Sunday, August 29, 2010


Serbian Testical Cook-Off


Although, 'The Balkans Erotic Epic' this is not...

This was on 'Gawker' and quite funny.

I highly recommend the comments, one person mistook Siberia for Serbia.

A friend informed me that Milenko Krstic, formerly from someplace near
Zvornik got a fine, probation, and a court order to seek counseling
for PTSD. Some 100 friends and family were in the courtroom. This all
took place in Beaverton, Oregon. He is 53, and the father of the first
foreign-born Miss Oregon.

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Monday, August 23, 2010


Mobilni Post

The Mothers of Srebenica are going to sue former ICTY Prosecutor Carla
Del Ponte. She allowed the destruction of evidence from mass graves,
items such as ID cards, articles of clothing.

The excuse was that these items were deteriorating and could not be
preserved. The families of the victims are very angry about the whole

It is the families who have the right to decide what happens to the
personal effects of their murdered loved ones.
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Saturday, August 21, 2010


Rest and More Rest:

I am taking care of the dogs at my daughter's place. There are her
two, Ginger and Mojo, and a guest dog, Roxy. She is sort of charcoal
gray. These bigger dogs are more obedient. They have actually been
playing together very nicely.

It is cooler today but about time to put on the air conditioning.

I really can suffer from heat. Basically I have had heat stroke
pretty badly a couple of times so I stay in as cool surroundings as

It is relatively cool where I live now. I have a room in a basement,
but it even got a little warm.

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Thursday, August 19, 2010


Let's See if This Works

Or if like I gotta say 'Curses! Foiled again!'

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Herking Massive Update:

Gooody goody gum drop! I get to play with the big box! It is not mine, it is my friend's. I have been using a netbook, it still is alive but it hates newer encryption codes apparently and we have all given up. Waiting for a Deus Ex Machina to solve that one. . . or for when I get into the place ultimately I am going to. Which ever comes first. The move from the old place went smoothly. I survived, so did everyone else. One fellow may not have regular housing yet. I hope he does soon. I at least am blessed with really good friends.

I am pretty pleased with where I am. It is quiet, and I am welcome for as long as it needs to be. It could be awhile. I need ground floor. The ankles.

My friends are out for dinner. They are going to eat baby octopi and some other Chinese type things.

I find a Chinese place a minefield of stuff I can't eat now. The stomach trouble can kick up if I am not careful. So I don't mind being home.

The Cordoba House controversy is making me fairly angry. I realize most Americans are NOT at all aware of the long history of Muslims in the U.S. You lucky readers of my blog will get something few get, a link that can help you know what it is:

Balkans Muslims in particular are part of the hidden and unwritten history of the United States. The place of Muslims in the population of people enslaved from Africa has long been recognized by many Americans. We can thank Alex Haley for that.

Balkans Muslims and Melungeons however have had little real press. Albanian Muslims have a long presence in the United States, Algerian and Morrocan Arab and Berber Muslims have a long presence in the United States.

Read the part of this link that covers the history of New York State in particular and you will know why these wanna bes piss me off so badly.

I hope they build the biggest giganto mega mosque in New York. No seriously, the push against it is un-Constitutional and un-American.

In Europe the Muslims are the new Jews. In the United States Muslims are replacing the Communists as boogiemen. Tiresome as Hell to hear them go on and on about it on CNN. Look, if the Jewish Defense League can handle Cordoba House being there, the rest of us need to C.H.I.L.L.!

I have only been able to use my used 2G iPhone for accessing the net most of the time. So until technical issues here are resolved, or I move, expect to hear less of me. At least until I figure out mobile blogging. The set up I tried from Blogger did not work so well for me. It ran me around in circles. I usually am calmer but I got very un-chill trying to deal with it.

I probably will be on more as things settle down. This computer belongs to my friend, it is upstairs, and it can get too chaotic up here with 2 dogs, 7 cats, and so forth. They all want to play with me. :)

Not that I object, but it can break concentration when you are blogging. This may get a lot less linky and a lot more commentary for a bit. It is major work to access everything that I need to put up here to do the news function any sort of justice.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Ramzan Mubarak to my Muslim Readers!

Friday, August 06, 2010


Yes,take a holiday from your blog, if you dare to you will be invaded by Japanese and Russian Spamslugs!

Ah yes , between making malinova, seeing my son and younger sister and preparing for the move which is to be by next week, I was not on here a lot. Sorry about that. Life happens. I will miss this house a lot, I will miss the housemates, and the raspberry pants, the charming bees which visit our garden, and the birds. The place is in chaos as we all get ready. I ended up with some new things, like dishes and pots and pans. I had little need of such things before. I am on a waiting list for a housing complex for people over 55. Iam number 3 on the list. It will take some time. Meanwhile, I will live in the basement of some friends. I will be ok for the Winter. I looked at one place downtown but it was too expensive, and there are even other downtown places which are cheaper and larger for the price.
It has been quite hot in the Yakima Gulag. Smoke from the fires in Wennatchee and B.C. has hit me kind of hard. I don't go out more than necessary.

My son gave me used iPhone, and I have been learning to use it. I really like the fact I can lie down comfortably and go online. There are times I am really tired and don't want to sit up. Especially if it has been hot.

It was all a bit like the Oprah show, look under your seats.... the same friend who gave my son the used iPhone he gave me, gave him a slightly newer one, and the friend's wife gave my son's girlfriend a used iPhone too. I have not figured out how to post here from the iPhone though. My netbook is going to be a part of my life for some time to come. :).

I got advice from my son that fixed the connectivity problems too. I had bought a couple gel packs for taking things to eat with me if I am on bus rides, and he said use them to cool the router and then put a fan on the router. So I did that and things have gone better since. The router was as hoot as a $3 pistol.

Now I am not fighting so hard to get online.

All that was not why I stopped by though. Haris Pasevic in Sarajevo has donea wonderful play about fudbal. He was interviewed on CNN International's 'World View' and it was worth seeing the interview. I am sure the play is good. The report was from Hayat TV.

It has been pretty rainy in the Balkans of late. Betterr than burning up like Russia. I feel for the Russian people suffering like that. The smoke looks miserable. I was in Ketchum for their big fire and it hurt my nose and eyes nonstop. It was nothing like as bad as what Moscow looks like..

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