Wednesday, July 11, 2007



Srebenica Commemoration

BiH wants negotiated settlement for Kosovo

Suspected Mass Grave Actually a Dis-Used Old Cemetery

For the benefit of an earlier anonymous commentator, I did report a SUSPECTED mass grave, and this is the follow up on that report.

Death Sentence Upheld in Libyan Case

Serbia rejects new U.S.-backed U.N. resolution for Kosovo

Refugees and displaced persons returning to Kosovo

Talk about going straight to the TOP!

I could not believe it yesterday, the first thing was that the lady accross the street did me a huge kindness, she brought me a bag of cherries. Beautiful FAT and juicy, huge delicious cherries. Of course I thanked her and thanked her, in Spanish since that's what language she speaks. Then no sooner had I sat down, the doorbell rang and two people came to look at the house, without an agent. They'd been driving by and I talked with them and showed them the house. I explained that the situation is one of a pending sale and I would know if the people got their financing in 8 days, (now 7 days). Anyway they wanted to pay cash and not involve my agent. I have a contract with my agent that is good for one more month, so I feel pretty hesitant about this. I halfway wondered if the lady from across the street brought the cherries to see if I were home and if these folks are known to her family or related in some way. In any case, I can't do anything with it until there is a decision one way or another about these other folks financing. Since they are pre-qualified, there's a good chance they will get their financing.

Man Sues God, Case Dismissed

This has to be the most amusing lawsuit ever...

Otto von Hapsburg Given 'Freedom of the City of London'

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