Friday, June 30, 2006



I found this little atlas in the family archives. I remember really being delighted to see it before, and had lost track of it. Anyway, it shows the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, it has the Turkish Empire and the Russian Empire and India is Hindoostan,

While I was house sitting a friend of myself and the people for whom I was house sitting came over, and this feral cat began to enter his car, I'll put the whole sequence up later, but he actually entered the car, since we were afraid he might spray in there we went out to get him out of the car. 'Hey you're being car-jacked we said to him and it was uproariously FUNNY!

This just in from NPR. I really hope this is not true, but I fear the worst. Three American soldiers were accused of raping a young Iraqi woman, killing her and three members of her family and burning her body. I have a real hatred for men who commit rape. It is among the more disgusting of crimes. Such men are not real men and they would be singing soprano after a very painful seris of operations if I could lay my hands on them. The only crime more disgusting is if it involves little children.
Anyone doing this is doing even more damage to U.S. aims in Iraq. They are damaging OUR country by doing this to people in another country. I have a hard enough time with the whole concept of this war. This is not right and if those guys are convicted, I hope they are put up against the wall, and I hope it's filmed. I want it known that this country takes such matters with the proper seriousness. That is the only way to prevent such deeds.
I'll say this, the fact they were arrested, guilty or innocent is a good thing, it shows something I like about my country, and that is that such behavior is not tolerated or encouraged. It should not be tolerated or encouraged.

Bidding War for Pliva

JOSIP JOVIĆ must appear before the Hague (in Croatian)


further details

Her Majesty's Government Changes Amassador to Serbia

Bulgaria ends the Draft!:)

Romanian Troops to Stay in Iraq

Flag of Serbia Raised at U.N. H.Q. in Vienna

Serbia Must Fulfil Obligations to Tribunal Before Decision is Taken on Kosovo, Vuk Draskovic

Political Clashes in Macedonia

The doings of the surviving Hapsburgs

Archduchess makes waves with art on the Danube

This bit is interesting! Thyssen was closely tied to the grandfather of President Bush, and it is worth noting that they were in business together, having a factory in Auschweitz.

"But why, I asked over coffee, the Danube? "The Danube in my mind connects Istanbul to Vienna,'' Von Habsburg said. "It represents borders, boundaries, divided countries: Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Austria, Serbia and Croatia. Now we're talking about European enlargement, let's turn that into an artery of communication and understanding.'' The archduchess herself embodies a good deal of central and Eastern European history.
She was born in 1958, the daughter of Baron "Heini'' Thyssen, a renowned art collector with a fortune estimated at 2 billion pounds ($3.6 billion), by his third wife, Fiona Campbell-Walter, an English model. And she married Archduke Karl Thomas, first in line to inherit the claim to the Austro- Hungarian monarchy, and principal heir of the Holy Roman Empire. Habsburg is a name connected with a lot of history along the Danube; and most of the rest is a response to invasion by the Turkish Ottoman regime. The result is a patchwork of communities and religions. "itd 7rla etc etc

U.S. and French Presidents Show Support for Bulgaria's EU Accession

This is about Naser Oric.

Bosnian commander convicted, then released

There was also a really interesting story about Texas ice-houses, and how one of them became 7-11, and the connection of ice-houses with the conjunto style of music, a type of music popular on both sides of the border, it's a sort of cross between Mexican music and the music of German, Czech and I believe Balkans immigrants to the region. It's a style that is actually pretty similar to the Gypsy Brass style, it's maybe a little milder, a little less energetic, but not by much.
People who like Gypsy Brass will like Conjunto, and Mariachi music, and vice versa.

I was working on the family archives until a very late hour last night to make up for the time lost to that task by house sitting. It was a nice cool night, and I only got over heated twice. This was easily dealt with by drinking large glasses of water. I think I may have lost a small amount of weight, that's a good thing! plus I was able to move a few things out of the living room. I was getting so sick of tripping over some of the stuff that has to go. I think I'm going to have another day of things other than work today and tomorrow and maybe Sunday.
The good thing is I am seeing progress. The archive room is going to be less of a mess to deal with.

Thursday, June 29, 2006


Evening Updates

Romania Probes Foreign Plot To Worsen Its Weather

Montenegro Welcomed As 192nd U.N. Member

U.N. court official says Mladic in Serbia

Last female Brit out

Serbian PM Summons Security Chiefs Over Mladic -Officials\ACQDJON200606290458DOWJONESDJONLINE000412.htm&selected=9999&selecteddisplaysymbol=9999&StoryTargetFrame=_top&mkt=WORLD&chk=unchecked&lang=&link=&headlinereturnpage=


Check this out!

Storm Trooper

Gentle Readers, I am house sitting today for some lovely people that I know. I have trouble doing that HTML thing rather than have it be a pain to deal with for me, I will have it be a pain for you guys, trust me it's less of a pain than if I try to do all that here, I realize some folks like ergonomic keyboards, I'm not one of those people! I was taught how to type by someone really really good! I've never had a lick of carpal tunnel syndrome! for someone nearsighted like me that is a major deal!

Oh I'm lucky their set- up may do the hyperlinks for me! YEAH!

Anyway on to today's news items! :)

Serbia Doesn’t Want to Question Internationally Recognized Borders of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Croatia is going to modernize it's army;jsessionid=4116A83B7D97CD0475EEEA64E78C4620?articleid=56990&showfull=false

Bulgaria may have free text books for school children, that would be a good thing, in most of the Balkans region parents have to buy the new books every year. The VAT is a terrible idea, it nearly wrecked the Irish economy! They did a LOT better once they got rid of it!

Kostunica's speech in Kosovo

Soren Jessen-Petersen's statement on Kosovo\ACQDJON200606291117DOWJONESDJONLINE000866.htm&selected=9999&selecteddisplaysymbol=9999&StoryTargetFrame=_top&mkt=WORLD&chk=unchecked&lang=&link=&headlinereturnpage=


Serbia’s Deputy PM Ivana Dulic-Markovic Appointed Head of Negotiation Team in EU Talks

and speaking of the E.U. Croatian now is ahead of Turkey as far as entry goes

The aluminum smelter near Mostar is going to increase capacity, this is good for the region economically . I just hope the enviromental control is good!

I love elephants, they are really amazing to me, and here I find out they are music lovers! Still I have to ask, did they let her hear a bit of Haydend's work? I'm surprised that in Croatia they didn't try him!§ion=theworld&col=

It is so lovely and cool here, I know it will do me worlds of good! I've been working very hard physically, moving my late mother's manuscripts into Sterilite containers which have the advantage of being water proof, tomorow ako Bog daj, I will have a picture of a find in the archives that was really amazing to me!
There were many amazing finds but this was one of the more amusing ones!
Watch this space!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006



Serbia was not the only party defeated at Kosovo,Bosnians, Croats, Hungarians, Albanians, Montenegrins (the country then was called Zeta), and even from as far away as Germany participated in the battle.For the Turks it really at the TIME seemed to be a Pyhrric victory. Most of leaders of both sides perished, only a few of the leaders on the Christian side lived to fight another day.The difference was that the Turks were part of an energetic new empire and they had endless new leadership, they had lots of new soldiers and the Christian side was divided by internal rivalries, between nations and within nations. The Turks were basically unified. They didn't have a sectarian division, and at that era, being Muslim was more important than national or social barriers which divided the Christian side. The Christian side had three sorts of Christians, Catholic, Orthodox and Bogomil, and all regarded each other as heretics. They had serious problems all along with that issue, and the Muslims of that time had comparatively few sectarian divisions.
The fact that the Christian side lost so many of it's leaders was probably at the time, and further down the road a worse problem than the defeat itself.

Serbs at low ebb as they mark loss to Turks,,1807865,00.html?gusrc=rss

Serbian Premier Makes Visit to Kosovo

First Private Prison Planned for Bulgaria

Kosovo prime minister urges Albanians in Macedonia to refrain from violence

Serbia Must Choose Between E.U. and Kosovo

Saxe-Coburg Case

Balkan Experts Warn of Ethnic Violence in Kosovo
Today is Vidovdan, the date of the Battle of Kosovo Polje. It is also the anniversary of the assasination in Sarajevo, and the anniversary of the turnover of Slobodan Milosevic to the Hague Tribunal.

Kosovo Talks Outcome May Spark Unrest In S Serbia-Report\ACQDJON200606271139DOWJONESDJONLINE000426.htm&selected=9999&selecteddisplaysymbol=9999&StoryTargetFrame=_top&mkt=WORLD&chk=unchecked&lang=&link=&headlinereturnpage=

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Today's Mladic Update

US and UK Agents Join Search for Mladic\ACQDJON200606270533DOWJONESDJONLINE000125.htm&selected=9999&selecteddisplaysymbol=9999&StoryTargetFrame=_top&mkt=WORLD&chk=unchecked〈=&link=&headlinereturnpage=


Well, it's his home region, and probably he feels safer there than anyplace else.

Mladic in Hercegovina?

Serbia to De-Miltarize at Croatian Border

Former Bosnian Serb Premier Wanted By UN Court

Sovereignty Bows Out as Election Issue

Shades of 'The Great Migration'

Disappointed Serbs Sell Up And Go

Poll Result Estranges Bosniaks and Serbs

"Wild" Montenegro Woos Wealthy Tourists

Bulgarians to have e-Health Cards

Swedish Woman in Croatia keeps her dead husband in the hotel room ten days! eeek!

Monday, June 26, 2006


Big Rush Limbaugh Story

Well Rush was detained in Florida in possession of a bottle of Viagra which was not actually prescribed to him. Considering his considerable weight, I'm not surprised this is a drug he wants, but he's not married right now so ... ... ....
FAMILY VAlUES That hypocrite was always screaming about Family Values. I get so sick of them. He was on vacation. You'd think he'd want to avoid another drug rap! Then again embarrasment in certain delicate matters can really ruin a guy's day! I think now we know why he is such a troubled person.
Word up! Lose some damn weight and everything will function properly!

Schadenfrued, yeah baby!


OK Radmila, I'll bite!

5 things in my fridge.

1. 2 half jars of Kim Chi
2. 1/2 a jar of hyper pink ginger
3. A seedless watermelon
4. Leftovers of bbq'd mesquite steak, vegetable risotto, and marinated fennel and
5. Juice. Lot's of different kinds of juice that I don't drink.

1. Banana Bread I made a couple days ago
2. philly cheese
3. Slivo!
4. Medovina home made!
5. Turkish Delight

5 Items in my closet

1. Lot's of purses
2. A wide brimmed floppy hat I'll probably never wear again, because it only doesn't
look pretentious in the Caribbean.
3. Shoes. Can't stay organized or together shoes.
4. The phone book
5. Jackets

1. Old Baby clothes, must donate them!
2. A box of old films that my parents took in Mexico I don't have the right sort of a projector to ever watch them.
3. Shoes, again must donate most of them!
4. Blazers to use as part of interview outfits
5. Blankets,

5 items in my car
I don't have a car

1. CD's
2. Scissors
3. A rag
4. My gym bag with everything ready to go...if I was ever suddenly seized by the need
to go immediately. So far, it hasn't happened. In fact, I can be easily
discouraged by lack of a parking spot close to the door.
5. My car manual

5 items in my purse
I don't carry a purse I wear a money belt type thing,
1. I.D.
2. Business Cards from EVERY WHERE! and EVERYONE!
3. Bank-o-Mat cards
4. Phone card
5. Money
6. Small bottle of perfume, small container of kohl.
1. Hand cream
2. Hand sanitizer ('s back in my purse Lisa)
3. My camera
4. Lipstick and lipliner (at least two shades). I look dead without it.
5. Travelling atomizer of perfume, currently filled with Pure by Alfred Sung

I know that if you've gotten this far, you're cringing to see your name tagged here...but I won't do it.
If you decide that you'd like to do this, lead me to it.

Don't worry I won't tag anyone either! :)


Hot and Muggy in the Gulag

Abolition of peace overseer's post worries Bosnians

Trial of 'terror Swede' begins in Bosnia

There was something about this in Slobodna Dalmacija as well.

CROATIA: Netherlands Extradites Runway War Criminal to Croatia

UNDP Report: More Extensive Integration is Necessary for Overcoming the Social Isolation of Vulnerable Groups on the Balkans

Bulgaria Sends Policemen to Mixed-Ethnicity Areas

A good idea, it might be worth trying this in the Balkans!

Anti-racism reading program wins grant

UN Report: Grim Prospects For Roma, Displaced In Balkans\ACQDJON200606261212DOWJONESDJONLINE000478.htm&selected=9999&selecteddisplaysymbol=9999&StoryTargetFrame=_top&mkt=WORLD&chk=unchecked&lang=&link=&headlinereturnpage=

My only surprise on this was that it wasn't some guy out working in his fields. That is usually how i happens you know, it's cold in the morning so they'll put on long handled underwear under their jeans, then it gets hot and there's no place to go take off the long handled underwear so they get WAY too hot, there's no place to cool off. A few people keel over and die every year that

Heat Takes 1st Toll in Bulgaria

Dead after Sofia-Kulata Train Crash

The Trade in Unlicensed AK-47s

*Personal* I am really going to be glad when the 4th of July is over. I don't like some of the behavior of young people on my block with the illegal fireworks and the leaving of beer bottles on my lawn, and the window breaking and the graffiti. About the only efficieant way to cool my house is to open a door in the cool part of the evening and I sometimes feel afraid to do that. So I have to get up very early to air the place. That's not always easy because the muggy humid type of heat makes it hard for me to be cool enough to sleep well.
Then there's the cars that drive by with super loud bass on their damn music. It's always really unappealing music too.
I keep myself to myself and don't go out of my way to annoy my neighbors. I don't generally puton music that could be heard outside this house, unless it's the first step in calming extra loud music on a weeknight, then they might get fifteen minutes of Macedonian bagpipes or Gypsy brass. I haven't had to do that in somee time now. That much at least.
Then there's the visual effect of boys in those oversized basketball shorts. eeeew! *wince* eeew *shudder* eeew OK that last might be petty but they look at a distance like girls in knee length skirts.

Sunday, June 25, 2006


A Really Good story on 'This American Life'

'It's Never Over' the story of Jack Abramoff as school bully, i't priceless! and other stories! Jack Abramoff denies the whole thing!


Croatian Statehood Day

Congradulations to those of my readers who are Croatian!

Death Toll in Romanian Floods Reaches 12

Kosovo: Jessen-Petersen's Departure Begins The End Game

Today's Mladic Update

Article here on money that was taken from Serbia and put in banks in Cyprus. This was during the Milosevic era.

For How Long Will Serbs Tolerate this Crime?

There are some quotes from an interview with Ceric. He had a lot of his education in the United States, and that right there makes him an interesting leader in the Balkans, quite aside from him being the leader of the Bosnian Muslims.

Interesting Article about Ceric

Albanian Caught in Deportation Mess

I notice that the names in this family are Christian names. I too can tell you from personal experience it is quite true that members of the same immediate family may well not recieve the same immigration status. The process is needlessy complex, and not done in a sensiable or businesslike way.
These people were anti Communists, and got in trouble for it, meaning they are very pro-American basically. Human beings are harmed by a harsh immigration regime, and it's not a cut and dried 'situation.

Argentina beat Mexico in the World Cup!

Well I could pass the U.S. Citizenship Test! Can you?

You Passed the US Citizenship Test

Congratulations - you got 7 out of 10 correct!
Could You Pass the US Citizenship Test?

Saturday, June 24, 2006


Saturday in the Gulag

It's already hot here, and I have a lot of sorting of stuff to do. I did a lot yesterday but there's way more to go.

Leading Ethnic Albanian Politician Shot

more World Cup trivia

Let's Root for Ukraine!

Serbia thanks Romania for it's position on Kosovo

Today's Mladic Update

Foreign Agents wait for Call to Hunt Mladic

More on the Royal Scandal

Update: I'm listening to some real rebel music, sometimes performed by Irish bands or Scots bands, sometimes by Russian cover bands. I find it wierd how many people in Russia, Poland, Czech Replic, and the Balkans like Irish music. Well not wierd exactly, but it's REALLY funny to hear Irish songs rendered in German. They also play a lot of Breton bands, and then the Russian bands who do various sorts of Balkans music, they are also the only online radio that I"ve heard play any Thompson, which considering this is Russia, is VERY odd! I mean REALLY Most Peculiar. I am assuming, that most of the persons wanted for war crimes hanging out in Russia are from the Serbian side and probably those fellows would NOT be in the Marko Perkovic Thompson Fan Club! xexexexexexex!

The other fun thing I found today was a link that related to Captain Sir Henry Morgan.

Friday, June 23, 2006


Just when you think it's a quiet nws day in the Balkans...

First have a look at the creepy but still sometimes beautiful creatures, I don't know if someone over at Pravda went nuts with Photoshop or if they are the real deal, but then here's some Balkans news.

And some World Cup trivia too...

Creepy Cool Hybrid Pix

I think the folks at the Tribunal are getting ready for summer vacations. This has been quite a flurry of activity on a lot of cases.

Croatian Tantrums Spoil FIFA party

Top Envoy to End Bosnia Mission

Susica Commander Transferred to Italian Prison

Former Bosnian Serb PM arrested

Krajisnik Testimony Complete

Detention Period Extended for Bosnia Suspects

Martic: Prosecutors Rest Their Case

Tribunal Tightens Rules on Seselj Submissions

American Analyst Says Belgrade May be Working to Divide Kosovo

Prosecutors Seek to Sever Trbic Case

Regional Cooperation Helps Bring War Criminals to Justice

Judges Approve Withdrawal of Contempt Charges

RTK: Serbs in Northern Kosovo Formed Unarmed Security Structures



Croatian Statehood Day June 25th

Round Table Debate on Anti-Semitism in Croatia

Local lessons

Roofs Collapse, Streets Flood in Sofia

Villagers Ask Vanessa Redgrave to Stop Protest


Thursday, June 22, 2006


Update: Croatia and Australia Tied

Mel's Hole!

Avstralija Hrvatska a draw

A Draw

Serbia asks German help to find Mladic, Karadzic

Serbia asks for help


Crime and Punishment

Well as I was working on t he pile of stuff I'm sorting out, the neighbor lady rang the bell, she was on her cell phone and informed me that a little boy had broken the garage window, this was maybe two o'clock, she said he looked to be abotu 10 years old or so. Anyway, she asked me if I'd heard it, which I haddn't. She said the police would be by later.
Her evidence resulted in the boy being caught up to. The policemand talked to the parents, and then the boy and then me. The parents wanted to do restitution. I said 'I don't think it's going to run more than $30, I need some screen matierial, I already have a guy that fixes stuff around here. So either screen matierial or $30 would be acceptable resttitution. I know this family doesn't have huge amounts of money. it's a custodial parent situation. The boy seems to live with his dad. Soemtimes if there's been a divorce, kids take it badly and will be sad and do stupid stuff. I didn't want ti to go off too lightly but I wanted it to be enough to make it memorable for the kid.
Anyway I was very grateful to the neighbor and to the police for handleing this. The policeman I think was relieved that I had some compassion for the parents. It's not easy. I hope the boy learns his lesson.
I did tell him, 'You know that was a pretty good throw, under other circumstances it would not have been bad, you should be playing baseball or basketball! you could take Ichiro's job! or mabe Radmanovic's job! That'd be cool!'
A little girl from the blue house saw it too. I think the same boy may have broken the other window in the garage. Well I am not going to be all over them. I think too much might be counterproductive, but I did lay a rap on the kid that when stuff gets broken everyone is a little poorer.
I think he thought about it.
His parents I think felt very embarrassed, the littlb boy was too. I think he'll learn somthing and not do it again.


My Friend Matej sent this for our viewing pleasure...


Good Morning Fellow Zeks!

Croatia breaks a human trafficking attempt

Human Trafficking

Doubts about legality of Irish presence in Kosovo

Doubts and Concerns

Today's Pyramid Update:

Stop the Dig!

Voivodina Seeks Greater Autonomy

Voivodina Seeks Greater Automomy

Mandela's Bulgarian Pistol

Mandela's Bulgarian Pistol

Saxe-Coburg's Rights Being Violated

Update: U.S. Loses to Ghana but who the hell was really surprised?

Wierd Story that I heard on the local English Medium Station:

This guy in Florida's house was robbed. The thieves only took a little white box, full of grayish ashes and that was all they took.
The man went on T.V. and pleaded with the thieves to please return the box as it contained the ashes of his SISTER!
Anyway I missed whether it was the same day or the next one but one morning the man opened his door to find on his porch, the a bullet riddled corpse of a young man, and the box, half empty, and a NOTE!
The note said 'We are returning the box, this guy sold us it, we thought it was cocaine, sorry we snorted your sister before we know, sorry no hard feelings!

I don't know if this is a real story or a sick joke on the part of the guys on the morning show on the local station. It's going to bug me all day, thought I'd share the wierdness.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Insomnia really sucks you khow...

I got a little sorting done today of things and some disposing of things but i'm unable to sleep so I heard the wierd stuff they don't put on the normal daytime news. There was a cat named Louis, that attacked people, neighbors, the Avon lady whoever, and the cat was declared dangerous and there was a court order to euthanize the cat. Well a judge reversed that order on appeal, but ordered that this cat was to remain indoors FOREVER! Even an accidental escape would result in his death warrant being renewed. I found that a bit funny because no mention was made of the possiblity of neutering this cat.
Male cats sometimes are hypersexual, this will be ummistakable on visual inspection. Such cats will be prone to attack other cats, people, even larger animals. Usually these are also unusually clever cats.
Anyway I hope his owner can keep him indoors safely! I hope she takes him to be fixed.
Well I am going to try to sleep now. It's hot but if the wind kicks up I'll be ok.


Finally did get to sleep, I actually woke up very early, noticed that the bananas in the kitchen looked like they better be used and SOON, so at about 7:OO I made some banana bread. it came out pretty good. I had some of it for my breakfast.

If I'd been thinking I'd have taken pictures like Radmila does but I just threw it together with atal,, (Indian type whole wheat flour the only flour I happen to have handy) milk, three bananas, two egges a pinch of baking soda, and some powdered cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg. some white sugar like half a cup, probably it was a cup and a half of atal.
Stired the lot up put in a greased pie pan. No measuring just threw the lot together and baked it in two batchs 25 minuts each at 350.

Happy Solstice to my Pagan Friends!

Many Americans don't realize that Croatians, Serbs and Bosnians are serving in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Croatian Peacekeeper Attacked by Taliban

More details

Further on the same attack, from an English medium source..

More on the attack, but in English

Two Scots died in the road accident in Istria reported on earlier in this site.

Scots Crash Victims

Some World Cup nonsense for those of you who enjoy that sort of thing...,5936,19547605%255E911,00.html

Viduka's house under police protection

A couple people from this town are regular readers, or maybe the same person reading from work sometimes home other times.

Huntsville Teacher Swims the Danube River into Serbia.

Swim to Serbia

Danube Swim

Montenegro sets up defense ministry after independence

Montenegrin Defense Ministry

UN Envoy Accuses Serbia of Encouraging Ethnic Tensions In Kosovo

UN Envoy Accuses Serbia of Encouraging Ethnic Tensions In Kosovo

MONTENEGRO: Decision on Montenegro's Entry to UN

Decision on Montenegro's entry to U.N.

Montenegro to Join OSCE Today

Montenegro to Join OSCE Today
Scandals Rock the Savoy Dynasty

Interesting opinion piece on Republika Srpska

Opinion piece on R.S. situation



also some bird flu information

VOA's Bird Flu page

No Elections in Serbia Without a New Constitution

No Elections in Serbia Without a New Constitution

German U.N. Peacekeepers will be in Kosovo this fall.

German U.N. Peacekeepers will be in Kosovo this fall.

Serbia cannot condemn EU for its own flaws

Serbia cannot condemn EU for its own flaws

Further Updates:

Montenegro to join U.N.

Montenegro to Join U.N.

World Cup full of bitter tears for Serbia.,,28749-2237688,00.html

Serbia loses to Ivory Coast

Slovenia Opens Embassy in Montenegro, they were the first to do so, this is so NationStates!


Serbian Muslim Prisoners allege bad treatment in prisons

Prison Treatment

Well I've managed to totally disarrange the living room. I need to take things off my couch bed so I can put it up. I have no room to work in. On the upside, I've really gotten rid of a LOT of paper crap from the book case. Too bad it's illegal to burn in city limits, a burn barrel and some marshmallows would be really cool at sundown. Oh well, I can throw things out nema problema.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Tuesday, International Refugee Day

Article by Christine Nmanpour on coverage of refugees in the news.

Refugees in the News

Romanian troops were hit by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan, one was killed and four wounded.

The EU has been putting a lot of pressure on Serbia and one wonders if this is further pressure or actual help.\ACQDJON200606201042DOWJONESDJONLINE000425.htm&selected=9999&selecteddisplaysymbol=9999&StoryTargetFrame=_top&mkt=WORLD&chk=unchecked&lang=&link=&headlinereturnpage=

EU mulls helping Serbia cooperate

I hope this vandalism is punished seriously, it's not a good thing to do.

Vandals Desecrate a Serbian Graveyard in Kosovo

the buzz on t he street* via Metafilter


The One Percent Doctrin

Monday, June 19, 2006


Monday morning

Serbian team plans secret return from World Cup

I feel bad for those guys!, Seriously.

Ceca's concert a report by a favorite reporter:

via Boing Boing

Ceca Struts Her Stuff

now you can go hear someone besides Ceca!

Sting to Sing for first time in Serbia

Hand Grenades Thrown at a Political Headquarters
Fake Wall to Remember Real Wall
Wall in Sofia

The trade in small arms isn't the only factor in wars and insurgencies and murder generally, remember in Rwanda people were killed with machetes.

Trade in Small Arms

Things got crazier in Mostar than I thought

The Full Story of the Mostar Soccer Riot

Reaction of Serbian Americans to Former Yu Soccer defeat.

Serbs in Las Vegas
Macedonia still on tourist 'black lists'


And part of a cool site!

Via Metafilter:

Part of Liam's Books

It was from this site

Evening Updates:

It got hot here today but not REAL hot. I had errends that interfered with organizing I'm trying to do around here.

Just so Americans don't feel so all alone on the subject of illegal immigration!

Illegal Immigration into Macedonia and Greece

Hothead Dreams May Become Reality

Hothead Dreams May Become Reality

Serbs Fade From Sarajevo

Albanian Parliment Votes to Recognize Albania

Albanian Parliment Votes to Recognize Albania

Bush to visit Europe

This rather surprised me, since well, I had a perfectly nice time in London and everyone was perfectly charming to me!
I had a perfectly nice time in Zagreb too for that matter, although people pretended not to understans what I was saying.
It was the only place where I had any problems making myself understood, and it could have been my accent. I don't have a real strong American accent in the local language, but my grammer probably drove people simply NUTS.
My only problem in London was getting directions, I had bad luck who I asked, they'd turn out to be other foreigners, or not from the neighborhood. Still in general people I met in England were very kind and helpful, same goes for Germany, and the Netherlands, and Austria, I had no real problems anyplace. England however was excellent. I am glad I had the chance to see London.
One experience I had was this man on this little boat on the Thames, pointed out a place where there was a statue of George Washington set in some American soil, and the delight this English guy took in showing me where it was. I remember the really lovely houses and going on the Tube, which was wonderful also.,,2-2233162,00.html

London Fails Civility Test

Sunday, June 18, 2006



Today's Mladic Update

Mladic was in Serbia Last Year

Breaking Royal Scandal

Son of Last Italian King Arrested, and Bulgarian Simeon Saxe-Coburg is involved

Prince Simeon Saxe-Coburg Upset at Bribery Charges

Victor Emanuel distributed Slot Machines in Russia and Libya

There are some further links on this subject with this last article.

New Religious Movements to be Monitored in Bulgaria

Debate Continues after Milosevic's Death

Book Review

Book Review

Three EarthQuakes in BiH

Three EarthQuakes in BiH

One Irish lady dead in bus crash in Istria, this was the crash a couple days ago.m The other link which has information is a subscription link and I wouldn't go to a subscription link even if I did have the money.

Irish lady dead in Istria bus crash

Today's Pyramid Update:

Pyramid Update

bonus, pyramid souvenier picture

Victor Emanuel distributed Slot Machines in Russia and Libya

Albania is holding off on recognizing Montenegro

Albania Delays Recognition of Montenegro

damn this is just sad...

The Crying Stones

Thanks to Random Bosnian Thoughts,

Random Bosnian Thoughts

A REAL Pyramid Update

Ceca's Birthday Concert

Ceca Struts Her Stuff

A little harmless fun:

How evil are you?

Saturday, June 17, 2006



Krajisnik Admits Mladic “Ordered Ethnic Cleansing”
Mother of Assasinated Djindjic says Trial is being undermined
Today's Mladic Updates\ACQDJON200606170747DOWJONESDJONLINE000008.htm&selected=9999&selecteddisplaysymbol=9999&StoryTargetFrame=_top&mkt=WORLD&chk=unchecked&lang=&link=&headlinereturnpage=
EU to help in arrest of Mladic
(like that's going to do anything!)

VOA analysis of recent events in Balkans, includes interesting links on Montenegro elections. The opponents of independance have filed an objection to the referendum. Now that at least 33 nations have recognized Montenegrin independance!
Serbian Interior Ministry to completly control border crossings with Bulgaria. Previously this was done by the Serbian army.
Three Irish Tourists Feared Dead in Croatia Bus Crash
Irish Defense Minister Praises Irish Peace Keepers in Kosovo
Macedonia advertising tourism on CNN

Secretary of State Rice is to visit with Kosovo President and PM

For whatever reason I wokd very early today. It's so early that it's too early to feed the dog! He's still sleeping!
It's actually sort of cold this moring which feels very good. I like how it gets windy out here!

Friday, June 16, 2006


Yes it's Friday!

This is one of the biggest archeolical stories in the Balkans, and certainly in the history of Split. For a very long time no one has known where the sarcophagus of Emperor Dioclecian has been. Now someone has found it.
Some may remember that Bosnia Hercegovina pulled the citizenship of a number of people suspected of terrorist activities.In some cases this was well justified, but whenever a nation does this on any large scale, it's open to questiion.
A new mass grave was found near Srebenica two weeks ago, and now it's being excavated. Funny I don't remember seeing anything about it in the various news sources I check, not in English, not in Bosnian.
Romania finds no evidence of CIA prisons

A group is giving free TV sets to Kosovo Serbian communities. I remember a discussion in the comments section of another blog where the ability to watch TV at all in Kosovo came under discussion. It's worth mentioning that TV reception in the Balkans is not at the standards usual in most Western countries due to factors like weather and terrain, but it's generally available, and a lot of people have satellite dishes. TV is the main news source actually. There are however areas like Kosovo where it's one way or another not available. Now for some nice electricity! That would be the second problem! Privatization hasn't helped with this either!


I got up early to feed the dog, he is a very good dog, and I think he was happy that he has a new bag of dog food to eat from. Yesterday in all the excitement there was a fledgling robin who was making her first flight. She flew very low and the dog caught her. I don't believe he meant to harm her, just wanted to help actually. Anyway I got the dog to leave her alone, picked her up and let her go, since she wanted to go, and birds that can fly are ok right?
he caught her again so I took her to the front yard. I put her in a tree, hoping the other birds who were chirping madly would come to her aid. No such thing happened. She had no obvious injuries, all her feathers were there, and she could perch, but she must have had some sort of internal injuries as she died. I went in to get her something to eat, and some water and came back finding her near death. I still tried to coax her to eat. And she didn't. So not wishing to spoil the kids camping trip I told them she'd flown off to be with the other birds and later buried her.
She may have had some internal injuries. It's hard to read bird's expressions, but I think she was in pain, and probably terrified by her encounter with the very well meaning dog, and probably afraid of me too. Birds don't normally allow humans to handle them, but both kids carried her too, and so did I. She seemed ok with being carried. She did not resist it, or make a serious effort to fly away. We all handled her VERY carefully. The kids would have been terribly sad had I told them the truth. So I didn't. I wanted them to enjoy their trip.I know something is wrong when a bird will fly that low close to where a dog is and healthy wild birds really resist being anywhere near humans.


Carina Kontrol

Relief at Hague Decision not to try Croatian Journalists
Serbia loses to Argentina in World Cup

Thursday, June 15, 2006


Away from home a few days

So I'm away from home a few days, and I have trouble seeing on this computer, different operating system, I can't make things big easily, so pardon the lack of proper hyperlinks for a few days.

So Serbia is going to recognize Montenegro!;_ylt=A0SOwmbBkJFEr5UAeQlm.3QA;_ylu=X3oDMTA5aHJvMDdwBHNlYwN5bmNhdA--
Captain Dragan is going to be extradited.

The CIA has been very busy in Bulgaria

UN Diplomat Denies Kosovo Remarks

Victim of Human Trafficking speaks out on her ordeal

Babies get trafficked too!

Remember about the herd of sheep in Istria? This time it was goats.

Tornado in Bulgaria, you don’t hear of proper tornados in Europe so much.

Article on Chomsky interview. I’m not a member of Chomsky’s fan club.

Attempt to revive Jewish culture in the Balkans

Bulgaria not linked to CIA prisons or flights.

Airstrikes did stop ethnic cleansing but did not stop interethnic difficulties in Kosovo

And not Balkans related but interesting none the less.


my prayers are with you

Radmila for whatever reason I could not get in at your place, just want you to know I'm praying for your Uja.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006



Somebody put the Mujo and Haso seris on! Warning, this is NOT a clean joke, you don't see any untoward body parts, it's only hinted at, but the joke IS about condoms and fellatio so umm view at your own risk especially if you understand naski!

Sorry this is just STUPID! I can remember a situation where all three communities cheered for YUGOSLAVIJA during an Olympic volleyball match between Yugoslavia and Ukraine!
Then again things are a little more tense in Mostar than in some other places. It's sad because at one time people got along ok there.
I think though it's offensive to be in one country cheering for the team of another, so both the Bosnian Croats and the Bosnian Muslims were outta line as we say in the States.
On the up side, they were in the same establishment! That's actually a good thing!

Problems between Muslim and Croat Soccer Viewers in Mostar

Sorry I couldn't resist this! No Sex Please We Are British!

British Tourists Shocked by Hotel Porn in Bulgaria

I wonder if it was these people?

Porn Studio Busted

Big Earthquake in Albania\ACQDJON200606141038DOWJONESDJONLINE000701.htm&selected=9999&selecteddisplaysymbol=9999&StoryTargetFrame=_top&mkt=WORLD&chk=unchecked&lang=&link=&headlinereturnpage=

UN Lacks Resources to Aid Refugee Returns in Kosovo

Tuesday, June 13, 2006



UPDATE: Pipebomb found in street at 12 and Nob Hill Blvd

This intersection is basically where the campus parking lot for the Yakima Gulag People's Institute of Higher Re:Education is. The Campus Security picked it up, not realizing it was a pipe bomb and they were driving around the campus, you know, kind of patrolling the parking lots etc.
I think classes in identifying these items might be REALLY GOOD! ooooooj! I bet the poor guys felt really seriously stupid, when someone said 'oh is that a pipe bomb back there in the back seat? ,>> ;) ;) (nudge nudge wink wink to you non-nerds reading this)
Also the police had to be called on one of those gang-brats. I don't call them gang-bangers, I call them gang-brats. He was beating up on his mother, she called the police and he was hauled off. Wonder if he's the lout who graffitied up my garage?

Further Update on Pipebomb situation:
I went to the fabric store to get some thread for the other denim shirt I'm doing, and overheard one of the who works there, she lives near where some of the streets got closed off, and the ATF and assorted police were out there to deal with the situation. She was terrified!
It all just proves the point I made to my kids that danger is everywhere, and here we were peacefully sleeping in our beds doing no one any harm and could have been blown up at any point. We don't even have a war on our soil so what the HELL?

I haven't REALLY been following the World Cup but I hope Croatia does well!

Croatia loses to Brazil, gory details here

Croatia vs Brazil today\ACQDJON200606130756DOWJONESDJONLINE000272.htm&selected=9999&selecteddisplaysymbol=9999&StoryTargetFrame=_top&mkt=WORLD&chk=unchecked&lang=&link=&headlinereturnpage=

OK for Kosovo Independance Seen as Likely

Russian Police Don't Like Non-Slavs

Vindic Injured,20281,19448254-5001032,00.html

Living in Albania

Albania the Women's Story

It's worth noteing that this sort of thing happens in all countries, and has more to do with the upbringing of boys than with country, ethnicity or race.

Russian and Serbian Leaders Meet in St. Petersburg

Zelanovic at The Hague

Blic: Georgi Koritarov Apologizes to Serbs

Another Update: More about the five Uigher guys stuck in Albania. I would HATE to be those guys!

BiH police break up a human trafficking ring

Pyramid Update:

a href="">Pyramid Update

War Crimes Trials Update:

Glavas May Face Trail for War Crimes

Monday, June 12, 2006


Via YouTube, Hari's Eurovision Entry

This is filmed in Mostar, so right there I love it! I like the music, warning, if you go actually to YouTube, you'll see an ugly, disgusting little flame war that I could have lived without!


Monday and actual sunshine, let's see how long this lasts

Bulgaria Business Organization Urges Law Reform

File Under 'I'm NOT Making This Up!'

Pusher III

Look at the first offering...

A surprising situation in such a small country!

Surprising in Such a Small Country!

btw the Irish presence in Kosovo has come under attack from the Labour Party in Ireland. I am not able to include the relevant link as it's from a paid subscription site, and it's bad enough dealing with registration. Obviously the people at haven't heard that old geek saying 'Information wants to be free'

O'Dea Visits Irish Troops in Kosovo

Speaking of Kosovo, I would not be surprised if he got seriously burnt out doing this job.

Kosovo Administrator Resigns

Court Clerk From Kentucy to Work at Hague Tribunal

Ha Mexico beat Iran at the World Cup! :)

sooo could it have been an urban legend? Follow up on British man wanting to buy a whole village...

Alexander the world's vainest man

Follow up on earlier story of Scottish man accused of child abuse in Albanian Orphanage

Father defends son

and a story I wanted to put in yesterday, this cat reminds me of Dzerzhinsky, a cat we had that ran off a skunk only better!

Cat vs Bear

Spent yesterday at the birthday party of my very cute grandson. At least a couple toys got broken right away. The kids and I played out back pretending pine cones were hand grenades and the Little House was the hideout of un-named bad guys. There was barbequed chicken and burgers as well as hot dogs. It's not a good day until you find a bone in your hot-dog! xexe!
Came home to find that the router was not working. I had kind of a headache yesterday and was seriously tired, so finally I left the router unplugged and plugged it in first thing this morning. I am still tired and it feels like it will get very hot before it rains. This is not weather my roses terribly like.

Sunday, June 11, 2006


Stuff That Was Totally Like Not On Local Media ... that I know of at least....

Meteor Hits Norway

Pictures and other info in Norwegian
OK this hasn't got a lot to do with the Balkans BUT, it's not something that happens every day... check it out!!!

More Pictures and Info in Norwegian




I woke up today and began trying to get my computer fired up. The usual drill has been fire up the computer only to have the mouse non functional and have to fire it up AGAIN, to find the mouse non functional and then go for the third time and it works. I have found that my computer only likes a certain type of mouse!
Anything else gets rejected. I don't know why. Now my favorite store for stuff for my computer seems not to have this particular brand of mouse anymore. That is seriously annoying as I need a new mouse. Today it took me an HOUR to get things rolling. A lot of my chat buddies tend to horn in when I'm updating, that's usually ok, but today I put up a special message because to individually answere everyone who'd like to chat with me would have risked the copy and past process for posting articles. Computer trouble of various sorts seems to be an epidemic in our little corner of the Balkans oriented Blogosphere! East Ethnia has had a problem, The Glory of Carniola, and I don't know why Balkan-Scissors hasn't been up and around. I hope I can find a mouse my computer likes really soon.

Talk about your basic financial accountability!

Hundreds Sign Petition to Ban Serbian Radical Party

Sorry this is wrong, just wrong! While I can understand wanting a small bit of property in the Balkans someplace, it's got out of hand when people do this sort of thing, when a grave in Split costs as much as my whole house and land in America, and when guys pull acts like this it makes me want to get out my scythe and round up the neighbors for a little old fashioned 'People's Justice'

UK Multi Millionaire Buys Bulgarian town

Russia Recognizes Montenegro

I haven't done an Orange Revolution Update in some time so let's check this out...

Anti NATO Protests in Crimea
A lot of the people there are Tatars and Muslims. I think that that might explain some objections...
Don't they realize how HELPFUL NATO was for the Bosnians and for Kosovo? Let's not be Hasty here!

More on Russian Recognition of Montenegro, EU also to recognize Montenegro

Holland 1, Serbia Montenegro 0

Is it still only one team, or is this just a matter of habit?

O'Dea denies defence u-turn

Interesting Report on Refugees,1,5211985.story?coll=la-headlines-politics&ctrack=1&cset=true

Article on Serbia in LA Times

Unfortunately it's a registration site. I really don't care for that, but they often have useful information, there's always bugmenot.

5 Uigers in Albania Update

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