Saturday, July 14, 2007


Folklife lots of fun

Russia pulls out of key arms treaty over U.S. plans in Romania, Bulgaria

Whoever rules in Russia must defend Holy Mother Russia.

no ifs, ands or buts...

in other news, looks like Cecilia Sarkozy is doing some good,

Cecilia Sarkozy Provides Plane for Bulgaria's HIV Convicts in Libya

I hope that she has brokered a deal that can work, and hej Viva la France!

Bulgaria and other countries to pay families of AIDS-HIV infected kids

Bosnia pays out first war time debt

an article that is interesting in that it's in the Iranian official type press, for those of you paranoid about KARNIVORE, this is your cue to not click...Iran has had some interesting ties to Russia for some time....

U.S. Interests in Kosovo

U.S. may bypass U.N. on Kosovo

Not Balkans Related, but what the heck...

As some may know, the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona is in progress, warning not so nice picture of a bull getting two guys for the price of one if you know what I mean and I think you do.

bull gores two American brothers at same time in Pamplona

the guys are recovering.

Folklife began last night, it's kind of fun going bar-hopping and only needing one cab, I had a lot of fun, met some new people, and listened to some nice music. Today ought to be a lot of fun, called up some friends and e-mailed some family to join me to hear Dave and the Dalmatians who are really good.

Actually, Katja, Zaman is not an Iranian newspaper but a Turkish daily, based in my favorite Balkan city - the European part of Istanbul. It was one of the first Turkish newspapers to have an English-language website. And this particular story they post is from Reuters, not from any sinister source. But hey, I bet Karnivore's computer program does not know that. Eh, jebem ga!

Hej Katja,

Never mind those previous comments i just submitted - my mistake. I thought the bit about Iran and Karnivore referred to the link above, when it was actually about the link below, which is from an Iranian news source.

You're right, it's interesting that the Iranians side with Russia on Kosovo. Not so surprising though from the Iranian side - the Bush regime has publicly said it wants to overthrow Iran's government, so naturally the latter will be swift to oppose anything the U.S. favors.

All the same it's ironic, coming at the same time when Belgrade tries to peddle the line that the Kosovar Albanians (whose politics are much more secular than Kostunica's) are about to create "an Islamist state in the heart of Europe," an alleged bridgehead for Iran and al-Qaeda.
That is total b.s., but the appeal is to emotions, not facts.
Well, let's hope Cecilia S. has managed to achieve some sort of resolution for them. This is primitive blackmailing buck-passing stuff behind all Ghadaffi's posturing.
@ AR on thinking about the Iranian position on Kosovo, they may feel less 'obligation' to support Kosovo since the Muslim population is pretty secular, and in any case Sunni. Iran may feel it owes more to Russia.

@ Owen, can we all say 'Barbary Pirates'?
I noticed the Iran Daily item slipped past any mention of Abkhazia.
Ignore the previous comment I made, brain was dead and I meant Ahwazia rather than Abkhazia, though I gather Abkhazia was once part of Persia.
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