Wednesday, July 04, 2007


****Happy Fourth of July*****

Donors pledge money to help Srebenica

the real headline has a typo.

Keep Up Pressure on Serbia

Macedonian troops to serve as peace-keepers in BiH

Failure to elect president may force early elections in Albania

It is July Fourth, Independence Day for Americans, I wish all Americans Happy Independence Day.
My plan is to shut this box off for the day, and walk down to the Fairgrounds to spend the day being too hot, and the evening watching the usually wonderful fireworks show. Perhaps I will be joined by friends and family. I always see lots of people I know at this event. The past couple of years I haven't gone since there have been family barbecues to go to. This year there won't be such events so I will walk down to the Fairgrounds, and when it's all over, I will take the bus back, that is the safest way back, as the streets become clogged with crazed people trying to get out, and other crazed people who are illegally using recreational explosives.

Republika Srpska was second highest pledger with 13 million euros for Srebrenica infrastructure. I wonder what's suddenly provoked this enthusiasm? Nothing to do with Mr Schwartz-Schilling by any chance?
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