Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Bulgarian Health Care Workers Freed.

Bulgarian Nurses, Palestinian Doctor Freed!

the Bulgarian nurses and the Palestinian doctor were flown to Bulgaria this morning, this was on N.P.R. this morning. It was reported early.
Bulgarian Health Care Workers Freed


They've had more Balkans coverage on N.P.R. lately, what with Kosovo, and they are nearly the only news outlet locally that HAS covered the story of the ordeal of the Bulgarian nurses and the Palestinian doctor.

One Bulgarian's ordeal


Rice, Kosovo leaders meet

Wahabbis in the Balkans


Bosnia, joint trial for paramilitary leaders


Kultur Korner:

Trust me there's a Balkans connection here...

For the first time, a woman wins D.C. piano competition


Those poor people can now set about the business of rebuilding their lives. The parents of the children who died won't get that chance. And the EU taxpayer is stumping up the money to pay for making the hospital fit for use. While Ghaddafi gets back to the serious business of being a serious international player and champion of al-Bashir and Mugabe. I suppose we can take consolation in the thought that Milan Lukic is on his way to having to answer for his misdeeds.
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