Tuesday, July 17, 2007



Toxic Cloud From Rail Accident in Ukraine Has Not Yet Reached Romania


Bosnian Muslim Gets 30 Years For War Crimes


INA discovers new commercial oil field in Syria


The usual nargles on Kosovo. Things about the same for the Bulgarian nurses and the doctor.

It has cooled off a little today, I am waiting to hear from my real estate agent, and also need to go out to the garage and throw some things away. Most of what needs to be thrown away has been thrown away. That is of course a good thing. We could even get thunderstorms today so I won't be online much.

Bonus Video, the Serbian born baby panther and it's foster family

Panther video


Well, at the least the death sentences have been commuted.
I still am not going to feel alright about this until they are on the plane out of there, it's been a horrible hostage situation for Bulgaria, and really an unacknowledged hostage situation for Palestinians as well as for health care workers everywhere.
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