Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Last day of February, lotta stories..

Brits to pull all troops from BiH

Wrong place to pull the troops from...wrong timing....

Bosnian Serbs Appologize for War Crimes

News > Story
Serbia makes new arrests for Kosovo killings

From over the date-line so I was like 'huh?' for a minute there! :)

Bosnian Serb Police Warns Potential Supporters Of War Criminal

Bosnia to sell a majority stake in its sole aluminium plant, Aluminij Mostar


Bosnian Health Ministry Warns Against Surgery in Pakistan

I had no idea that the 'medical outsourceing' had gone that far! Pakistan has produced a lot of good doctors, I should know! Mostly they are in the States or the U.K.! :) Doctors are an export product of the Sub-Continent. .. Can we all say 'Brain Drain'?

Serbia's liberals propose parliamentary resolution apologizing for Bosnian massacre

Serbia Condemned,,2023423,00.html

Gunman opens fire on Kosovo's telecom chief, no injuries

Serbs protest over Kosovo status

Serbia wants to guard it's Kosovo churches

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Better Late than Never!

Genocide Ruling Politcially Motivated

Belgrade demands increased jurisdiction for Serb municipalities in Kosovo-Metohija

BiH papers put brave face on ruling

The rest of this article is behind a pay-wal

Strange ruling

I don't agree with this guy, just wanted to show you something here

Comment: Lies of the vigilantes,,2022969,00.html

If you don't think the ruling emboldened people who should not be emboldened, read the next story...

Serbs tell America: Hands off Kosovo

Has the Bosnia verdict ‘closed a chapter’ in history?

Can Srebrenica ruling benefit Turkey on Armenian issue?

The answer is whether anyone likes it or not, probably yes...

Thousands of Bosnians protest UN court ruling

Dismay and Jubilation Over Hague Court Judgment


When dogs fly...

this dog seems to like weightlessness, how many people get doggy kisses in mid-air? c'mon? how many?

I started some kvas last night. I've never made it before. My mother used to make it to make soup with, and to drink, but my step father didn't like it, and it takes some effort to make and she was too busy with her writing, so she didn't make it again when I was bigger, meaning I didn't get shown how to make it, meaning I had to get a recipe off the internet, I just picked one for black bread kvas that sounded close to what she said she used to do, and proceeded. So far it looks like all is going well.
I have some big three liter bottles that soda came in for the second stage of the operation, which should take place this evening.
I've decided to not have as much soda, but plain water isn't always what I want, kvas does involve yeast and fermentation but it contains very little or no alchol, so it's a good alternative and it's way lower in sugar than soda. In short a nice compromise between having a beer or having a soda. It smells like it'll taste nice.
I'll be back later with some real news. This is going to be a busy day for me.

Monday, February 26, 2007


U.N. Decision on BiH Genocide Case

Proffessor Gordy was right on the money on this one. To be honest about this I can't say I'm happy about the ruling. I do feel that if there's a responsibility to prevent something then there is guilt. Sorry but if I have a slippery step and someone falls because of it, who is in trouble? I am! I am going to be the one who has to call my insurance company and see to the hospital bills. Alright someone falling on my steps is hardly genocide, but I would have a responsiblity to keep them de-iced and my failure makes me financially and morally liable. I do not think it is fair to try people for genocide and then let the very governments that set up the atmosphere and logistics for genocide go unaccountable. I am fairly sure that many in Bosnia Hercegovina would have the same opinion. So if Serbia isn't guilty of genocide according to this decision but failed to prevent it, then it is guilty. What is this lame assed stuff? Just goes to show you how useless the U.N. can be!

Of course if someone attacks Serbs in a genocidal manner the perpetrators can point to this decision! So Serbia's people should not rest easy over this decision either.
It is a compromise to save money and feelings but it won't in the future do what should happen, it won't save lives, it won't give pause to future leaders.

Mixed Ruling from U.N. Court on Genocide Case,_i_rssPage=7c485a38-2f7a-11da-8b51-00000e2511c8.html

Reuters on same story,_i_rssPage=7c485a38-2f7a-11da-8b51-00000e2511c8.html

Sesejl, regional Balkan court, KLA.


Sunday, February 25, 2007


Check THIS Out!

Thurmanond Family Owned Sharpton Family

File under OMFG! ! !


The People Want Diversion Diversion is Good!


Inquiring Minds Want to Know....

Warning: Fairly graphic language, I don't advise reading this article after a meal, no swears but some description that may upset sensitive people.

Who is killing Putin's critics?,,2019157,00.html


Snowy Sunday

Genocide Decision Soon

Arrested Bulgarian Muslim Leader 'No Muslim Fundamentalism in Bulgaria

More on case here

Alleged Croatian Assassin Kidnapped in Bulgaria

File under Kultur! :)

Bridging the great Balkan divides with music

Thanks Metafilter! :)

Is the Administration’s new policy benefitting our enemies in the war on terrorism?
Issue of 2007-03-05
Posted 2007-02-25

Yesterday I went out to see 'An Inconvenient Truth' the Al Gor movie on Global Warming. I have NO argument that climate change is real, I hadn't realized it was in fact this extreme. I still am not 100% sure the cause is human. That is not to say that humans should not curbe emissions, whe should do that for the sake of our lungs and keeping things clean regardless of our opinions on global warming. I believe we are answerable before the Almighty for our care of His gift to of us, Planet Earth, that we should treat our surroundings with respect. I felt like the film was very boring and dry, but very informative too. It's hard sometimes to give a huge amount of information and make it interesting. Al Gore in fact is a good speaker, I have heard him speak before, years and years ago. He's capable of whipping up a crowd, and they don't have to be crazy about him for him to do it. Afterwards my friend that I went with and I, went to her home and hung out, and it was late, so I stayed the night, and she dropped me off at home, then my son-in-law and the kids came to take me to church, my daughter works Sundays, she took a break to join us, she looks positively elegant in her baker's whites! I had to take my little grandson to the special room for noisy little ones. He was fascinated by the way the sound came in, he was looking for the speakers. Then when the priest began the Lord's Prayer, he wanted to go be with his mother and father and sister to give the Sign of Peace, so I took him back out. I figured that if he learned that noisy people have to be elsewhere, he may behave better. He's only 3, as long as he's quiet and doesn't clamber, we all just deal with it, it's only when he gets rambuncious that I'd do such a thing. The kids are very good at church basically. It does however take three grownups to every two kids! :)

Saturday, February 24, 2007


Correction: Snowy Saturday!

Global Warming my @&$!


Soggy Saturday

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Amnesty International calls for impartial investigation into death of human rights defender

This is a really awful case, not only was a man killed, but the killers seriously injured his daughter, and it's pretty obvious that why it happened had to do with human rights.

NATO Commander Pledges Firm Response To Violence In Kosovo\ACQDJON200702241022DOWJONESDJONLINE000388.htm&selected=9999&selecteddisplaysymbol=9999&StoryTargetFrame=_top&mkt=WORLD&chk=unchecked&lang=&link=&headlinereturnpage=

Talks on new Serbian government did not start because of DPS: DP PM candidate

Kosovo could erupt amid talks impasse

Ataka party lives up to it's name

I've been watching their trajectory with great misgivings. I do not like where this is going.

We have rain here, and the weather services always mention some chance of snow or other. The fact is that real snow hasn't been back for a bit, we have had flurries, I know because I've been out and about in them, but no real snow.
Sorting through old stuff as I de-junk the place, and I found many old articles on the war in BiH in old New Yorker magazines, old Newsweek and old Time magazines. These date to long before I had any close ties to anyone from BiH, and long before I knew my family had some Bosnian ancestry. The war upset me back then enough that I kept them through as many as four moves.

Friday, February 23, 2007


Joe Bob says 'Check it Out!

an episode of one of the best shows on Canadian T.V. 'Little Mosque on the Prairie'

Little Mosque on the Prairie

By hte way the theme music for this show is wonderful! I think this was one of the best episodes so far, there were mistakes made about the Christians as well as the Muslims religions, so maybe they need an Anglican to act as a consultant...


Free Range Chicken in the Yakima Gulag!?!

So I call Trinity to let her know I found more 'W' magazines and Interviews for her, and she was out with Scarlele, and Scarlele had to brake suddenly, she became an honorary Bosnian at that moment because she braked for get this ....chickens are really freerange there, and people are decent enough to brake for them. I saw this with my own eyes.
you ready for this ....
a black and white ROOSTER,,, for those of you in Rio Del, a rooster is a male CHICKEN!

I asked for a more complete description of events, Scarlele told me the chicken was flying around North 16th Ave, and came smacking into the windshield, he then hit the street, then ran for the sidewalk, apparently not in bad shape considering...Scarele said she would not be surprised if this was a game cock, they are prettier of course than chickens who are not used for fighting.


Freezy Friday

Tip leads to serial killer

Former Croatian General Sought in Massive Diamond Theft

Don't blame me for the CS Monitor's lame headline

Serbian Press Seeks Jail for Women Peace Activists Who Advocate Independence for Kosovo

Serbs Face Tough Choice as Kosovo Independence Looms

Poland Supports Croatia for N.A.T.O. Membership

Romania will have a high share of alternative energy

Honey is good for you!

So i"m waiting for the modern clinical studies on mead, menwhile bees in the U.S. are in trouble, there's some awful disease hitting Amrerican bees and whole hives are dying. I hate when that happens. Bees are so cool. Even if they didn't make honey they are cool.

American in rape case in Iraq gets life

I personally think he should have been in front of the firing squad. Guys who do the sorts of things these guys did make it harder on their fellow soldiers.

In Croatian only, basic story is that these two are living in the streets rather than be apart. The woman's mother threw her out of the house because of the boyfriend.

Romeo i Julija s Gripa
vole se i žive u kanalu

U.N. Court to rule on genocide case

Ethnic intricacies of police work in BiH

Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum!

Serbia, Croatia Adopt Military Cooperation Plan

Kosovo Albanian leader to be tried in Hague, urges calm

Serbia in political crisis over Kosovo blame game

Thursday, February 22, 2007


Black Box #5

Well I got myself to the Black Box and it wasn't as crowded a room as last year, neither in terms of contestants or audience. Over all the contestants had really good poems, especially some guys I've never seen before, and one who has read before had a new poem that was really very good. Dustin, keep up the good work, you are getting better all the time. Ms. Gottlieb was excellent, and last year's Stephanie Gilmore did excellently. I did not know she never writes stuff down, after an incident of losing some work, also the nurse poet, she was wonderful.
I read one o f my poems, Graves, and it was decently recieved. Mr. Fuzie read some very entertaining poems between things, again he's good but this was better than last year. If you weren't there you missed out. Melanie read something rather nice too. I kind of let her know it was the best of the lot she brought. I'm glad she picked it to read.
Much to my joy, the poetry was actually poetry, not preachments, yes religion was involved, but it was done in the RIGHT way, which pleased me. I don't even feel bad about not making second round, the ones who did were totally deserving and the winner was too! Had the pleasure of meeting her parents and grandparent, so that was good too.
In short I feel like I got better than my $2.00 worth!
Since last year I had stomach trouble and had to leave early, I decided it would be best to not eat before the event, I got home hungry so I made some soup out of cabbage and jerky, sort of a soup for one type of thing only not out of a can. It's good and I feel better.
Trinity of Goth Barbie couldn't come, she has a relative who is very ill right now. I had a fairly busy day and I'm tired.


Hey Snow Up the Wenas!

Murder Suspect in New York Slaying Arrested in Montenegro,2933,253716,00.html?

What is unusual about this case is the age of the suspect. This is like something out of a vampire novel. The headline is deceptive, it should read 'Serial Killing Suspect' not 'Mass Murder Suspect'

East Ethnia already linked this but for those of my readers who for some inexplicable reason don't read East Ethnia, here's some info from 'Neretva Observer' about the lawsuit against the Dayton Accords, apparently they violate the rights of two key groups in Bosnia-Hercegovina, the rights of Jews, no longer a numerous ethnic group but a group that should have some rights, and people who were born of mixed ethnicity marriages, a considerable group in BiH! BiH had out of all the ex-Yu countries the greatest number of mixed ethnicity marriages. As well mixed people are the future of the country as far as I'm concerned. Depriving either Jews or mixed people of a chance at high electoral office IS a violation of human rights, and it is stupid. Note, there's some annonymous official who said some really stupid things about how Jews are so powerful in BiH. Jews are not numerous in BiH, huge numbers of the community died in the Holocaust, and it's not a wealthy community either.
Anti-Semitism is so stupid. I wish people would please get with the
21st century!

Does the Dayton Accord Violate Human Rights?

'Hey Snow up the Wenas!'
That's what a caller to the local radio station said. The Wenas for those of you not from the Yakima Gulag is a town and river and people say 'goin' up the Wenas' it's pronounced 'weenass' so you can see why this might be funny to us. For the record it was like an inch of snow and we may get snow in town too, last thing I need but my snow shovel is handy and I have de-icer. I found some batteries for my Quazar pen! YEAH! I love that thing, it gives multicolored light and I use it if I am out at night and have to cross a street, since the changing lights tend to slow people down. I should post video taken in the dark of what this changing light looks like.
Tonight is the famed 'Black Box Poetry Slam' of course the intelligence services of the Yakima Gulag will be able to report on this.

More details on previous story

Sort of a 'Mind Improvement' Story

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Prodi gave up his job for Lent!

and in honor of that fact, since he thinks Slavs are so bloodthirsty.....

Prodi Resigns over Foreign Policy


Ash Wednesday

Democratic party official urges formation of new Serbian government

Sanader's Stuff

I think the map with the article might be in need of an update, it shows borders which include Montenegro.

Police Sting Serbian "education Mafia"

Muslim-Croat Federation Part of Bosnia-Hercegovina Forms Parliment

Serbs and ethnic Albanians deadlocked on UN roadmap

Not helpful behavior. Why do people insist on shooting themselves in the foot?

KLA says it did Kosovo blast

About Iraq not the Balkans, just to show you the quality of debate on withdrawal from Iraq. There are some important differences between Iraq and the Balkans. The Balkans were at war and there was a long delay before a very unwilling international intervention. was made, it was the other way around in the case of Iraq. In the Balkans whether anyone likes to admit it or not, the intervention did end the worst of the violence, in Iraq, things have actually gotten worse since the invasion. The Balkans conficts did produce a refugee problem which affected neighboring nations, and the U.S. to some extent, it is NOTHING to the refugee problem that has been caused with Iraq. As well, the Balkans refugees tend to go home again, if we in the U.S. get a huge influx of refugees from Iraq, it's going to produce some big cultural changes here, and be a lot more people, who are going to stay because they won't be able to go home. Iraq is not likely to make a good recovery anytime soon. There's some hope that things will calm down in the Balkans despite the stuff going on in Kosovo. There's a lot of angry, sad and bitter people, but I think more motivation to keep the peace than in Iraq.

Is Iraq turning into Yugoslavia?,0,1077269.column?coll=la-opinion-center

Tuesday, February 20, 2007



NATO raids homes of Karadzic's son and daughter

Serb 'turn to Russia' on Kosovo could have price

Explosion damages three U.N. vehicles in Kosovo

Magnate with Milosevic ties faces deportation

Turkish NGOs slam UN plan for Kosovo

Global public rejects ‘clash of civilizations’

As do I, I think the whole 'clash of civilizations' ideology is stupid, and a ploy.

Bulgarians will be able to travel visa free to Mexico


Hitler image on sugar packets in Croatia probed

Two Croats, One Montenegrin Kidnapped in Nigeria

NATO raids homes of Karadzic's son and daughter

Serb 'turn to Russia' on Kosovo could have price

Explosion damages three U.N. vehicles in Kosovo

Magnate with Milosevic ties faces deportation

Turkish NGOs slam UN plan for Kosovo

Global public rejects ‘clash of civilizations’

As do I, I think the whole 'clash of civilizations' ideology is stupid, and a ploy.

Bulgarians will be able to travel visa free to Mexico


Hitler image on sugar packets in Croatia probed

Two Croats, One Montenegrin Kidnapped in Nigeria,23599,21255827-38200,00.html

Monday, February 19, 2007


This should upset any red blooded American

Arabic Translator Spy

Warning, this is the Daily Mail. Hope things don't get all razfukana because I posted it.

Romanian Priest gets 14 Years in Death of Nun in Strange Exorcism

It's too short a sentance, it should be 15 years, a year for every century to catch up to the 21st century.

Security Forces in Serbia Must be Purged in Order to Capture Mladić

I think that Serbia could make a far better case for hanging on to Kosovo if they'd catch
Mladić. I'm thinking though they feel so defeated on the Kosovo question that the element responsible for all Serbia's trouble are going to dig in their heels even more about Mladić.

Country Western Wasn't Always Right Wing Music

Sunday, February 18, 2007


Introducing the Book!

Some people really need help.. big tip of the sombrero to BoingBoing


Sunny Sunday too! :)

Judge in Romania demoted for use of witchcraft

Red Beret Commander Convicted

Part of an article in the Observer,,2012280,00.html

Stupid paywall.

HINA: Carla del Ponte says the Hague Tribunal not authoritative any more

Great! Just Great! All we need is another complication! NOT!

"Kosovo is in the heart of Montenegro" meeting

Talovic to be buried in Bosnia

Note that no one at the mosque actually knew him, and yes there was trouble at school. I was wrong about the nature of some of the trouble. I think the guy needed mental health treatment.

Travel Article on Dubrovnik

Kind of a funny article . . .

Well the soil isn't so frozen as before. There's actual mud, that is a sign of spring, and yesterday I saw the first box elder bugs of the year up and around. They show up early sometimes only to be zapped by some bad weather later. Weather forecasts still have snow mentioned. It's fairly cold first thing in the morning, but I actually got to air out my house yesterday and that's always a good thing.

Saturday, February 17, 2007


Sunny Saturday!

A commentary and series of replies in the Times Online

Serbian Men Seek Bulgarian, Romanian Brides

Although it looks like the preference is for Bulgarian ladies.

Serbia blasts U.N. Kosovo envoy, says his plan would be rejected by Security Council

It's lovely out today! The new garlic I planted is springing up nicely, and the roots of one of the bigger garlics I planted earlier have begun growing so there's five or six little plants coming along nicely. I like garlic leaves very much with fish, or cold meat, and it's no work at all to grow them. You take garlic cloves that have sprouted, and put them in potting soil, and give them a sunny window and water them, they'll do the rest. Once they get to be about the size of spring onions you get at the store they are ready to eat, and you harvest them and start all over.
It's kind of neat how well they do in winter, and given that fresh greens can be expensive in winter a nice supplement to one's diet.
I am going out later to do the monthly signing activity that we do here to protest the war here in the Yakima Gulag.
It's 2:30 pm downtown, to about 4pm on the third Saturday of every month, at the little park where the Jade Tree used to be, by the Larson Building.
Sunday from 12:00 to about 3 or 4 I forget which.
Last time the media from all four T.V. stations in the Yakima Gulag covered it. It was very cold last time, my feet were blocks of ice, but this time I don't think it's going to be so bad.
This time it's probably going to be fairly nice out.

Friday, February 16, 2007


Beware of the Scary Slovenians!

Can you imagine this? Slovenes were a target of the KKK? Why? Because the KKK doesn't like Catholics! joooooj a bit of Colorado history I did not know. Big tip of the sombrero to Metafilter.">KKK in Colorado was anti-Slav


Tired today...

Milosevic's militia commander convicted of political murders in Serbia

Danish teenager sentenced to 7 years in Bosnia-linked terror plot

Court sentences Bosnian Serb paramilitary leader to 34 years imprisonment for war crimes

EU Should Take Stronger Role In Bosnia, ICG Says

Bosnia unites to condemn its dozy chief overseer

Falling asleep during important meetings is NOT a good thing, especially not a good thing in a complicated place like BiH.

Amnesty International calls for full transparency in UNMIK inquiry into deaths of Mon Balaj and Arbën Xheladini

Yesterday I watched my grandkids so that my daughter and son-in-law could have a much needed night out with friends that didn't have to be a night out with kids. They haven't had such a night out since becoming parents.
The kids were totally charming, we watched 'Monster House' and 'Cars' and by my request, some Rocky and Bullwinkle. I was still watching when my daughter and son-in-law got home. I'm tired, but not unduely so. The kids played video games and really shared nicely too.

Yesterday I attended another lecture by Dr. Zontek about Afghanistan and the situation of women in Afghanistan. I did not know that women had taken upon themselves a lot of the work of de-mining in Afghanistan! I knew many facts of the situation of women in Afghanistan were worse than that of women in the Middle East.
Dr. Zontek has a theory that because the land of Afghanistan is so harsh, the carrying capacity of the land is so poor, that the harshness towards women and children is an effort to regulate population.
Regulating population by doing evil to people already born is evil, sorry plain evil. I don't have a problem with birth control, but ruining the lives of women and children just because...sorry I can't go there.
It's worth noting that Afghan women who are married spend most of their subsequent lives pregnant. Afghan women suffer a catastrophic level of deaths during childbirth, or shortly after. I can't help thinking that conditions are worse in modern times than in earlier eras of Afghan history. For example, what I've read of the place before the Soviet invasion suggests that while conditions for women were never very good, it wasn't like this.
War tends to disrupt more than infrastructure in a country, it nearly always worsens conditions for women and children. War is morally destructive to a country as well as physically destructive.

Thursday, February 15, 2007


World Wide Media Feeding Frenzy

Utah Shooter and Family were Survivors of Srebenica Siege,,30200-1251786,00.html?f=rss

BBC Story on Utah Mall Killer

Health Warning This is the Daily Mail

Daily Herald Story

Updates: This is totally NOT right! He should not be going home after abusing the system like that! SHAME!

Croat War Crimes Suspect Allowed Home Despite Partying and Ski Trips

Fear of Backlash among Utah Bosnians

Family in Bosnia describes Utah gunman as child of war and upheaval

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Feel the Love!

U.N. top cop in Kosovo sacked

Ethnic Albanian 'revolutionary' stirs up new wave of dissent in Kosovo

Foreigners inflamed Kosovo protest: UN

Utah mall shooter was a Bosnian refugee teen,1874,ABIL_7961_5351146,00.html

This is a young man who showed one of the first signs of trouble in young men, he did not usually leave his room. I have a feeling this was a severely depressed young man who had made a poor adjustment to life in America. It's very sad.

High school dropout's motive for shootings is mystery

February 13, 2007

None of the victims of Sulejman Talovic's killing spree appear to have known the 18-year-old immigrant from Bosnia.

That's unusual for murders. Police say most killers know their victims.

But nobody seems to have known Talovic. He had few, if any, friends in his adopted homeland.

And though his final violent steps through a historic downtown mall are becoming clear, his life and motive remain a mystery.

Neighbors rarely saw the lanky teen, who appeared as a loner and hermit to John Buddensick, who lives a half block away from the northwestern Salt Lake City home Talovic shared with his family, including several younger sisters.

"I'd see the girls all the time," Buddensick said. "But he never came out much. You just never really got to see him."

LaVonda Hardman has lived for 50 years across the street from the Talovic family house. Though Hardman said her neighborhood, near the state Fairpark, is filled with intensely private people, she thought she knew everyone - at least enough to recognize their faces.

"But I didn't know him," Hardman said. "I'd never seen a teenage boy at that home."

Other neighbors said Talovic rarely left his house. And Salt Lake City School District officials said that, after moving from school to school in their system, Talovic quit school shortly after his 16th birthday.

One neighbor said police cars arrived twice at Talovic's home in the past month, although police had no record of any arrests at the residence. A state courts spokeswoman said Talovic had no juvenile court record.

Talovic's parents, Suljo and Sabira, made no public comment on their son. The young man's aunt told reporters gathered outside her slain nephew's home that she was just as confused as anyone about his acts of violence.

"He was a nice boy," Ajka Onerovic said. "We want to know what happened, just like you guys."

Even those in Salt Lake County's Bosnian community professing to know the killer said they knew little about his life in the past few years.

Fehim Mutafic, a fellow Bosnian refugee who lived at the same apartment complex as the Talovics in 1999, recalled the shooter as "a good kid," though he had few specific memories of the boy, who was then about 11 years old.

Elvis Hadzialijagic, owner of Bosna restaurant in South Salt Lake, expressed shock and disbelief that the Trolley Square killer was from his homeland.

Most Bosnian refugees abhor violence, Hadzialijagic said. "We had enough of that."

About 3,100 Bosnians have found safe haven in Utah from the 1992-95 war, which left more than 200,000 people dead and more than 1 million homeless.

"That you would try to find a life somewhere else, and then take a gun and kill. . . . It's unbelievable," Hadzialijagic said.

Like many Bosnians interviewed by The Tribune - including a several who lived within blocks of the Talovic's home - Hadzialijagic didn't know the killer.

Police say the gunman met his first two victims in the parking lot, firing off two rounds as they fell.

"Die, motherf---," Talovic said to them, according to one witness.

(Distributed by Scripps Howard News Service,

The Rush Limbaugh show is doing a bit of the type of inflamatory nonsense that is no help in situations like this. Usually when you see a young person do this sort of thing in the U.S. it has NOTHING whatever to do with politics and EVERYTHING to do with what has been happening at school, which you note he dropped out of. What was going on that he dropped out? Most Bosnians are very education minded. I'm betting on a lethal combination of depression, school bullying, and culture shock. This was awful, bad and wrong but not an act of terror as such.

After I posted the above, I found this on Metafilter:

'Could I enjoy living in Salt Lake City?

I think part of the problem is that when refugees are resettled in the States, everyone means well and really wants to help, but there is not nearly the consideration there should be of the cultural differences and how a given community of refugees will react long term to a given community within the States.
I have Mormon friends and have lived in BiH, and I am here to tell you that there's a big cultural gap. This isn't to say it's a gap taht cannot be bridged.

Del Ponte Warns EU Against Resuming Cooperation Talks With Serbia

Kosovo Serbs, clerics urge government to dismiss U.N. Kosovo plan, Cabinet convenes

Bosnia police raid home, office in war crimes hunt

Tuesday, February 13, 2007



Jill's Burqa Journal

this person is an instructor at the Yakima Gulag People's Institute of Higher Re-Education.


I was looking all over for 'Pretty Dyana' because it got lost

Pretty Dyana


Foggy morning in the Yakima Gulag

Arrest warrant issued for former Serbian police commander linked to Kosovo war crimes

Kosovo: the Balkans’ last independent state
Marko Attila Hoare

Report: Mistakes made in Bosnia should serve as lessons for Kosovo

Commemoration of WWII massacres by Yugoslav partisans sparks Italy-Croatia spat

Bosnians protest E.U. visa system

Mayor of Tirana cries foul over nude pictures

Monday, February 12, 2007


Lincoln's Real Birthday!

Bosnian Serb Police Raid Alleged War Criminal Supporter's Bank

Putin Hints at Veto on Kosovo

Racan has cancerous left kidney removed

Kosovo Albanian Leaders Call for Calm After Deatsh

Bosnian Serbs Won't Accept International Court Verdict on Genocide Cases\ACQDJON200702120953DOWJONESDJONLINE000265.htm&selected=9999&selecteddisplaysymbol=9999&StoryTargetFrame=_top&mkt=WORLD&chk=unchecked&lang=&link=&headlinereturnpage=

Police search Kosovo extremist offices

Montenegro opens investigation against 12 former soldiers over alleged war crimes in Kosovo

Kosovo police minister resigns over deadly protest

TANJUG: Kosovo police and KFOR to enhance presence in Kosovo

Free Preview by Wall Street Journal

Bosnia Run by the Bosnians

Interesting NPR story on extremist Jews in Israel

Frankly, while I am DEFINATELY in favor of public modesty, I do not believe that violent behavior, or shaming behavior on the part of anyone, male or female furthers modesty, and certainly physical assault is UNCALLED for. As far as I'm concerned, I find the behavior of some of the men in this story no reprehensible. A woman's manner of dress is not an excuse for a man's misbehavior, whether that behavior is lustful, or violent.

I have been trying to explain to a number of my friends that religious extremism, and bad behavior based on religiously extremist beliefs is NOT repeat NOT limited to Muslims. I have been aware of the situation of the religiously extreme getting concessions that ordinary Israelis don't get, in terms of military service, etc for some time, and of them even stoning ambulances that showed up in their neighborhoods on the Sabbath. As well I have a problem with men not paying attention to liveliehood, with men making women go out and work so that they can for YEARS study Torah, while the mother of their family is out making a living. That is an exploitation. Unless a man falls physically ill or injured, I think women should be supported while raising children by the man, at the very least, there needs to be equal work for gain on the part of the man. I think men who spend too long on study and too little time on work become irresponsible, and giving someone who hasn't worked for a living headship of a family tends to be very disruptive, within the family, and socially. This situation is one of men having WAY too much free time.
As a Christian, I remember one charge against Jesus was that he healed someone on the Sabbath. There is a difference from being reasonably observant of one's religion, and being a Scribe or a Pharasee.
Jewish law is NOT the inflexible thing these men make it out to be, anymore than the Wahabbi-Salafi-Taliban view of Islamic law is correct. There should be and in fact is some middle ground. I think these separate special busses ought to be specially marked,so that people can avoid these situations, and to cost the same and definately they should NOT be the only transport between some areas.

Yesterday was my birthday, and it was a busy day, went to church with my daughter's family, stayed for the Ministry Fair at St. Joes, then was dropped off by Steve at the home of my friend Mr. Rupel to help with his Jack Rabbit Newsletter. This was a bigger job than usual, and there was a team that included many friends, so that was pleasant, then my daughter took me to her place for dinner, which was KFC, and sodas, and I got a Ghiradelli Chocolate tower, which is perfect, because I LOVE Ghiradelli! The birthday cake was a cheese cake, and I love cheese cake, so it was all perfect.

Sunday, February 11, 2007


Editor's Birthday Today

Two Injured in Yesterday's Kosovo Protests Died

More about Yesterday's Protests

Hundreds of Serbs Protest Kosovo Independance in Vienna

Bosnia challenges UN over police officers' dismissal

Bulgaria's Ethnic Turks Sure of Success in M.E.P. Vote

Your friendly editor is another year older today.

Saturday, February 10, 2007


Sorry I slept late.

Protests and riots aren't this orderly as in this training film anywhere. Love the totally cheezy Bollywood muzika!

50 Injured in Kosovo Riot

I don't like that rubber bullets were used, things definately got ugly here.

Home of Karadžić Supporter in BiH Searched

Reuters Video on

There will be a showing at YVCC of 'An Inconvenient Truth' the controversial Al Gore film on Global Warming. Again I agree that climate change is occuring, I have my doubts about how much is human caused and how much is caused by other factors. I also don't think it's fair that the U.S. should cut back on various fossil fuels if China and India don't. I think in fact the Chinese and Indian use of these fuels is one of the legit right wing arguments on this. Still I'm going and see the film and hope that others will too.

Community Announcement: YVCC will be showing the film, An Inconvenient Truth, in the YVCC Kendall Auditorium on Saturday (2/24) at 7:00 PM and Sunday (2/25) at 1:00 PM. It is free to the public and serves as a warm -up to a student-led symposium on global warming on the YVCC campus in Parker room of the Decio building on Wednesday evening 7:00 PM. At the symposium students will present aspects of the global warming in different formats to stimulate discussion on the issue. People are encouraged to attend both the film and the symposium.

The police sat outside my place for HOURS with their flashers on. What was up with that very much?

Friday, February 09, 2007


Late Upldates

New Bosnian Government Formed

8 U.S. Lawmakers Visit Kosovo

3 Croatian Generals to go on Trial at Hague Tribunal in May

Check Bosnia Vault, Carla DelPonte is urging an extension of the mandate for the Hague Tribunal.


Third Annivesary of Yakima Gulag Literary Gazett

Today marks the Third anniversary of the Yakima Gulag Literary Gazett. Hard to believe but true.



E.U. Offers Serbia 'Great Opportunities'

Russia stiffens "nyet" to US missiles, Kosovo independence By Shada Islam and Leon Mangasarian

I don't know what was happening with the function that lets me copy and paste here but it had best not happen again.

It's raining here, they predicted snow, but you know what I always say, 'Rain at least you don't need to shovel!'

and this just in Yikes!

Coffee Pot Meth Labs

Thursday, February 08, 2007


Updates for today

Croatian Police Break Up Human Trafficking Ring

U.N. Envoy allowing more time for Kosovo talks

Probably this is a good thing.

Trial of Serbian Policemen in Killing of Albanian Americans

Russians Claim Serbian Genearl Not Hiding in Russia

Porno Films in Sofia's Bus Shelters

I wonder when they'll try this in the Yakima Gulag? xexex!

Today's Mladić


Just cuz I liked this song...


Rain today

With appologies to any Montenegrin readers. I am partly of Montenegrin ancestry myself.

Fighting and Looting

This quote in particular annoyed me

'Today Britons, Irish and Russians are leading a new invasion of the country, buying holiday homes. This book may leave them wondering if looting is covered by their insurance.'

EXCUUUSE ME! Just who is anyone in England, Scotland, or Ireland to talk about looting? Looting was a national sport of sorts for CENTURIES. Come to think of it, Russians were no slouches at this occupation either. I am allowed to say that, I have all the above in my family tree.

Macedonian army gets new modified Hummers

I hope these don't take up a whole roadway, some roads in the Balkans are pretty narrow. I remember seeing Hummers in BiH not quite fit the road sometimes..

Not entirely Balkans related, but of interest anyway.

O.K. the anti-HIV gel isn't a plan

Also not Balkans related, but nice picture of a toro bravo in the article, HELLO! The animal in question was a Holstein! There is a good bit of difference...Speaking of which, his considerable activity must have shortened his life. I do hear of cattle living longer if no one eats them.

Famous Irish Bull Dies

WOOT! being old need not be the end!

Pensioner Riot in Bulgaria

Serbian Pig Farmers Block Bosnian Border

NATO Stresses Commitment To Kosovo,Backing For Ahtisaari Plan\ACQDJON200702081134DOWJONESDJONLINE000993.htm&selected=9999&selecteddisplaysymbol=9999&StoryTargetFrame=_top&mkt=WORLD&chk=unchecked&lang=&link=&headlinereturnpage=

Chief U.N. prosecutor: Despite 6 war crimes fugitives, the tribunal was successful

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Praise God and pass the Ammunition...

This is something any sergent would be able to tell you, 'The worse the bitchin' the better the work!' I always knew that.

In corporate button down America, the worst thing is to have a 'negative' attitude. Everyone has to run around being a bunch of grinning Stepford employees. It's so fake that I know it hurts production. You need drugs to keep it up.

All efforts by employers to 'motivate' contests, signs on the walls etc. made me so mad it hurt production in my case. I just wanted to do my job, and go home.

Is there something wrong with that?

Grumpy Workers May be the Most Creative


Fake Foreigners Revisited

Revisiting the whole 'Fake Foreigners' concept, I forgot all about Fez from 'That 70s' Show'

Fake Foreigners Post

and here he is 'Fez'!


Giving Cowboys and Indians a Whole New Dimension!

Hat tip to Metafilter:

Cowboys and Indians

O.K. this reminds me of the time I hung with some people and we all started singing bajans in a Country Western Style, great fun.


Bleak but strangely warm weather in our gulag

Croatian Journalist Convicted by ICTY for Contempt of Court

Serbian FM warns Serbia could destabilize Europe if Kosovo becomes independent

Bulgarian Nationalist Hangs Anti-Turk Poster in Parliment

There are both ethnic Turks and Muslims of Slavic ancestry such as the Pomaks in Bulgaria.

Last night I decided to try the orange wine I made a couple years ago, it no longer smells like library paste, that's usually a good sign to try a fruit based wine. I didn't really like it that well. Probably since I had to make it with bread yeast due to at that time the total unavailability of some other type of yeast such as champagne yeast, it's just not going to be as good. It wasn't terrible, but it wasn't great either. I had it with some pasta, that I put vegetables and goat cheese with. Actually the flavor was not too imcompatible with what I ate, so that wasn't the problem, it's either one of my rare bad batches or needs more time.
I've only done like four bad batches of anything. My first batch of mead wasn't wonderful, then again that mead was a first batch, and it was still way better than some SCA member's mead I've tasted, I did some blackberry wine that was so vile I was compelled to pour it out in the garden. I normally like black berries but as juice or jam. I can't eat them whole, the seeds are way too hard on me.
and then I tried making some wine from maple syrup, I was careful that it was pure maple syrup, and even had some decent yeast that time, but it was just not nice, and never again.
Most of what I produce by way of alcholic beverages turns out pretty damn good.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Actually sort of nice out, not too much frost!

Lindh's Killer to Serve Out Sentance in Sweden

Christian Science Monitor Article on Kosovo

Funny the blind spot to Native American sovreignty within the U.S. which is actually a fairly viable way of looking at places like Kosovo.

Update on Case of the Bulgarian Nurses and the Palestinian Doctor

Protest in Skoplje

From a Fistful of Euros, 'Exit the Doctor'

Monday, February 05, 2007


Better Late than Never!

Serbs Plea for Time on Kosovo

OSCE to Assess Media Freedom in BiH

Karadžić Whereabouts still unknown despite security cooperation

I was at my daughter's last night, and the original plan was to watch some of the Superbowl, and then go to Mass, it turned into watch the Superbowl and just take me home. We had sandwiches, chips and hot chocolate, with marshmallows, and had an absolute blast. Excellent game, loved the rain and the half-time show and all that there. I had problems with my computer today, probably the problems were my fault not the computer's fault, so I decided to go do something else, because it was putting me in a mood to break people and kill things. My stories got wiped out. So I came back, re-found the ones that mattered, and here they are.

Sunday, February 04, 2007


Sunday; Early Dispatches

Serbian Monk in Kosovo Monastery

This is a very beautiful picture, I like how the photographer handled the setting. It's a chance for people to see what the famous Serbian church frescos look like.

Skiing in Serbia

Serbia should work out proposals for amendments to Martti Ahtisaari’s plan: Vuk Draskovic

Serbia's foreign minister says Belgrade should insist on its right to keep Kosovo

UN envoy Ahtisaari plans meeting of top Serbian, Kosovo officials

And I note, that this blog has exceeded 20,000 visitors, sometime last night. The number as of now, 9:30 AM Gulag Winter Time is 20,081 visitors. I may or may not know where the visitor came from who put us over 20,000 by a little later.

Saturday, February 03, 2007


We all need a little laugh, and I love this video


Saturday Morning

Russia, U.S. Still Disagree over Kosovo§ion=theworld&col=

Serbian Leaders Close Ranks on Kosovo

Kosovo One of the Most Intractible Conflicts

Flag, Anthemm, Courts, Army for Kosovo,,3-2581754,00.html

Russians Buy Bosnian Refineries

Bulgarian Pleads Guilty to Helping 900 Illegal Immigrants Settle in U.S.

Richardson Touts Unique Qualifications

Two tips of the hat to NPR:

Martin Strel to Swim Amazon

Same Article in English

Note* Martin Strel has a son named Borut, pronounced perilously close to the way 'Borat' is pronounced. They were on NPR this morning, the story isn't up yet but I heard that and then realized that the accent Sascha Baron-Cohen is using to portray Borat, could be Austrian, but could as easily be a harsher varient of a Slovenian accent.

Article on Borut Strel

Film in Saudi Arabia

Friday, February 02, 2007


Hard Frost Everywhere

Kosovo Plan Officially Announced

Serbia's President Rejects Kosovo Plan\ACQDJON200702021057DOWJONESDJONLINE000646.htm&selected=9999&selecteddisplaysymbol=9999&StoryTargetFrame=_top&mkt=WORLD&chk=unchecked&lang=&link=&headlinereturnpage=

Amnesty International Condems Slovenia's Removal of 'Erased' Persons to Germany

Oh Goody Goody Gumdrop! They might get to go to Kosovo after they go to Germany! Isn't that just ducky! (for non Americans, I'm being very sarcastic here)

Tribunal Orders Haradinaj Back to Cell

Key Events in Kosovo

One of my friends has a birthday today, Happy Birthday to Trinity of Goth Barbie! She's having a party and I'm going to it. It's super cold, and white frost is all over the yard. Some areas of soil haven't thawed out since the last snow. We may get more snow too. The good news is the snow pack is the best in the nation, so that means enough water for the growing season. That's all good. We may get a little more snow over the weekend.

Thursday, February 01, 2007


First day of a new month...

Welcome to Serbia, Home of Few People and Kazakh Music

let's put it this way, t here's a difference of musical styles,

I tried to show something beautiful of each country's music, and the films are nice.

Kosovo Serb Leader Threatens Widespread War

And he's been hyped in the press as being moderate.

U.S. Slams Serb Leaders for Hard Line on Kosovo

Of course everyone's reactions are pretty much what could be expected. Basically the U.S. would react the same way if say Texas were to be given total independance from the U.S. This is a sensitive subject any way you cut it. On the one hand a very bad situation between Serbs and Albanians in Kosovo for decades, and on the other Kosovo is part of Serbia, on the other Serbs are in a minority status in Kosovo and have been for some time now, on the other, Serbs killed a lot of Albanians, in nasty ways in great numbers, on the other hand doing justice for the Kosovo Albanians could cause problems for other lands far away from Kosovo, and not so far away. On the other, Serbs who have lived in Kosovo have rights too. On the other autonomy was yanked from Kosovo before, so the Kosovo Albanians do not trust autonomy.
On the other I'll probably get flamed by both sides, on the other hand, forget about it, I have comment moderation and if it gets too out of hand, too ugly or too lame too mean, too boring, no law says I have to respond, or even publish those comments.

The region really doesn't need another war. People are just starting to get back on their feet, and as for those who are not on their feet, a war is even less what those people need.

Bulgarian Young People to Enter Spanish Schools Without Entry Exams

Bill Gates Visits Romania on Vista Tour

and file under 'As if they cared!'

U.N. Chief Urges Mladić, Karadžić to Surrender

E.P. Calls for No More Death Penalty

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