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Pyramid Update

I wish the author of this article had bothered to read YGLG, because the back story on this wasn't very complete. As well it is pretty close to blasphemy at the end of the article, God can do anything He pleases! Has it occured to anyone that maby the reason God doesn't do many straight lines might be that perhaps He just doesn't LIKE them?

Balkans to get visa freedom 'Only if they reform'

Serbian army, KFOR cooperate well

And a follow-up to the sad story of the Bulgarian and Palestinian health care workers:

Quiet, Libya has an AIDS problem

Yesterday a friend and I were supposed to go to a concert at Seasons, then I went to another friend's home for lamb curry (mmmmm!) and where I got a call from the friend who had invited me to the concert, she'd fallen from a ladder doing some work in her yard and didn't feel too wonderful, so she said she couldn't take me. I don't drive so going by myself wasn't practical. I just hope she'll be o.k.!

I will e-mail her later to see how she's doing, or call, it worries me that she fell.

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