Friday, April 30, 2010


I had no idea that Kurt Vonnegut had died:

I don't know how it is that I missed the news of Kurt Vonnegut's passing. He was a great man and a great American.

I liked his attitude, and loved his books. RIP

Thursday, April 29, 2010


Funeral of Gen. Delic

There is a picture of the funeral itself and some sort of flame war in comments.

This is a Radio Liberty link, I used to watch the Radio Liberty T.V. show pretty regularly in Sarajevo.


Good Evening from the Yakima Gulag

This was interesting indeed:

OK so it is the Daily Mail, and we all know about the Daily Mail, but they are citing the Lancet, which is a decent source...

What is the deal with threatening a KID about his blog. Should his picture really be in the paper?

and 'It's the Economy Stupid!'


Some American Humor for my friends abroad...

The illustrations are pretty amusing and it crops up despite the Secret Service....

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Wednesday Lynx

Delic dies of heart attack:

I lived in Sarajevo when Delic came home to await sentencing.

Un-Named Suspect Arrested in Germany:


Kultur Kutak:

Nearly Dead Languages of New York:


Congressional Hearings Yesterday:

So much public swearing hasn't been on CNN since the Seselj trial. Must admit that I rather enjoyed the Goldman-Sachs hearings. I espeically enjoyed the demonstrators who got into the hallways.

The problem is that financial regulatory reform has been LONG overdue. In fact bit by bit financial sector businesses have been de-regulated and it has been bad for the country, and the world at large.

Paying people on these inflated bonuses has not helped.

Last night I also watched the Micheal Moore interview on Larry King. .

Monday, April 26, 2010


Slogging thru the Balkans news so you don't have to!

There is something going on that everything is in slooooow motion and I have had to fight to obtain each link.

so today this has got to be called a slog...especially today.. .

In fact I am giving up with these lynxs in the interest of my own sanity.

A guy who is wanted for a double murder in BiH is on hunger strike in Canada.

EU wants out of BiH militarily:

And the Kosovo phone dispute continues on:

And BiH is going to vote for sanctions on Iran most likely:

Kultur Korner:

This guy really enjoyed being stranded in Belgrade, Serbia:

And the legacy of Marshall Tito:

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Who knew....

I found out that the Yakima Gulag was essentially founded by a con man, who designed the main streets to look like Baden Baden, his home town, and that the other key man to the founding of the Yakima Gulag died in an insane asylum . I justd those happy endings! :)

A soon to retire teacher is also researching the Chinese tunnels in Yakima. I had not realized Yakima had that many Chinese who needed the refuge of these tunnels. Weirdly enough I watched a show on such tunnels recently. Anyway, I really enjoyed the outing, the food was good, can't complain.

While finding this unknown history of our Gulag out, I and a friend enjoyed a lovely pot-luck dinner and met some nice new people, the local Historical Society.

New stuff has been done to the museum and it was a lot of fun going. Even the gift shop is better than ever.

Saturday, April 24, 2010


A mixed bag of lynx:

Fascinating article on Turks in the Balkans;

No one can deny the strong Turkish influence in all aspects of Balkans culture, even among non-Muslim population groups.

The decision to free the extreme football fans who threatened the lives of journalists in Serbia came as a shock, (but not necessarily a surprise:

Warning this is an Iranian site, but it is of interest if you are American:

Two former policemen get 31 years for war crimes:

warning this is an Iranian site.

Funerals held for 34 Muslim villagers in BiH

The ways people make a living...well back in the day you had to have a permit to plant various things, I know because the former S.O. had papers that dated back to the 1970s which were permits to plant various items. The bad part is that diseased plants will cross borders at some point.

Seed smuggling big business:

Definitely the job is not finished in the Balkans:

Not so long as this sort of thing is going on:

and some really special corruption:

Friday, April 23, 2010


This gives going green a whole new meaning! :)

from a link I followed from a link from MetaFilter

Thursday, April 22, 2010


A question:

If these nice progressive Belgians and French people who are so keen to ban nikab and the burka are so concerned that husbands are forcing wives to wear these things, why is it the WOMAN is supposed to be fined or go to jail. If they think the husband is doing it, fine HIM and or put HIM in jail!


Why I seldom use the accesibility tools....

Right, today walked out of the house without my cheep reeders from the $1.00 Store, so now I have a real problem, I can see far away stuff pretty nicely, but I can't do close range stuff with my fixed eye and my un-fixed one, is really pretty bad. Changing eyes tends to blur my vision momentarily. So anyway, it is a pain in the dupa. It is a beautiful day in the Yakima Gulag, yesterday was lovely as well. Heard from my doctor as in directly from my doctor but missed the call and got back to him too late na zalost to know what is going on. He is in today, I called but he was with a patient. So here I am. I left a message to go ahead and get with me at noon if he would could please. I have another appointment. The phone has to be off until I am done.

Very Un-Balkans related note, check out this month's Utne Reader, very good, it is always pretty good but this one is unusually good.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010



It is fairly rainy out today. My friend's 55 year old land tortoise woke up yesterday from her hibernation. I would love to go there and visit, but this rain has made my bones hurt and I feel mildly cranky as a result. Also one of my housemates is home not feeling so well. She has laryngitis quite often and is affected with it today. I can tell because she did not speak with me. and only nodded when I said 'Not feeling so good today?' She perfers being left be when that is going on. So that is what I do.

I have actually almost been headachy. I think it is the damaged part of my neck that is doing it.
I called my daughter to have her take me shopping later.

Monday, April 19, 2010


Food for thought on racism and poverty:

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Escape From Despair:

A long time AOL friend of mine, Katarina Tepesh recently wrote a memoir about her life in Croatia on the border with Slovenia.

She grew up in a very small village, under great hardships. Her family was torn by domestic violence, alcoholism and illness. Neither the Catholic Church nor the Communist regime were especially helpful. The priest turned his back on an entire abused family.

This story is as much about the failures in the Communist system in Yugoslavia, and the failure of the Catholic Church as it is about a family that suffered terribly because of the father being abusive all his life.

Ms. Tepesh tells the story unflinchingly, and very sparely. The very spareness actually is a good thing. Such stories often describe the emotions more than the victims actually can even afford to feel their emotions at the time. There is a numbness that sets in if you are abused. I know about this. If you did not let yourself go numb you would alternate from tears to being angry enough to kill someone all the time and your daily life would not be managed at all.

Eventually Katarina Tepesh's family had the opportunity to come to the United States. How this all happened and how she tells the whole story is absolutely gripping reading. It is all true, and this book really deserves to be noticed as a very good addition to the genre of immigrant memoirs and survival memoirs.

I took three days to read the book only because of my recent eye operation, I have to take frequent breaks for the sake of my eyes, but most people I am told finish the book overnight. It is not a long book.

There are not a lot of non-fiction memoirs from the former Yugoslavia, there is fiction, but not a lot of factual accounts. That alone makes it worth a read, but it is worth reading just because it is good in the first place.

This link will give you an excerpt:

And this link is the author's link where you can get information on how to get your own copy of the book:

Friday, April 16, 2010


My eye situation: update

Apparently I have some minor complications with my eye. It is not time for glasses for me at this point. It is a complication that shows up not all that rarely and there needs to be a period of watchful waiting before I can actually have glasses.


Thunder storms locally maybe

In Europe they have the massive volcanic ash cloud, and as someone who spent time near a big fat busy volcano, I am impressed! I mean right now I am so awful d*** glad NOT to be flying anyplace. I did wonder if President Obama actually can make it to the funeral of the president of Poland or not, now Polish airspace is closed.

Locally, later I am going in to be checked out as to how well I am healing. Probably I am going to be fitted with glasses. Hopefully I will have an easier time with this blog and other aspects of my daily existance. I woke up way early and starved hungry. I don't like going to the kitchen to fix something because I don't want to risk waking up the guys. It is my own fault for only eating jello and a nutritional drink for dinner. I had an absolutely HUGE pile of jello. It wasn't bad. I usually only eat jello if I am actually ill which I am not. There was a lot left over from the weekend.

It has gotten very spring like here in the Yakima Gulag, I had to rescue a cute little black and white spider, I am sure was a male. He was missing a couple legs. Sure sign he'd been out on a hot date and forgotten the chocolates or a bottle of wine or a nice fat fly.

We could have thunder later. I will have had my eyes dialated so who knows how much I will feel like coming back online later...

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Excellent Amanpour story on the Karadzic trial

Unfortunately the video is not up yet, I have tried to lay hands on it because it was well done.

Basically though, Karadzic is trying hard to pull a Milosevic with his trial. We all know that. The trial is being broadcast on Bosnian TV and I am sure it is being broadcast on Serbian TV. Kandic got interviewed as well. I have followed her work for some time now. Anyway ako Bog da, I will get that story up as soon as I can. Those who must not be spoken of have let me onto my blog. So I am checking where my readers are coming from and then taking a rest. My eyes are doing a tad better, but mostly due to resting them in a disciplined manner.


Some old news I did not catch at the time.

Last year, my internet was to go to the college and college was closed for Winter Holiday at the time so I did not get this story and it makes me mad, this needs to be fixed:

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Testimony at the Karadzic Trial

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Karadzic trial re-convenes

Karadzic is back on trial, playing the poor overworked victim again. Well dammit Mr. K that is what LAWYERS are FOR! They wade through the stuff so you don't have to! jebiga bilo kako!

Anyway he cross-examined a witness to the shelling of a small mostly Muslim village by one of the Serbian paramilitary organizations. Not a lot of really distinct news out there, but he looks like he needs a haircut again and he is looking fat again. Food at the holding center must be decent.


Just send the spoiled stuff for the poor!

OK so maybe it is NOT my fridge that is at fault with stuff spoiling too soon on me. I don't know, but I do know this is wrong. As one of my cousins said, so poor people can get all the junk food and booze they want, it won''t spoil. No wonder poor people here are so fat, your choices are poverty driven diarrhea, or poverty driven obesity, man I don't know about you, I personally would risk the obesity over diarrhea. As a person who suffers IBS I already get enough of diarrhea. So why are stores and supermarkets only putting the inferior stuff in poor people's super markets and small stores? I don't care what their excuses are, it has gotta stop NOW! but probably it won't.

Monday, April 12, 2010


There must be 50 ways to leave your lover....

I really liked this one... everyone has to dump somebody sometime...And sometimes we need a little help from their friends...

Sunday, April 11, 2010


A long day...

So the day was spent with the owner of our rooming house here, checking out stuff he wanted to donate to charity, he had friends helping him with this. I was running all around, lending my flash light, doing my eye drops, clueing the rest of the Dungeon Dwellers to lie low because the owner was in a snit. Getting a call from the lady I used to rent from, and then later sorting through rejected stuff, and scoring some Geographics and some cookie tins to put stuff in.

One was big enough to put all my assorted personal care products in, so they aren't all over the place. The other is holding my coffee service and so forth. helps my room look a tad neater, and I like my room neat. Then I rested and ate again. I got pretty hungry today.

My friend who is also the manager made a huge lunch, and I made coffee, which people liked. I had to improvise by putting it in the tea kettle. There is no insulated carafe for coffee here.. I plan on checking the thrift stores for one that is not too un-Godly ugly and reasonably priced. I am tired I can tell you.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Some good readage:

Thanks Metafilter!


So yet anotherr critter smarter than humans thought it is...

This was interesting to me. I rescued an earthworm the other day, from the sidewalk. Sidewalks are lousy places for earthworms to hang out.

Who knows, maybe it had friends maybe it has a family life, nice to think they aren't just all alone against the birds :)

Friday, April 09, 2010


Time to dump those Lynxs!

Croatian political blogger busted over war lists:

Roma evictions still an issue in Belgrade:

and welcome news for those of us who love Sarajevo:

And yes, your trip will be safe!

Tadic says so:

Alright,I have had endless fun trying to get certain links at all. Crashed my computer twice doing it. And I really am tired of that. So these are all the lynx you get for today zao mije! izvini!


Still have to sneak in by the back door:

Hej word up! This IS my blog, I am tired of having to sneak in here ppast DansGuardian! I really want someone to tell me where they can be reached directly. I do not like that they can't be reached. It is nnot fair to those of us who want to communicate our dissatisfaction. Personally I would love to sue these people for their sheer incompetance.

Thursday, April 08, 2010


Miners in WV

I have this awful sinking feeling the four guys stuck underground are not making it out. There have been several attempts to try to rescue them, and the gasses have simply been too much. Venting the gasses has not worked due to the local weather. I have to say it always feels bad to hear of such things. The same mine has had problems, and I do not think laws and regulations about mining are adequatly enforced and I suspect there is some sort of corruption involved. At best, it is reckless endangerment.


You can run but you can't hide:


In Memory of the Dead

A man from Yakima who died in one of the two wars was honored by a procession and people lined the way from Yakima's McAllister Intl Airport all the way down to Zillah his home town. While Yakima is known for honoring veterans and the dead in war, this was a first. I was not out for it, mostly because I have needed my rest since my eye operation, but I saw it on the news and despite my feelings about both the wars, could not help but feel a certain pride in our whole county for doing this.


One High Speed Chase and One Hit n Run

Alright, what I did hear on Yakima Live Scanner must have been the end of the high speed chase up Tieton Ave, it ended at Memorial Hospital with someone crashing into the fence, that part I did hear. The YPD arrested a suspect in a murder which took place like 30 years ago. Then not much later the second batch of sirens was someone slammed into a mail box and a light pole on Summitview Ave.

It was fairly interesting how calm the wrap-up was.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010


This is bad and wrong! part deux

I do not like this little development one little bitty bit bit!


The Blog Burgler, or breaking into one's own website...

The stupid content filtering thingie has been at it again. I had half a day of normal ability to access my blog normally, and now I have to be ever cleverer in bypassing the thing. I bet I could access truly offensive material without receiving the access denied thing blocking my way back in.

This time I believe an innocent UNICEF ad by Google did it for me. I do not know how to turn off Google AdSense, it is really stupid for me to even bother having ads, never earned a penny from them anyway. I have read and re-read their tutorial to find out. Can't figure it out. The ad was in Japanese and it made the content filter go kuku as usual. Whoever set that sleezy content filter up made it not like any of the squiggly languages. Probably they are a lot of bigots on top of everything else. . .

I heard a mess of sirens going by so I tried to find out what has been going on. Pulled up Yakima Live Scanner and still don't know why so many sirens. Did hear aout a possibly lost kid, and some other things which should not have accounted for such a lot of sirens, like no gang fight, no big fire i.t.d.


Bosnian cities you Have to See:

A fairly cool blog to look at, trust me you will like it!


A man in Selah threatened Senator Murray

What is going on with people here, don't they know threatening someone like a Senator is a bad idea? The guy was 64 years old and angry about the new health care bill. Some facets of the same bill donn't thrill me either! I wanted single payer health care! I have not called anyone to threaten them, or even done so in my blog or anything, and I was fairly disappointed at first. Now I am in a position of realizing it may just not be possible to do better in the U.S. until we get over having futile wars and wake up to the fact our own country needs a bit of repair. I don't mind the pittiance we spend on foreign aid, it is what 1% of our national budget. We should just get out of Afghanistan and Iraq. Both wars were mismanaged from the start so badly I don't think President Obama can fix that at all.

We need a huge repair of our infrastructure, we need our roads fixed, we need our electric system fixed, and actually with a depressed economy this is a cheap time to do it. Besides we need to put people to work doing something other than killing people. Seems like military service is the ONLY job sometimes.

Meanwhile at the risk of practicing psychiatry with out a license I think this old bird in Selah needs a nice mood stabilizer, and maybe some anti depressants, and some sort of help aside from that. I mean maybe the guy is not fit to own a telephone, he calls in the threat from his own phone.


Well today I am taking it easy. I had a busy day yesterday.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010


Eye situation so far:

My distance vision is not bad, I can read and type on a normal computer or even my netbook with my El Cheepo readers pretty well, but newspapers and books are quite another story! I can't do anything but large print books with my right eye. and I can't just close it and read like I used to with my weaker one, bad stuff happens, like feeling nauseous and dizzy, so no more pencils no more books... well at least until I get my glasses. That is about another couple weeks away, they don't do that until you are fully healed and I am not. Oh well, there is still plenty to watch on T.V.

Which leads to another question... I was watching History International's series on Russia,'Russia Land of the Tsars' and I wondered what they did with Rurik who founded Russia in the first place? Somehow I did not see this ancient war lord mentioned at all... They did have a lot I did not know about the original Ivan the Terrible however, and yes, he was pretty terrible....

Monday, April 05, 2010


Really old pictures from Bosnia

These pictures come from a variety of sources, Try not to read the really poisonous comments and trolling in there. Sadly there is a lot of interethnic slagging I could live with out but the pictures are quite interesting and many are beautiful and show how life was prior to Tito, prior to both World Wars inn some cases. Hope you enjoy this.


Persons who wish to advertise here will not

be allowed to comment on this blog, they will be rejected so don't bother... I do not care about your 'enhancement products' in fact I think there need to be products to make people chill out in that department. Ithink my redership knows how to find it’s own plane  tickets. I think my readership would rather not read any matierials not connected to the subjects of this blog, and I do not read Japanese or Chinese beyond like a couple characters. So I will not even read those comments. Any language I can’t read is not getting in here. I read English, Spanish Irish and Bosnian. Please keep your comments in one of those languages if you want in. Oh I am really bad at Cyrillic too. So don’t even consider sending comments in that alphabet. Nothing personal, just really bad at it and don’t want to in error publish an offending comment.
I had a comment which was in reality a scam for airline tickets which was far longer than my average post, even a major lynx dump including maybe an opinion or  two.


Taking the back door in again...

I do not know how to remove the thing that is making it hard to view my own blog from my own machine at home. I did use one of my ways to get in the back way. I wanted to also say that my eye surgery recovery is not going badly. On the way to the family Easter festivities, which included DELICIOUS angel food cake with strawberriies and REAL whipped cream... my son-in-law pointed out a ground squirrel and I saw the little guy! My doctor tells me I am at the low end of normal vision. I should be getting glasses in another week or so. They will help me with mid range vision and close up where I have a problem with the eye where I had the operation.
Still have to put drops in four times a day, hate doing it, but I know it is for my own good. So I do it.


April 2 Snow

April 2 Snow
Originally uploaded by Yakima_gulag
I am posting this photo of the snow we got on 2 April 2010 in the Yakima Gulag, even though it is not snowing today, because stupid, evil Dans Guardian interfered again with my website. I have to say a sleezy bunch of content filters I can't remove really are disgusting. I feel like they are no better than a bunch of hackers. They are there without my consent, and mess with my stuff without my consent.
I notice the problem is always worse when people send me stuff in languages like Chinese and Japanese. I do not ever keep such comments. If I can't read the comment, it is not getting in. If I decide it is any sort of nonsense it is not getting in. But if it is in comments like over night un-moderated, then it messes with my site.
I hate those sleezy oily greasy faceless ... you know whats... can't say the word here, might mess me up yet more.

Besides if I get angry enough it might mess up my eye. Could I possible sue them? Really hard since they are hiding their nefariousness behind no e-mail that works, no physical address, no phone number no nothing where I could contact a human being and maybe make them stop it in some way.

Anyway, one of my better snow pictures even if I say so myself.

Sunday, April 04, 2010


Happy Easter

To my CAtholic/Protestant readers and to my Orthodox readers, it is the same day this year, only happens what, every four years?

Enjoy it!

Today it is nice and sunny in the Yakima Gulag and surrounding areas.
On the second there was SNOW believe it or not!

The cherry tree is blooming, and the raspberries have leafed out. It looks nice here.

Friday, April 02, 2010


Spring snows...

Areas around the Yakima Gulag got a little snow. Right in town it looks to be mixed rain and snow. It was colder yesterday because there was hard frost on the ground.

*And to think, only yesterday I spotted an adorable hen robin hanging with some sparrows and the little goldfinches are back.. poor birds out there with cold feet.

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