Monday, March 28, 2011


News Flash:

We will see an Al Jazeera Balkans:

Jedva čekam! I already watch the English language service having been
introduced to it while living in Sarajevo.

The ever popular Balkan Insight Press Review.åaaa

I had no idea Bosnia was still Serbian airspace! !!?!!? Whiskey Tango

More to do with Libya than BiH but bears repeating:

Revolutions which take too long sour and become corrupt.

As well the need to help keep this revolution Libyan may require the
right sort of outside assitance. This cannot be done on the cheap,
otherwise there will be people from Al Qaida and so on. There aren't
now as Qaddaffi ruthlessly suppressed any sort of Islamist rebellion.
I hate seeing yet another war. And no it is NOT free pass for Obama
time. People in the opposition asked for the No Fly Zone.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dragan Milosevic to serve time in Estonia:

And a war crimes trial ends in Sweden:

Turkish Airlines wants to buy B&H Airlines but the fact it took FIVE
MONTHS for Bosnia to form a government delayed this:

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Bosnia shows gratitude to Japan:,-tsunami/1?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=DTN+Canada%3A

This article does not mention it, but Japan has been doing a lot of
good in the post-war rebuilding of BiH.

Most of the city busses in Sarajevo were donated by Japan and there
are good trade ties.

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Monday, March 21, 2011


Late Lynx:

Balkans nations so far in support of air strikes:

By the way, one day I was walking into Bascarsija and I looked up
there was Bakir Izetbegović looking right at me! I knew it was him
because of a documentary I saw about the famous Sarajevo Tunnel. He
was instrumental in building it. He has red hair and was noticeable.
Granted, I look fantastična in purple.

I met one of the guys who dug in there on my very first day going
about alone in Sarajevo. I in fact bought some of the famous bullet
pens from him. I recognized him when he was interviewed. He also makes
other brassware.

Usual Mess:

has anyone else noticed how the smaller a minority is the more they divide? Croats have enough trouble in BiH without splintering the way they have been.

I feel very torn about Libya. On the one hand it's yet another war, on the other Qaddafi is completely off his rocker. There was one picture of him wearing a crown -like headgear and a lot of other gold on top of a camoflage uniform. More Micheal Jackson-like than colonel-like! He definately can't offer Michael Jackson's dance abilities, or the physical beauty Michael Jackson had before all the plastic surgery. In fact even AFTER all the plastic surgery Micheal Jackson looked better! And The Gloved One never lost his talent, even after he lost it mentally. Also Micheal Jackson was not in charge of a large country. But I digress....
There are a lot of people who feel the U.S. should butt out. I don't know, here Qaddaffi has been shamelessly slaughtering his own people live on Al Jazeera, CNN, and etc. His people have had enough. Drop some bombs. Drop some food pallets, get some medical aid in there. I wish we'd gone into Bosnia sooner. Frankly my Rubicon was not in Bosnia, but Croatia. Can we all say 'Vukovar'? That is when we should have done something.

The African Union is Qaddaffi's little club. The Arab Keague should have LISTENED when Secratary Gates said that a no-fly zone means initially you bomb some stuff.

The Opposition is grateful. That is what should matter.

I don't think even Qaddaffi's own family love him. At best he must be a huge embarrassment. They have to know they too will go down.
They just stick around because they can't figure out how to get out. All of them are dirty.

Mubarak had the sense to bail, before it got too ugly, Ben Ali bailed, again before it got too ugly.

Both Egypt and Tunisia have a chance. Libya
I hope gets it's chance now. A long slow war would radicalise people. A rapid transition to democratic government is the best hope.
Sunday, I saw Netanyahu on Piers Morgan's show. Israel fears that democracybwould lead to a situation like Lebanon or Iran. Both started off as reform movements. Netanyahu is kind if leaving out the fact that the more protracted all this is, the likelier it is to end badly for EVERYONE. all those dictators used Israel as a scapegoat for EVERYTHING. Israel has a lot to answer for. But Israel is not the cause of dictators and corruption in the majority of Middle Eastern countries, or the lack of hope or the poverty. The people have figured that out. That is actually good news for Israel.

Friday, March 18, 2011


'Lovely' Ky. woman accused of horrific war crimes via iPhone app

Thought you'd be interested in this article:


This story simply gets uglier by the minute. Derventa was a bad place to live in the war years. Looks like she took up with an American. Did he know her story?

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Thursday, March 17, 2011


File Under 'Oh My God!'

This woman is accused of torture and murder. It's interesting in a
way, I am assuming from the given name she is Bosniak but from
Croatia. She knows they were looking for her, because she used aliases.

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Monday, March 14, 2011


Zuhra Kovać Wins Laqsuit Against Karadžić!

The victory was won in Europe, for civil damages in the death of Mr.
Kovać and injuries to the children during the Bosnian war. This was on
Al Jazeera.

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Saturday, March 12, 2011


Update on Karadžić trial:

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Thursday, March 10, 2011


Lynx za danas:

Dirty Dodik at it again:

Another indictment:

And on the hearings by Peter King:

Peter King is from Long Island and everyone on Long Island was touched
in some way by the September 11 attacks. It's personal with him.
Everything is.

I listened to part of the Riz Khan Show, an Al Jazeera program. Riz
Khan's guest was Hamza Yusef, an American Muslim. Hamza Yusuf said
that it is very important to acknowlege the fears of Americans who are
in the majority, and to help these people overcome the fear.
I think these hearings are not helpful. Most decent intelligence on
potential terrorist acts has come from American Muslims. It behooves
the other communities in our country to remember this fact.

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Tuesday, March 08, 2011


Happy International Women's Day!

I can't go to any of the bridge events. In spirit I would be on the
Stari Most, in special solidarity with the women of Bisnia Hercegovina.

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Divjak gets bail:

And what...? They actually are looking for Hadzic? And Mladic? Well,
Serbia can't get into the EU without finding them and turning them in.

We woke up to the ridiculousness of snow the day after 50f day. It
came down pretty good, but now the sun is shining and the dogs at my
daughter's are sunning themselves.

My grand daughter's tenth birthday was celebrated with much fanfare,
and I stayed over to look after them, it has been an early release week.

Had a lot if fun with them.

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Monday, March 07, 2011


Update on Divjak:

Other news:

Press Review:

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News Links:

File under 'Unaccetable!'

Several Mladić associates in R.S. government:

Divjak Remanded into custody:

Purda however is back home in Vukovar:

And from Balkan Insight:

The sad thing is how many Bosnians are working for the various horrible military contracting companies. These people are probably seriously underpaid considering the risks.

Also from Balkan Insight, Interesting if true:

Tourism Corner: Really I enjoyed my time in Bosnia. I think some good recomendations are in this article:

Not Balkans Related:

Very sad fate of animals during uprising in Egypt.

These animals worked hard for their owners. As well a lot of work goes into training them. I happen to feel sorriest for the horses. They are the least able to cope in a bad climate, but camels and donkeys are tame animals. The only place you see truely feral camels is Australia. Dromadaries have no true wild population. Well treated they are actually pretty docile. I am glad someone is trying to be of help to all these animals.

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Sunday, March 06, 2011



Because the world is a sad and scary place sometimes, we need these
funny stories.

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Saturday, March 05, 2011


More on the arrest of Gen. Divjak

I probably would also have demonstrated for this man who put justice
above ethnic loyalty.

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Thursday, March 03, 2011


Knock on effects of The Great Arab Revolution:

To make an omlette you have to break eggs. A lot of Bosnians were
working in Libya before all Hell broke loose. Bosnians working in the
Middle East and North Africa is nothing new. The Former S.O. held jobs
in Algeria and Iraq when he was a young man.
He did not have to flee like people now.

And some good news:

General Jovo Divjak detained in Austria:

For those not familiar, General Divjak is ethnically Serbian but
served on the Bosnian side during the war.

Dodik wants refugees to return:

He seems to only want Croats to return. I did not see any welcoming
words for Muslims.

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Sarajevo Historical Museum:

The part of the Historical Museum dealing with the war times is well
worth seeing. I got in on the fee charged to residents. Probably
because I could 'pass'
I am no slouch at kludgeing things. For years due to hardships I was
the Queen of Kludge. I got tired of having to do it but it is a
survival skill whoever can kludge, scrounge and make booze will survive.
How people survive extreme situations has always fascinated me.
So I spent a good three hours in this museum simply floored by the
ingenuity of the Bosnian people. I know the memories are too much now,
but Bisnian people should take pride in what they overcame and how
they did it.

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A little something toshare from the New York Times:

The Hollow Cry of 'Broke':

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Criminalization of Islam:

Or Cultural Genicide Tennesse Style:|newswell|text|News|p

And reaction from Boš|mostcom

My own reaction to this nonsense:

1. In the United States of America we have a
Constitution which proclaims full liberty of religion and it's
practice. Unless a religious group were to take public incest orgies
followed by caninal feasts, pretty much. Well polygamy is illegal in
the U.S. In fact it's actually illegal in a few predominantly Muslim

Most requirements of Sharia law are harmless. Women in fact DO have
rights under Sharia law that were not available to Western, Christian
women until the mid- 20th century.

I think given how many bills for the sale of beer and wine this guy is
in on, that really he is afraid booze might be harder to get. If this
fellow were not such an obvious šupak, I would offer to take him bar-
hopping in Sarajevo. 90% Muslim city. Booze is freely available and
cheaper than in most of the US. The mere presence of Muslims doesn't
guarantee Sharia law any more than the mere presence of Jews
guarantees Halacha law. Most aspects of these legal systems apply to
private life, or can easily be accomadated.

In fact if Christians were still applying the Christian customs and
mores, it would look a lot like either Islam but you get booze and
pork, or Judaism without the pork, but you still get the booze. This
man is such an ignorant and biggoted šupak. I hope most Tenneseans
have more sense than him.
I hope the ACLU gets all over him like killer bees.
I am going to keep up with this story.

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Six years :

The anniversary of this blog's beginning was really in February. We
started in February 2005. It's mostly been fun. It's been a way to
share news of the Balkans region and to keep in touch with family and
friends. when I lived abroad. If I posted, they knew all was well. I
have seen a lot of the Balkans Blogosphere change. Some links in my
sidebar don't even lead to operating blogs anymore.
Some people seem to have simply disappeared, and their sites are
occupied by cyber-squatters.
A few actually did announce they would shut down. Sadly, many are
people I miss, because they had good things to say. Others defected to
places like Wordpress. I am staying right here inshAllah, because it
is easy to post here, easy to comment and I can't see changeing what
has worked for me.
I truely appreciate everyone who has read this blog over the past six
Hvala Vama najlijepše!!!!

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Sad news:

Oddly enough the best account I found of this horrible incident was
the local paper's website:

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Wednesday, March 02, 2011


Slovakia takes over command of ALTHEA:

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Saint Louis Survivors Happy About Verdict;

And file under 'No Hard Feelings':

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Tuesday, March 01, 2011


More on Safija Farkaš:

From Slobodna Dalmacija, very comprehensive, in Croatian but have a look at the pictures anyway.

Below is from The Economist. Sorry this was the only way to include the story.

THE Balkan press and the region's intrepid Facebookers are having a field day digging out pictures of Colonel Muammar Qaddafi, the beleaguered Libyan leader, with, variously, Stipe Mesic and Haris Silajdzic, former leaders of Croatia and Bosnia, Boris Tadic, the current Serbian president, and Behgjet Pacolli, who on Tuesday was elected president of Kosovo.

(As everywhere else, in these countries news bulletins have been reporting on the evacuation of citizens from Libya. Some have been having a rough time. There have been reports of Bosnians andSerbs coming under attack. Some Croats have already made it home but one group may have to be rescued by a Montenegrin ship.)

The former Yugoslav states have a long, even intimate relationship with Mr Qaddafi. He has been in power so long that among the pictures that have been appearing in the press are ones of him withTito, who died in 1980 (the picture above is from 1973).

The Balkan press have also been running stories about Sofija (now Safija) Farkas, Mr Qaddafi'ssecond wife, a Bosnian Croat from Mostar. Her eldest son is Saif al-Islam, Mr Qaddafi's once heir apparent, whose televised "rivers of blood" speech earlier this week was the first significant Qaddafi response to the Libyan uprising.

Throughout the Yugoslav war years, Mr Qaddafi (senior) was staunchly loyal to the then Serbian leader, Slobodan Milosevic. He even aligned himself with the Orthodox Serbs against Bosnia's and Kosovo's Muslims.

Serb-Libyan ties remain strong. So strong, in fact, that on Tuesday Dragan Sutanovac, the Serbian minister of defence, was forced to describe as "total stupidity" reports that Serbian warplanes were bombing anti-Qaddafi protestors.

There are strong business links, too: in the past few years the former Yugoslavs have been building on connections from the cold-war non-alignment years to expand business ties in Libya and elsewhere in north Africa. As we reported earlier this year, Serbia is interested in selling arms and building armament factories and military hospitals in the region. The Bosnians are in the construction industry, working for big companies like Energoinvest andHidrogradnja. In October there were reported to benine Croatian companies employing 500 workers in Libya.

But not everyone is having a fine time of it. There was much chortling across the Balkans last year when Mr Pacolli took a large party of Kosovars to Libya as part of his attempt to get Mr Qaddafi to abandon his pro-Serbian stance and to recognise the country. At one point the whole party was flown to the middle of a desert to meet the Libyan leader.

On arriving, Mr Gaddafi ordered them to sing and dance. When they ran out of tunes they were reprimanded by an aide. Eventually the good colonel told them they could stop, before dismissing them with words to the effect that he would never recognise Kosovo as long as their leaders remained American poodles. With that, the humiliated Kosovars were sent home.

Whatever happens next in Libya, Croatian tour operators are already licking their lips. They reckon tens of thousands of tourists will now opt for a safe holiday on Croatia's beaches over an uncertain one in Egypt or Tunisia.

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