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Monday Morning

Delic Trial

Breaking Point Reached Over Srebenica

Commemoration of 12 Anniversary of Srebenica Massacre

Montenegro urged to keep up hunt for war crimes suspects\ACQDJON200707090947DOWJONESDJONLINE000267.htm&selected=9999&selecteddisplaysymbol=9999&StoryTargetFrame=_top&mkt=WORLD&chk=unchecked&lang=&link=&headlinereturnpage=

"The fact that Djordjevic was able to hide in Montenegro during a long time without being detected, and with the false name of Karadzic, is something that must be avoided," Del Ponte said.

Now that is a tidbit I didn't know about Djordjevic's arrest!

The World's Worst Airlines

We note that two Kazakh airlines are high on this list, but mostly the Congo comes off badly.

Why am I so un-surprised?

'This is no life!' Gypsies in Belgrade

In fairness to Serbia, Gypsies don't have a good life anyplace in Europe.

Bid to arrest C.I.A. rendition team splits German government

And just one more thing...I saw this in Metafilter, the spelling isn't terribly Dutch, it looks like Balkans Ladino to me, Ladino is the Spanish dialect used by Sephardic Jews. In Sarajevo a Jewish run charity called 'La Benevelencija' did a lot of good work to try to help people and I like the concept they are using here, there is a need for the same idea in the U.S. frankly, and the Middle East for that matter. God bless the work!

Radio La Benevelencija

And just a minute, I need to mention something else..
I want to commend Blogger for having the auto-save, it just saved me from committing worse blasphemy than I already have committed. I had a thorough screen freeze but thanks to Blogger, my post is alright! :)

I promise you I'll leave you alone after this one... well for today anyway....


Yesterday a friend of mine invited me on a short road-trip to the Tri-Cities. She was looking at a truck, and basically just wanted to have some company besides her very nice baby. We got there to look at the truck, and she went with the guy to give it a test drive, while I sat in the shade of a lantern tree with the baby, popping lantern tree seed pods to entertain her. After a bit they came back and we got to meet the guy's girlfriend, we all introduced each other, turned out the guy's girlfriend's former boyfriend, the father of her kid was a Bosnian Croat guy, so she had picked up some of the language. We chatted away and cracked jokes, and had a generally pleasant conversation about our favorite Balkans delicacies. It was too bad to leave. They were nice people. Probably my friend is going to buy that truck, because it does run well and only needs minor repairs.

I'm not sure what to make of that article on Srebrenica. The writer, Vogel, seems to be just as stubborn as he accuses Dodik and Siladjek of being. The sentence where he describes issues as having been "settled at Dayton" is quite telling.
This is T.K. Vogel who sometimes writes over at East Ethnia.
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