Thursday, January 29, 2009


Another cold day in the Yakima Gulag

But the good news is the weather is a bit warmer than last week....

meaning from time to time I can go someplae where I can use the computer for longer at a time than is possible in the Yakima Gulag People's Institute of Higher Re:Education Library.
It also means being able to walk places more and not having to always wear a really heavy coat...

Things have been pretty busy at my end. So far I'm really pleased with the Obama administration. He isn't going to solve all our problems immediately, but I think he's going to do at least SOME good.

I was very disappointed about the vote on Digital Switchover. Stupid Republicans! Well, if it had been slated for Super Bowl Weekend, there would have been RIOTS!

Just saying....

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


The family suicide

I woke up to hear about the guy that lost his job at Kaiser Permanente who led his wife to commit suicide and killed his five kids. I was not in a happy place. There is help out there, and if for someone there isn't that isn't a reason to commit suicide, that is a reason to get politically active and change what is wrong.

I have written elsewhere about how people here in the States don't get together and help each other enough on a personal level, I mean help their friends, and do peaceful political actions to change what constitute barriers to self help in our country.

This guy was an extreme case in point.

Economic downturns no matter how severe are TEMPORARY! Family however is forever and suicide is FOREVER!

Which brings me to another thing. . . Some Republican or other had a problem with the fact that part of the Stimulus Package includes money for contraception...

I do not have a problem with that, no one should be making babies when they are that broke.... It's a LOGICAL inclusion.

I've seen what happens when a woman gets pregnant during a downturn, it's not pretty what happens to her marriage, and it's not pretty what goes on for the rest of her family. Whoever that guy was needs to grow up before saying such ignorant things!

Monday, January 26, 2009


Badly designed stuff....

I am getting really sick of every time I try to plug my computer in, someplace other than home.... even at home, something sparks. I am phobic about electricity and I don't like to shove or push to get something plugged in. This trauma by the way I was largely spared in Sarajevo European plugs, at least Bosnian ones generally match the outlet just fine, and there is no fuss plugging or unplugging unless you also have an adapter, for an American plug in, then the spark will be at that adapter. It provokes those 'Monk Moments'... I usually feel like an idiot, it shouldn't scare me but there you go, it does!

I saw someone plug in in the Student Union at the Yakima Gulag People's Institute of Higher Re:Education and that resulted in a total flame out and scared the govno out of me! I did not need to see that at all, reinforced my phobia.....

So today Rant Wing Radio is all up in arms because President Obama aaid to them to 'Stop listening to Rush Limbaugh and get some work done' or words to that effect! HAH the reaction proves that there indeed IS such an animal as right wing 'Political Correctness' My housemate was listening to the whole thing on her car radio after dropping off her child at school. She came in and asked if I were a Rush Limbaugh fan, and I said 'Basically I love to hate the guy....' So she recounted it and I said 'Well that's just the president popping off they do that at times....' and we laughed.

I so far like what's doing with the new president. I am sure at times we are going to disagree, that's o.k. that's what Democracy is all about!

Russia hasn't gotten that whole Democracy as of yet... two journalists were shot down in cold blood near to Red Square. Criticism of policy in Chechnya doesn't lead to a long life span.

Here in America, the odds of criticism of Iraq or Afghanistan policy leading to being shot in cold blood is relatively low. I am not saying it could never happen, but it would not have been ordered by the past president or this one.

Zivi Amerika!

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Snow yesterday, cold and clear today...

it snowed yesterday in the Yakima Gulag! Just a light dusting but very pretty all the same. Now it's melted and the sun is out sort of.

I had kind of bad sleep last night. I didn't even get to sleep until fairly late, then the car kept chirping. Thankfully the alarm didn't go off! :) I often am who shuts that down. If I can just wake up fast enough.

I always check to see if in fact any car thieves are trying to do what they do, there never are, just cats usually.

Once a small bird that looked like a robin set it off.

I think so far President Obama has made sound appointments. I liked that he's in the process of shutting down the Guantanamo Detention facility. I noted that he had a bunch of generals and such who had resigned or been pushed to resign over this issue as well. Many of them probably are really Republicans politically, in private life.

I think the point was made that sound advice WAS given to the previous president and he didn't want to hear it.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Why Poor People in the U.S. Don't Help Each Other So Much...

This would also be why refugees often do better than poor Americans in their OWN country...

There are a lot of good programs to help poor people here, BUT ALL these excellent programs don't allow people sufficient funds to lead decent lives, even at a minamalist level. What is even worse is there are penalties for ANY action that would help people to pool resources.

People on Social Security, SSI, SSD, SSD Retirement for example face penalties if they get married. They can lose depending on the income of their spouse from one third to ALL their benefits. Now if they happen to marry someone with SERIOUS money, I could see it, but frankly few people in this catagory have a great dating pool! Few have the ability to marry into money therefore.....

People on actual Welfare, can't pool their resources so easily EITHER! It affects things like food stamp benefits. Food Stamp benefits are pretty key at any of these income levels to survival given the outrageous rents people pay in many American towns and cities. All your cash is generally going to 1. rent 2. utilities 3. cleaning supplies if the first two don't kill you 4. clothing. 5. entertainment if there's ANYTHING left. Utilities are the most unpredictible cash expense for many people.

Here's the rub, a few people sharing a house can actually SAVE THE GOVERNMENT MONEY!

1. Utility bills get divided up
2. It may well build in childcare for poor women with small children.
3. Cuts down the physical burden of housework since that in most cases is shared
4. Provides reenforcement for people who need company.
(If you have someone around who is helpful, you don't go out and do drugs or get drunk just to feel better! You may have the emotional support you need right there even if it is 1 a.m. or 3 a.m.)
5. Especially for women shared houseing can enhance physical security. (I personally feel safer living with a few other people!)

If you feel safer in the first place and you are a woman, you might be less likely to accept an unhealthy dating relationship for economic reasons. If women sheltered for example their abused friends more often, fewer women would go back to bad relationships.

Males in communal arrangements benefit too. Someone generally has cooked dinner, someone generally does wash the clothes, it doesn't always have to be the person who got them dirty!

If people have set up a clean and sober environment, there is as mentioned before some built in support and that is really helpful to people who are trying to kick bad habits.

The spiritual dimension can be very good too!
Tweaking the rules so people could do more mutual aid would really help our whole country.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Stuff of interest, Food for Thought! :)


the Black McCains

I loved the bit of documentary about the Black McCains that was run yesterday! Very well filmed, not at all acrimonious and very informative....


The worst thing you can say to someone who is mildy paranoid....

is #1 (Drum Roll please!) 'We are letting you learn about this for yourself! You do realize this don't you?'

Here is the article I used, it's a sort of varient on the wok strainer WiFi booster.

He claims he's getting signal from across a river. I think he's FULL OF GOVNO! I can't get it from accross the damned ROAD! I am doing the same stuff too. so jebiga bilo kako.


Inauguration Day comments

If this were the old Soviet Union and the Kremlinologists got busy on our collective dupe......

The verdict would be that the United States is back and Means Business all the way around.

I guess our new President was afraid to have too much display of religious diversity on the podium as compared to former President Clinton. President Clinton was taking NO chances, he had several flavors of Christian, a Buddhist, a Jewish religious leader and a noted Afro-American Muslim leader do prayers.....

President Obama stuck with a very plain vanilla Fundamentalist type...

I can understand it when you consider that so many Americans out there haven't realized that despite the name the guy is a Protestant American Christian, who happens to have Muslim roots.

He did however make sure in his speech, make mention of American religious diversity, including 'Non-Believers'. This is a good thing that he did it personally.

The second minister, was a very sweet guy, but hard to hear. I wish he'd gotten someone younger who could speak clearly at that point. Still it was a nice gesture in terms of inclusiveness, and who he chose for the invocation was a good choice as well, because just because I don't care for that particular brand of religion doesn't mean suddenly the people who see things that way get dis-included.... so it was politically Very Savvy of our new President.

The little girls were adorable, Michelle impresses me a lot and I am more impressed by our new President....

As has been said elsewhere, 'Now the hard part begins....' Srece Presjedink Obama!

Here in the Yakima Gulag, there were two open more or less to the public options for viewing on Large Screen T.V. sets, I dragged S. to the Democrat function and a friend saw to it that we had coffee and cinnamon knots FREE! We had fun, and went home to watch the parade. I was glued to the T.V. all day, and for the satire shows so popular in the U.S. but finally went to bed.

Not before the cat played a prank on me. . . She snuck in my room and hid under my night clothes on a big chair. I went to get my robe and this great big paw reached out and slapped me, I look down to see angry green flashes after I'd screeched in surprise.

I am normally the quietest person in the house. But I was startled, So I threw on my robe laughing myself sick at the cat's joke on me. Then she took off... Cats really don't have a sense of humor.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Innauguration Day u Yakima

Dear Readers, I spent the morning pleasently with a housemate, watching President Obama get sworn in, and at home watching the parade. It was veyr cool.

totally got jacked on seeing Soviet of Washington units present in the parade, but toe coverage was great, and I did get to watch most of it! Thanks S.!

Friday, January 16, 2009


Still Cold Here....

It's all frosty here, I am so glad we get a new President soon! I hope it makes things better and groovy!

Oh the jar.... P. swiped it with the solvent, it worked, there is still a residue, but he assures me soap and water will fix that, we'd been doing Owen's drill for a WEEK! Sorry Owen it didn't work, they must allow stuff here in Amerika they don't allow in the U.K. or the E.U. or BiH or H.R. or even Bugarska !

Thursday, January 15, 2009



I am reading a borrowed copy of 'Lovers and Madmen' by Julienne Busic, wife of Zvonko Busic. A friend of mine knows Julie, it's a signed copy, so I am reading it quickly.

It's worth reading, well written, I am only half through, I'll have more to say later.



We got a light dusting of snow here. I am going to be a bit busy, don't worry! :)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


New Restaraunt in the Yakima Gulag

Taj on Nob Hill, near what used to be Monkey Wards, be there or be square!

jako dobro indian food!


Usually I odn't put in stuff from people who have flamed me...

But when it is pertinent information I will.....

This came in 'Comments' from Ida, and should in all fairness NOT be buried...

ida has left a new comment on your post "Warming up ...":

VIDEO: Torture in Sarajevo Prison
Two inmates had their hands and feet tied, while other prisoners are shoving their heads into buckets of water.

Two inmates of a prison in Sarajevo were abused by other prisoners and everything was recorded on video which was obtained by the Dnevni avaz daily.

One of the abused young men is allegedly Berin Talic, 19, from Sarajevo, who is currently on trial for aiding and abetting in the murder of Denis Mrnjavac, 17.

Mrnjavac was killed last February and Nermin Sirkic was sentenced to nine and a half years in prison for his murder.

The footage taken in the prison shows Talic and another inmate having their hands and legs bound. Two other inmates then shove their heads in buckets of water. In the meantime, they slap them and insult them. In the background somebody can be heard begging of them to stop abusing the two men.

Sarajevo prison deputy director, Mladen Krpan, said he was not familiar with the case.

- All I can say for now is that nothing has been recorded regarding that case, but we will certainly conduct some searches. It is of great importance that we view the footage when it is available to us – Krpan said.

See the prisoners torturing their younger inmates in the video: Torture in Sarajevo Prison

Publish this comment.


Frosted this mornign

I am doing a petty annoyances post:

What is UP with Label Glues now? Seriously we have been a week at removing a label from a jam jar, it's taken a week so far and you could put the Soviet Union back together with this damned glue and we wouldn't need to worry about bin Ladin anymore! Seriously!
P. took it to work and is going to hit it with an industrial solvent! I said 'Thank you!'

What the Hell is up with glue of that strenth? Totally needless and it makes it HARD to reuse a pretty jar!

2 When are Americans going to get pre-paid mobile phone service as good as HT Eronet? BHMObile? MTel?

What is UP with needing to pay for incoming? Americans you have been HAD ROYALLY DO SOMETHING!

3 The Lost Things Fairy, APB seriously ... .3 hours looking for something I meant to send a friend..... I want it back all the time I have spent looking for little and large things even in a more minimalist life!

Monday, January 12, 2009


Warming up ...

Gentle Readers: it has flooded here, but not near me. I still am not consistantly online from home. I think one unsecured network blocked me. I don't know why. I was getting booted anyway. The student network has a very weak signal. So I come to the library to log on, check e-mail and so forth. Ne brinis onda! :)

Friday, January 09, 2009


I bet many of my Sarajevo friends wish t hey'd hung on to this

War time stove

Because Gasprom cut off t he gas to Ukraine, there is no gas way the Hell further south.....

We got some sunshine today so I am going places. I need a break. Things got off to a too way tooo early start kod kuc. Sometimes children don't know it's not nice to wake up really really early and turn on the T.V. and all the lights....hilarity ensued.

On the war criminals who are now facing trial... I saw three of them hauled in, some may remember my earlier post about the cop parade down Bardakcija, one of the highlights of my stay in Sarajevo to see that!

I hope they all get what's coming to them!

Thursday, January 08, 2009


Also 'My' War Criminals Face Trial

Copy and Paste Sorry Again thanks Mario!

Anyway, one of these days I will know how to use Vista!

O.K. some Balkans news, thanks Mario!

sorry the new Windows Vista, I need a damned class

Anyway, the story is taht factories accross the Balkans and homes are without heat, because of the Gasprom shutdown. I probably know all sorts of people who are freezing to death because of this....:(


O.K. I know what they are up to...

Thank God I know people around here... on the campus of the Yakima Gulag People's Institute of Higher Re:Education. . .

Apparently the Urki type students were abusing the free WiFi to get PORN! I wish somewhere they'd learn that Porn equals WORMS and VIRUSES!

Anyway Porn is far superior in book or magazine form! What is WITH Those People?

So the other thing I found out is how people can be blocked. I was trying to get some NON porn lit and the battery ran out. But the whole Big Brotherness of things, Owen is right about that. That needs to go away. Here's a concept for Big Brother...
Just spy on it all and file it away for Future Reference. ....

You might Learn Something....

So now I know the only way on is to wait for those non icy days and hope for the best. ...

Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Moon Bows and Chinooks

Photographed a moon bow last night lovely big winds too. It probably will snow again soon though.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009


O.K. The damned thing hasn[t worked...

The adapter with the strainer, it's a common kitchen st4rainer only boosted my signal a very little bit. I was being booted repeatedly. My Friend S. thought putting heavy duty foil on it would help. No it didn't. I am not happy about it. She is now claiming it's got to be my computer but that is govno because like, I got the signal several times before. It isn't windy.

I no longer have a radio of my own. I did before. But not now. The one radio in the house is in the kitchen and it is usually turned to some rock station or other. I am not sure how to use it. It's one of those damned modern things. I miss my piece of go vno radio I had before, I knew how it worked.

I am going to have to find a small cheap radio.

The adds on T.V. are full of that new High Definition T.V. stuff. P. thinks it's Big Brother. I don't know if that is so or not. I know one thing, it's not coming soon to BiH! :) They get to have fuzzy pictures a while longer!

Friday, January 02, 2009


Merry Christmas to my Catholic and Protestant Readers

And ahead of the fact to my Orthodox readers!

I did rig up a booster, but access is still likely to be sporadic. For those of you outside the Yakima Gulag, I can piggy back off the college and another unsecured network, weather, and vacations appear to affect both networks, wind being the worst enemy. The booster I have now is really GETO to the BONE! it is a Belkin Male A to Female A, and then a little USB WiFi adapter, and I have Jerry rigged it to a common kitchen strainer obtained at Value Village for a piddleing 89 cents! It seems tobe working though Hvala Bog! Hamdulillah! Praise the Lord!

I had a hard time even FINDING a strainer in the thrift stores. I had a hard time even finding a strainer new! I am being booted on and off a bit, but as long as I am mostly on so be it! Itl's been a mizeran šlep trying to get this organized. Still it beats always having to go to the campus or the public library or a friend's place. It is really icy and I don't like going out in it. I fell before in just snow, with good boots, following all the rules back in 1996. I still have some problems because of that fall and it isn't my only injury. It's ironic I found the strainer at Value Village because at one time I worked for a place that sells stuff to Value Village! It was one of my worst jobs ever and the only job I had that gave me health insurance. I ended up lucking into a job in an insurance office and that actually did NOT include insurance, but it also did not include getting written up for having been off work due to an injury I got because they were so uncaring of workers who had to try to get there in the aftermath of the worst snow in history for the Yakima Gulag. Anyway, I thank God I don't work for the people who sold goods to Value Village who were so miserable to work for. I found other work, much better work and quit them and let them know that they really needed to clean up their act.

They aren't Value Village's ONLY source of used goods so I don't feel at all bad shopping at VAlue Village! Especially tonight when it completed my plans for internet access and World Domination (JUST KIDDING ABOUT THAT LAST BIT!)

My presence is still likely to be spotty for a bit because a housemate is having some minor surgery, she is going to need care herself and help with her child and so forth. So I will be on as much as I can, and if I am not well the ones that don't like me will be fine and the ones that do... please pray for my household, and hang loose! :)

How have I used my computer when NOT online? I have been making small movies. These were my Christmas presents, because I am among other things In Transition right now.

I am so out of the loop right now. Was Mladic busted in my absence or anything good? I am going to go find out once I am done here! :)

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