Thursday, November 30, 2006


An Army With a Difference!

Komando Project


Updates for today

Galic has gotten the maximum penalty available at The Hague Tribunal

General Responsible for Siege of Sarajevo Gets the First Life Sentance at The Hague

Albania Broke Embargo on Serbia in the 1990s

Interesting article and Berisha raised a legitimate point.

Brits pulling out of BiH for Afghanistan Mission




Ireland Denies that 'Torture Flights' Landed in Ireland
KBR Settles Balkans Related Claims

Haliburton /KBR story that I wanted to put in yesterday, but it was behind some kind of access denied barricade.

Carla Delponte Visits Sarajevo

Ceku in Moscow Pursuing Independance Talks

bonus, war time picture of Ceku in KLA uniform. Is this intended to incite something? Seriously, I don't much trust the Russians. According to NPR, There are now five planes contaminated with the radiation that killed Litvinenko, and there's 12 sites in Britain that are polluted similarly. And a noted Russian diplomat in Dublin had to return to Moscow with a mysterious illness. One of his body guards was one of the men who met with Litvinenko in the sushi bar. I want to know where the denunciations of Putin as a terrorist are? Where are the howling jackels of rant wing radio? GET BUSY! This is an act of terror.

NPR story on radiation sites

Ingram to open small destruction facility in BiH

Better to destroy these weapons than have them on the open market.

U.S. U.K. pursue deeper ties with Serbia due to Kosovo fears,_i_rssPage=7c485a38-2f7a-11da-8b51-00000e2511c8.html

The theory of deeper ties with Serbia is flawed as far as I'm concerned. I wonder if actually the idea being pursued might be, something is supposed to happen at the same time?

Still Ceku is a brave man and he better be careful of the sushi....

the new hip hangout? Nitpicking Salons

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Again below freezing in the Yakima Gulag

Seselj in the Hospital

Uncertain Future for War Crimes Court

NATOs Divided Allies

U.S.says both BiH and Serbia need to do more about war criminals

Story on NPR about Muslim women in the U.S. and hijab

I think that a face veil is going too far in this country. It's not required anyway, on the hajj women don't wear a face veil. I don't have a problem with people wearing scarves. I wear one myself, because that really is something Christians should be doing. I think this story was interesting in that it showed how the view point on this issue has changed over a number of decades.

another NPR story, more of an analysis:
Long Line of KGB/FSB Poisonings and Assasinations

O.K. two British airlines planes had to be pulled due to radiation, and three people are sick, and one guy is dead. No one is talking about it. This is serious people! Why the Hell are Sean Hanity, Mike Savage and Rush Limbaugh so NOT ranking on the KGB and FSB? Are they a bunch of chickens? I guess they must be.

In Croatian but worth your time so you can see the perp walk of the guys that were planning to blow up the ferry boat, they ostensibly were gangsters, but their behavior was that of terrorists. It used to be that gangsters mostly killed other gangsters or the occasional policeman.

Front Page

mor pictures and

Further details

talk about mokra dijelo! eeeek!

Talks with Turkey disrupted over Cyprus

NATO sets up 'Contact Group'

Serbian President Tadic Welcomes Closer Ties With NATO§ion=theworld&col=

Bosnia, Montenegro and Serbia can join Partnership for Peace

al Masri Seeking Redress

Not Balkans related, but of interest anyway...

Mud Volcanoes

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Freezing again in the Yakima Gulag

*Afternoon updates: On a personal note, the temperature in the Yakima Gulag is now about 22 degrees F. way too cold for zekas my age to be wandering around. I had to go pay a wather bill because it would not do to be without water. So I took the bus downtown, and then back, unfortunately the 3 which is the best return run is ALWAYS late, it has a rather harrowing route in the Winter. I had to carry my school stuff, and just hurry up, that is always hard in snow. So once I was back near the campus, I gave up on the whole idea of crossing 12, it just is too nasty. I decided to go up 12th and drop in on a friend, but I never made it there, a lady who saw me trying to walk in the snow saw me and gave me a lift, it is from her that I learned the appalling temperature. I thanked her and said God bless you. Her daughter is a student. She just didn't like to see anyone walking in this crap. I actually wasn't doing so bad for how cold it was, especially since I haven't eatten since 7 am.I must be a really tough old zeka now! :) I am now in my home, I arrived to find that the heat had kicked on I stood by the heat register a few minutes, then went into the kitchen, grabbed the heel of the excellent black bread purchased way back when I was in Everett and slathered it with butter, and devoured it. I love black bread anyway and this was really fine black bread! Old School as the young people say.
I need to rest and then I've decided I've had enough of various methods I've tried so that I could alphabetize my citations page on the English paper. Something in XP must be really razfukana because I had an easy time last time I had to alphabetize a citations page. That was a while back. If it weren't so damn cold, I'd go to the Writing Center and let them help me, but I can do that tomorrow. I need to pick up a couple more classes. That is important. Something EASY dammit, I am going to be doing math. If I'd had a math class along with this English class, I'd be toast and that isn't a good feeling! :)

by itself which it will if it's real cold. below 50, it just turns on automatically.

but enough about me, here's some new news:

Montenegrins Bridle at Russian Invasion

Rights for Roma

German Involvement in 'Extraordinary Rendition
THEY knew where Mladic Was

All Hell busting loose in Pristina

Croatians still think the E.U. and NATO are a crock

I think the people are right too.

A registration required site, but the headline is priceless! Gotta love Alabama!

60 Air Force Reservists deploy to Yugoslavia

Croatia tries to shed light on dark chapter in its history

A man who totally should not have his picture in the papers!

This man is courting death by being so public.

American Council for Kosovo

Former Bosnian Serb Policeman gets 14 Years for War Crimes

Ever want to see a film story board? interesting

Border Post

Sentence of Blagoje Simic cut

I hope they're prosecuted under terrorism legislation, because it's closer to terrorism than to gangsterism

Two Arrested in Gangland Bombing Plot

People Trafficker Busted in Florida

Opinion Piece on Putin and the assorted killings

I didn't even know about business intelligence before, just business espionage,+08:00+AM

Balkan Reality Check intrudes on NATO's Grand Plans

Montenegrin P.M. at Italian Heart Clinic

Montenegrin Industry Needs Cheep Electricity

Monday, November 27, 2006


I need to vent a little...

I do realize there have to be some basic rules for how to cite sources, and quote sources, that's fine, that's not something I think is awful. In fact it's a good thing to have those rules! It's that there are changes in these things not neccessitated by say, technological changes like the Internet, or anything sane...

I also have come to a point of thinking the authors of style books are all a bunch of social parasites. Why in Gods name do we have MLA, Chicago Manual of Style, APA, ASA, and then what works doing reports in medically related courses is yet different!
The rules change every few years,yeah let's just milk this for all we can!

Bože moj dosta mije!

I know a lot of academic people who really are good, and probably pretty rigorous do read these humble pages, to see what one zeka thinks of things, I have a modest proposal...

Could there be a neat, uncomplicated, reasonable, uncluttered, LOGICAL international and cross disciplinary method of doing just the Works Cited, Sources, Biblography or What Ever It Finally Gets Called Page? Some sort of international summit?

Then could everyone who is in publishing or the internet please have for example an agreed upon, international easy way to show things like when the site book or pamphlet or whatever came to exist? For ease of quotation? And then not change it until there is a REAL reason to change ,like just for example, everyone gets chipped and doesn't need to go to school anymore?

Could there as well be some formatting and composing methods and conventions which are not so DAMNED user unfriendly? That remark is addressed to any internet designer types out there.


If you are not listening to NPR, this is must reading and listening..

Note what General Scales has to say on the subject of sergents

General Scales notes that 'sergents are the soul' 'the glue' of any army and that he is watching how the sergents do, whether they quit as soon as possible etc.
That happened with Vietnam, and to at least some extent with Korea. Note another thing, he says that a volunteer army or a drafted army have to both have sergents and either way, drafted or volunteer, if the sergents go, the army is toast.

No country that wants to defend it's own soil can afford to lose the experienced NCOs. Soldiers are a valuable human resource. I am not here speaking as an anti-war person. I am an anti-stupid war person. I am not against a nation defending it's own soil. I am not aainst humanitarian interventions that have a chance of success.
Micheal Moore pointed out something we need to pay attention t
O.K. Saddam is a bad guy, so where were the suicide bombers then? I mean d'uh, if you care enough to kill yourself taking someone out than fear is not the issue. So why no suicide bombers for him? Why only for the Americans or people percieved as allies of the Americans by the suicide bombers? I don't think even one more American should have to die in that war,certainly not our best soldiers,Hell not even our worst soldiers should have to die there.

And sorry I am laughing my dupa off to have heard that Mehmet Ali Agca wants out for a day to meet with Pope Benedict.... oh the's killing me! This was also on NPR. Many Turks remember Pope John Paul II fondly, because he was able to relate well with Muslims. But then Pope John Paul II was never himself in charge of the Inquisition.


Good Frozen Morning Comrade Zeks

We have in the Yakima Gulag 3.3 inches of snow. I believe my little grand daughter doesn't go to school today, but I believe I'm still supposed to go to school today at the usual time. So I'm out of here.

UN Police In Kosovo Up Security After Unspecified Threat\ACQDJON200611270700DOWJONESDJONLINE000169.htm&selected=9999&selecteddisplaysymbol=9999&StoryTargetFrame=_top&mkt=WORLD&chk=unchecked&lang=&link=&headlinereturnpage=

Karadzic Update

Funeral Homes Making More Overseas Arrangements,0,2896506.story?coll=green-news-local-headlines

Don't Blame Me for the Headline,,3-2473163,00.html

I had no idea Seselj was born in Sarajevo, There was other interesting information about the defendant. Still I suppose some may have a problem with the headline. I didn't put the headline there.

I didn't write this headline either

There is a slight problem with the article, Serbia can't hand over Karadzic or Mladic if neither man is within Serbian borders. There is a possiblity that neither man is within reach of Serbian authorities. Remember, Gotovina wasn't in Croatia. Croatia DID help find him though, the man who lead the search team was from Dalmacija as well.

Sunday, November 26, 2006


One really tired zek finishes NaNoWriMo

A winner at 50,322 words. Man I'm glad to have finished, I even tied up most of the loose ends of the story. It's trash, utter trash, but kind of nice in it's trashy way.


Snow Birds

Some birds flew over my house in the storm, it's kind of in the middle of the clip before you see them, but it's really pretty cool


Kids at Thanksgiving Dinner

of course if you have kids at a gathering, it is well to let them out to play before you feed them, otherwise, well they'll be naughty at the table. Everyone got to whoop and holler and run around, and then dinner was calm and good as gold.



Well we have some real snow here, I did take some pictures, I admit, it's beautiful early in the morning, quiet except for the indignant cries of the crows who are not enjoying this development.

Oh, we actually do news here...o.k. here's some news...

Article is in Croatian, but there is a nice picture of a REALLY old fish-hook, which is surprisingly modern in design, I mean MINDBLOWINGLY modern looking. The only way the picture looks old is the rust encrustations!

Vis House dating 2 Centuries Before Christ Discovered

Admittedly a polemical source, but they do keep track of this stuff.

E.U.Fails to Protect Blue-Fin Tuna

Seselj Trial starts Monday

He must not have read the Gulag Archipelago, to see why his hunger strike is a stupid idea. First a lot more people need to be on your side.

130+ Volts fry appliances in Bulgarian village

Mysterious White Powder Spread in Front of U.S. Embassy in Sofia, Bulgaria

Similarities in Bulgarian, Russian Assasinations Noted

Not Balkans related but of interest anyway...

Berlusconi Collapses While Giving a Speech

And definately of Balkans interest given how many of those things were floating around being put to bad use...

NPR's AK-47 Story

you get to hear the inventor General Kalashnikov, it was interesting he's coming out with a new line of vodka.

Saturday, November 25, 2006


Dan Državnosti

We at Yakima Gulag Literary Gazett Wish our Bosnian readers a Happy Statehood Day.


Freezing in the Yakima Gulag

Arrest in Djindjic Case

Seselj Continues to Obstruct Trial

UN tribunal backs earlier decision to quash most convictions of Bosnian Croat general

More on Blaskic Case

Mandic Trial Hears of Terrible Jail Conditions

Video of Milosevic Arrest

15 Years Later, Vukovar Still Divided

No Agreement on Humanitarian Delivery of Electricity to Kosovo-Metohija

Pathologist tells of Kosovo Massacres

Kosovo Status May not be decided before September

Friday, November 24, 2006


A bunch of stories, some not Balkans related at all....

Djndjic Murder Political Says Witness

Prison Uprisings in Serbia Put Down With Focre

More Tales of a Russian Mole in Canada

But that wasn't the spy story that's taking the world by storm! no for THAT story, see below v

Litvinenko: Full hospital statement

Yahoo news is reporting that the poison used was radiological. an Irish news source I use oftne says it was polonium-210.

Man Who Met With Litvinenko Denies Involvement in his Death

Radiation in Sushi Bar

So did the British bring their Geiger counters? Wear lead gaćes? Inquiring Minds want to know!

Far from the Balkans in Northern Ireland

Balkans Rap

Thursday, November 23, 2006


Evening Updates.

Landslide in Montenegro Causes Flooding, Evacuation of Village

Wierd Romanian Rural Soap Opera Touts E.U.

O.K. here's why the E.U. sucks!

"those in the countryside that people must change their habits has been difficult, said Roxana Morea of the European Commission delegation in Bucharest.

"We say to them: if you carry on killing your pig in your courtyard or making your own alcohol in your home, very well - but you cannot sell it to anyone else."

People have had the freedom to do those things and now they won't. I don't see how that's necessarily a good thing.

Umbrella Assasin Revealed

Link to more about the Umbrella Assasin

Pope may permit condoms to prevent AIDS

I hope that he'll do that, because it's stupid not to.

Litvenenko died today. Not that it was a surprise given his condition.


Health Warning: Read at Your Own Risk...

Uncylocpedia Entry for BiH

Carniola's posting of the entry in Uncylopedia, a satirical version of the sometimes marginally more accurate Wiki-pedia inspired me to see if there were an entry for BiH. ooooj there was an entry at your own risk

Everyone should look up the UnCyclopedia listing for their homeland. . .


Happy Thanksgiving! to all my American readers

Witness says Deputy Knew of Plot to Assasnate Djindjić _Serbia_Assassination_Trial.php

I am really glad to have some time off. I managed to get up to 34,000 words, perhaps I'm actually at 35,000 words in my trashy NaNo novel. I'm running out of crazy stuff to add in. I don't know, I'm tired of killing people off, so I'm thinking of other things to put in. Maybe they can do a lot of cooking or something else that ups the word count. Maybe some long lost relatives of the main male character can show up....maybe.... I'll think of something crazy before I'm done. That's the only rule, it has to be a little crazy. It's trash. No research...That part is fun, you have NO idea how sick I am of researching things in the academic way! I'm doubly sick of citations because frankly the rules changed here and there. I am really at the point where I'd like to defenestrate the authors of these 'style' books. They serve very little useful purpose, and serve only to cause annoyance. . .
I realize there have to be SOME rules but there an end to it? To the exactions and demands? Where IS that End?

Wednesday, November 22, 2006



Serbia charges Milosevic Supporters

Slovenia dramatically increases troops in Kosovo

Father Claims Jelena Dokic was Kidnapped,2106,3875258a1823,00.html

National Geographic Article on Thracian Heritage Stirs up Scandal in Bulgaria

Further information on exhumations of war victims carried by the river into Serbia

How do you say 'mojado' in Serbian?

Death Threats to BHT1 Journalist

Pie Killers Sentanced in Serbia

I think they mean the 'pita killers' or perhaps the 'burek killers' people in Serbia eat more of those than of 'pies' as the concept is understood in the States.

Seselj Refuses to Appear in Court\ACQDJON200611220719DOWJONESDJONLINE000554.htm&selected=9999&selecteddisplaysymbol=9999&StoryTargetFrame=_top&mkt=WORLD&chk=unchecked&lang=&link=&headlinereturnpage=

Not that regular readers of this space didn't already know it, but another article anyway.

Neretva Under Threat

Everyone wondered if any good spy thrillers could be written when the Soviet Union era ended. I think these constitute exhibits A and B that there is matierial anyway for a post Soviet genre of spy thrillers.

An Old School Mole in Our Times!

Russian Defector in British Hospital

MiG Crashes in Romania
Today is the anniversary of the assasination of President John F. Kennedy, a cousin on my late mother's side, and also the first Catholic to be President of the United States. (All previous and succeeding Irish-Americans to hold the same office came from Protestant backgrounds.)
My mother, not notably psychic woke up with a funny feeling about the day and decided to keep us home from school. She told us to go ahead and make ourselves some marmelade sandwiches for breakfast and have some milk. So my sister and I made a huge stack of them and took them to our room. Then we heard a scream from her end of the house. At the time we lived in East L.A. in a large place on Madalay Drive. My sister and I had essentially our own entrance and bathroom and a sort of tiny galley, where we could keep cookies and stuff. A lot of freedom for a 9 year old and a 6 year old. We didn't even have to ask to go out on weekends and had our own key to the back door.
Anyway we ran to her room and found our mother sobbing and asked what was wrong. 'Someone has just shot the President.' She went to light a vigil candle for him and cou ldn't. She had recently shown me how to use a match, so she asked me to do it, and the glass exploded all over the room. Shortly after that there was a report unconfirmed that the President was dead, and then a definate report of his death not long after. If memory serves, an hour later.
My step-father arrived home maybe two hours later, haveing been excused to go home from work at his new job as a Social Worker. Of course this totally ruined Thanksgiving that year. We had Swanson's T.V. dinners and watched things to do with the assasination for the next week, wondering if the country would be plunged into civil war, under martial law or what. It was a far more te rrifying time than people realize now.
We've been hardened by worse and worse things since.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Late Updates

Russian Police Routinely Torture, Especially in Chechnya

Rape rooms were among the featured tortures mentioned in Saddam Hussein's Iraq, and given as a reason to take him out. I guess it's o.k. for Putin to do it to the Chechens, since they're Muslims. I'm just saying......

C.I.A. Operatives at Scene of Bobby Kennedy Assasination

Montenegro signs treaty to ban land-mines! :)

Security Council Renews Mandate of E.U. Force in BiH


Heaven and Hell, Closer Together Than We Realize..

just by turning around your entire day can change in the same few seconds... looking East, over the parking lot, it was this funny Vermeer like golden color, then turn and look at the clock tower and here was a double rainbow!

Josh demonstrating a story some minister told him.



File under 'Not Helpful Behavior': Thrown Into Kosovo Classroom

Serbia to Exhume Bodies from 1991-1995 Wars

Interesting commentary:
What Are you so scared of?

Villagers of Glod Sue BoratforFor $30 Million

Bonus: Picture of the lady who played Borat's mother in the film. Warning Pop-up Ad

Daughter of past Romanian Dictator Dies

Comrade Katjuša woke up at a proper hour for once, considering that the Madness of National Write a Novel Month is at it's height and Comrade Katjuša met and exceeded quota last night. She went to sleep at an early hour, but kept waking up and thinking of crazy plot twists for her trashy little novel. At 30,000+ words she is in good shape though.

The cold weather sharpened the appetite, and breakfast was black bread, Polish bacon, and onions with a shot of rose infused vodka. Then off the to the Yakima Gulag People's Institute of Higher Re:Education for a day spent in learning.

Monday, November 20, 2006



Today's Mladić Update
Two Plead Not Guilty in Mladić Case\ACQDJON200611201444DOWJONESDJONLINE000562.htm&selected=9999&selecteddisplaysymbol=9999&StoryTargetFrame=_top&mkt=WORLD&chk=unchecked&lang=&link=&headlinereturnpage=

Suspect in Ovcara Killings Arrested in Norway

Seselj Tops His Party's List\ACQDJON200611200728DOWJONESDJONLINE000218.htm&selected=9999&selecteddisplaysymbol=9999&StoryTargetFrame=_top&mkt=WORLD&chk=unchecked&lang=&link=&headlinereturnpage=

Sunday, November 19, 2006


Sunday; Early Dispatches

Central Asian Glamour

Grandkids Win Rights To Tito Brand Name

Serbia Does Not Want War in Kosovo

Note Bene: I do not have any idea how much credence to give this report... This site has all the hallmarks of a conspiracist site, but it's an interesting article.

Mossad False Flag Operations?

Slovenija's Hippy President,,2089-2459976,00.html

Well he's at least not a war-mongering bastard like a lot of leaders in the region have been! Give the guy SOME credit huh

Albanian Army Officer Killed Accidentally

Ethnic Business Awards in Australia

Saturday, November 18, 2006


Subota, Sabado,Saturday, De Sathairn

It's not a good day until some kurva sina threatens to behead you: The monthly demo against the war in Iraq in the Yakima gulag is every third Saturday and Sunday of the month.
The Saturday one takes place downtown. We changed the location to the corner of South First and Yakima Avenue. It's a location I don't care for, too windy, but it does have traffic. Some of the traffic involved one ignorant kurva sina, who yelled at me mostly because he doesn't know the difference between a Catholic who adheres to modest dress and a Muslim.
O.K. I conced, maybe it's not a huge difference, but there are clues I'm not Muslim! Anyway he starts yelling all kinds of shit at me, threatening me with beheading and as the light changed went through the intersection and threw the Trailer Trash salute. I think the fact I bit my tongue and said nothing pissed him off worse than if I'd said anything. He was yelling at me to 'Go Home!' Hey if I ever figure out for sure what constitutes 'HOME' with my complex family tree, I'll be happy to oblige!
If I have to listen people spewing that kind of primativist hate, the LEAST they can damn well thicken up the coffee around here! :)
They are about to have some nice Celtic music on 'Domestic Taiga Comrade' and I'm enjoying them. Boys of the Lough. We got treated to how to spell and pronounce the name 'Cathail'.

Tens of Thousands Gather to Commemorate Vukovar Anniversary

Albania Will Resettle 3 More Guantanamo Inmates

U.S. Senate Backs NATO Expansion

Yeah now that some places don't get an invite! D'oh!

Serbs Protest Pollutio

NATO to increase presence in Kosovo

Bosnian tribunal endorses five-year sentence against former finance minister

7,000 Pirate CDs Busted in Downtown Sofia

Nun From Medjugorije to Speak

Holocaust Details Keep Unfolding After 60 Years

Friday, November 17, 2006



It got very very cold this morning, someplace around 24 degrees F. Municiple water pipes froze in the nearby suburb of Tieton (rhymes with 'tie it on, actually you say it like tieiton real fast 'lil shibboleth action for my friends from Rio Del) Comrade Katjuša woke up late. We know there must be important Balkans news, but it's late and have to get out to the Yakima Gulag People's Institue of Higher Re:Education for a class. Slathering on the Bag Balm, pulling on the long red and blue woolen stockings, scarf shawl gloves book bag, it's all Very Time consuming. It beats being too hot, but it is certainly a Lot of Bother.

But Will It Play in Glod?

Montenegro court awards compensation to family of slain Bosnian Muslim deported during war

Bulgaria Losing Population

This is just sad because Bulgaria has good land, and the people are good people.

Former Member of BiH Presidency Sentenced to Five Years

Uproar at Death of Keeper of the Secret Files in Bulgaria

I figured there'd be a stink about this...but that's not rocket science...

Italian, Bulgarian Researchers Close to an AIDS TB Vaccine

Getting Hilariously Hitched in Bulgaria

Not that this is REALLY news or anything as in new information..

International War on Terror a Threat to Human Rights\ACQDJON200611171025DOWJONESDJONLINE000724.htm&selected=9999&selecteddisplaysymbol=9999&StoryTargetFrame=_top&mkt=WORLD&chk=unchecked&lang=&link=&headlinereturnpage=

Thursday, November 16, 2006


Get Your Shibboleths Right Here! Get them while they're hot!

A Shibboleth for those of you from Rio Del, is when people use a varient pronounciation of some word or phrase to find out who is a foreigner. In Del Norte County California, they don't pronounce the 'e' at the end, normally it is CORRECT to pronounce the 'e' at the end but local custom is that it's not pronounced. NPR tries, they really try, but even they can be crushed by the Dreaded Shibboleth!
The Tsunami Hits Crescent City Harbor in Del Norte County California

City Sues Kaiser for Patient Dumping!

GOOD, because I see patient dumping as part of the War on the Poor! This is so Third World! What is our F*&%$#*^ excuse?


For All You Trivia Fans, (who may have missed it)

For Trivia fans...which Nation or State was first to recognise the independance of the United States of America?
Please post your answers, guesses, surmizes, etc in the Comments Section Here at this post.
No prizes, just free publicity! :)



Update time:
No N.A.T.O. Invites for Serbia, BiH,or Montenegro

Well I guess it all depends on point of view...

Zoran Djindjic's widow enters politics

And closer geographically to our gulag..

Croatian lawmakers refuse alcohol tests

In the old days this kind of suicide would have caused a lot of comment down on 'The Farm'

U.N. Prepares Kosovo Exit Strategy

Iceland closes labor market to Bulgarians Romanians

As if the Romanians and Bulgarians felt like freezing to death.

Oh Please!

Like there isn't already AIDS in the U.K.?

Skenderbeg Monument

Turkey Cuts Military Ties With France over Genocide Bill

Kosovo Urges Russia to Back Independance

Stupid Football Violence

Sweden Urges Compromise on Kosovo

Immigrants Good For Spanish Housing Market

This is sad, I remember reading about when this guy got into West Point. It's all in Croatian.
Front Page Slobodna Dalmacija


Hrvatski diplomac s West Pointa
Drnasin u Kanadi se bori za život

OTKAZALO SRCE Incident se dogodio u nedjelju navečer u gradskom autobusu u Torontu, a po izvješćima kanadskih medija policajci i zaštitari nasilnog su Jasena Drnasina smirili suzavcem u spreju, pošpricavši ga po licu iz velike blizine, nakon čega mu je otkazalo srce


Article in English on Same Story

Neandrathal Bone from Croatia used for DNA Sequencing,0,6015839.story?coll=sfla-news-science

When NPR ran this story they didn't mention that the bone came originally from Croatia, but I suspected it because of the age given for the bone used.

Tiny Koran for Sale by Albanian Man

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Lost and Found! :)

somehow this rather nice piece got lost from both my favorites AND from Balkan Brother, a wholey owned subsidiary of Balkan Baby, where I saw it in the first place. I was sort of upset because I got a kick out of the Hot rain driver at the begining of the video!



There was a huge earthquake in Japan...again...Ivan the Terrible's new town was briefly mentioned on's freezing cold here but no snow hvala Bog! Must go in and do some typing and printing on my paper, in a bit. But I can take some time for a decent breakfast first. :)not that much happening here senores
Later: Again I was wrong, we have a huge big storm blowing in. Hood River Floating Bridge was closed, snow in Snoqualmie, Mt. Rainier park closed etc. 7rla itd.

Scroll to End of Post for a Question! :)

Update time!

More on Stanković Sentance

No sentance of this court is enough to do justice to him.

News of Brčko Mass Grave Exhumations

Discrimination Against Roma Begins in Primary School

Poland Supports 'Free and Independant Kosovo'

Bulgarians 'Should Put Down Roots At Home' BBC article

U.K. to re-think Closed Door Policy for Romanians, Bulgarians

but with this kind of nonsense do Romanians want to work for British?

Maid Sues Naomi Campbell

Clergyman wants obligatory theology classes in Bulgaria

I don't think that's such a wonderful idea. Let that be seperate from school.

Armenia sends new peacekeepers to Kosovo

Fact Sheet on ICC from AI

For Trivia fans...which Nation or State was first to recognise the independance of the United States of America?
Please post your answers, guesses, surmizes, etc in the Comments Section Here at this post.
No prizes, just free publicity! :)

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Watch, London Sevdah!


And I decided people in Croatia sang like wolves when I heard this sort of thing! :)


a little night music please...


Tuesday : UPDATES

Update on the Sad Case of Winnie Brady

Winnie Brady disappeared mysteriously in Medjugorije and no one knows what happened to her. I'm inclined to suspect foul play and I feel bad for her family and her. Medjugorije has been generally a safe destination in BiH. I've said I'd keep up with this story, I have been concerned for her, and I'm sure some of my regular readers are concerned as well.
I note that Ireland lacks it's own embassy in come it doesn't have a BiH embassy?
If anyone knows the answer, please send me the answer written in grease pencil on about ten pounds of prščut made from humanely slaughtered free range pigs to Editing Work Unit Yakima Gulag Literary Gazett Yakima Gulag Soviet of Washington! and send along some nice Yukon Gold potatoes too! :)

Sarajevo Nightlife

Looks like general news is a little hard to access from the gulag this morning.

This is one story I didn't see elsewhere at the time:

Croatia Least Corrupt Balkans Nation

Stanković gets 16 years for war crimes

16 years isn't enough for what he did! I wish he'd rot in Hell.

*UPDATE: EU Delays Troop Reductions in BiH

I'm glad someone else realized this other idea was STUPID! Thank God!

E.U. drawing down troops in BiH despite Kosovo worries

I think this is stupid.

Novi Pazar Activist's Home Attacked With Grenade

and from a source I haven't used before.

A town called Farmer's Branch in Texas has made the presence of 'illegal immigrants' illegal in city limits. They have laws up now which prohibit landlords from renting to 'illegal immigrants' I put the quote marks because that is a part of the U.S. where it isn't always the Mexicans that crossed the border, sometimes, the border crossed them. I've been hearing talk on the infamous Mike Savage show that reminds me of when Milošević was begining the divisive sort of talk that destroyed the once remarkable nation of Yugoslavia in the end. I do not want similar talk to destroy my country. To let bitterness over mid-term election losses run rampant is silly. Such mid-term shifts of political balance are totally normal in the U.S. Granted it was an unusual shift of political balance, but the circumstances were extraordinary. Rather than being in attack mode people on the other side ought to be more reflective as to how it happened.
Christian voters in particular felt used. The corruption of some key Republicans didn't help in the least. They don't expect such lofty things from the Democrats. Lowered expectations benefitted the Democrats, BUT the Democrats have to carry on in a RESPONSIBLE manner. The Democrats must show leadership and not fall into corrupt behavior.

This story has no direct Balkans ties, but is important. This is what I got to wake up to:

Big Kidnapping in Downtown Baghdad

Excuse me but this sick shitdidn't even happen in the El Salvador and Guatamala wars and plenty of really sick shit happened in both those wars, including ethnic cleansing, mass graves, land mines, mass rapes. This shows that even the Green Zone isn't all that secure. The guys who did this had something resembling the right uniforms. Actually Americans should consider whether this could happen in America. A lot of used uniforms floating around in any thrift store... just saying. Some countries outlaw civilians wearing military clothing.

Monday, November 13, 2006



Gentle Readers: The news is sort of slow today, we'll have something more later.

Trust me there is a Balkans connection here .... besides the music...
Over at Harry's Place:
More about that silly Borat Film

Medical rarity:

Twins Born Nearly Two Months Apart

Croatian Man Kills Three in Slavonski Brod Cafe

A bit much for a slap in the face.

It's Later:

Two Serbs on Trial for Deaths of 3 Albanian Americans in Kosovo War

'Avoid Unilateral Actions' urges Kosovo Envoy

Spain Opposes Kosovo Independance

They have a dog in this fight, there's seperatist movements in the Basque country and Cataluna.

No Welcome for Serbia in E.U.

Republic of Montenegro Signs Test Ban Treaty

Sunday, November 12, 2006


Mounted Drill Team from yesterday's parade

Interesting article on Civil Rights struggle in Alaska, trust me there is a Balkans connection, besides like our Gulag, Alaska once was ruled from Siberia.

Civil Rights Struggle in Alaska

Funny partly because I was the ONLY absolute ONLY person in Sociology, besides possibly the instructor, who knew that 'Tartuffe Bianco' means 'white truffle'! OK in this gulag you don't expect even the nomenklatura to know from 'white truffle' ....

Truffles from Croatia,,12600-6547586-56,00.html

Saturday, November 11, 2006


Interesting Story I meant to include earlier...

Move to Declare Ratko Mladić Dead


Pictures from the Vetran's Day Parade

WWI Vets
Vietnam vetrans

tank in the parade
color party at the begining of the parade


Vetran's Day

Serb Suspect Begins Hunger Strike

Word up here, hunger strikes only work so far before people get annoyed with being subjected to all the guilt.

Further on the Mass Grave Found Near Zvornik

Trajkovski Family Sues For Compensation

Badly Needed Macho Points for Gere

Serbian Radio Stops FM Broadcasts in Belgrade

More on Spanovic Case

This is late because 1. Drugarica Katjuša woke up late, unusually late even for a holiday weekend. 2. Katja was taken to the Vetran's Day Parade in the Yakima Gulag and combined photo and video journalism was taking place, as was instruction of small children, namely L. and K. on the vital subject of patriotism. Shortly in this space the film will be up.

Friday, November 10, 2006


Birthday of Padraic H.Pearse

I won't include the Wikipedia articles and it's speculations that Pearse was gay. He had a girlfriend and was engaged to marry her, but she drowned teaching another young woman how to swim and Pearse was never the same after she died.

An Account of the Easter Rising of 1916


Jugoslavija points out today is an important aniversary

Go have a look! How soon we forget!


Friday I have the day off from school...

But not from YGLG or from school work! :)

And because I have something nice to celebrate here's a cut from 'Flogging Molly' an Irish ethnopunk band

Robber in Sweden on Trial for War Crimes in BiH

The suspect sounds like a very interesting example of cultural marginality.

More on Arklov Case

and yet more on the same case:

Arkov pleads guilty

More victims found in mass grave near Zvornik

Kosovo leaders express dissatisfaction with delay of report on province's future status

Russia ranks between Libya and Macedonia in living conditions

This king is an ancestor of mine on my mother's side, and she was very proud of us being related to him! Trust me this story has a Balkans connection...a very sad one.

The Story of King Gustav Adolfus II

Interesting sidelight on the recent U.S. elections: Not only are there more Democrats in the House and Senate, but the rural voters were key and another thing, record numbers of women have achieved these offices.
The U.S. has been behind many other governements in the numbers of women to achieve high political office.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Uh Oh, Balkans dishes are TRENDY now! :)

I like ajvar too, it's not exactly like salsa though, nor chutney, it's different, in a GOOD way! :)



Kosovo Declaration of Independance Possible

N.A.T.O. Flexes Muscles on Kosovo

Christies Byzantine Era Bulgarian Dish Sale to Go Ahead

Gold Find in Bulgaria

Bulgarians Protest Higher Price of Schengen Visas

Suspected War Criminal Could Benefit from U.K. Asylum Law

Given how hard it historically has been forVICTIMS to get asylum, sorry this pisses me off. Granted I'm NO fan of trial in absentia, and all that, but seriously, people often need asylum, and can't get it!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Joe Bob says 'Check it Out!


In General, the Democrats Really Have Done Well

War Crimes Trials for Bush Administration People?

5 Charges against Seselj dropped

A Reversal in Offshoring!

In Touch With the Inner Indian

Russia Wants to Mine for Uranium in Bulgaria

as I told my assorted ignorant friends, the Balkans has resources.

In Touch With the Inner Indian

I gues Bulgaria needs a buy back program for weapons too!

Ethnic Greeks in Albania to Recieve Greek Citizenship

Democrats sweep the House!
Pelosi is going to be Speaker of the House and Sean Hanity can just suck it up! He better smile while he does it!

Baby Tiger Lives in Sofia Bulgaria Department Store

This is a lovely baby Siberian tiger, and should not be in a store. How did he get there from Siberia? Is his presence even legal?

Article from Der Spiegel on BiH,1518,446890,00.html

and another interesting article,

and 'White Trash' in Europe,1518,442649,00.html
New Mass Grave Found

The Senate is now no longer overwhelmingly Republican, and the House has been swept!

Democrats in general are better news for the Balkans than Republicans. As far as local races go, the Gulag's mostly Republican incumbants have stayed in.

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