Wednesday, December 30, 2009


News Lynx Dump

gah this is scary!

and this definately is not O.K.

but like we knew this already...

and a Mladic update:

given that Mladic has been living quietly someplace in Belgrade playing with his grand kids, well it's a disgrace he isn't in custody.

and always good for a flame-war... don't bother, you will be DELETED :) oh and so was Constantine I while we are at it...

and this is probably the Last Post for 2009, so Happy New Year for those of you who are into it! :)


A day in the Emergency Department

Your Friendly Editor had a problem yesterday, and went to the Emergency Department, I was excessively dizzy without having done anything to deserve feeling that way, in fact I damn near blacked out trying to take out the wash. So I called my physical therapy place and cancelled out, and then I called a friend and went to the E room where I was CAT scanned, given an EKG and then they decided to give me some Antivert, which fixexd me up. So thank God nothing worse!

Thursday, December 24, 2009


Christmas Eve Lynx Dump

always nice when they detain war crimes suspects!

and 5 policemen are being investigated for war crimes too,0,6424128.story

Karadzic has to have a lawyer! :)

usuary messes things up in Kosovo's ag sector

Fiat takes over Zastava car plant

and Croatia is having elections, some commentary

Kultur Korner:

and I hope he doesn't do this with his tongue out like that!

and Moda:,0,6424128.story

fashion in BiH is already much affected by trade with Turkey, so we'll see what this really does.


Happy Christmas to my Catholic and Protestant Christian readers!

So it looks like the woefully inadequate Senate Health Care Reform bill has passed. I frankly like the House version better because there is at least the Public Option. I would have FAR prefereed something in a nice Single Payer, but this is America and that would make Too Much Sense.

So here in the Yakima Gulag it is frosty out. I crunched accross the lawn and thought that the Praying Mantis we had in ouir window did very wisely to shuffle off this mortal coil when she did. It is far too cold out for something that delicate. I am manageing thanks to a little help from my friends, a long sweater, the coat a friend gave me, lots of socks, both pairs of long underwear....

I am going to physical therapy and then home. I have to say I am grateful for it, because it is helping considerably manageing pain.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Waiting Rooms

I admit it, I nicked an old magazine at the Dr's office. . . only because it was the Sept 09 Smithsonian and it had an article about Osmanagic and the infamous pyramid scheme.....

It is quite well illustrated with pictures of Visoko, including the medieval fortress which belonged to some of my dead ancestors. So I nicked it. . . .

Monday, December 21, 2009


Lynx Dump!

5 Croats faceing war crimes prosecution:

Anatomy of War Crimes Denial, Oliver Kamm

Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss!

Goran Markovic arrested

Former Serbian police chief feared for his own life during Kosovo war

an article about a trip to Albania that looked interesting to me.

Nothing my readers do not already know, but there is a marvelous icon illustrating this article.

and not such nice news from BiH

and speaking of Dodik,


Right to Link Campaign

this is so important that it deserves it's own post! linking is not an infringement, an infringement would be to copy and paste and not credit one's source! linkage builds traffict, I thought they were all about traffic! oooj!



I had to Have A Word with one of the roomies who had a super noisy guest Saturday night. I wasn't mean about it, just said it was too much noise and it had woken me up when I was trying to sleep. When it comes to being awakened at something like midnight, when it can be so hard to fall asleep again, I am crabby....

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Good! i was hoping this would happen!

more worrying news from BiH

I wish someone would please give Dodik a sharp kick where it counts.... he is an obnoxious person.

this is also good, I feel glad anytime people wanted for war crimes get arrested.

and I was sort of wondering when this was going to happen...

and this is good news.,,contentMDK:22420044~menuPK:34463~pagePK:34370~piPK:34424~theSitePK:4607,00.html



Well, we finally got the threatened snow yesterday. Tuesday is usually my shopping day, but I just could not face going to the store yesterday, it was too cold, and I hate stuff coming at my face. Today I have to be out for a medical appointment anyway, so I decided to shop first, then take the stuff home then come downtown. Logistically it was the easiest way around a tough series of choices. :)

Snow means that the snow removal vehicles go by at odd hours. Living in a basement room, I have learned to tell that sound from the heater.

Right now I hurt like Hell from taking the groceries home. I feel like I have been beaten about the neck and shoulders. It is going to be nice to get back home! Really really nice! :)

Monday, December 14, 2009


Sarajevo-Belgrade Rail Line Re-opened!

On last night's local news, they showed the re-opening of the Sarajevo-Belgrade rail line! Wheee!

We are going to get snow tomorrow, we had tiny flakes you could barely see today. I have to shop tomorrow.

Friday, December 11, 2009



Physical Therapy day today. so I will probably be all owie tomorrow but oh well! At least it is meant to help me. One reason I could not take much more at college is that college text books, especially Billing and Coding textbooks are HUGE!

Over time that all did some damage to my neck, and the rest of me, to add to what a simple fall in the snow years ago did.
School is not a picnic, it is hard work.

Blackwater aka Xe is in the news today. I guess they have had ties to the CIA, GEE Why Am I so Un-Surprised? I really have not liked them doing jobs soldiers do for a tenth the pay, they are scabbing on soldiers. I have not liked how they sometimes conduct themselves in other countries. I don't like outsourcing military functions because such contractors are not under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, they are far less accountable than a soldier. Accountability is very important in military operations. When you lose it, you get attrocities and misbehavior. When you have it you can conduct war in an appropriate manner.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Well on hte up side, it is sunny out!

The mail came early today, one expected piece of mail for me did not arrive, but another important piece of mail did.

I will be a bit more intermittant until the New Year because Raymond Hall, in the Library of the Yakima Gulag People's Institute of Higher Re:Education is closed for Winter Holidays, ooooops I meant Christmas Vacation! So Happy happy whateveer to all of you in this holiday riich part of the year! To anyone who'se holidays I missed, sorry I will try to do better in the New Year, I will be on and off as chance allows. Thanks for all the comments if I don't get the chance to say something about it.

Ciao! Bog! Dovidjenje! ~ :)


Even colder here

But still no snow. Which is fine by me for now. I have to be out doing a lot of appointments just lately.

I love mild Fall weather or Spring weather, but being too hot or too cold is not my idea of a good time. Although with too cold, you do have the option of 'just put on some damned clothes already!'

Which believe me I did! My friend Jeannie gave me a beautiful wooden box with thin drawers and brass fronts, and a pair of purple leg warmers. I have them, TWO pairs of long underwear, a purple velvet skirt, a white silk blouse, a pashmina given to me for my birthday in Sarajevo when I was there, a purple silk scarf purchased when I was in Sarajevo, my brown rain jacket which has fake leopard lining given to me by Jeannie, BOOTS, and if I am indoors I will be too hot immediately.

One of the housemates purchased a 10,000 dinar note from Iraq, I don't know how old the note is, but it is very pretty. Lots of Arabic writing and some guy who was a mathemetician back in the day, and a water-mark with a horse's head as a security feature.

He has gotten interested in money as a collectible as a result of this.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009


Alright... this needed to STAY in the Dungeon very much...

The police in the Yakima Gulag suburb of Union Gap responded to a call in a trailer park, one man had attacked another with get this... ready for it?

A Double Bladed Battle AX! I just know he had to have said before the attack...

'Don't make me get all Medieval on your ass!'


Tuesday, December 08, 2009


Still opretty cold here

it's still pretty cold here, and I just went shopping, which is generally a workout, got yogurt,which is part of my treatment plan, and I got some bread and some fish and some chicken. I was soooo glad to get home!

The massage yesterday made a big difference, Julie was who massaged me. I told her I am in physical therapy and what for and we just bypassed anything she could damage and she did a gentle massage, I went straight home to a warm bed. Normally the day after therapy I feel like HELL till maybe 3pm. today I am not at all bad.

Monday, December 07, 2009


Colder yet

One of my friends and I usually go to the Christmas parade with her little girl, I was really really glad we had a spot where we could sit in the car and watch it all! Because it was BONE SNAPPING COLD here last night and while it is nice and sunny today it is still very very cold. I had to be in town for physical therapy, and I am going to go avail myself of the free massages at the college on the way home and then rest, I did not get quite as big a work out this time, but I still feel tired. Going home with a new exercise to do also. for my shoulders. The clinic downtown is a really good one and Evan is a good therapist. So I am fortunate there.

Friday, December 04, 2009


and a Lynx Dump for Friday...

this was rather expected sooner or later...

here is why,

Disabled people receive 403 Bosnian marka (187 pounds) a month in the Muslim-Croat federation but 41 marka in the Serb Republic, Arapcic said, adding that the Muslim-Croat federation was in arrears on payments of 150 million marka dating back to 2006

and the Austrians are taking over operations in BiH

Oil in Albania?

and Serbia is mad at Bulgaria over Kosova.

and Karadzic has rejected a British lawyer.

he's considering a hunger strike.

and more positive Serbia news, the ever popular Exit Festival

interesting article on Kosova

and a bit of forgivedness in the region


At the dennis...

This morning I went in to have my teeth cleaned, next trip is a filling. Then I know damn well the trip after that will be either a filling or an extraction or two. Not fun, but definately it could have been worse. At least this dentist and his assistant have nice SMALL hands! :) He also worked pretty quick. They did not numb me, usually I have been numbed because I have a very out of hand gag reflex and a small mouth, but I guess he doesn't like to numb people for some reason. I am just glad it is over and all I have to do later is go to physical therapy and then I need to go get soap powder and go home.

Thursday, December 03, 2009


OUtside Looking In

Originally uploaded by Yakima_gulag
R.I.P. lovely praying mantis, I enjoyed seeing you every day!


Cold and Sunny in the Yakima Gulag

Well having figured out my computer's quirks, I am sitting here actually uploading pix to Flikr! YEAH! I have really been frustrated over not having a good time getting online. It probably makes me madder because even this nice light weight nebook feels pretty heavy for me with my shoulders and neck like they are. I have been going tophysical therapy for them. Physical therapy consists of some fairly wierd exercises, and I feel good until the next day, when so far, I get a moderate to severe headache. It is not good having to carry anything the next day at all.
Then again my physical therapist agrees with me that for now, purses, bags and back packs are the enemy. I would like them to NOT be the enemy but it is what it is for now. Pop some pills, plug on, suti i trpi! :)

I have meant to comment on the President's speech on Tuesday. I am really disappointed we are going to put more troops in Afghanistan. I do not care what the President says, it IS too much like Vietnam, except the opposition is 'green' not 'red'. I think sometimes Obama is forced to bend on things to prove that he is really an American, and really a patriot. I mean come on, the man is only ETHNICALLY Muslim, a concept any Bosnian understands, but Americans usually don't get it.

I really feel for him, because ANYTHING he decides is going to be picked to pieces and it really was not his war. Sadly now it sort of is. The biggest problem is that extremism, whether religious or political is not a nation, we are a nation and are stuck in positional warfare AGAIN! Which is where this is like Vietnam.

I am increasingly hearing comments from people who are your basic working class white Christian American that both Iraq and Afghanistan are probably bad mistakes. I think Andrew Basevic has had some pretty relevant things to say on the subject. He lost a son in Iraq. I also can't help remembering what a friend of mine who is now a soldier in Iraq said, which is that if we let go of either place, we can't just get them back. She had a valid point from a strictly military point of view. Obama may be thinking along those lines. I do not happen to agree with that.

I thought it was a good speech in many ways, he backed up his points, but I still think we need to get out of both Iraq and Afghanistan, sooner rather than later. We as a nation can't seem to take care of our own people adequately, and war just isn't as beneficial economically as it was back in WWII.

Our infrastructure needs work and our people need work, and our people need a single payer health care system not war.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009


OK I lied, some Lynx for you!

Kosovo stuff:

Gitmo stuff:,0,6758779.story

Serbia-US stuff:,0,3982105.story

damn is that Makedonija name game EVER gonna settle down?

on debt and 'cheap ' real-estate Elsewhere;

What Ceric has to say about the Swiss vote:

When I was in Sarajevo, I saw him walking on Ferhadija one time...

I guess being Muslim trumps being European or White..... just sayin....

Kultur Korner:

file under sad passages:,0,5264076.story

Anti-burek stuff: I like cevapi better but today I could do with a burek! :(

This is why partition is bad, it messes stuff up whereever it is tried....

and oh yeah, you end up with a lotta articles like this one...just sayin...


I would do a lynx dump but there is hardly any time today

It is a cold day in the Yakima Gulag, I had a doctor thing and physical therapy and now I am in the Library, enjoying a few minutes of internet time before I go pick up some paper work and then go get the stuff that is supposed to help me deal with my digestive system. @Owen, I am really fortunate, I have a doctor that explained things really well, who took an excellent history of everything. She actually knows what she is talking about which is LOVELY. :) In fact I am sending a couple other lactose intolerant friends her way, because I want them to feel better too. ;)


Finally I know what is going on with my insides ...

So I went and had a colonoscopy awhile back, they took about six biopsies in the course of the whole deal and told me I had a remarkably clean colon for an American. This might be because I do not EAT like an American.

Anyway, I asked the doctor under all the Micheal Jackson stuff to keep this from hurting 'If my insides are so good, why am I suffering DECADES with my stomach?' I fell back asleep before he could tell me, this would be the wonder of those Michael Jackson type drugs, they do put you to sleep pretty fast...

I had to go back because of havign a consult, and I was afraid I might have to have another colonoscopy, because this was to rule in or out whether I have celiac disease. The good news is I picked some better dead ancestors, no celiac disease, thank God!

also I picked a few bad dead ancestors, one of whom was a little too secretive and a little too unwilling to see a doctor for an embarrassing problem, yeah Mom.... you! :(. OK here's the deal, I have lactose intolerance of some sort, I will always have it sad to say, and that is that, but I do have a treatment plan, so at least I can have less trouble. I am informed this is probably life long, but I was told that a patient who was 90+ years old came under treatment and she recovered enough in a few years not to have a problem. This was welcome news as this problem can be highly embarrassing and miserable.

Actually the person I saw did tell me I had done a couple things RIGHT in the meantime, like NOT getting involved with laxatives and anti-diahrea drugs. She said that that would have made matters much worse. Given I had a few people tell me ... including one doctor from Seattle .... who shall remain nameless that it was just my diet and just take the pink stuff and the other stuff. NOOO that was BAD advice.

Another thing, it was BEAUTIFUL really BEAUTIFUL to NOT be treated as if I were malingering! I appreciate that a lot, because from time to time talking with others about this frankly I have been treated kind of badly on this subject in the past.

It's nice because in one department I get to have some hope. And better yet, I can tell my kids how to cope if they start having a problem. And they can tell their kids and the cycle can be at least slowed down...

Tuesday, December 01, 2009


Stuff abut my netbook

Ivan the Terrible, Minister of Remote Technical Support for the Yakima Gulag sent me when my old lapt-top died an Acer EEEPC net book. Which I enjoy a lot actually except for the last three weeks when I could not reliably go to any coffee house and log on.

I thought it was a cheap ploy by coffee houses to make me buy more coffee, which I could understand except for a couple small details, 1. It was happening in OTHER free WiFi hotspots where purchasing something was not mandatory in any way, and 2, it was all the coffee houses, and 3 NO coffee house I patronize is at all sleezy. They are all run by extremely wonderful people wheter it is Tropical Heat or North Town or Essencia Bakery. Seriously all wonderful people and I really appreciate all of them because any marathon internetting I have to do on my own machine is probably happening in a coffee shop.

So here is what was happening and here is the fix just in case anyone else out there has had this problem.

1, these computers do not like to hold a lot of data, don't go more than half capacity, something called 'DCOP with a bunch of numbers will shut off unpredictably on you.

2. The WiFi thingie shuts off unpredictably. How to turn it on and off is a toggle thing it is the Fn key and F2 you hold them down. You will see a little box that will say your WiFi function is ON or Off with a little red international 'No' sign for 'OFF'

Fiddle with that if you think it has accidentally turned off and then you should be back in business.

I had a very frustrating time with NaNo this year, because literally I did not have unimpeded research time until last night. I finished out at just above 32,000 words, instead fof 50,000.

I should have gone with the Sci-Fi story instead of continuing on with my series.

All tthe NaNo friends were great to meet with this year, I am so glad to have had that experience. One thing about NaNo is that in the writing game, it is the absolute least poisonous bunch you can run into! I love them all! I will do it again next year, and I have a contingency plan for good internet or bad internet! :)

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