Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Tuesday and taking it easy...

Mladić aid refuses to cooperate with the court


Serbia elects ombudsman


Electing and ombudsman is a good step, and this site has a lot of news, so it's nice to find it.

'Dracula Castle' on the market...again


As if we cared!

This is what the second or third time it's been on the market? The guy was supposed to be so happy to get it back...Well I suppose he saw the HORRENDOUS heating bills, hard to get enough servants, the tourists paying to get in just don't cover the expenses....

Well yesterday, two potential buyers came to look at my house, a Mexican-American couple, and a guy who had two charming little girls. They had a good look around. These were nice people, but now I'm ready to hear some offers. People have been traipsing through here for almost a month now.
People do seem to like the hard-wood floors, the nice early 20th century light fixtures in the dining area and in one bedroom, the HUGE basement, the built in closet, and the big yard.
They like the roses too. I don't blame them, those roses are special. That devious tough one that is in bondage by the garage has broken loose from one set of wires, and has sent a branch in the general direction of the garage roof. I need to go confine that branch again. That rose is so tough!

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