Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Young Person Shot To Death in the Old Neighborhood.

I used to live near North 5th Avenue and Willow Street, and a guy was shot to death there last night. The police think the shooting was 'gang related'
I remember moving out of the house there, not that far from the shooting and my son and daughter found a bullet hole in the loft of the house. If my daughter had been home sleeping in her bed, she would have been killed. We were all of us out, my son doing nerdy things like running a game, my daughter was probably at a party, I was out raising Hell. The family that plays apart stays alive? Or is that just too ghetto of me?


Alright, Mr. President... Just Do It!

Basically I was hoping we'd get a National Health care system at least as good as they have in Bosnia or Croatia, I wasn't daring to hope for anything as good as France has, but NOOOO! The lackey running dogs of the Insurance Industry basically OWN the legislative process in our country and even subtracting two wars that have gone pretty pointless isn't going to result in a National Health Care System. What is on the table now looks like watered down Hilary Care. In fact it isn't at all as good as watered down Hilary Care. Anything that does not include at least a 'public option' allows the insurance industry to go on it's merry way ripping off all the American people.

The Real solution would be to have a national health service that covers most people. Have private insurance cover the gaps that will inevitably occur. Ithink Medicaid is actually not such a bad model, if and yeah I know it is a big fat hairy if, they can get physician re-imbursemtns up some. That should be done through the government. Doctors could do what they do in most of the Balkans countries, they could form a union and look out for themselves.

All I know is as things stand now, it is really awful for small businesses and it has been steadily getting harder even for major corporations to take the costs of the present system.

Some degree of socialized medicine could actually save capitalism.

Bosnia Herzegovina had a really stupid war in their own country and they have a decent National Health care system, we have two fairly stupid wars that cost us singly far more than the cost of a decent Health Care system. Do th e math, subtract a war, maybe even subtract two wars and we could afford a really great system.

I am worried that President Obama is turning into another Jimmy Carter, he's being way too nice about some of the nonsense thrown at him.

He needs to get just a little Balkans on their @$$*$!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


The Trojan Bomber

At first I wondered if I had wandered to some TV news by 'The Onioin' then I realized no this is real, a suicide bomber who puts the explosives in condoms up his rectum tried to kill a Saudi prince, the head of their security services.

I think it has to be the most disgusting way of delivering a bomb I have ever heard of! I mean really, this even gives suicide bombing a bad name.

I hope the guy rots in Hell seeing as he cant be punished here on Earth!

Seriously, if you thought flying was bad before,( and face it, it was and is!) it is about to get a whole lot worse...

Basically there is not a lot they can do to detect this kind of explosive. I find it the most terrifying thing I have heard in a long time.


Lynx dump Tuesday

File under '
General Wierdness'

Hitler skull frag may be female,27574,26135072-401,00.html

'Red Berets' involved in Sweden bank job

French soccer fan killed

Serbia may apply for EU membership this year

'Why is Bosnia seething?'

And for all you Yunostaljiaks out there, sad news...

Monday, September 28, 2009


Editorial Cartoons

The St. Louis paper had an editorial cartoon on the subject of the war in Afghanistan, it showed an armored convoy going past some grave markers. The theme was Afghanistan, Graveyard of Empires. I think they forgot to include Alexander the Great, but he was only weakened by Afghanistan, not totally finished off if I am not mistaken. I believe the Great Indian Desert did for his men.

Anyway, Afghanistan's gift for doing in foreigners who arrive with more advanced technology, is well know. We Americans already got beat by an enemy at a lower tech level in Vietnam. We should be thinking about this, and whether Afghanistan is even worth it.


Big Burn in the The Little City

It looks like my 'do not go to the fair' instinct had a reason beyond the price (outrageous!) and the being tired, the second day of the fair a place that processes wood for chipping burned. In fact it is still on fire. It does not take a rocket scientist to see that that many logs piled up that close together in hot weather with not enough water being sprayed on them is a recipe for disaster.

I saw in the local paper (Yakima Herald Republic) that the city has been working with the owners for some time about this situation. Really? I wish they'd show the same patience they showed when I was ill and my yard got over-grown! Seriously! Because they did not show all that much patience, and it isn't fair that the more money someone has the more patience they get. They should get LESS patience because there's fewer excuses! Money means you can fix things.

Friday, September 25, 2009


More on Jaycut

I am really liking Jaycut, and really recommend it to anyone who has video to edit. I put up a mostly edited video, which took a long time, some clips and photos which took nearly no time and it is straight-forward as far as uploading goes. Next I will try the editing functions.

It seems less buggy than the Movie Maker software on my old computer.


Fair costs too much....

At $12 a head the fair is now totally out of my budget. It just isn't zippy and cool enough to justify spending that kind of money for a day there. It used to be that the first day was FREE entry from 11 am to 3 pm. Now it is a $1 to get in the first day only from 11 am to 3 pm. None of the music interests me enough to spend $12 to go hear it. None of the food is worth it to me, and I used to go more than one day at a time. I used to go up to five different days, but that was when I could afford the entry, and even then I was a frugal fair attendant.

I used to mostly go to see the animals. I am a big fan of that part of a fair, and I used to take the kids when they were little. Then bit by bit it got more and more expensive, even Senior Day is $6 to get in now.

Glad I enjoyed it while I could! Anyway I get too hot and tired at the fair now. If it were a bit less hot, I might consider going despite the rip-off price. But to pay that kind of money to be over-heated doesn't seem like a deal to me.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Yes there is a God!

Someone been needing to do this for awhile now!

Town of Tuzla sues Dodik over massacre denials

and a follow up on the story of the American citizens who died in Kosovo during the war

and on a lighter note...

some muzika! :)


More on Gulag Related Insanity

The CEO of Eastern State Hospital resigned due to the scandal that followed a dangerous patient having been permitted on a field trip. More information on policies about field trips, dangerous patients, are refered to here as 'criminal patients' or 'forensic patients' Not every state institution has the same release policies.

The other institutes in Washington State do not allow forensic patients to be out and about, especially if they resist taking their medications.

Eastern let this man out before to go to community college for awhile, to work in a rug store for awhile, and while out on this release, he fathered a child.

This was some years ago, but I gather it was AFTER he killed that poor old lady in Sunnyside. How he killed her was pretty aweful, he cut her throat, then doused her in gasoline and burried her in her own flower garden. He later said his voices told her that this woman was a witch who had been putting spells on him.

Anyway, I the resignation of the current CEO is only part of the answer, some policy changes are in order as well.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Lynx dump Tuesday

Groundbreaking Report Identifies Canada's 'Lessons Learned' From the Failure in Rwanda

a small sample!

I can get behind this!:

he report provides evidence that genocide and mass atrocities not only shock the conscience of Canadians, they also threaten the national security and economic interests of Canada. Thanks to an increase in international travel by business people, aid workers and tourists, infectious disease outbreaks fueled by crowded refugee camps and breakdowns of health systems after mass atrocities in once ignored areas like the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Sudan and Zimbabwe now pose threats to public health in North America. Mass atrocities also promise to undermine the foundations of political stability in entire regions of the globalized international economy and threaten economic prosperity in Canada. More and more, the domestic well-being of Canadians is threatened by neglected crises in far away places. The report highlights the serious security, financial and political costs of Canada not acting to halt mass atrocities.

and in that vein, from the BBC

the forced assimilation of Bulgarian Turks is one of the least covered ethnic cleansing stories of the late 20 th century. It was easy not to cover it because of the Iron Curtain and I think also because of prejudice towards Muslims and for that matter Turks. Even a lot of Muslims forget this happened. And yes probably the exodus of Bulgarian Turks DID help bring down Communism in Bulgaria.

and this is a big WTF!?

2 Serbs Acquitted in Killing of Americans

No hindrance to extradition of Bosnian war crimes suspect;

and a big Stateside WTF!?;contentBody

Alright, I am a Domestic Violence survivor, I have strong feelings about people who perpetrate this particular crime, but this was pretty damned unprofessional of the police, two tasings of a wheel-chair bound man was bad enough but the pants down in broad daylight part is really out of line!

and on a lighter note:

Serbia's raspberry harvest was a bit larger. Serbia is the biggest commercial source of raspberries.;contentBody


Don't laugh, sometimes news is where you find it!
O.K. it is amazing how international a site NationStates is. of course I have maintained a relationship with that site for some years now.
Still this was pretty useful.


video editing sites and YouTube some rantage follows

Alright maybe it's just me, but I uploaded two different media editing sites. So far One True Media has annoyed me to wanting to do bodily harm to Someone or Other. It is needlessly difficult to get at stuff on there. I uploaded to this machine some work that was on my old machine. Whatever is going on there, I could not tell if what I clicked on was even uploading. I am going to try Jaycut next and see if it works any better. The features One True Media says it has are nice to have, things like being able to rotate a video for example. That sounds like a really nice thing to be able to do. I have a video or two that's up sideways.

I am really annoyed with YouTube also, some kuckin sina decided some of my Sarajevo videos were porn when in fact they are NOT. I hope whoever decided that gets ethnically cleansed along with his or her family! If I had upoaded porn, oh well that'd be the breaks, but what this video was was guys working on a building near a flat I lived in for a time last year. Believe me all those guys had their clothes on because Balkans working men are generally over dressed for a job of work, jans, shirt usual under thingies, long-johns, heavy white socks, boots, hats jajackets, and very often a boiler suit over the entire ensemble. Hardly the stuff off porn! Then there is no way on YouTube to get to someone like a moderator to have them reverse something stupid like that!

I would like to know what is to be gained by makeing something be user un-friendly in that way?

For God's sake, I am an older lady who isn't even UP for much deliberate law-breaking, let alone posting of salacious matierials!
If someone maliciously interferes with stuff I posted shame on them! if it is some automatic feature of their system again shame on them!

Monday, September 21, 2009


Gulag Related Insanity

A guy who is insane, as in the man has schizophrenia and some years ago killed an elderly lady in Sunnyside sharshiya escaped from his group at the Fair in Spokane. He hitchiked all the way to our Gulag evading capture and got to Goldendale where he was captured. The man did a similar walk-about in the past. WHY WAS THIS MAN ON A FIELD TRIP?>?? hmm huh hmmm? No seriously why was he on a field trip? I have a fear of this level of nut-case wandering around loose and so do most other people.

Not only that, the group took TWO HOURS count them 2 HOURS to notify the police. The man could have done ANYTHING in that length of time!

What is up with that?

Maybe some of the people in charge of the asylum belong IN the asylum and don't belong in charge of nothin'!


Cestitki Bajram

for any readers of this blog who might be Muslim

Friday, September 11, 2009


News links for this week

I should be on more soon.

news of the Gotovina case:

details about the Karadzic trial

looks like the border dispute between Croatia and Slovenia is resolved.
this will help both countries a lot.

Probably you want to be careful of this site, but it is news I had not seen or heard elsewhere, about the missile shield being expanded.

U.S. Expands Global Missile Shield Into Middle East, Balkans
Submitted by Chip on Fri, 2009-09-11 17:34.

* Corporatism and Fascism
* Europe
* Middle East
* Military Industrial Complex
* Russia

U.S. Expands Global Missile Shield Into Middle East, Balkans
Rick Rozoff | Stop NATO | NEW! Blog site

Toward the latter half of last month the Polish daily Gazeta Wyborcza, "citing officials and lobbyists in Washington," revealed that the Pentagon would reevaluate planned interceptor missile deployments in Poland and a complementary missile radar site in the Czech Republic and instead shift global missile shield plans to Israel, Turkey and the Balkans [1]

"Washington is now looking for alternative locations including in the Balkans, Israel and Turkey...." [2]

The news came a week after it was reported that at the annual Space and Missile Defense Conference hosted by the Pentagon's Missile Defense Agency in Huntsville, Alabama the Chicago-based Boeing Company offered to construct a "47,500-pound interceptor that could be flown to NATO bases as needed on Boeing-built C-17 cargo planes," a "two-stage interceptor designed to be globally deployable within 24 hours...." [3]

This initiative, much as with the reports of plans to expand the American worldwide interceptor missile system to the Middle East and Southeastern Europe, has been presented as a way of alleviating Russian concerns over anti-missile components being deployed near its borders. But on the same day that Boeing announced the project for a rapid deployable missile launcher for NATO bases in Europe the First Deputy Foreign Minister of the Czech Republic, Tomas Pojar, was quoted as asserting that a "possible U.S. mobile anti-missile shield does not threaten the U.S. plans to build a radar base on Czech soil because the system is to be a combination of fixed and mobile elements." [4]

That is, what is being presented in both instances as substitutes for U.S. and NATO missile shield deployments in Eastern Europe may in fact be added to rather than replace plans for Poland and the Czech Republic.

On September 11 the new Czech envoy to NATO, Martin Povejsil, reiterated that Washington's plans to forge ahead with the missile system deployments in his nation and in Poland will proceed unhampered, stating "NATO still expects the U.S. system to be the core of its missile-defence structures that have been worked on." [5]

On the day after the Polish newspaper revealed that American interceptor missile system deployments could be extended to Israel, Turkey and the Balkans, U.S. State Department Spokesman P.J. Crowley said Washington's review of the missile defense strategy "is ongoing and has not reached completion yet."

Similarly, "Missile Defense Agency [Director] Patrick O'Reilly also denied the report of Polish newspapers. He supported the proposal to install SM-3 missile systems in Turkey and the Balkans." [6]

The SM-3 - Standard Missile 3 - is a ship-based anti-ballistic missile used by the Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense System, and was used by the Pentagon to destroy an American satellite in orbit in February 2008 in what was seen by some observers, especially in Russia, as an experiment for future space warfare.

So the surfacing of reports that the U.S. may base missile shield facilities south and east of the Czech Republic and Poland is more likely indicative of yet another plan to expand the global system - already in place and being worked on in Alaska, Japan, Australia, Taiwan, Norway, Britain, Greenland and Israel - into areas previously off limits to such deployments and not necessarily an abandonment of American missile and troop deployments in Poland and a missile radar site in the Czech Republic.

In confirmation of this scenario, U.S. National Security Adviser and former U.S. European Command and NATO top military chief James Jones told Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski on September 1 "The United States is assuring Poland that it has not made a decision on where to deploy a European missile defense system but will keep Warsaw informed," and pledged "the United States' firm and unwavering commitment to Poland's security and defense." [7]

and this little nugget of info should distress us all, it certainly distresses me.

S Actually Increasing Personnel In Iraq: More Contractors, Fewer Troops
Submitted by Chip on Thu, 2009-09-10 13:18.

* Corporatism and Fascism
* Iraq
* Military Industrial Complex

US actually increasing personnel in Iraq: More contractors, fewer troops | Raw Story

US forces are not withdrawing from Iraq.

Well, its soldiers are. But not civilian contractors. Despite President Barack Obama's pledge to withdraw US troops from the war-torn country, the US is planning to award contracts to protect US installations at a cost to taxpayers that could near $1 billion.

In fact, the Multi-National Force-Iraq just awarded $485 million in contracts just last week, while Congress enjoyed its summer recess. Five firms will handle private security deals to provide security for US bases. It's a neat rhetorical loophole that will allow US officials to say that the country has withdrawn from Iraq, while its contractors remain. Read more.


On the above, the details of parties thrown by the Armour Group personnel were even worse and NPR reports some of those guys frequent brothels and have been caught trafficking Afghan women and girls for sex slavery. I really think this is not helpful in 'winning hearts and minds' at all at all.

and then this from the Derry Journal


a movie I'd like to see..

The adverts look promising.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009


It's that time of year again!

Yes it is time for the Sarajevo Film Festival!


Control Orders, don't read at work!

Also don't read if Karnivore or Echalon scares you!

Right they ran a thing on PBS about this and I was frankly horrified. There are noises our President has been making about this sort of thing in our country! Hey just because I'd LOVE to slap a Control Order on Sarah Palin, and maybe a few other people that doesn't make it right! The fact that anyone's drunken neighbor can get all paranoid and call the fuzz and you can wind up with one slapped on you is like WAY SCAREY!

Don't laugh, it happened to an English guy!

Thursday, September 03, 2009


News links for today

Netherlands to support Olli Rehn’s call for unfreezing agreement with Serbia

Damir Dokic to be retried over threat to Australian ambassador,27574,26024724-401,00.html

Croatia to Appeal Release of Alleged War Criminal

Uncertainty Ends for Families of Some Bosnian Missing

and how about This for Kultur?


What have I been saying about Military Contractors ....

Think Class! I know you remember my feelings on this subject!

If a regular soldier dooes something wrong the Uniform Military Code of Justice comes in, and there

are consequences. Contractors meanwhile get away with some awful stuff. Wackenhut has mis-managed

prisons in the U.S. Now they have been disgracing themselves and the U.S. of A in Afghanistan. Most

of the regular military people I have met who have served in Afghanistan have been well

intentioned, and decent people, but I have yet to meet a contractor I could respect. If I have, I

did not know they were a contractor! Outsourcing military stuff, even the support stuff doesn't save

the government any money and it doesn't bring in a quality person either. Blackwater, Dyncorp, and

now Wackenhut have done real damage to U.S. interests because of the misconduct of their

employees. If contractors are going to be paid ten times what a regular soldier, marine or sailor

or air force guy is paid, then we have the right to expect a certain level of professionalism out

of them.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

This is simply NUTS

Who knew the Iraqi air force was in SERBIJA?

Tito's son is being investigated by the Croatian government

Major sweep against organized crime in BiH:

British medical people being urged to boycott a conference chaired by a notorious plagiarist. There may be a pay-wall for the full article.

and last but not least, something however small is being done about 'mobbing'!

I suffered this in a couple different work places. It messed me up a lot because in both cases I really needed the jobs and did not have a different job I could have moved on to.


Muggy and cloudy in the Yakima Gulag

I went out fairly early to take care of business, you know little things like make sure I had the rent money...

It was cool enough that I needed a wind cheater JUPI! :) I got to the second bus stop though and I was simply BOILING away! I mean like the steam room in a Turkish bath type boiling away.

Last night I watched a televised play about the great Australian-American labor leader Harry Bridges and this included at the end a marvelous performance by Arlo Guthrie who is still a doll at his age! I remember a bit about Harry Bridges from my late mother speaking of him. She probably halfway knew him.

The Senior Center is closed Labor Day weekend and in any case, I will be home watching 'Band of Brothers' on Spike, the ultimate Guy Channel. I love Spike I love especially such shows as '1000 Ways to Die' I also have become a big fan of G-4 because it's well it's NERDY

It is always a delight to see my daughter, I shop where she works and yes there IS a connection, employ my kids and you will get my business.

I am enjoying the basically cooler weather a lot, I was sooooo tired of being too hot all the time!

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