Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Spring Break in the Yakima Gulag

Well, I am tired. Just spending the morning at home with the housemate and a 5 year old who isn't even being that difficult is tireing. There is a REASON Go0d made menopause!

Yesterday I ran away for awhile, went up and dropped off a borrowed Tupperware at a friends. Then went to Goodwill where I got a lamp and two dresses. It would have been three if I could have FIT the beautiful Rajastani tie-dye mirror work kameez I saw there for 3.99, but I was NEVER thin enough to get away with it. I never will be and I sadly left it on a hanger and counted my blessings to have found two dress that DID fit without making me look like Kate Smith. Then a friend who makes cool things called. She'd had a yard sale, made $800 out of it and had cool supplies left over. She gave them to me and we went places. She found me some wooden eggs I am going to paint later. I got 5 of them and will get more bit by bit. I like painting eggs. My Easter eggs were always the prettiest.

My sister and I got some U*kranian Easter eggs from our Grandmother for Easter on year, the real deal, real eggs the lovely lovely designs and they sat in the living room for a long time, eventually one by one they got knocked over, and exploded. :( Such lovely eggs though.

It is beautiful out and I am going to do other things.

Monday, March 30, 2009


the Righteous Mothers Come to the Yakima Gulag

So dear friends, I was given a ticket by the editor of the Jackrabbit News to go see the Righteous Mothers, yes there is a Balkans connection... not in hte music, it was all American, but one of them has a Bosnian son-in-law and her daughter was in Sarajevo last year at the same time I was. This was cool.

These women have performed at Yakima Folklife Festival and I enjoyed them very much, especially the song 'Boring Meeting' and 'Knock it Off or We'll Take it Off'

That song is a You8Tube hit! I may have the title wrong but I've got the chorus right! :)

They were nice to meet and the price of the ticket did include meze, (sorry can't spell 'meze' in French at the moment!)

My ankles continue giving me fits. I am getting examined for them soon. Needless to say no slepping!

My housemate had Spring Break coincide with watching a 2 year old nephew. Mercifully I already had plans for the day! :) I will be gone running various errends none of which involve slepping!

None of those errends involve small children.

I had not realized my facetious remarks would cause one or two people to send lengthy comments to my site. It may be the same person, two different names one LONG comment. I won't publish any of it until I have read it in full. Hard here because The DAMNED MONITOR IS MILES AWAY from my eyes!

Friday, March 20, 2009


Rainbow over the Yakima Gulag

Yesterday I fell going to get my housemate's kid. I hurt my left ankle and my right knee a little but mostly was shook up. If I don't feel better later, I'll go see a doctor.

So I really needed the lovely rainbow that was over the People's Institute of Higher Re:Education this morning. I got stills and vid and both came out super.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Expect things to perhaps be less active here

for about a week, the college where I do most of my internet stuff is having Spring Break and the library is closed. I could haul my computer elsewhere to work on it, but I don't like hauling things, it's bad for me, so you will see less of me that week. love to all (except any People Wanted for War Crimes who may happen to be reading this!)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Happy St. Patrick's Day

to those of my readers who are of the Irish persuasion!

Went out with a friend to McGuire's the 'Irish' pub here. had one Guiness and a soup which was corned beef, saurkraut, and some kind of creamy stuff and a salad came with. There was the most ADORABLE bird there, a pet parrot of some sort who was visiting with the patrons.

This morning all of us turned out to watch a house get moved away, yes a whole house! C. missed out because she had to go to school, but P.'s little girl and I got pretty close to the action, a safe distance but still pretty close and I had all the excitement of filming and taking stills of it, to be edited into a short film later. I should put it up on YouTube, and post a link.

Anyway it was exciting and fun. I had a good time doing that.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Went Out Yesterday

Sometimes you don't see your friends for a bit. I decided to call one of them and go ride around with her and it was great fun. We hit the Goodwill and I got a deal on an old clarinet case. The thing was labeled $2.99. It looked just the sort of thing to keep one's Top Secret stuff in. I cleaned it up, took all the silly price tags off and put it in my room. Anyway, after that, I showed it to my housemate who informed me it's an $80 case had I got it new. So that was fun.

we went and had lunch at the Powerhouse Grill a good place to eat if you are ever here and have the $$$ to do it. actually it isn't very expensive. They have good coffee and you get lots of it. They just put the pot of coffee right on your table. :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009



Bill Wayenberg, a math instructor to people who are Quite Bad at Maths here in the Yakima Gulag People's Institute of Higher Re-Educatioin came up with this term. I told him I was going to spread it around AND give credit!

Monday, March 09, 2009


Snow? and the Green Fairy Can Fly Me to My Happy Place...

I always said before I died I had to try absinthe, just ONCE to see what it was like.

Anyway a friend of mine said they had very small bottles of it for $6 at the state store. So we hopped a bus, she isn't used to busses b.t.w. We made the buy and I tried a small amount of it and thought it tasted pretty good. Better than Sambucca. Not that this is going to be a habit or anything like that.

Today is one of those anniversaries that are not fun to recall. . .

Tomorrow is one I recall with fondness and pride as it is the birthdate of my very lovely daughter. My grand daughter's birthday party was yesterday it was cool.

The theme was 'Tea Party' all the girls looked Very High Society in very pretty dresses, some looked sort of like little flapper dresses. All the girls got cute hats with flowers on them. No actual tea got served... because almost all the kids invited showed.

They looked so adorable, all the girls did really. My daughter throws the best kids parties EVER!

Then it was home again perchance to sleep. Stupid daylight savings time.

Oh it's been very lightly snowing on and off. Very weird this late in the year, even for the Yakima Gulag.

Sunday, March 08, 2009


Sad news from Norhern Ireland

So I woke up to hear that two British soldiers were killed in Northern Ireland and that they were due for service in Afghanistan.

It almost makes no difference who 'runs' or 'rules' in Northern Ireland or any other part of Ireland at this point because BOTH Northern Ireland and the Republic are now in the E.U. the United Kingdom is in the E.U. so it really just doesn't matter. It's certainly not worth killing over anymore or dying over anymore.

Anyway, that depressed me a bit this morning.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Beautiful Sunny Day, Birds Are Singing

And I have a rotten headache I woke up with. It did not help that the car alarm went off. But my housemate is AWESOME! She made pancakes this morning with boysenberry syrup! :) schluuuurp! I made coffee and w heile the h eadache is far from being gone, I am in a much better frame of mind.

Stuff I wanted to note, a favorite person on this planet has passed. Conchita Cintrpm. a famous woman bullfighter and the nearly single handed rescuer of the Portuguese Water Dog passed during the week. I read about it in yesterday's papers after I'd used my computer time here.

She was a great lady and I respected her a lot.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009



I haven't commented much on Chechnya in this blog. 1. this blog is mostly a Balkans related blog 2. When this blog is NOT a Balkans related blog, it is a Yakima Gulag blog.

Still I read in I think it was the latest Time Magazine an article about the latest nasty dictator of Chechnya. There was a photo of this less than ideal looking male human dancing with the very lovely female member of a Chechen folk ensemble. the Chechen attire looks vaguely like what Bosnians traditionally wear, at least at first glance. The female dancer was quite lovely, beautiful skin and what one saw of her hair was also lovely.

Nicely dressed of course.

the article though dismayed me. Apparently there has been a rash of so called 'honor killings' in Chechnya.

So apparently the new dictator is a bit of an extremist despite being out dancing with lovely young ladies.

I read some of his coments on women and womenj's rights and felt really really angry.

What he was saying might be really great extremism, but it is far from the teachings of any decent religion!

Let us just say I do not like this man. I'm blogging from a public library, and I can't really say the things I really think ought to happen to this disgusting man!


Rain finally calms down

Last night was a night of broken sleep and peculiar dreams. I dreamed I took my housemate and her little girl to Zagreb and got us lost in a kind of wierd Roma neighborhood, then in a regular Croatian neighborhood. We seemed to be having fun with her driving some wacky small car or other, and we got lost repeatedly.

Not surprisingly either since Zagreb was only ever a trainsit point for me.

I am working on some little art projects, a mirror work purse and the ever popular Easter eggs. I plan on really doing something with them Thursday.

Sunday, March 01, 2009


Eat at the Taj Palace!

My daughter was ill when it was actually my birthday, so was my grand daughter so dinner with them had to wait...until last night. She treated me to dinner at the Taj Palace, the newest and so far best Indian restaraunt ever to exist in the Yakima Gulag.

S. came and so did my grand daughter who is 7 and hasn't been out for Indian food before. It was fun watching my daughter, order, pay for and eat stuff I used to make!

It was all good, and the people who run the place are nice too, very friendly wait staff there and they have nice music going all the time.

I ordered the mixed tandoori grill and a rose lassi. excellent all around!

My daughter surprised me with their mango ice cream which is made on premisis as is their paneer, (Indian cheese for those of you in Rio Del!) The rose lassi was delicious and it isn't commonly available when you go out. The place does have a drinks menu that is nice. The meat is well done, and I love tandoori dishes anyway. The mixed grill has shrimp, lamb, and chicken and a couple little ground kebabs.

Dishes come with basmati rice and you can order several kinds of nan.

They do have a reasonably priced all you can eat lunch buffet too. Definately go there if you are in the Yakima Gulag for any reason, the place is on Nob Hill, just past Red Robin.

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