'. Yeah right.

Karadzic looks to me like he has lost weight, and he was wearing glasses in court. Never saw him with glasses before, except for those sunglasses he wore with his 'Mr. Natural' disguise, back when he was first busted.

The BBC has had pretty decent coverage of the trial. So has PBS News Hour. Hardly any coverage on regular media.

I have not had time to go read newspapers so I don't know how that has gone.


Happy Independance Day Bosnia and Hercegovina!

We respectfully present this short video of the National Anthem of Bosnia and Hercegovina as a tribute to their independence!

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