Monday, May 31, 2010


Reaction in Sarajevo to the attack on the aid flotilla

There was a massive anti-Israeli demonstration in Sarajevo against the attack on one of the flotilla to Gaza. They had film on CNN, which I will attempt to get as soon as I can.

Saturday, May 29, 2010


Happy Memorial Day to our Vetrans!

I went to the parade, it was very small but well attended. There were more guys running for judge than anything else. The Marines of course were there, only one high school band, only one middle school band, the fire dept, the police. WWII vets, various funeral teams. Two religious noisy cars.
I shared my bench with a very nice family with a relative who has done many tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan.
Good people. Whatever I think of both those wars, I do respect the people who volunteer to go.

Not every war the United States has gone to has been a mistake, and mostly our military are good people.

Certainly I feel for the left behind families. It is hard not to and this family were really nice people with sweet children. Oh Miz Dee's choo choo barbeque thing went by and smelled soo tantalizing.

There was MASSIVE Tea Party presence. I really resent them using the parade like that.

Here is a quote I like.

But the truth is that we have disempowered government and handed vast responsibilities over to a private sector that will never see protecting the public interest as its primary task." EJ Dionne

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Mladic's family wants an official declaration that he is dead:

C'mon his own family have not seen him? I have a problem even believing this of a man who was reciving his military pension pretty recently. Thanks Google News!

Diaspora students share their experience in film:

The Hague Tribunal gets the Mladic diaries:

Wait a minute... WHAT HE CAN WRITE? WHO KNEW??

Actually it is a wonder more of this doesn't happen in Bosnia, after what people went through:

Komerc Korner! Reklama Reklama! :)

When I lived in BiH I had a HT Eronet prepaid phone and guess what I saw the same ad discussed in this story, and there is film of it.
HT Eronet and just about all Balkans pre-paid phone services let you have calls come in FREE whether you are a subscriber (have a contract) or you are using pre-paid.

Christo is a Balkanac and of course HT Eronet is a company active in BiH and Croatia. Anyway, at least AT&T should not copy their ads until they can say they too give free incoming calls.

Monday, May 24, 2010


My favorite Kultur Shock song...

Zumbul, which means 'hyacinth' This is an old Sarajevo song but it has gone punk in their hands...

I still love it.


Quick.. somebody just outlawed bagpipes...

What's a guy to do?


New stuff I hope will come the way of the masses...

I found this fascinating because of the improvements in my vision with the artificial lens placed in my eye after cataract surgery. I really pray for the day when most people could just have artificial lenses instead of glasses. You never forget where you put an artificial lens, you don't need to worry about the style or them slipping down your nose. Unlike contacts, you don't need a mess of maintenance...I could go on and on. Maybe one day it will be cheaper
than the current high prices.,0,1586626.story

Sunday, May 23, 2010


A Nice Celebration of Yakima's 125th Birthday:

The celebrations included displays of very nice Yakima memorabilia, such as old postcards, pictures of historic persons from Yakima.

My favorite was a picture of a circus parade, with both Dromedary and Bactrian camels which were incredibly fat. They were followed by a cart pulled by a miniature donkey. The very thought of camels marching down Yakima Avenue was pleasant. :)

I talked to the current mayor, and some of the former mayors all of whom know me. I have lived through like five mayors here. feels weird to think about it.

Looks like Folklife will be in it's usual place. I will go then it is hardly even a walk to go there now. I won't go to in town venues at night though. Too tiring now. Too expensive as well.

The cake was from Essencia Bakery. A large official cake with the city seal, and four dark chocolate sheet cakes frosted in dark chocolate. I had some of each type of cake. I had some 7 up and then rode on the wagon, cuz it was free and I love horses. These horses were called the 'James Brothers ' and were matched sorrels. I love sorel horses anyway, and these guys had some zebra striping on their lower legs.

I went and had a taco in the Farmer's Market. NEVER AGAIN! I was royally ill after that later. Ran into the mother of one of my daughter's friends and then came home. I am really really tired.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Eye situation: Progress! :)

Well the skinny on my eye situation is that I get my new glasses in 3 weeks. I had some improvement in my vision in just the last 2 weeks. I still have to do eye drops but only 2x a day, and only for the next ten days. The only concern left is my retina I still need to be monitoreed but only moonthly instead of every two weeks. Thank God!

My new glasses are going to have a bi-focal lens for my left eye and a balance lens for my right eye.

I hope this will make me able to post better information. I will retain the large print, because frankly, I think small print is too hard on too many people to go with the smaller print. Yes Owen, you had an influence there!

Monday, May 17, 2010


The spam really was awful stuff..

My brief trip to the library revealed really horrid stuff, nothing any of my real readers would have sent or enjoyed. So the garabage has been rejected. Hopefully I can log in at home and do something if anyone real comments...


For anyone who may have LEGITIMATELY commented:

Some klaun has put something obnoxious in my comments. I am the victim of a really overly aggressive content filtering thing that is pretty annoying because I can't remove it. Anyway someone obviously sent in some really rotten spam, as in too spoiled for even a survival situation. This means legitimate comments have been blocked on me as well by the aforementioned overly aggressive content filtering. So I have to go to a LIBRARY, log in and get that bad stuff out and then you will appear if you are like legitimate.

Thee weather here continues a bit stormy at times. I have to unplug when that happens, this will affect my schedule. Also a housemate is thinking of moving, meaning less or no internet availability for me if that happens. He is really being silly.
These people supposedly offered him a rent free little house if he will do repairs. He is a big procrastinator and not especially handy. So it is silly of them to offer it. They ought to have a look at our lawn here if they think that is a good idea. The lawn is SIMPLE next to other sorts of repairs.

He has been annoyed because the manager does not want him moving upstairs. she could get more rent for upstairs, it is a larger space than I have and she prefers to have females rent it, say 2 who could share because that would be quieter. This particular housemate has fairly noisy musical tastes. He has noisy relatives and friends too. She doesn't want them tromping through the main floor in their mud boots. So he has been a bit well I can't say it here, the content filter might not like the mildly naughty language involved.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Weather Report:

I went with some friends to the Selah Community Days thing, had a very good time. Packed my own food so I would not get ill off of carnival/fair type foods. I had dates, figs (2 kinds) jerky, ice in bottles, string cheese, and a couple nutritional drinks. There were some great bands, and a friend of mine from a band not playing, came up to say hello. I filmed the fireworks, and purchased incense and essential oils of types not usually available locally. So all in all a nice day and evening.

Then there was a rain storm. I was not sure if we got thunder or not, but it knocked out my TV.I can't get my remote to work. I guess I will try the first fix and see if it just needs new batteries. Then get help. Right in the middle of the REa

Saturday, May 15, 2010


The Oil Spill and a way to help:

Have you fallen asleep crying when you saw those poor oil coated birds on TV after the oil hits their beaches? Have you cried to see the poor little crabs aand shrimps, and oysters sickened by our human greed for oil? I often cry myself to sleep over those things. I have not only felt outrage and sorrow over this thing, but total powerlessness.

There is ONE small but fairly effective way you can help! If you have hair, you can donate your hair cuttings to be made into oil absorbent hair mats, yes the hair that you comb off and throw away can be donated and you can at least render some assistance to the critters out there who need to live in the water.

Here in Yakima this is where you can do it!

follow the link:


The CNN video of Tuzla I promised:

CNN international's 'World View' has a variety of interesting videos. I liked this one, and did promise to lay my little hands on it when I could. They seem to put stuff up weekly.

Friday, May 14, 2010


Fistfull of Friday Lynx:

Kordic will not get early release:

Srebenica Pillar of Shame:

The economic woes in Greece are affecting politics in Albania:

Turizim Korner:

I did notice quite a few Turkish tourists in BiH when I was there.

and 'How's crime these days?'

The Weather Report:

I have been having some kind of problem getting stuff up lately. don't know what the deal is...
Anyway, have a nice weekend dear discerning readers! :)

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Alright people chill down now!

4 shot trying to cross into Macedonia: Suspected of carrying weapons into Macedonia:

Teacher in Novi Sad suspended for sexual abuse:

And Captain Dragan is going to jail.

Kultur Korner:


Monday, May 10, 2010


Gen Krstic Shanked:

I think it was fairly inept to put these guys in enough proximity for this to happen. Judging by the attacker's name he would be actually of Albanian ethnicity. I have to say I am not a fan of former General Krstic. I read about what he did back when he was in the war. Not a nice man. The same thing happens all the time in American jails. People get shanked for far less.


Mass Grave Found in Serbia

With 250 or so ethnic Albanian bodies

I think that part of what was said by Serbian authorities during the war was there were no mass graves in Kosovo ..well moving the graves to other places is not going to work forever.. It is not exactly the first such grave found. I remember reading accounts of truck loads of bodies being driven to Serbia during the time of the Kosovo war.
It is a sign of progress to have these cases out in the open though.

a judgement will be delivered in the Srebenica case soon

More of the Zaimovic testimony, with details not present in my last post that included her testimony:

More from the Karadzic trial:

and I did not realize Balkans leaders were at the Victory Over Fascism Day celebrations in Moscow!

I was living in Sarajevo when the monument to the children who died in the siege was being built in Velika Park it now has been unveiled:

Blogger is giving me fits tonight so I am going to call this enough for now . It can be hard on me rounding up and setting up the links sometimes.

Sunday, May 09, 2010


Happy Victory over Fascism Day!

The fireworks in Moscow were particularly glorious, over the spires of St. Basil. Indeed they lit up the city and for the first time American and British soldiers marched in the parade. Quite something, never thought I would live to see such a thing and rather sorry my late mother missed seeing this.

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers who read this blog. C'mon I know you are out there! :)

Saturday, May 08, 2010


Macedonnia also on CNN

And this time they actually let me have a LINK Thanks! ;)


Tuzla on CNN

CNN's World View covered Tuzla a city in Bosnia Hercegovina which has the only salt lake in Europe, and massive salt mines some of which are still being used. All but a couple teaspoons of salt I ate in my year in Bosnia came from Tuzla. I had some salt from the mines at Ston and some from a Greek place for salt, those came in those fency schmency little grinders. One of my dead ancestors owned Ston for a time.
Anyway they interviewed the mayor of Tuzla and showed film of the town which is lovely despite the war damage and the fact the city is sinking.

I as usual can't get the link I want today, so this has to do. Warning lots of nerdy complicated engineering stuff.

and until I can get what I want on CNN, this will do medjuvrijeme. This site has lovely photos of Tuzla.

Friday, May 07, 2010


From the Clipping Service:,1013223&dq=tito%20daytona%20news&hl=en

A friend sent me this and I thought my readers would like this little memory of Marshall Tito.

Thursday, May 06, 2010


I really am glad when they bust some war criminals...

3 war crimes suspects arrested in Banja Luka:

and a suspect in war crimes related to Kosovo also was arrested.

and Seselj again famous for his linguistic fireworks:

And not like it is going to happen... the bastard thinks he is right after all....

Witness calls on Karadzic to repent

And a brief comment on what has been going on in Greece. I think things have the potential to get wildly out of hand there. People do not like to be out of work or hungry. It is important to make sure that people have honest work, and enough pay to live on.

Failing that, appropriate benefits make a difference.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010


Happy Cinco de Mayo to my Mexican readers!

Cinco de Mayo celebrations here were a bit affected by the wind and some political factors. That is really too bad.

The wind we can't totally avoid, it is natural, but I am so tired of politics ruining people's fun.


A castle in the making... Thanks MeFi!

This is here just because I like it! I want to go see it, but probably I won't be able to do it any time soon...

I do wonder if castles in reality took so very long to build, I think they just threw on as much labor as possible.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010


Tito Remembered:

Tito is an inescapable subject if you deal with any of the former Yugoslav nations

I do hope Mladic is actually arrested sometime soon, but it was heartening to know there is some mechanism in place to try remaining fugitives.

Sorry I missed this earlier story.

Monday, May 03, 2010


So if the Lynx are dumped on Monday does that make them Mynx?

Not Balkans Related but IMPORTANT: This did not get covered in our Quzling corprathug supine news services. It was not in the local papers, it was not on the TV news ANY T.V. news here in the States but it matters. Not all Americans are sitting back and taking it!

and in Sarajevo, something unprecedented.

on above link, the police presence was totally justified and needed...

When Obama was a candidate I worried whether he would care enough about Bosnia or not.

He needs to care, for the very reasons reasons Mr. Tihic mentions. A lot of people I am in touch with are concerned about how much Dodik is simply getting away with. We can't trust the EU in Bosniaa Hercegovina. Not alone anyway.

Institutionalization of mentally disabled people is common in the Balkans. It is not just the case in Croatia. Physically handicapped people can have a tough time getting around as well. Both groups often are institutionalized.

Saturday, May 01, 2010


Thanks again MetaFilter:

This is for all those Jugonostalgiaks out there!

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