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Steam Roller on My Street


Funny Bug



'We Must Push Through to Goražde",,24392-2330259,00.html

Naguib Mahfouz Dead,8599,1484042,00.html

Nothing to do with the Balkans but one of my favorite writers! I feel very sad to hear of his death.

Disturbing Precedents of the Rwanda Court Published as Jović Fined

Slobodna Dalmacija Article on Jović

'Looking for L.A.' Goes to Bulgaria

Lillian Goes Home

Another Bulgarian Nationalist Hit with Pedophilia Charges

U.K. Government to Introduce Work Permits for E.U. Entrants

And Romania Plans to Strike Back

I can't say I blame them either.

Bulgaria Plans Ban of Religious Symbols in Schools

There is a lot they are not including on the law in this article. So I'm not going to comment except to say that such bans seldom prevent ethnic tensions.

My Proof that Ignorant, Inflamatory Political Rhetoric is Not Limeted to the Balkans!

Montenegro Ends Compulsory Military Service


From Time: Is the Bosnian Peace Un-Raveling?

Is the Fragile Peace in Bosnia Hercegovina Unraveling,8599,1449151,00.html

This article was called to my attentiion by seesaw, a regular reader from the inception of this blog, and one of the first to link to me.

I have been covering the events around the up-coming elections in BiH, things like the destruction of Izetbegovic's tomb. There's supposed to have been an arrest in this case, of someone who has a Muslim name btw.
Some of the problem is that elections are always dirty, and BiH is no exception.
Any politician, or political consultant will tell you that people do not vote for things, they vote against, again BiH is no exception.
So politicians instead of saying what positive things they will do to make better lives for their people, will attack other politicians who don't agree with them. Then the attacked politicians attack back and so on and so on.
Next thing you know, someone is attacked physically, or even killed, and then all Hell breaks loose.
I for one am tired of politicians putting their own advancement ahead of their country, or their people whether the politician is an American, a Mexican, an African, an Arab, an Iranian or a Bosnian.
But that said, ANY politician is only doing what he or she does to stay in a job. Some of it is the fault of normal people who do not pay attention, and who when they do, do it in an ignorant way. That sort of ignorant participation is a world problem, not merely another thing that's wrong in the Balkans.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Prosecuter Demands Life Term for Former Top Bosnian Serb

Over 18,ooo Persons Still Missing in the Balkans

Business Leaders Favor Open Door Immigration Policy

70 in calf Dairy Heifers Donated to Kosovo Families

Kosovo Meningitis Epidemic Spreading

And now the little boy who used to T.P. EVERYTHING! :)

Christo Goes Home

MTV AntiTrafficking Show Rocks Sofia

Bulgarian Nurses in Libya Face Death Penalty

HEALTH ADVISORY: This is from the Sun, home of some of the worst reporting in the British Isles! Read At Own Risk!

British Embassy Under Siege,,2-2006400254,00.html

'Vukovar the Final Cut' gets Human Rights Award at SFF

DOSTA Protests Hate-Mongering Campaign

DOSTA website

Albanians Dare Not Die Until Grave Row Sorted Out

Personal: They are doing street repairs on my street, major ones. I will put some pictures because the machines are kind of cool. Hvala Bog it's almost an Autumn type of day because the smell of hot tar would really get on my nerves if it were hot!

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Today is the anniversary of the devastating Hurricane Katrina. Last night I was at my daughter's place. My little grand-daughter starts school at the end of the week. Yesterday, her mother took them to an orientation, and she and her mother and brother were shown the ropes about school busses, how to be safe, how toi behave on the bus, and how to enter and exit. They were filmed last night leaving the bus. K.... was exited to see herself and her mom and little brother leaving the bus. S.... taped it, so next time I visit, I need to refilm it with my little digital, which always works.
My daughter fixed a superb crab quiche, man that was good! S.... didn't even try any! He doesn't know what deliciousness he missed!
She sent some home for me, and I'm having it cold with white Zinfandel for my lunch today.
We looked at film of New Orleans as it looks now, and it looks worse than the worst I saw in BiH or Croatia. I respect the people who had the guts to go back. I'm not entirely sure I'd have the same guts. Then again, returnees are not facing land-mines, just the possiblity of having to
deal with other hurricanes in the future, not a pleasant thought either, which is why I waver between respecting their guts and questioning their decision. Still I guess home is home.

Ulster Loyalist Terrorists May Have Invested in Bulgarian Real Estate

Well why not? If the IRA could do it why shouldn't the Loyalists do it?

File also under 'Potemkin Selo'

Seriously, the Croats suffered years of a terrible war, and all it's destruction, so what is our big fat excuse to have worse access than most Balkans nations?

Americans Discover Balkans Health Care Access

Serbian Skinheads Attack Two Israeli Citizens,7340,L-3297214,00.html

So when does the bombing start?

Large Number of Trafficked Persons Apprehended

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Major Find of Thracian Gold Artifacts

Beyond anything on 'The Jetsons' Beyond 'Star Trek'

The New Line at Gorenje!

Putin 'Supports Serbian Integrity"

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Saturday, the early zeka gets the worm

Fox Journalists on Tape Convert to Islam, Denounce Bush Policies,2933,210642,00.html

Since this story went up on Fox, the two men have been released. Probably they ought to consider getting out of journalism now. I think they've had about as much luck as one can have in that field.

Suspected Cancer Causing Eyeliner Re-called in Bulgaria

Major Gold Find in Bulgaria

This is further about a story I linked to a few days ago, the difference here is that there is a picture with the article and a remarkable fact, neither the Romans nor the Thracians found this deposit.

At Least Two Injured in Bombing of Popular Serbian Cafe in Kosovo

Swiss Film Wins at Sarajevo Film Festival

There are lots of links about the Sarajevo Film Festival too, Joe Bob says 'Check it out!'

Blair is warned, 'Ban Romanian Workers and We Will Sue'

Ireland Also Considering Banning Bulgarian and Romanian Tourists and Workers

Article on Immigration from the Independant

I have a different solution, if Britain, Ireland or any other country wants to ban immigration and work permits maybe the affected countries should disallow that countries citizens from purchasing property there. That would lower property costs to the inhabitants of Bulgaria, and Romanial. If Western European wages are what it takes to own property in Bulgaria, let Bulgarians be able to earn those wages too!

Nothing to do with the Balkans but of interest to this zeka anyway!

Cameron Apologizes for Thatcher's Apartheid Policies

Last night I was invited by a friend to go to a fund raising dinner for the Spanish language public radio station KDNA. It was held at the amazing Bob and Fred house. It was a fabulous dinner, and lots of nice live marimba music. I like marimba music, but some people sitting with me didn't like it. The food was excellent, Mexican food and I ate too much. I must not do that again! I got a gas bubble and was in some serious misery for a bit. The food was sooo good though! I love the spinach salad with pears and carmelized walnuts, something Fred makes pretty often. Fred is a brilliant cook! I'd totally weigh 300 pounds if I lived there!
Thanks to the editor of the Jackrabit News for the invite!

I consider these ideas really interesting and would like to see some spill over to the U.S. Generally if something negative happens in U.K. law, it's soon copied in the U.S., within two or three years. I would like some of these ideas copied instead, because they are good ideas.

Proposed Workplace Rules Changes in the U.K.

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Americans For Bosnia: "Fools' Crusade," Diana Johnstone, and ethnic nationalism, Part 2

Americans For Bosnia: "Fools' Crusade," Diana Johnstone, and ethnic nationalism, Part 2

Part of it is a vocabulary problem! In English there IS a clearer definition of ethnicity v.s. nationality, or nation. This is less the case in Slavic languages generally, including with B/H/S.
Narod is the word in most Slavic languages for 'nationality', 'ethnicity' or 'people' in fact distinction between ethnicity, and nationality is of fairly recent origin even in Western Europe.
Then too, the whole 'group rights' thing vs 'individual rights' plays into it.
In Western Europe and North America, there is less tendancy to have 'group rights' than in the Balkans or the Indian Sub-Continent where ethnicity and caste still are very important. Your ethnic group or caste group protects what few individual rights you have in both areas of the world.
In the Balkans th
is was in part a result of the Turkish Millet system. In some ways the Millet system was positive, because each group was far more self governing than in more 'modern' arrangements. It meant that most of the time people were not subjected to laws they objected to, or customs they objected to for so long as they paid their taxes.
This got interfered with a lot for all the ethnic groups in the Balkans with modernization. People in some ways liked having more freedom, but they did not like being made all alike. They did not get enough freedom to make being all alike O.K. for them. In a way being all alike isn't freedom anyway.
Yugoslavia was a Nation and partook of greatness because it was a bolder experiment than even the U.S. experiment with making different sorts of people into a Nation. To do it without the 'Melting Pot' concept took real guts. I'm not even willing to say it was an invalid approach. Why SHOULD Serbs orCroats or Muslims have to be all alike?
They SHOULD for sure be alike in rights, in ability to have input into government and alike in responsiblity. Maybe the solution to ethnic division is a question of individual rights being increased, I think it could be done without upsetting the ethnic balance too much. The mistake of collectivism is to over-emphisize group rights as against individual rights. To some extent, especially if there is discrimination or conflict, group rights will come into play. Maybe in a way individual rights are divisive within an ethnic group and maybe in the Balkans and India, the tendancy for group cohesion to outweigh individual considerations is good for peace WITHIN an ethnic group or a caste. I have a theory that there is a tendancy to sacrifice individual rights for group rights, especially in troubled times so that the group can be more unified for mutual self defense. I have noticed that in both the Balkans and in India, the tendancy isn't to glorify one's own group so much as to attack other groups.
The caste system in India was the earliest form of Apartheid, a color bar, the word for 'caste' in Sanskrit is 'varna'. that word means 'color' the English word 'varnish' comes from the same root as 'varna'
Caste was a way that the Aryan conquerors of India divided to rule.
They were white people coming into a land where everyone was darker, and they were outnumbered, seriously outnumbered by the more numerous tribal peoples and Dravidians. They were afraid of them not afraid militarilym, so much as of the sheer NUMBERS of very dark skinned people they'd conquered.
The Millet system was how the Turks governed in all their territories, it preserved each non-Muslim people's ethnic identity, and religious identity, and kept the Muslim conquerors from taking on too much of the new culture in new conquered territories.
Of course in the case of Bosnia-Hercegovina, there was a lot of local conversion to Islam. These people were originally Catholic or Orthodox or members of the Bosnian Church, a dissident church which existed in one form or another in BiH, and parts of Croatia, as well as Bulgaria.
Frankly the domatism, disunity, and persecution of dissidents within the Catholic and Orthodox churches alike was a contributing factor to the Turkish success in conquering BiH. The over-taxing of the Christian peasants by their 'betters' did not help in BiH, or Serbia or any other part of the Balkans. From the time of the 'Great Schism' the region was bound to come under some other rule.
Not only that, a lot of the persecutions in BiH of dissident Christian groups was REAlly not even over religion, but over land, priveleges, and resources. Some of this had to do with Hungary a lot more than with anything in BiH.



President and Premier of Croatia meet with Prime Minister of Malta, Discuss 'Irregular Immigration'

Irregular Immmigration! So are these immigrant's in need of Ex-Lax or is this the latest nifty P.C. term for 'illegal' immigration?

Textile Workers in BiH Suffer Respritory Distress

So foreign companies are not taking care of their workers correctly EITHER!

Hungary May Close Borders to Romanian and Bulgarian Workers

Protest as New Government Takes Hold in Macedonia

Thoroughly Nasty Little Trafficking Ring

Vets Help Stray Dogs in Kosovo

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Freeky Friday

Peter Lippman on Srebenica

U.S. Envoy Warns Serbs Against Succession

I don't know if it's just Firefox, or the whole Internet but things are wierd this morning, I'll try to get you some of the other stories I was looking at for you later! :)

is sad news but I suppose in a way the families involved will be relieved to know what happened to their kids.
News From the Gulag

Bosnia's Telecom Divide

Well there are some valid points in this article, I should say that one thing has really been liberating for me, and that is letting go of a need to have some sort of purpose in life. Frankly I think Last Days beliefs are a prime motivator of terrorism. Such
beliefs are held by all Abrahamic religions, and indeed all Middle Eastern religions. The MOMENT you have Last Days theology you are in BIG FAT trouble. Especially you are in BIG FAT trouble if people believe in the Last Days more than they believe in God's mercy, or when they think Last Days beliefs are more important than the conduct of daily life. The need for 'a sense o f purpose' is also a trap and a snare.
Thinking any human being can know God's will is also a trap and a snare, among the worst roads to sin. I like this quote in 'Report to Greco' The author has an Orthodox priest saying 'It is very hard to know the difference between God's voice and the Devil's voice'
Maybe that's the big problem with religion, how much is really doing God's will and how much is indulging our secret wishes and indulging our egoes? What I have to say about this goes for Christians, Muslims, Jews and Zoroastrians alike, all three religions have Last Days beliefs and Millenialism in some form or other. If we can't even be decent to each other in daily life, then our purpose in life and what happens to us in the Last Days don't mean a thing.

Radio Free Europe Report on Slavic Converts to Islam

Man shoots other man instead of jackel

There are jackels in BiH and southern Croatia as well. I heard jackels howling at night in the part of Dalmacija I spent some time in. At first when they began to howl I thought it was police sirens, or an ambulance, then I really wondered what it was, then M___ told me it was jackels. Incidentally NONE of my dictionaries had the word for 'jackel' in them and the online ones don't either, I know only the plural as a result.

Serb Returnees Recieve 30 Tractors

Names of 800 Srebenica Suspects Revealed

More Raids in BiH to Find War Crimes Suspects

Update to the story about the seizure by Iran of a Romanian owned oil rig.

Romania Sends Team of Lawyers to Negotiate Oil Rig Hand-over

Brits in the Balkans

Update on the Mexican fishermen story

Fishy Tale

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Mermaid's Tale

Jasmina Tesanović goes to Dubrovnik

via BoingBoing, I just love this woman's writing, she's so cool!


45 Yugo

This song is just really good, besides , Besides I LOVE any rock group that will include their parents in a video!


About DAMN Time Someone Said this

Really Fighting the Terrorists!



In Croatian, basically it looks like there's an epidemic of waterborne illnesses in Southern Dalmatia.

Epidemic in Dalmatia


Interview With Ceri ć

Russian Natural Gas Firm Threatens to Cut off Supplies to BiH

Homes of Karadžić Allies Raided by NATO

NATO raids homes of 3 Bosnian Serbs

NATOArrests Suspected War Criminals,Radomir Kojic and Jovan Shkoro

Croatia a Popular Tourist Destination?

I took the liberty of correcting the usually ultra uber careful Christian Science Monitor's headline!

In Serbia, War Crimes Now Acknowleged

Beautiful, Rare Blue Crab Found in Bulgaria

Kola Boof not Osama bin-Ladin's 'sex slave'

Osama bin-Ladin 'Obssessed with Whitney Houston'

Just a comment here: Osama bin-Ladin had three wives the last time I heard anything about it, whatever anyone thinks of polygamy, it's not the same as having a mistress or two. Was she actually married to him? or was she a actually a mistress? Because if she was a mistress, that's not allowed in Islam, I'm sure it happens anyway, after all it's not allowed in Christianity EITHER but look how many Christians have mistresses! It's practically an institution in France, and the Spanish speaking countries. There used to be variety programs on Spanish speaking shows and some ugly woman who thought she looked sexy would sing something and my mother would say 'Oh that's the producer's mistress! How OOOKY!' Anyway, if he was keeping a mistress and a couple three wives, one wonders how he had time and energy to lead a terrorist organization? We women are demanding in any number of ways! :) Just imagine the disruption two or three wives, AND a mistress could create in a man's life! 'Osama have the toilet fixed or I'll turn you in for the $5 million!'
I don't like Bobby Brown much either! I suppose though it's a matter of what Ms. Houston wants to wake up next to! :)

Then again, this is celebrity news, not neccesarily up my alley, oh another thing, just because Whitney in this picture is showing no clevage that makes her 'Islamic'? Please! Christians are also required by religion to dress with modesty!

Tomb Bomber Busted?

Via Bosnia Vault, I don't know how true it is and I have only seen it referenced in one other place, BGAnon referenced the Serbian language version of the article in a comment elsewhere. Anyway I haven't seen it anyplace besides B92, so we'll see. The suspect sounds like someone who should be in jail ANYWAY!, it's a bit like that Karr guy who says he killed JonBenet Ramsey, I don't think he commited that particular crime the story has too many Big Holes in it, but he's probably someone who had better be in jail ANYWAY.
A question, why was a Muslim bombing Izetbegović's tomb anyway? Was he such an extremist that Izetbegović was too liberal or moderate for him?

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Mostar Sevdah Reunion Will Perform in Seattle, First U.S. Tour!

Idajevo, a subsidiary of Skelly Wright, announces that Mostar Sevda Reunion will be performing in Seattle on September 8th , 2006, at Museum of History and Industry, 2700 24th Avenue E.
This is their first American Tour and they are a very great band, and worth seeing. I hope I can arrange to go to their concert! I am going to give it a try anyway.
I put this here because I don't think Idajevo gets the readership it ought to get.

UDATE just after I posted this, and was looking forward to obtaining a Three Day Pass to leave the Gulag and hear this concert, I found out it's been cancelled! The members of the group were not able to obtain the visas to enter the U.S. for the tour!

Concert Cancelled


And Now this Message From Wierd Al Yanković!

Wierd Al Yanković's 'Don't Download This Song'



I guess this is today's Karaddž ić Update:

NATO Goes After Support for People Wanted as War Criminals\ACQDJON200608230513DOWJONESDJONLINE000401.htm&selected=9999&selecteddisplaysymbol=9999&StoryTargetFrame=_top&mkt=WORLD&chk=unchecked&lang=&link=&headlinereturnpage=

This defendant is famous for the colorful language he employed in front of the court last year.
You know the speech where he said what he would do to everyone in their appartments.....

War Crimes Suspect Banned From Conducting His Own Defense

Croatia does something on purpose I've had to do because of cost concerns, for some of the same reasons but I wonder if someone simply lost the damn disk? Because that happened at my house and I've had to use Open Office ever since. It's not bad once you know what you are doing but it caused me problems with assignments in my classes and no one cut me any slack over that. There IS a learning curve that I personally did not need.

Croatian Government Adopts Open Source Software Policy

Podravka is the company that makes Vegeta (tm)

Podravka's Expansion into Soft Drinks Market Stalled

Oil Rig Siezed in Commercial Dispute

Ukrainian Peacekeepers Offer Medical Aid in Kosovo

Pliva of course is the biggest Croatian pharmaceutical company, indeed one of the biggest ones in the Balkans.

Pliva Welcomes Barr Bid

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Imas li Medovina?

One of the pleasures of Summer is the making of medovina, basically my recipe is pretty traditional.

5 lb mixed flower, clover or orange flower honey
4 gallons of clean water, tap water is fine, let it sit overnight so the clorine leaves it and boil it if you live in an area with chlorinated water.
half a packet of wine yeast, my preference is for champaigne yeast.
HUGE containment unit, preferably a carboy with all the parafenelija.
If like me you don't have one of those, a five gallon FOOD quality plastic container can be used. What EVER vessels and implements you use to make mead need to be scrupulously clean. Wash everything THREE times. Don't make mead in a household that has a lot of indoor animals or which smells musty, whatever is in the air will get in your mead and make it smell and taste nasty!
It's never happened to me but it's happened to people I know.

Boil one gallon of your water and melt the honey in it, stir it, then add it to the other water in the carboy.
Shake it around some so it aerates, then add half the packet of wine yeast. Shake it around again. put it in a warm place.
Often I use a a box stuffed with clean shredded newspapers or old clean plastic shopping bags to keep it the right temperature. It needs to stay at least 75 degrees F, for three days.Put the lid on it loosely or a thin piece of plastic can go on the carboy or big bottleuse a rubber band to hold it on, put it loosely, the plastic will puff up a little when you need to let out gasses. You are going to need to come around and let out gasses from time to time so it doesn't blow up on you.
I never had mead explode, but I did have raspberry wine explode during a Chinook. It got warm and they began to ferment again!

Mead should ferment vigorously for three days, and after that you can quit worrying so much. From time to time give it a half teaspoon of yeast food. That you can't get in the gulag.
In fact active brewers yeast and wine yeast are unobtainable here now! A friend sent away for yeast and we shared. She paid me for teaching her to make mead by a gift of some packets of yeast! :).
I can't say it often enough check your mead, as often as possible. Listen to it, mead 'sings'
When it's not 'singing' so much you can put it into smaller bottles, this will take maybe six weeks.
Pour all but the dregs into small bottles and put lids on them. aside from checking the pressure in them so they don't blow up, you should not mess with them, the mead should either be pale, or golden coloured when done.
This recipe is used basically from the Baltic to the Balkans.
Some national variations occur, but how I do mead is about how it's done in the Balkans. I have equipment that's a bit rough and ready. Mostly this is because the good equipment is HEAVY and I'm not all that strong.
Now if you want to have some mead that is very strong, you can put a bottle of it in the freezer, and if it's not too viscous to begin with, the water will freeze, it will have a really cool fractal quality, and you can pour off the stronger mead, the first image shows the iced mead, and the second one shows a glass of mead that has not frozen.
If the honey you used for your mead has a lot of wax, then what will happen is you'll get a mead slushy and tthis separation will not occur. The mead slushy however is a real pleasure on a hot day!
You can sometimes, depending how strong your mead came out, do this several times with a batch and have fairly strong mead.
Mead according to the recipe I gave you, should be from 5 % to 16% alchol. Sometimes it can go as high as 20%.
People that visit my place and have had mead I made usually find it better than what they've purchased, there are comercial meaderies, and usually WAY better than what is available at SCA meetings!
Mead is refered to a lot in the epic poems in the Balkans. The word for it in B/H/S is medovina. There is a meadery in Colorado called Medovina. I have not tried their product. They have had favorable reviews online and Boulder seems to have other meaderies these days. I know someone who lived there and he told me mead making is a big deal there, and that my mead even stacks up nicely against what you can get there in Colorado.
I make Rhodomel which is mead with roses, and raspberry mead, a type made in Poland, a country which still produces mead on a commercial scale, and sometimes I put up a bottle of metheglin which has herbs in it, it's a Welsh thing, meant to cure headaches.

Properly made mead will never give you a hangover, but you should not over do it it goes to your legs first if you do drink too much.
Not responsible for any incidents of people going berserk! Not responsible for additions to the family, be forwarned, mead affects male libido as effectively as Viagra and it affects male and female human fertility very favorably as well!


For the Record:

I LOVE the new Beta Blogger set up! It is WAAAY easier than the old stuff i had to deal with!



Another Romanian Oil Rig Attacked by Iran

I'm surprised that Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Mike Savage aren't all over this! Seriously!! I guess they don't look at the news as thoroughly as I do, even though I'm sure they spend more time on it, AND have staffers, which I don't.

Lockheed-Martin Signs Deal With Albania

Huge Gold Find in Bulgaria

Flooding and Landslides in Serbia

Gay Tourists Shock Others on Hvar

Over 400,000 Eastern Europeans have gone to the UK in the last two years,,-1855814,00.html

This isn't one of those 'Sunday papers'

Kosovo Serb Leaders Not Happy With Belgrade

Montenegro: Country For Sale

Serbia's Ivanović beats Hingis


Difficulties for Reporters Covering Police and Judiciary in Croatia

Albanian Human Trafficker Caught in New Jersey

Lindh's Killer Could Serve Out Sentance in Serbia

This was a very shocking case for Sweden.

Srebenica Trial Update

Monday, August 21, 2006


Filed Also Under Mind Improvement.

Which Major Arcana Tarot Card Are You?
created with

Tarot as most of you know is a divination method brought West by Roma people. Anyway this quiz seemed fun so I did it.



Tribunal Genocide Trial Continues

1,153 Remains in Mass Grave

144 complete and the rest incomplete skeletons. I should mention this is a secondary grave.

Meningitis Epidemic in Kosovo Spreading

Carla Del Ponte Criticises Serbia over Mladić, Karadžić

In fact she criticized them enough that it was on NPR . NPR, while it's been the best source for Balkans news barring the Internet here in the gulag, has not covered these stories as much as in the past.

UK Fears Serbian, Albanian Traffickers if Bulgaria Joins E.U.

EUFOR Gets Serious About finding Karadžić

file this under 'Oh PULEEESE!'

Boskoski Accuses Prosecution of Damaging His Health

I hope these links work, I don't know what in BLAZES happened with Sunday, but this better work! Thanks to my faithful reader Owen for letting me know about the other problem.

Afternoon Updates:
Yet Another Civil Forfeiture Scandal!

About Damn TIME, All Nations have ratified Geneva Conventions


Sunday the Replacement

Brief Rodeo Film clip:

I have to appologize about needing to remove the original Sunday post, I had no choice it led straight to a page to do posts in. Someone has been messing around with Blogger some way. I don't know if this site was hacked or what. They do have that new Blogger with Google stuff going on. That could be contributing to problems. All I know is I didn't do anything wierd or different with my links, nothing was wrong with my code, other posts are fine! So I don't know what in Hell is going on. All I know is 1. it's going on, and 2. it really really pisses me off, and 3. It should not be going on. 3. I can't get through to anything actually HELPFUL at Blogger. I really hate that nonsense that there is no way to even find help on the site.



I had to delete Sunday altogether because I don't know what the Hell is going on over at Blogger. I suspect some sort to hack. The links worked before. I don't need this sort of thing. Incidentally personally to one of the people who is a regular. I am tired of having patience. I am tired of things going wrong when I'm doing nothing but post useful information for my readers. I am losing patience with this sort of thing generally. I checked everything. Blogger is very glitchy. If you don't believe me, try doing this yourself. You'll see that I'm write about these glitches. I HATE it. I want to hurt someone every time that happens. If whoever makes these glitches falls into my hands some day, there is no part of that individual or individuals anatomy that won't be affected by how many Hague Tribunal transcripts I've read.
Sometimes Blogger is messed up for DAYS at a time one way or the other, and there is NO excuse for it.

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Girl Sticks

Girl Sticks
Originally uploaded by Yakima_gulag.

Follow this to see other rodeo pix. I got some nice action shots, for every good one I think I had three BAD ones :), it takes particularly good reflexes to get a shot of a bull being ridden, even more so than with bronk busting!

Luiz Ejlli 'Zjarr e ftohte'

I wanted to put this video by the article on tourism in Albania, where it would have been illustrative and entertaining.

I like this one because I liked seeing the guys in Albanian traditional dress. I like the piper too, because it was the first time I heard Albanian piping and I'm something of a maven of bagpipes and their styles so it's interesting to me on those grounds. These guys are having so much fun!


Hell Hounds 1a

I should not need to do a seperate post for every video I might wish to embed either! That's annoying!


For example this story!

Polygamy Demonstration in Utah

I could not make my commentary on this story work, something in the code kept messing with me.

Art Bell refered to this story on his radio show for August 20th. I found it interesting because it's a different approach by people involved with this situation from the past.


I need to vent here

I had an extremely frustrating time with the last post, it is miserable dealing with the idiotic code stuff, I had everything JUST the way I wanted it and then Blogger has to have it be miserable to work with the code. Why can't the link function just WORK? If that's so damn hard why don't they explain why they can't fix it and keep it fixed?
It would be easier than the shit I go through all too often when I have interesting ideas to present and CAN'T do it because it's made needlessly difficult.

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Grandma Joins the Army

And Presjednik Mesić makes a shocking admission:

It's in Croatian...
'Da sam bio ustaša


And arrests in a major medical corruption scandal! About time, this is a major problem in Croatia.


Trial of Officers in Srebenica Genocide Trial Begins Monday

Second Article on Genocide Trial

Unfortunately this article requires subscription to read the whole article:

The True Face of Immigration

For those of you worried about Karnivore, this is an Iranian news source...

Only Six Bosnian Serbs, Out of 19 in Custody, Sentanced Over War Crimes

Martić Trial Focuses on Serb Anxieties Prior to War

Witness Says Kosovo Massacre Unplanned

Sarajevo Film Festival

And for a complete rundown of films showing and some pictures:>Official Site of Sarajevo Film Festival

Friday, August 18, 2006


Friday and We Have a Karadžić Update

Karadžić Update:

Karadžić Associate's Flat Searched

I have to admit, it's fun to scoop the guy at 'Finding Karadžić'!

Woman Dies of Snake Bite in Dalmacija After Two Hour Wait for Anti-Venom


Serbian Ambassador Re:Claims former U.S. Embassy Building

Croatia To Recieve Penalty for 'Human Swastika' at Soccer Game

Ataka Party says 'Take the Roma'

Sarajevo Film Festival Draws 100,000

Ceca to tour Bulgaria

UPDATE:Dope as a Preventative for Alzheimers?

This felt kind of appropriate aafter listening to an interview of Chong of Cheech and Chong promoting his book The I Chong

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Eurovision Clips

Crazy old Eurovision clips!



1,000 Bodies found in BiH Mass Grave

Milošević son Again Accuses Court Over Father's Death\ACQDJON200608170743DOWJONESDJONLINE000467.htm&selected=9999&selecteddisplaysymbol=9999&StoryTargetFrame=_top&mkt=WORLD&chk=unchecked&lang=&link=&headlinereturnpage=

Now For Some Good News

Wednesday, August 16, 2006



^ above is one of the rainbow pictures I got today, they are kind of faint, not like the ones I got before. today's news in the Gulag included the thunderstorm, film below, and a gas leak at Memorial Hospital which forced evacuation of the Maternity and Childcare areas of the hospital and forced the Kitchen outdoors where the hospital meals were barbequed. Much to the delight of patients and staff!
Another thing, they think they've got the bastard that killed Jon-Benet Ramsey. He was sending out some pretty disgusting and lurid e-mail and living in Thailand. No doubt he was having sex with little girls there too.
Below is film of the thunderstorm as viewed from my porch.


Funny Game

Slovenia Game

over at Carniola there's this game he linked to, and I have had fun over there, even took a friend over to show her around, it's cool!
I think I saw Majkl M. there!

And a really funny Box Elder Bug, I think that it was jogging, I don't know what else could have been going on!

object width="425" height="350">


Our Lady of Sinj

U.S. Embassy to Serbia to be Moved to Tito's Old Mansion

I don't normally include subscription sites, but there's enough info before you 'have' to subscribe to make this worth a peek..

Details of Bosnia Hercegovina's Arms Exports;jsessionid=65C4F31DCB0A6B3D374B93AD4F01CB0E?articleid=60120&showfull=false

10% of HIV+ Bulgarians are Refused Treatment!

Croatian Fest

For more about Sinj and wonderful pictures of the Alkari go here:

Sinj Tourist Board Site


This could NOT wait!

The Formerly Art Bell Show, Coast To Coast with George Noory FINALLY got around to the Bosnian Pyramid Story! HOW long ago did the Yakima Gulag Literary Gazett cover this? Before almost anyone! and in DEPTH!

Coast to Coast AM With George Noory

Post on this Blog on the Pyramid

Another Link to posts of pyramid info, including the trailer

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Maria Cantwell Event

I wasn't sure if I was going to go to the Maria Cantwell deal, because of the expense and then I decide 'You know what, McGavrick would be a disaster!' And you have to raise money to run!
So I put on those beautiful instruments of the red and white shoes and the outfit that goes with them, hopped a bus and went downtown. Ran into my daughter, and she had something work related to go to. Ran into Mr. Rupel, Editor of Jack Rabbit News, a vital news source in the Yakima Gulag. and thence to Daniel DeSiga's gallery. I did not realize he shows other people's work besides his own. That was valuable information. I paint sometimes. Anyway since I arrived in the Gulag, everyone looks more like a cartoon in the New Yorker. I do myself, so don't think I'm insulting my friends. It was an excellent turnout, everyone got to talk to Senator Cantwell, and there was good food. Although there is a Federal Regulation that the more you pay to go to a political event ,the less you are going to eat, it was all good, they had nice Washington wines, and veggie trays and beef brisket, and fresh tortillas. All the food was donated and all the wine.
Senator Cantwell negotiated that the first food from the U.S. purchased by Cuba was from Washington State, lentils, peas, apples, other fruit, wine, 'and anything else we could sell them'.She told how Fidel said 'Even in the Bible it says how good peas and lentils are for you!' and her reply ' You mean you're going to buy some!'
Met a guy who reminded me of Hemingway without the beard. Met a lot of the usual serious Democrats.



Happy Independance Day to my Indian Readers!

Apartment Raided in Sarajevo\ACQDJON200608150914DOWJONESDJONLINE000257.htm&selected=9999&selecteddisplaysymbol=9999&StoryTargetFrame=_top&mkt=WORLD&chk=unchecked&lang=&link=&headlinereturnpage=

O.K. I was wrong about which country has a well organized counterfeiting industry, sorry Montenegro! It's Bulgaria!

Counterfeit Money from Bulgaria

New Housing Repair Assistance Available in BiH

I hope this new program will help people like that poor woman in 'Cry From the Grave' who could get no help since there's only her left of her family! I understand fully putting people with families first, that's one thing, but to deny altogether help to people who lost everyone is not a good thing, it's cruel.

Good News for Refugees in Niš too

UPDATE: This updates yesterday's remarks on a threat to the life of Sulejman Tihić

American Serbs Threaten Thihić

Afternoon Updates: Dodik Wants to Sell Refineries to Russians

Dodik Prefers to Stall Police Reform Even if it Keeps BiH out of the EU

Russians Having Too Much Fun in Bulgaria

Monday, August 14, 2006



Update: President Tihić of Bosnia Hercegovina has recieved a threatening letter, the news source for this is Focus on English News out of Bulgaria, and it's not working correctly at the moment. I will try to have that link up later at whatever point in time it is working. My speculation is that this must have something to do with 1. the upcoming elections in BiH, and 2, it may have something to do with the blowing up of the late President Izetbegović's tomb. Anyway who ever is doing this isn't engaged in useful behavior.

Milosevic Worth $11 Million!

So where's the nearest place to learn to be a dictator? $11 million sounds like a lot of fun to me!

Serbian Festival in St. Louis Mo.

War Time Medical Aid to BiH a Danger Now to Public Health

Interpol Joins Investigation of Explosion at Izetbegović Tomb

U.N. Hands Over Control of Priština Airport to Local Police\ACQDJON200608140815DOWJONESDJONLINE000223.htm&selected=9999&selecteddisplaysymbol=9999&StoryTargetFrame=_top&mkt=WORLD&chk=unchecked&lang=&link=&headlinereturnpage=

Britain Shuts Door to Bulgarian, Romanian Immigrants

Roma in Sofia Again Under Pressure

Workers Buried in Sofia Building Accident

***OK What in Bloody Hell HAPPENED t over at Balkan Scissors? Someone named Vis A is running it, they had an article about Balkan Beat Box and Quod's stuff is all gone and the template is different. I hope nothing has happened to her, I mean all her archives and lovely pictures WTF?!?

Sunday, August 13, 2006


In Honor of the End of the Marching Season for 2006

This is more to do with Ireland but at the end there's a sneaky Balkanic reference...

The Rising

Besides there's plenty of good car chases as well...



So here's Montenegro's big industry?

200,000 Counterfeit Euros Found in Montenegro

Benefits for Those Left Behind!

O.K. If I were British I would not like this either!

President of Serbia says Kosovo Serbs Live in Fear\ACQDJON200608130721DOWJONESDJONLINE000274.htm&selected=9999&selecteddisplaysymbol=9999&StoryTargetFrame=_top&mkt=WORLD&chk=unchecked&lang=&link=&headlinereturnpage=

230 Non Albanians Victims of Attacks in Kosovo

Folk Festival in Bulgaria

I put this in largely because of the picture, this lady in the picture seems to be really crazy about the old piper!

Article on Ismail Kadare

Tape of Racial Abuse Admissible in Court in Ireland

Migrant Film Wins Locano Prize

Time Magazine: Interview With Carla Del Ponte,13005,901060821-1226057,00.html

How Much Risk Will We Take?,9171,1226054,00.html

Saturday, August 12, 2006


Hej Prijatelji this is a REALLY GOOD Question!

If the Liquid is Explosive Why Are We Dumping This in Crowded Places?

oh another thing, lots of airlines are not serving food and drink, so we are going to see ugly, cranky tired, hungry ugly cranky people arriving various places.
I think the airlines need to really up their level of service. Maybe


This is NOT good news at all!

Desecration of Izetbegović Tomb Causes Rise in Tensions in BiH

People in the Muslim community have every right to be angry about this. I hope they'll show restraint, that cooler heads will prevail. It would help if the police could get the perpetrators and put them in jail.


this was the rain the other day, I think it came out nice, look how it's pouring off the roof!


Gulag Fashion Items

Dupatta from India, purchased in Aladins Cave, at the nice sari store in there, it's near Georges street, and Laila is a real nice lady!

Faded Glory T-Shirt acquired in a thrift store, dupatta purchased in Dublin, but made in India, ankle length bandana pattern skirt, made by me.

One of my favorite pairs of shoes. Until I made the skirt and got that top I had nothing that went with them. They were given to me by V.M.


Saturday Morning

WARNING, there is a really unpleasant picture of a scull that has been dug up, so I am going to put the article below without that picture so I don't upset anyone who might be easily upset by such a picture. Besides it's via an Iranian news source.

Ninth Mass Grave Found at Kamenica

Forensic experts said on Friday they had unearthed 133 complete skeletons and more than 900 body parts of victims of the 1995 Srebrenica massacre of Muslims at the biggest mass grave found in Bosnia.

The Jaz mass grave is the ninth site with the remains of Srebrenica victims to be found around the eastern village of Kamenica.

Bodies were moved to the Jaz grave from the site of the massacre to conceal the traces of the crime.

"This is the biggest mass grave in Bosnia," Murat Hurtic of the Muslim-Croat federation's regional team for missing persons told Reuters at the site.

About 2,500 Srebrenica victims have been identified and buried while remains in 3,500 body bags still await DNA identification.

This is not helpful behavior:

Israelis Open Fire on Refugee Column

Cyrillic Letters Could Become Third EU Recognized Official Alphabet

File Under 'Pagan Studies'

Holbrooke Analysis of Middle East Conflict

It was downright CHILLY this morning, I liked that! I have nearly a normal appetite. I put some instant rice on, which I'll be having for breakfast shortly. I am going to be boxing up the light reading type books today. The sheer volume of volumes is somewhat reduced. I can sort of get around in here and that is nice. Someone else can be amused by these books. I am keeping some books, those useful potentially professionally, and some that have been in the family for a very long time.

Friday, August 11, 2006


Horny toad

Horny toad
Originally uploaded by Specklet.

This reminds me of a Horned Toad I encountered in New Mexico, when I was a teenager, just out of High Schooll. Note the look of disgust on it's face, lizards do NOT like us humans!



Izetbegović Tomb Blown Up

Second story on Izetbegović Tomb Bombing

Serbs Charge Wartime Bosnian Leader With War Crimes on Basis of Film

Tihić says Republika Srpska Will Not Survive

I don't think there ever should have been two 'entities' in BiH in the first place. It's caused problems for the re:integration of the Serb population and for the re:integration of Muslim returnees who before the war lived in places like Srebenica. It's caused problems for Serb returnees to areas which are now in the Muslim-Croat Federation too. It hasn't made for progress. Progress as far as I'm concerned would be jobs, not distributed on any ethnic/religious basis, one police service, one army one government.

Not Balkans related but important, I hope Sean inSanity and Rush Limburger are having their minions read this. Note it's an 'overground' non blog news source, I know those guys hate CNN but it's still an overground source.

Tip Leading to Arrests Came from British Muslim Community

Ethnic Albanians Convicted of War Crimes

So Now Will Karadzić and Mladić be Renting Police Personel and Assets Legally?

Yes I was editorializing in my choice of headline, but it makes my point, the police were for rent in Serbia one way or the other anyway. Maybe having it be an open matter isn't a bad idea.

Thursday, August 10, 2006


Tarkan does a gasoline ad or perhaps a car ad, I like him better without the silly red mohawk!

Severina - Turbo Folk Stikla (Animation)

Thought I'd put something ridiculous to cheer us all up, this is ridiculous...

Srebrenica deveti dio (zadnji dio)

ninth part, last part

Srebrenica osmi dio

eighth part

Srebrenica sedmi dio

seventh part

Srebrenica genocid sesti dio

Sixth part

Srebrenica genocid peti dio

fifth part

Srebrenica genocid treci dio

third part

Srebrenica genocid drugi dio

this is part two of the seris



Terror Plot

Hand Luggage Not Allowed on Police Advice

I'm sitting here wondering how the Hell business travelers are going to manage with out laptops, and how the Hell people are supposed to go about their business when they travel, with this sort of thing going on. People already have too many hassles in traveling.

In the last hour the Threat Level has gone from Orange to Red. Apparently the specific explosive matierials can be liquid or a foam that visually resembles shaving cream, and worse yet, neither are easy to detect with the usual means of detecting explosives.

There has been more on NPR, apparently nail polish remover and hydrogen peroxide are among the possible ingrediants for this liquid explosives, and apparently nitro-glycerin which is volatile but easily concealed. Of course the ban on liquids includes things people may have purchased in the SECURE area of the airport, and that is causing understandable resentments.

Balkans News:

Mass Grave with Victimes of Ustaša Discovered

Sofia to London Flight Cancelled Due to Terror Threat

Barr Confirms Pliva Bid

Croatia has less unemployment

Trafficked Women Rescued

Fisherman in Bulgaria Hooks a Mine

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