Sunday, December 21, 2008


Seclusion Rooms

Hat tip to my daughter who is a young mother of usually RULEY children. I was shocked govnoless to see this! Even in fascist states and under communisim this didn't happen!

I can't believe anyone would do that! Some unruley kids can be a danger, in which case they need to be in special school settings. I was once damn near killed in a classroom by a young girl who had mental issues. This happened in my junior high in San Francisco. The school should have been sued silly by my parents. Still, a seclusion room isn't the answer, correct counseling IS. I am sorry to hear from my daughter that seclusion rooms are in use in the Yakima School district. I am ashamed to see this going on in my country ANYPLACE!

If a kid has mental health related behavioral issues by all means get them to a psychologist or psychoanalyst, but NOT in a kiddie jail cell!

Thursday, December 18, 2008


The nasty facts of internet connectivity

I am up and down on the net of late, the only SURE at all times way on is at the college and they are on vacation. So I must rely on the WiFi. My son sent me an adaptor, and I can sort of get on sometimes. I need something parabolic to attach the adaptor to. I will get such an item, one way or the other, and it will work out. I mean I did get on for a bit this morning. The problem is that the YVCC signal is really really weak except for the secured network. The secured network is only for college employees. There is a student network medjuvrijeme.

I am learning to use Windows Movie Maker. I have been dinking around with that the last two days, just because. It's rather fun. I did some clips of my grandkids before, and then of my housemate's little girls, doing silly things, cheerleading for example.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Quiet day in t he Yakima Gulag

I hope to have a post for our readers about two Afghan young ladies who are studying here in the Yakima area. They are giving a talk and showing a film tonight. I have a lot of respect for them as brave young ladies.

Afghanistan is still a big mess, and it will take decades to make things right there again, or even something resembling right.

My housemates put up the Christmas tree. I kind of stayed out of the way since I had stomach trouble again. the kids were pretty excited by the whole thing. It looks lovely!

It's been icy of mornings, when I come to the college I notice that they have salted the walkways. I saw a big salt truck the other day when I took my house-mate S.'s little girl to school. The cat is huge. Saw on T.V. a small pug dog and a cat fighting over a treat, they reminded me of Satchel and Bucky of 'Get Fuzzy!' so much! I mean it was so funny!
If you aren't reading 'Get Fuzzy!' you should be!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


News Linx

If people knew the history behind St. Nicholas, they'd understand it's not just a bunch of Muslims getting all cranky.... anyway, Christmas isn't about "Santa Claus' if it isn't about Jesus, then forget it!

and of course the hunt for Mladic goes on...

oh and probably the BEST Mladic speculation ever (as in most fun disinformation...?)

I am tired a lot lately. My housemate S. is still not feeling well. Today though is a beautiful day, and I think the tree is going to go up today. I hope so. It would be a good thing.

Not that I am that into these Christmas things, but it is nice for the children. The kitty has been more playful, I played with her the other night and she was so funn. We watched vidoes and there were a cat and dog that reminded me of Satchel and Bucky of 'Get Fuzzy' You have to read 'Get Fuzzy' if you aren't already doing so, especially lately since Bucky has founded Buckyvania.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Happy Id to my Muslim readers!

So it is Id Kurban, I hope those of my readers who are Muslim are enjoying this day with their family and frieends :)

Monday, December 08, 2008


Not very Christmasy I admit, but


after dragging around Wal*Mart all mornign whatdaya expect! :) Seriously, I checked for some componants I need for access to WiFi at home, wrong stuff thank God I didn't buy it! :)I did not expect to still be having this problem! I mean usually if you have some idea what you need to get, you are on your way to fixed? right? NO!
anyway, at least I know what to look for. I really don't want to order online if I can help it, waiting, mailboxes jada jada jada...

Friday, December 05, 2008


Recovering...and what has happened to OTC flu meds...

O.K. suggestions to use brandy or rakija haven't been taken, because our household has gone completely dry. This is because one member is a recovering alchololic. Even alcohol in medicines is being avoided for this reason.

I went flu med shopping and it was a travesty! I am realy rather pissed off if you want the truth. I usually get NyQuil, it's a witches brew involving a bunch of stuff that shouldn't go together, but it worked. Unfortunately they have tinkered with the formula. I don't mind that it doesn't have alcohol anymore, big deal. I'd rather just go get that stuff straight if you know w hat I mean nd I think you do! I don't think it is fair to put SACCARIN and ASPERTAME in it and sometimes SORBITOL. These are artificial sweetners which o.k. if you are diabetic fine, I feel your pain, fake sugar is better than nothing. What pisses me off is these OTC remedies are placed in with the remediies for NON-diabetics! I can't have any of the artificial sweetners. Sorbitol gives me like non-stop runs odmah, Aspertame is a knonw migraine trigger and very bad for me and Sacharin has been studied as a possible cause of birth defects. O.K. I am too old to have kids so that isn't an issue for me, not anymore, Aspertame the jury is still out on whether it causes birth defects or not. Sorbitol is in the I personally don't know catagory. ALL of the mare freakishly disgustingly bitter substances. They are really AWFUL tasting. I tore thr4ough the cold -flu remedy shelves and finally I decided to check the KIDS section. I got some Children's NyQuil. It has no Tyelenol, it has no asprin, (sometimes I can't take asprin, stomach problems...) and no alcohol. I noted as well NO artificial sweetners! Now I should NOT have in that state HAD to go through all that! I got two bottles. It turns out this is a good thing, I am in decent shape, my ears even feel pretty good now. *(back to this later) the housemate who should not drink has come down with whatever I had. He is not a big one for going to the doctor. So I told him he could use that medicine if need be. Anywy, I have been off the net a good bit lately just because of not feeling well. Ivan the Terrible Minister of Technology has sent me a USB WiFi adapter, I just need the other stuff. Then maybe I can go online from home! WHEEEE!

I did some sandalwood oil in them and it broke up the infection in a fast hurry. Not everyone can tolerate direct application of essential oils, some people have allergies, but sandalwood oil has bsen clinically tested and will knock out staph infections. So I figured it was worth the risk since I already have some on hand. It's used to prevent wrinkles (that's how it's used in India) I t hink wrinkles in some casea are an infective process. I note them after some forms of acne, so I have used sandalwood oil or powder for that, depending which I had.

Monday, December 01, 2008



I have been recovering from the flu, and it is no fun. OtC meds on my list of shit never to take again, Theraflu, has aspartame, which i just found out blows up! and Alkaselzer cold and flu, has SACCHARIN! YUCK! it wasn't even int the diabetic cold care stuff! WTF!? So I feel bad. bit ce bolj malo po malo.

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