Sunday, July 08, 2007


So where was Comrade Zeka Katja Yesterday?

Well usually I do put things up no matter what, but yesterday was an exception for two reasons,
1. the house sold, my real-estate guy, Mr. Holbrook was over with the paperwork pretty early, and I signed everything. The sale closes in August. For the record, the house sold in just under a month!
2. One of my friends has parents who had their 70th wedding anniversary yesterday, and she invited me to the celebration.

So I didn't put up any news links because I was simply too tired after all the excitement yesterday.


A Bosnian family in America

Summer Work Visas to U.S. in Short Supply

Medieval Church Ruins Found in Bulgaria

BBC article on Roman ruins in Albania

Violence and arrests at Zagreb Gay Pride parade;_ylt=A0WTcUXF6ZBGGzUATAVdlakA

Congratulations, you must be pleased the uncertainty's over.
Well the sale of a house is only the FIRST part of the process in the U.S., as Mr. Holbrook said, 'Anyone can sell a house, it is not everyone who can close the sale' The buyers are going to do an inspection, but they can't back out of the sale unless something TERRIBLE is wrong that I don't even know about. For anything else, they can't for example negotiate a lower price yet, because I already agreed to something lower than my asking price. It's a buyers market right now, and I decided to take the money and run, because even though many nearby houses in the 'fixer- upper' category have sold for more, there are still too many houses for sale nearby. I figured that I should know when I am ahead, and be thankful.
I think my real-estate agent is relieved I'm not about to screw around too. :)I just want to move on to the next stage of my life. The sale should if all goes well, close in August.
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