Monday, May 30, 2005


More Muzika for your enjoyment

This is mostly Bosnian music but they are known to play Ceca and Zorica, right now they have Deen on, he's rather enjoyable. Ceca is like Thompson, someone who'se politics are annoying and obnoxious but she can sing. I have to confess to a likeing for Deen, Jasam Vjetar Zaljubjeni is nice, very mellow sound. I have been a big Zorica fan since my first trip to BiH, I loved her wacked sureal music videos. Besides she's really very pretty.

Other good news, the city isn't going to have fun with me. I managed to organize the lawn getting mowed, and now the junk pile is also going bye-bye! The guys are comeing tomorrow to do that job, and I can pay them. This is going to be a good thing. I will be glad to see the last of it.
other great news, my son-in-law's finger is doing ok since the operation. He's changeing jobs too, something he's wanted for a long time. I am really glad about that. He really has wanted that change.

Sunday, May 29, 2005


So the French people have seen the light...

the failure of the E.U. constitution in France was quite predictible. You canh't take sovreignty from people lightly, and if the governement is so supine as to give it away the people will have their say. Dam did I just write some rap?
The E.U. was never a brilliant idea. From an American point of view the only REAL competition in Europe is Russia, which is after all really a bigger country than we are, and the only people who really know hwat a horizon looks like in Europe.
The French people rejected the E.U. for trivial reasons but reject it they did. It was a stupid fad anyway.
No one who had an ounce of sense really believed in it. It doesn't take much time at all in Europe to realize that the place aws never meant to be 'unified' and that 'unity' isn't the strenght of Europe, diversity is! Leave the sameness to us Americans, we after all mastered it, and it's driveing US kuuku anyway. Europe should capitalize on the fact that there is so much difference between one European country and the next, there is a way to make money off the fact.
I think better of the French actually. Artificial unity always winds up in war. it's stupid to set up the same kind of idiotic interlocking treaties that led to WWI. I was wondering who would be the first to wake up and say no.
I thought it was lame for Ireland to join the E.U., I think it is lame for Croatia to join, and I'm glad the French people woke up.

Friday, May 27, 2005


Catching up on things

I am still affected by the virus. I had an exam in Spanish, and the same thing with the getting too hot while thinking happened. I got through it the best I could, turned in my diary and composition. I went home, changed into working gear and began knocking down the more obnoxious weeds out back. I was fine until 11 am when I began to fade fast, it was getting hotter. My neighbor from across the road saw me hacking down some stuff, he came by and did the front and then it was four o'clock. I really really appreciated his help. Of course also I paid him. The rest will be done tomorrow. I noticed that some sina kurva or other had tagged my garage. I will be calling the city Tuesday, and report the tagging.
I'm going to make some nice barbeque out of some canned pork someone gave me, and some burgers and there's Pepsi and chips. It will be a real old fashioned 'subotnik' I guess.
I had such a bad headache when today was over that I really should have gone to the hospital. It was terrible. I could not get comfortable in the least. The heat here has a terrible effect on me.
Sunday and Monday I can finish the other classwork and then I can get it in. I'm grateful for the patience of my teachers. One of them laughed at my notes to myself in the book. One code was really really really hard to find, and I had noted that this one was crazymakeing! another was one I looked all over for, and I wrote 'looked all OVER for this one!'
Some of the people I'm going to school with just amaze me, one guy named Adolfo was in my Spanish class, he was there to improve his grammer in Spanish. He's graduateing this June and invited Cathy and me to his graduation. My friend Rachel, the quiet lover of anime too, she's getting married to a sailor on a nuclear submarine. She told me something interesting, the guys who work on nuclear submarines tend to have 98% daughters! He's cool with that fact. That's a good thing if you are going to do something, to be cool with the consequences.
Well now my energies are at an end, it's been hot in the Gulag. I hear that we will get more rain.

My son in law's operation was sucessful. They will be able to preserve most of the length of his finger, and he'll have normal range of motion. I'm sure he's still in some serious pain. I'm trying to stay calm about all of this.
Now I need to lie back down. I'm starting to feel too hot again.

One more thing, for those who read this blog, check out Balkan Scissors, she puts in such cool pictures of Sarajevo.
sometimes seeing those pictures makes me just want to jump on a plane and go back.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005


A little information about new anti-war sentiments

A lot of people who were for the present war are against it now, this article came by way of MetaFilter.

Still feeling ill and my son is ill too. My daughter is recovering well from her burns on her left hand.
My son-in-law however injured himself while cleaning a new black powder fire arm. The tip of his right index finger was blown off. He is going to have surgery for this Thursday.
Then the city has decided to up the ante on the matter of the lawn. That would be less of a problem if I weren't a full time student and weren't ill. I also have about had it with the only people who come wanting that job are 1. crooks 2 get greedy and want to do it once a week @ $20 a pop, instead of once every 2 weeks @ $20 a pop or 3 are kids and I find myself really babysitting instead of a job getting done. I can't afford the companies like Senske and a condition where you suffer rapid fever and chills isn't great for doing lawnwork there are times with this business when just lying still has been too much. So anyway today I will call the city and tell them they need to show a little patience. We've had unusual rain too. Every time I turn around the damn weather changes. Part of why I'm not well may have something to do with getting stuck in it. So the grass grew a little.
The city can't stop those bastards and their damn loud cars that wake me at 2 am and 3 am, they can't stop kids with firecrackers or graffitti. Every penalty the city has is aimed at kicking when people are down.

Sunday, May 22, 2005


Fiona Ritchie's show was very nice and not Celtic really

Most of the music on the show tonight was Macedonian music and quite nice. I knew there were Irish musicians going to the Balkans in the 1960s and 1970s, and picking up on some 'new' sounds, that's old news, but it was nice to hear some of it.


Those Indian Farmers who had the riots against Monsanto were RIGHT !

Just check this out, if you live in the States GM corn is a fact of life. I personally don't like anyone messing with my corn! It makes me want to ethnically cleanse people in suits to see this kind of thing!

Friday, May 20, 2005


still feeling rotten...

Just logging on to let my friends know I'm alive but not well. Monday I can go to the clinic. I have really stuffy ears now, and can barely talk. There was more rain and it was my misfortune to be stuck in it. The site for my classes wasn't working and I needed my homework it wasn't on yesterday for one class because the instructor was ill. I feel for her if she has anything like what I have!
It did not help my foul mood that nothing I entered in Prism was selected. I got the usual smarmy rejection letter. It pissed me off that it came from Grandview. Back when the Yakima Gulag People's Institute of Higher Re:Education had a paper, the late lamented 'Galaxy' the Grandview crowd NEVER seemed capable of following the instructions on how to format articles, what the by line should be like etc. I used to have to fix their bad grammer too. If it is bad enough that anything I do is an improvement well.....then those people are in trouble. The Grandview bunch often keep the work of people from the Yakima Gulag out of the Prism. It's a consistant thing. I would NOT mind it so much if the work that they backed had any real merit. There is going to be the usual collection of odes to Teenaged Angst. Teenaged Angst is NOT poetry, neither are preachments about 'gettin outta the thuglife' I mean damn that's a subject of a good rant or a good lecture but NOT a poem. I burned early work of mine that had the least whiff of Teanaged Angst. Yes I have commited Poetic Abortion! I FAVOR Poetic Abortion! Only good work should be in print. I deliberately sent one poem I didn't think was as good as the rest just to see if it got in. It probably was too good to go in the Prism. Oh well. Some good work will get in. At least that much. I will look forward to the rare good work, I will clap for it, and delight in it and wince at the bad stuff that wasn't really good enough to be in there.
That stuff happens in Community College settings, people who turn in work which really isn't technically, artistically, or emotionally sound get in. Sometimes it appears to be political but then I'm not sure about that.

Thursday, May 19, 2005


feeling even worse.

I am not feeling at all well. My son did just start work, only to learn two weeks into training that the company has been sold to another company! the company he is with is an established company in our counrry and a good one, so I was really sad to hear this news. So far no one knows how it will affect his office. I'm glad they did say something, but I really am afraid about it. I'm not feeling well myself.
The city, a silly concern basically felt my lawn was too long. I went out n my bad condition and did two hors of work with the scyth, on just the front, there are what the city calls 'planting strips' and the back yard to do next. I can't do this AND school work althought o be honest, Billing and Codeing homework leaves me in far worse shape. I can't do that in this condition. My aim is to just get out with 'C' s and drop that and move on only to interpreting type classes. The problem, the reason they had me do both is that interpreters have begun comeing in to learn Pharmacy Tech, Surgical Tech and Billing and Codeing because of how the interpreter business now is. I am sick of two things, 1. I've alwasy ended up stuck in jobs for which I'm ill suited. This is because I don't see well enough to drive. 2. Whenever I try something in my life to better myself stuff like this always happens. I have been workign my ass off for what may turn out to be NOTHING. It pisses me off. While I was trying to do my homework the bastards rearranged everything. This isn't even the college's fault, this is forces in society at large. Bad forces. This country doesn't have enough good interpretersj, they should not be makeing life harder for such a valuable kind of people. They should be makeing it easier. This is not a common talent or training.
Now I'm too hot, I must again lie down. I've had awful chills and fever. I took some gel caps for it and the pseudoephedrine has made my heart go too fast. It probably made my chills worse. I seldom go to doctors or clinics, I really can't afford them, but I'm going to go again to have them again take my blood pressure. Then I will tell them I"m worse now. I felt like dying. I even told my Academic advisor that sometimes I feel it would be a blessing to flunk out of everything and do something else. I hate feeling like that but the books are physically so heavy, and the code is sooooo damn tiny. I will never be quite fast enough.
If I last til spring and they have something like the program they had before fine,I have learned the program I want might not even be there in the fall. That stinks! I have busted my hump on this and had higher hopes. If it goes away fine, I'm outa here.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Studia Croatica marks 45th Anniversary

I had a nice bi-lingual E-Mail from Joza Vrljicak at Studia Croatica. For those who can read either Spanish or Croatian, this is a really worthwhile resource. Studia Croatica is based out of Buenos Aireas, Argentina.


Still feeling sick.

I'm still sick, so not much to say for myself other than the City can f***ing leave me the hell alone. more later.

Monday, May 16, 2005


Yes this CAN be totally gamed! heheheheh

Your Inner European is Russian!

Mysterious and exotic.

You've got a great balance of danger and allure.

Who's Your Inner European?


My Inner European

Your Inner European is Irish!

Sprited and boisterous!

You drink everyone under the table.

Who's Your Inner European?

But I didn't say I like beer with my argueing! I thought likeing a night out with coffee and argueing was a Balkans thing!

Saturday, May 14, 2005


News you don't get elsewhere! Check it out!

OK corrections, NPR and the local services for news broadcasting did not run this story, BUT it was covered elsewhere in the U.S. media, just not locally for some reason.... Also the archive at HRT is where to find what I put in here, in full. It's not accessable today and the old link won't work. I did send it to the Art Bell show since they cover a lot about volcanos and stuff. Given that I slept hard I don't know if it got covered there or not. I'm still haveing chills and fever. I now have a cough too. So I'm going to lie down again.

Here's some news you don't get someplace else if you don't read Croatian, I bet this isn't even on Art Bell, unless I like 'Fastblast' him. I think I will just cuz. So here is the story straight from HRT.


14. svibnja - Vulkan Fernandina proradio je jučer popodne, a velika količina izbačene lave i pepela prijeti uništenjem ionako skromne vegetacije i životinjskog svijeta na otočju Galapagosu.

Otočje pripada Ekvadoru i jedno je od najvažnijih prirodnih rezervata na svijetu te stanište brojnih iguana, morskih lavova i pingvina za čiji su se opstanak nakon erupcije Fernandine zabrinuli ekolozi. Fernandina se nalazi na najudaljenijem, nenaseljenom otoku arhipelaga, a od 1813. erumpirao je više od 20 puta.

Stručnjaci procjenuju da će lava, ako vulkan nastavi erumpirati, dosegnuti obale otoka za pet dana. Jednu od erupcija Fernandine opisivao je i najpoznatiji posjetitelj Galapagosa Charles Darwin, koji je 20 godina proveo na arhipelagu radeći na svojoj teoriji postanka vrsta i prirodne selekcije. (H/tv)

The volcano Ferdinanda threw out lava and ash, it destroyed some low lying vegetation. This is a fairly active volcano.
Anyway now I just beat NPR and Art Bell getting something out to people who speak English, it's kind of cool now that I think about it.


Bleiburg Anniversary today.

When I was around 9 years old, my family were liveing in Los Angeles. My mother was doing a lot of writeing then, but also research into many things, She also began to talk to me fairly seriously about historical matters.
Sometimes she told me stories of these things. Sometimes she was a little vague about exact places. I think the reason she did this was sometimes she wanted me to understand the basic issues, but not to 'know too much'.
You have to understand that people who have Slavic heritage had to be kind of careful in the Cold War era. Everything was a source of political peril, and she really ddin't want trouble.
When she told this story, it was around this time in 1964. I was a girl of about 9 and had been kept home from school because I was feeling ill.
She told me how the women and the children tried to get to Austria, without anything like enough food, or warm clothes, and how they didn't even have shoes in many cases. The children grew calluses on their feet an inch thick.
She did not tell me who the people were, but did tell me they were trying to get into Austria and that the British betrayed them.
Reading years later about Bleiburg, I realized 'Damn! she was telling me about Bleiburg and didn't want to name too many names because it was too hot a story to have shared too fully.'
The details she gave certainly matched this, and the timeing was right, she told me 'This day is the anniversary of a very great wrong committed by people who should really have known better and done better.'
I have always wondered if my mother realized that our family had Eastern European heritage other than Polish and Russian. The evidence was right in her library that we do. She was a relentless and keen researcher.
Anyway sometimes I think she didn't know, and sometimes I think she had to have known.
Parents always leave behind mysteries to solve.


My NationStates Nation

look for the Rough Guide, the Lonely Planet Guide Access To etc.


Well worth reading...

This is from the Russian side of WWII. It is well worth looking at. It could be a little upsetting for some people.
I'm still feeling sick. I have had worse chills and fever since yesterday. I won't have much to say therefore.

Thursday, May 12, 2005


Romeo and Juliet, Opening Night, Excellent

I am a great lover of theatre and one advantage o9f attending the Yakima Gulag Peoples Institute of Higher Re:Education is the Drama Department puts on good plays like Batboy and Shakespeare and stuff. I'm not even a HUGE Shakespeare fan but hej for $5 I'm totally going to go. This was a neat take, they set it in Little Italy New York and kind of had a '60s thing going, Everyone looked like they'd hit Woglife, and read this handy feature, Wog Eye For the Skip Guy. Yeah, I know in NYC they never said Wog, but well the Wardrobe person totally had that going and it really worked. I'm totally stealing several of the outfits given half a chance!
The acting was fun, and I liked the singing. Fight choreaography was the best I've seen in a Yakima Gulag People's Institute of Higher Re:Education production. There was in one of the fights a particularly good slap, lots of knive fights, and the poison scenes were done well.
I liked the sets too, it had the right look. The whole thing was really very enjoyable.

Afterwards there was such a Ray Carver moment. There are these apartments near the campus with the whole 'How Berkley Can You Be' look of off campus student houseing everywhere. People were moveing out, and it's so far taken them two trucks. They hollered at me and my friend that went with me, 'Hey wanna buy a piano?' We went in and looked at it just for the hell of it, it was a nice instrument and totally out of tune. I know a guy who sometimes buys pianos so I took the liberty of giveign the guy his name. Anyway, they had something lots more portable, one of those hanging incense dohickies, it has abalone shells on it. Seeing as I use a lot of incense, and they only wanted $1 I went ahead and bought it. I saw some parson's tables too but I could not have carried one in my present debilitated state. Anyway. The play was terrific, go see it!


The Best Kept Secret at the Yakima Gulag People's Institute of Higher Re:Education..

The People's Clinic at the college is a good deal. I had to use it today because I have not felt quite well for some time. So I went in to just make sure nothing too serious was going on. I have had a lot of headaches and my ear hasn't felt right and I have had fever and chills on and off for a couple weeks but it got way worse after I got drenched Monday, we had big rain here and I got stuck out in it like a lot of other folks. Anyway it's been all I can do to keep up with my school stuff.
The clinic is great, it's not expensive which is important if you are a student. They have an open house Thursday the 19th. Joe Bob says check it out!

Monday, May 09, 2005


Victory Over Fascism Day 2005

World leaders are together at grand military parade on Red Square

14:40 2005-05-09
President Bush and Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin put on their own show of bonhomie at Monday's grand military parade on Red Square, hiding political strains as they smiled and chatted like old friends.

The body language between Bush and Putin was clearly warm. When Bush and his wife, Laura, were met at Red Square by Putin and his wife, Lyudmila, the two leaders made a show of lowering their umbrellas for photographers.

This was just after Putin gave a much more restrained greeting to Ukraine's President Viktor Yushchenko, whose face is scarred by dioxin poisoning he blames on political enemies.

Putin's very public support for Yushchenko's opponent in elections late last year was widely seen as a public relations disaster for the Kremlin, particularly from the West.


Orange Revolution Update

20:01 2001-04-27
Viktor Yushchenko To Act As Premier

Viktor Yushchenko, the Ukrainian premier whom the parliament forced to resign Thursday, will be performing functions of acting head of government, the Novosti news agency quoted press secretary Alexander Martynenko of the Ukrainian president as saying.
Late on Friday, President Leonid Kuchma accepted the resignation of the Viktor Yushchenko cabinet. According to the press secretary, the head of state has instructed the cabinet to continue performing their duties until a new cabinet is formed.
Under the Ukrainian constitution, a new cabinet is to be formed within 60 days.

Visit for RIA 'Novosti' news.

So here was our president in Red Square. I feel very wierd now.

Sunday, May 08, 2005


Sarajevo 02

Sarajevo 02
Originally uploaded by Dragan Popovic.

This picture by Dragan Popovic gives a view of a house I'm sure I've seen. It gives a good idea of how much snow there was this last winter. He took a fantastic set of winter pictures. I recomend looking at them.


No Parking

No Parking
Originally uploaded by Marshed.

This is in the downtown part of our gulag.
There isn't the excuse of four yeards of civil war. In fact there are cities in Siberia which display less decay.

Saturday, May 07, 2005


Algerian Version of 'Rock the Casbah'

I should say that as a Catholic who practices the tradition of modest dress, it's difficult to go into populoar music scenes. I love good pop music too! I like punk sometimes, and I like rock, every bit as much as I like any other kind of music.
In the Gulag there used to be Karaoke Night at several bars. I am not heavily into drinking or the bar scene, especially here where it's gotten kind of bad, but I used to sometimes go out and do Karaoke, because I am a good singer and sometimes make money doing it. Anyway sometimes people would do 'Rock the Casbah' and it was very plainly aimed at me. I knew it was. It used to piss me off too because it is Christians who are ignorant of the true rules who piss me off the most.
Anyway these ignorant skinheads went into the bar and began doing the Clash version. When I heard Rashid Taha on NPR doing his totally kickass totally right on version I remembered that night. I wished the skinhead supak who did that could hear this version, which is so in your face, so perfect!
I'm going on one of those MP3 sites and find it. I'll have to post it separately just for Gordy.


Radovan Karadzic's mother died and buried he did not make it to the funeral

I read this and thought others might like to see it.


Katja with jalapenos

Katja with jalapenos
Originally uploaded by Yakima_gulag.

No I did NOT do that this year! Once was enough!

Friday, May 06, 2005



Originally uploaded by ihavenomouth.

this picture scares me. gee i wonder why!


There was something in the air.

There was something in the air.
Originally uploaded by Agnieszka.

This ruin makes me think of castle ruins I saw in BiH!


Streaming Sevdelinke from I don't know where but ...

If you like Sevdelinke this is where to be! it's really and truely good. Mujo, Fikret, Fata and Ivo all say to check it out, as does Katja. You don't want to disappoint Katja do you?
I didn't think so!
Cinco De Mayo on campus at the Yakima Gulag People's Institute of Higher Re:education was good, but hte Jalapeno contest was a little scary. A guy named Chris won despite the fact of jalapenos which were dangerously cheap. For a non-Mexican to do that is quite amazeing.
President Bush in Moscow to mark the end of the Battle of Stalingrad. This victory was damned important and the Russians took terrible casualties. The Russians still call it the 'Great Patriotic War'. The old vetrans still come out wearing their medals. Russians who have earned medals wear them on a daily basis. The Russians fought with great courage. It is wrong for Americans to forget it. Yes Stalin was in charge. I don't give him that much credit, I give the Russian people the credit.
Russia lost so many men that the Stalinist government seriously considered legalizeign polygamy to make sure that women could marry. In the event, even under Communism the influence of Christian ideas kept that from happening. General Zhukov was strong enough to give Stalin what for was one of the great generals of this war.
David Hackworth Died today.Hackworth, known familiarly as 'Hack' died and it's a loss to the American people as he was a voice for common sense in military matters. Given how much time this country spends at war it's bad to have such a loss.Hack Joined up at age 15, lying about his age. He went against the war after he was into his 4th term. He said 'the generals went from inspirational leaders who cared about soldiers and then became 'corporate leaders' He was 74 and died in Tiajuana, Mexico, while recieving treatment for bladder cancer.
'Kingdom of Heaven' pisses off both Muslims and Christians. Movies about the Crusades tend to upset Muslims. Inflamatory and shocking scenes normal in such films.
Anyway the movie seems to have a modern and secular type of film. That right away is what makes the movie not quite right.
It's not pure history, it's historical fiction, whith is because according to him the historical documentation is short.
I was raised around sources of medieval documents so I think the 'history is short' line is gluposti! raimish! tonteria!
At what point will there be a really good movie about the Crusades? Probably never.

Thursday, May 05, 2005


Sretan Pet Svibaje! Feliz Cinco De Mayo!

On this day Mexican forces in the city of Puebla defeated the French, thus ending the pretensions of Europe in Mexico.
Maximillian Emperor of Mexico, a Hapsburg was executed by fireing squad.
In Maximillian's defence, he loved Mexico and tried to be of help. He was probably not the worst ruler, but he was not the choice of the Mexican people.
Another thing, as an American, I am grateful to the Mexican people, because this defeat kept us from haveing the Hapsburg empire in the New World.
In the Western states of the U.S., where there are large numbers of Mexicans, Americans mark this day too. Americans and Mexicans liveing in the U.S. helped financially and with supplies of arms. Even some Americans fought in defence of Mexico at that time, not many but some.
the reason the Monroe Doctrine wasn't invoked at the time of the arrival of Maximillian Von Hapsburg, was due to the American Civil War.
What does all this have to do with the Balkans? you might ask... A lot of people of Croatian origin arrived in Mexico with Maximillian and Carlota, Some were military officers and personel, Carlota had at least a few people in her service who were Croats as well.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005


At LAST music which comes close to representing my ethnicity

Imagine this a combo of Russ-Pop which sounds a bit like Turbofolk, but instead of being Slavic music, it's Irish music, like rebel songs performed in a turbofolk manner in Russian language? Yes here it is, the WIERDEST thing I have heard. The song on now is about Belfast. I know the song in English, they are bound to have songs I will know in Irish performed in Russian. I speak Irish but not Russian. Hell I barely read Cirilici so here is this wierd station, I mean true wierdness. Now I can REALLY bug the neighbors! hahahahahahahaahhahaahahahahahahahaha
Hvala Vam Metafilter Hvala Vam Shoutcast!

Monday, May 02, 2005


Dubrovnik Galleons to sail again!

This is too cool! the Galleons from Dubrovnik will sail again! I love it! These were marvel, and it's lovely to think of such ships again. The sailors from Dubrovnik were among the best. Incidentally I talked to an Indian guy who is a sailor. He spoke highly of Croatian ship engineers, he said and I quote 'They are even better than Scottish ships engineers, very very good!'
Fixed the stupid linx. It was an ugly cage match with Proffessor Teenytiny, I beat him over the head with a chair and then stomped on his buddy the Pencil Necked Geek!
I have the method of setting up linx backed up elsewhere.
Insect Life in the Gulag:
There is a gigantowasp in my room. At first I saw it and thought it was a spider, then it kind of flew so I knew it wasn't a spider. I don't much care for wasps. They are a pain.
I'm still suffering a migraine, and have to do my midterms in Codeing. I have longed to quit school for the last year to be honest, but I can't. I have to see it through now. No word from my daughter. She's probably still in pain. I don't want to pester her.


Right, just when I got my linx working they disappear, what's up with this?!?!?

I guess I will need to re configure again and find out what the hell happened to my linx. these people annoy me..ggrrrrrr...grreee

Sunday, May 01, 2005


Why the Church, Whether Orthodox or Catholic, Doesn't Like These Books.

This constitutes a short reply to the post you can link to by clicking on the headline above.
There existed a small group in the Balkans which spread very far from the region, it was refered to as the 'Bogomil Heresy' 'The Slavonian Heresy' 'The Patrician Heresy' 'The Patarin Heresy' and in France was known as the 'Albigensian Heresy'.
The heresy started in Bulgaria, spread throughout the Balkans and indeed to the rest of Europe.
Many ideas, that Jesus Christ had a wife and that that wife was Mary Magdalene, and some other ideas in these books are really part of this worldview.
The scholarly opinion now is that not that many people in Bosnia-Hercegovina or in Croatia were members of this heresy. This is a controversial question in Balkans history. I haven't made up my own mind on the matter. Some evidence suggests that it was wide-spread, and some suggests that it was not. Perhaps people who believed strongly were few in numbers but there were many more casual adherants who did not fully take on all requirements of this very strict religious group.
The fact of this heresy was why the Inquistion was started and one of the first theatres of operation was in Bosnia itself where the Ban Kulin was tortured, and 150 of his vassals were thrown off a bridge to drown. He recanted only to unrecant once they left.
The interesting thing about the heresy is that it lasted so long and spread throughout Europe.
Some believe this was the first true Protestant movement.
Because the DaVinci Code and The Last Temptation of Christ show some of these veiws, they have been opposed.
I maintain that 'The Passion of the Christ' is equally heretical, but in a different direction, one which is somehow more 'acceptable'. (not to me! to the powers that be)
One thing about the heresy known as Bogomilism is that it had a tendanacy to decentralize power. That was not allowed in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Everything was about centralized power then.
I think the lack of centralized power may have skewed the records of their actual numbers a bit too.
Much of how the Church whether the Catholic Church or the Orthodox Church, is structured still has to do with who reports to whom.
The real opposition to Liberation Theology has to do with this. I can't think of movements in the Orthodox Church like that, but that is mostly because I'm not as well informed on it. There may be such movements or there might not be.
All I know is that power is pretty centralized in Catholicism and anything that opposes this centralized power, even if it's a basically good thing, will be put down.
I doubt it's so different in the Ortodox Church.


Kapitaliscka Prasica!

Stolen from Hullabaloo by way of Metafilter. Must see Capitalist decadence at it's best !
Happy May Day everyone!

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