Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Tickle me Tuesday...

Please bear in mind that this source is called 'Unconfirmed Sources'

It is SATIRE! Someone has to 'Weird Al' the news sometimes.

Bush invites Romanian torture expert

This however isn't satire!

Those d*** slug eating Swedes!

The heatwave has been severe in all the Balkans region, I believe nearly every nation in the region also has forest fires.
The Bulgarian people are very happy that the nurses and the medic are home, while the families of the HIV/AIDS infected children are angry. Word up! the nurses weren't the cause of their children's misfortune, the conditions in the hospital a whole YEAR prior WERE. Just because the Bulgarians and the Palestinian aren't Libyan doesn't give Libyans a right to blame them for what happened. It's time to move on now.
I found a taker for the bed, I don't know how the inspection of my house went. I don't know when I'll know. They can't have found anything too awful wrong. I had the lawn mowed because despite the heat, it has been growing a lot. The rose that's not trained began a second bloom. I gave both roses some Christmas candy I never got to. The sugar can't hurt. Those roses have such attitude, I love them for it.

The flooding in England is sounding like England's Katarina. It's pretty awful. I hope my English readers are alright.

Our floods aren't anything like Katrina in terms of absolute devastation and we're very fortunate that so few people have died (in the first lot of floods a month ago) compared to Katrina, but there's still an awful lot of misery.

Although there's a pulse of water making its way down the Thames hopefully the London flood defences will cope, except maybe in less built-up outer areas like Teddington, which has a history of flooding. If the embankments were overwhelmed it would be truly catastrophic. The Underground has some anti-flood gates but when a system hasn't been reality-tested who knows what will happened.

The big similarity between our floods and Katrina are the exceptional weather patterns that seem to be linked to climate chaos. The rain we get now is nothing like I remember when I was young. We no longer have long all-day drizzle. What we have instead is almost tropical downpours that dump a month's rainfall in less than a day. The massive run-off is exacerbated by the fact that construction and agricultural practices mean there is much less natural "sponge" available to absorb the volume of water and release it slowly.
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