Friday, July 20, 2007



No U.N. vote on Kosovo

Serbia's former state prosecutor arrested on suspicion he belonged to criminal gang"

Kosovo considering Nov 28 declaration of independence§ion=theworld&col

Bear fatally mauls man in Romania

His wife tried to save him by attacking the bear with a pitchfork, makes me think of the story my mother told me with the lines 'Go woman! Go bear!' except this has a sad ending.

Bears that HABITUALLY attack people often turn out to be older and in ill health. This is different from bears that will go after women alone in the woods.

Another thing, people should not be feeding the bears. The bears are capable of getting their own food and feeding them makes them bolder than they would otherwise be around humans.

WARNING MUCHO PROFANITY: For those of you in Rio Del, that means REAL BAD WORDS.

The White Trash School of Writing is on display here, with lots of unnecessary parenthesis, and the works. izolite if you are not at work....
By way of 'The Smoking Gun'

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