Thursday, July 12, 2007



Goran admits to affair, and admits kid could be his

Well, Trinity and I had a look at a picture of Mrs. Visnjic, and she looks like a goldfish with those Botox lips. She is an otherwise good looking woman. She needs to have her REAL lips.

EXIT music festival kicks off

Opinion Round-up from IHT

Kustunica says 'U.S. insults Serbian intelligence'

Sarkozy's wife visits death row medics,23599,22066910-23109,00.html

So I'm late again, I can't help it, had to wait for someone from the Uniion Gospel Mission to come get the couch, I did not know the mattress on the bed had a stain on it.I had to go out and get some peroxide to deal with the stain, it has worked so I'll call them back, the driver said they'd take the bed if it didn't have a stain. I applied lots of peroxide, and put paper towels and now I'm just letting it dry to see how it looks. At first there were reddish brown edges. I think a person who stayed with me a few years ago must have had a nose bleed. I am kind of bugged by it, because it should not have been there. I had all kinds of sheets and blankets between the mattress and any humans, as I did with the couch. Right now I have a floor bed set up, it's comfortable. I should sleep well enough.

It has been really hot and humid here. I am dripping sweat.
Our local festival, Folklife kicks off tomorrow. I am going to go and enjoy it. Dave and the Dalmatians are back.

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