Tuesday, July 31, 2007



Kosovo is in the news a lot of late, N.P.R. weirdly enough hasn't been covering the latest. Anyway here it is.

At the risk of poaching on Michael Manske's territory:

Slovenian plan to break Kosovo log-jam


a Russian link, bonus, you can if you dare click on a banner ad labeled 'Osama Marriage Video'
Might not be safe for work I haven't looked so I wouldn't know.

Kosovo ready for talks adamant on independence


E.U. may have to recognize Kosovo


Majority of Serbs favor cooperation with E.U. even if E.U. recognizes Kosovo


Romanian Orthodox Patriarch Dies


U.S. Steel Serbia worker arrestef for taking bribes


Confederation of Sovereign States 'A nonsense' says Kostunica


Not directly Balkans news but of interest anyway,

Well this has SOME Balkans relevance:

Why Africa fears Western Medicine


Deadly Monsoon Season in India


And something I thought I'd never live to see:

Last Days of British Mission in Northern Ireland


Well some kitchen items are going away Thursday, along with three trunks, YEAH! :) Trunks don't do well long term in storage sheds so I have wanted to give those trunks away. They've been spare seating in the meantime.

I am feeling tired already, it's getting hot, but I have to go out to the garage and throw some things out, and some kurva sina had a party on my lawn, and didn't bother picking up his beer bottle. The appraiser was in today. A nice lady.

Well off I go to do my chores. :)

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