Friday, January 29, 2010


Salinger, author of 'Catcher in the Rye' passes

sad, but he did have a long life, and accomplished much in it. Rest in Peace!

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Howard Zinn Passes...

Leaving America without one of it's greatest historians. His 'People's History of the United States' is must reading if you want to understand the history of the United States. His early opposition to the Viet-nam war was vital as well.

Rest in Peace.


Ice Cream is

an excellent pain reliever if your teeth hurt, provided it is soft! Actually my dentist even said so ....

Seriously, I am feeling a lot better the abscessed area is shrinking nicely. I can actually open my mouth some. I have cut back on pain meds, because somehow I ended up with not quite enough of the kind for when you take penecillin. So I want them on hand if I should need them. I slep rather late this morning, not a bad thing considering how wretched I have felt.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Well TV is back in operation

T.V. is back in operation, they must have fixed it while I was out. Oh stuff to try, got some plum pudding on a whim, nice stuff!


Shades of Lawrence of Arabia only different....

so the meth heads cut the cable phone and internet line between the Yakima Gulag and the Selah area. . . I wish there was some form of domestic terrorism law they could be busted under if caught! I have only one channel
It is in Spanish good job I can speak Spanish but it is a VERY BORING PROGRAM barring the muzika!


So nice to almost have my jaw back!

Well right now, I am mending nicely. I cancelled my two appointments for this week and rescheduled them. I am only going as far as Raymond Hall to update here and do some research.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Trip to Dentist Turns into Trip to E.R.

So I get to the dentist yesterday, and he took one look and said, ['You need to go to the R.R. like right now! So I called a friend who had offered to get me home from the dentist and said, 'It's turned inot a trip to the E.R. Little did I know I was having a very dangerous time with the swelling in my jaw, not just a painful time. I am now on the correct antibiotics and a good non-addictive type pain killler. The swelling is a lot down too. So I will be close to home the next couple days at least.

I am way tired.

On a fun note, there was a letter to Dear Abbey from some zeka at living in the Granit Grad gulag.

Monday, January 25, 2010


Editor's vocal abilities impaired...

Whatever rotten damn cold has been going around, Your Friendly Editor caught it, and then Friday Your Friendly Editor's jaw swelled to immense proportions ( as in this is what it looks like when you try and fail to swallow a golf ball...) So obviously the attempted root canal needs attention. Felt so rotten Friday that leaving the premises without a keeper was not an option. With the kind of cold I had I did not want to risk most people willing to act in that capacity. So I stayed home. Sat through a few Real-Estate agents trooping through. . . Then Saturday, despite pain killers I was thinking some real dope or some booze might even be a viable plan, if I could only have laid hands on some.... Then the swelling got sooo bad that it half shut my right eye... and miraculously the pain lifted. Only problem was I was running low on that nutritional drink for emergencies like this. So when a friend called and offered me a ride to McDonalds to hang out, I did, thinking 'ICE CREAM!' maybe even a quick store run...'YES!' I said. So we went, tried the new McDonald's frappe mocha and quite liked it. Their ice-cream and shakes machine was down. I sat there and swilled it slowly while my friend's munchkin terrorized the indoor playground for a bit. and then we checked out (OH TRAITOR!< ---!!!) the New Wal*Mart on the West Side. It was pretty nice, even considering it's a Wal*Mart. I got cough drops since I had a cough that came close to making me vomit. They worked very well. The temptation to aske to be taken to 'The Next Whiskey Bar' finally ended. We looked at some lovely pet fishes, and the toyes and I checked out cell phone plans. I think I need to just hang tight with what I have got for now. None of them come without buying a new phone... I mean I could just rotate them. But there's no roll-over on either the $30 a month plan or the $45 a month 'unlimited' plan or on Boost. So there ya go. Stuck in Lodi Again...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Better today...

I am seriously feeling better. I researched supposedly 'unlimited' pre-pay phone plans and got mad as Hell because nothing really is 'unlimited' They really need some law-suits on them....

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Bleak but warmer

At least it is slightly warmer h ere, and tahnk God no snow for some time and the rain has let up. My tooth however is killing me, that or I have an ear-ache. If it doesn't go away tonight I have to call the amublebta abd gave the dentist look at the tooth they thought they were doing a root canal on. The pulled one is well healed at least.

Friday, January 15, 2010


A Slight Thaw in the Yakima Gulag

Even if it is a bit bleak out, there is supposed to be nothing worse than a bit of rain later. I actually am not wearing a heavy coat at all, but a wind cheater, a sweater and under my other clothes, long undies.

So the doctor saw Something She Did Not Like on my CT scan, meaning I had to go in for an MRI. They do their best to make up for the fact you are trussed up like a Christmas turkey, but I was glad to get out. I was very very still. I highly recommend that, since my study was ordered both with and without contrast. The techs said that since I had held so very very still they did not need to inject dye into my veins. Hvala Bog! I am not allergic to the dye, but it does burn going in and not having it is better. I should know something after my regular doctor has seen my stuff.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Thanks to the Raymond Hall Library!

The college library has extended public time on computers to ONE HOUR! YES! Thanks! :)


Again with the dentist's

I had a back tooth taken out yesterday, I was sort of shocky but for no real good reason since there was not a lot of pain, they did not even numb me to the gills like had to be done for the attempted root canal. That back tooth had a filling but the filling fell out by bits, most memorably part of it came out in Sarajevo, in the wee hours on a dark and stormy night. Anyway that procedure took next to no time since it was what they call in the trade, a 'root tip'. Once it was over I was sent home with instructions for the things not to do, and a prescription for some pain relievers. I got on the wrong bus, because I was still sort of recovering. Anyway, before I got on the bus, I saw the police taking somebody away and the wrong bus I got on was the 1 Summitview. There must have been a fight in there because there were little splats of blood on the floor and there was a streak of blood on the thing where people can put their bags. It's one of the Thompsons, very similar to busses in Sarajevo actually from the way it is configured. Anyway, I had to switch busses and wait awhile before getting home. By then I was too tired to go to the pharmacy. I got off at a stop sooner than my regular stop too. jebiga
Sorry for the profanity, it's a pain relief effort.
I have been horrified by the earthquake in Haiti, and horrified that Rush Limbaugh thinks our president cares more about it, than the guy who lit his farts on the plane to Detroit also by Pat Roberson's outrageous comment that Haiti was 'cursed' because of some supposed pact with the Devil in pre-Revolutionary times. Hej @ Pat Roberson! Majka Vam Jebi! Also he made my list of people I will have ethnically cleansed in the event of massive stuff going wrong in the country at some point..... LONG AGO, he just moved his sorry butt higher up the list.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Just back in from the dentists...

The dentist and his assistant were fine, did a good job, but apparently my root canal couldn't be finished because I do not have 3 canals in my root, or at least that canal was too small to be seen. So that tooth is probably going bye-bye.


Random Lynx Dumo for Tuesday

A statue of Johny Depp is going to be dedicated in Serbia. He joins Bruce Lee in being honored in Mostar....okay.....

Just when you thought it was safe to go check out the back 40!

and I would have to spoil that brief tabloidish streak with this:

War crimes trial in Oslo

I have been through Caplinja a few times, rather a grim town, at least what I saw of it...

and follow -upa case I reported on some time back of two U.K. citizens charged with sex abuse of orphans in Albania

and older Bosnian soldiers are replaced with younger ones:

the foul mouthed Seselj back on trial:

Foca prison in BiH: this gives an interesting perspective on prison life in BiH.

and something worthwhile from the UN

this article as well, on citizenship, detention and anti-terror laws in BiH

It is worth noting that the U.S. had a large effect on anti-terror laws in BiH during the second Bush administration especially.


So I went to the eye doctor yesterday...

and your friendly editor's eyes are worse than ever. Not that that news especially surprised me. There's stuff I could not see that I used to be able to see. I find going to an eye doctor a peculiar torment, the drops, the rapid switches of various lenses to see if one helps you see better than the other. I generally come out of it totally tired. Added to this, the eye drops. I know they have to do it, that part I get, but it is miserable, and it made me look like I was on LSD or meth. Today my eyes feel a little sore. I will be glad to get home today. Today is dentist day. I get a filling. I am glad, because I need several of those. I hope it can be non metallic. I hope it doesn't hurt too much. They aren't exactly painless down there....

Monday, January 11, 2010


Just went to the eye doctor

and everything is pretty fuzzy. I think one eye got dialated more than the other one. ooooj just glad to have got out of the parking lot, off the bus and down a friend's drive-way without untoward incident.

Friday there was a gallery opening at the Yakima Gulag People's Institute of Higher Re:Education. Wonderful art, there was food and wine. I resisted the temptation of the wine, I had to take one of them thar dizzy pills so I kind of had to not do wine, but I had some of the food and some fruit punch. The phone rang, just as someone was giving a speech. humiliation and a much needed shopping trip ensued. :)


In 1986 Bin Laden went to Yugoslavia for weapons

fairly weird all around....


Croatia gets a new President

They showed the man on the BBC, apparently he is also a composer, and not bad from what I heard of his work.

Friday, January 08, 2010


Accident on Corner of 16+Nob Hill, and 'Wrapped in Plastic'

O.K. I got up this morning and heard that some guy from Yakima was found dumped in an irrigation ditch wrapped in plastic after having been shot. He was 21 and his family reported him missing 2 weeks ago.

As I arrived on campus, I noticed a fire engine, so I detoured mildly just to see what was up. I was informed that a car was on fire. It was on fire at a place where I often cross the street.

Thursday, January 07, 2010


Merry Christmas to my Orthodox readers!

Sretan Vam Bozic! :)

Hope it is good for you! I know you are out there, knashing your teeth but guiltily enjoying some facets of my blog! :)

Wednesday, January 06, 2010


Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Pigs Go AWAY!

Dear Spam Pigz, GO AWAY, I am getting all sorts of garbage about Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian and pills for guys who can't get it on. Maybe if someone sends me where to get male De Enhancement pills and libido reducers I will consider publishing your spam, otherwise dammit get your own damn blog!


Yet another gang shooting in the old neighborhood :(

Last night two teenagers were victims of a drive-by on 5th Ave and Willow. Used to live over that way, so this distressed me. Apparently weapons fire is a regular occurance out there according to the local police. :( Someone was killed there last time.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010


Comments on Google phone

but 37 isn't awful, after the last few days it is kind of therapeutic.

So still no lynx for anyone today, it is simply too much to do at the library at the People's Institute of Higher Re-Education. :( I think they block some capabilities here for whatever reason.

Stuff I want to comment on:

I am really interested in the new Google phone, I like that it will not be tied to a given distributer of services, or a contract.

I would really be thrilled if there could be a pre-paid plan that doesn't reek!

Or to have the ability to use Google phone with an existing pre-paid plan.

I hope it's WiFi enabled, because WiFi enabled is the wave of the future. Some days even a net-book is too much to carry! :) Not that I don't love and adore my netbook but this time of year I do NOT like taking it out! :)

I would LOVE to see a pre-paid plan that I could afford that would have free incoming calls! Why can't that exist in the U.S.? Is there a law against it? Or is it simply a plot?


Monday, January 04, 2010


Oh we had another gang shooting in Yakima

over the weekend. All official news sources had stuff on it. some 15 year old gang dude out yelling in the yard gets shot by some guy in a white Nissan or Toyota. So we have had a year of like 26 shootings last year and already started this year off with a bang. :(


No updates for you today!

It is simply too nasty out for me to do my lynx dump day at the main library. I thought it would be smarter to come home, since the snow flakes are the size of gloppy wet soppy tortillas.
I hear we get more of the same, and my appearances here will be short and not so many lynx are gonna get dumped here.


Person arrested for war crimes over weekend

I hope to have more later on this, the announcement was on one of the early morning news shows and I was not exactly awake. I sort of went into semi-hibernation over the New Year's weekend.

Apparently if I do not rest enough, that makes me dizzy. I wanted to go to the New Year's Eve stuff here in the Yakima Gulag, but I was still tired from the attack of vertigo I had on the 29th and just felt slipping around at night in the snow was not a plan.

I was stuck at my neighborhood store for four hours due to a lack of taxi-cabs at a critical moment. I finally gave up in disgust and called a friend.

It is not o.k. for a company to lie about how behind they are. The other companies which were frank on this question will get my business, assuming I ever go out on New Year's Day to do errends ever again in the Yakima Gulag after a major snow storm.

I felt bad about missing the fireworks New Year's Eve, my understanding is that they were even better than last year's!

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