Sunday, February 28, 2010


Urki out of hand in the Yakima Gulag

Four shootings just last night accross Yakima County. One in Yakima proper injured three people.. including a pregnant teenage girl. ENOUGH already!

Friday, February 26, 2010


Minor Lynx Dump

Bosnia Arrests 3 Serbs on War Crimes Charges:

Wrong Mr. Karadzic! Bosnian Muslims have both Croat and Serbian descent!

Enforced Disappearances Turn Humans into Non-Humans:

Yes still a problem!

7 Wahabbis put under House Arrest:

and a matter of some pleasure, Maze and Kostelic medaled in Vancouver!

and What a Concept!: Journalists learning a second language and some history of another place!

One slight problem, It isn't called Serbo-Croat anymore, Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian or even B/C/S is more correct and Yugoslavia is no longer a nation.

Still the basic idea of journalists learning something of the places they may cover is a Good Thing!


Big Mistake

I think this is a bad mistake. Why would anyone want to get rid of small farms? Oh they are 'economically unviable'? Whoopie! Small farms can experiment with things like organic farming, pesticide free farming. Natural conditions for animals that we depend on for eggs, meat and milk is not to be sneezed at either. I put it to you that it is the LARGE MEGAFARMS which are UNSUSTAINABLE! They are unsustainable because you must use so much petroleum to run all the machines you need on a big farm. It is small farms which can save the world. Incidentally most farms in the Balkans are small and the food there is mostly very good quality.

Economists: Let Small Farms Die:

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Poetry Slam

I am getting to a point where I can't take Teenage Drama Queen Poetry, or poetry about gangs and gang life, or poetry about drugs. I do not like loud performances, what it does is actually overwhelm the poem. Unfortunately, that is what was going on tonight, and advocated strongly. Call me old-school if you want, but I remember when a poem read at a reading could be allowed to stand on it's merits.

I feel like the three who did win at least deserved it. I liked their final works, even though there were elements of preacment about all three.

I don't come to a poetry reading to be ear-banged, if I want that, I will either listen to Rush Limbaugh, or watch one of the religion channels or go to the Mission for awhile. I have less mental space for that approach to things.

Maybe we need a poetry reading thing that is NOT a slam. I am going to raise that possiblity sometime. I liked that judges got switched around, that was cool, and the decision making was transparent, I very much prefer that. All in all not a bad night's entertainment.


A bit earlier today...

I went to the college library and systematically removed all the squiggly spam, all the Ruski spam, basically cleared the decks. My rule stands, no comment spam is going to get through. I think maybe the content filter was reacting to contents in the spam I got. I don't know for sure, but perhaps that was the deal.

I am on some new medications which cut my appetite and in fact give me mild nausea. This isn't all bad. I need to lose a little weight anyway. If it prevents me from over-eating this is a plus! The other effect is the new stuff makes me very sleepy, but I can drink coffee in moderation without ill effects so at least I can deal with the drowsiness.

Just watched 'Red Dawn' all the way through on G-4. I found I understood the actors portraying Cubans just fine. Did not need the subtitles. With the Russians I got like half of it, those words which are the same in Bosnian essentially. It is the cheesiest imaginable film, but that is what makes it good for someone who does not feel so good.

I think I am also kind of tired because my body has been fighting the infection that was in the tooth that I had removed. There is a little swelling there, but nothing terrible. Odds are I will throw that off. I feel lots less coldy.

It is a beautiful spring day, and I go tomorrow to see whether I am a good candidate for cataract surgery. They will perhaps fix my better eye, possibly, I could luck out and get both done. Either way, it is cool.

An online friend of mine who used to live in Slovenia and who has been an absolutely wonderful source of information about Dead Ancestors has re-surfaced and has sent me marvelous videos from YouTube. This has led to finding other wonderful videos on my own. I was having trouble getting on YouTube actually for some time.

I got here due to a comment that must remain unpublished because it was comment spam. The same comment actually appears earlier in this blog, at a more relevant date.

I don't know if I can get in here other than by a link of some kind yet. I am just doing the trick of restoring a previous session.

That seems to sometimes work for now.



I am hoping that on Sunday, my son and I can remove the interferance from Dans Guardian once and for all. I still would really like to know where those faceless cowards are hiding! No working e-mail. no phone number just a bunch of stuff about how you can't remove it from your computer. They really go too far. A lot of stuff they block has nothing naughty in it. It isn't just my blog, it is photos on flikr, and some YouTube videos which also do not have naked people or anything else.
They over-block. I run Linux at home so that makes doing something harder. I guess my Mozilla won't run without it on Linux on this machine. That is a pain. It is a pain that this has to be done by long distance calls and schreen shots.
Well it is a beautiful sunny day at least. Off to read poetry at the day time poetry reading, and later ath the Slam.
I really hope no one reads poems only to beg. It offends me. I have been way worse off in my life than some of these folks. Also no gangster poems.
If I did not want a chance at the money, I would volunteer to judge.


Beware of Scots Bearing Stones!

Beware of Scots Bearing Stones!
Originally uploaded by Yakima_gulag
Because I am going to send this guy as soon as I figure out where a certain over-blocking bunch of block-heads are hiding..

No seriously, I got in from my YouTube account, several times. Now the same people who now I fear to name are blocking me. I understand I am not alone with this problem. I would like to see some people comment if they have had the same problem.

Now back to the picture. I was stuck at home in Bjelava one day, and decided to watch T.V. F.T.V. is good for unscheduled random documentaries which might not be announced in he paper. This one was on Scotland.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Four Balkans Medals in the Olympics

Two from Slovenia and two from Croatia, I hope BiH can get at least ONE medal! I have been sort of glued to the games.

I am recovering nicely from the removal of the tooth where they attempted to do a root canal and could not do it. I am tired, but over all feel a good bit better. I watched a friend's kid briefly and then she took me for some shopping for softer foods. I have some nice beef soup and there were strawberries and those Clementines which I like very much, and some peaches in syrup. I got some nutritional drinks too. One medication I take now can reduce your appetite, and that is probably a good thing just now! I was grateful to be able to bring home nice things, and my friend's little one is getting easier to talk with and play with. We played 'tic tac toe' and she won once, we drew once and then I won. then we found a rather grubby little soft soccer ball so we went into an un-rented office and rolled the ball back and forth, she had Hello Kitty movies on her little DVD player, and we watched that. Not bad at all. We're probably all going to go do something fun next week, when I actually feel better.

So here we are, I can look at the entire blog, I can get in here and actually post but only from YouTube! When I sign back on, I just go to 'restore previous session' That way I know I have the best chance of making it back.


Oh this is interesting!

Dans guardian would not let me look at my previous post... That is interesting of them. I could get in here to post! Totally arbitrary and capricious. These people need to be boiled in oil. Tiresome of them to always be messing with people.. Not like I ever heard of them or cared about them before I had all this damn trouble with their way over-agressive content filter. Sunday, we are going to try to extirperate them.


YES! Found the other back door in!

This was interesting, I should have tried it sooner! I clicked on my own link in YouTube and was able to sneak in the window. (brushes bits of glass out of my heavy woolly jacket) No seriously, I should have tried doing this before! So now you will see more regular posting and hopefully I can just keep comeing back through the sam proverbial window as long as I need to.

Sunday, February 21, 2010



Originally uploaded by Yakima_gulag
So if I drank anymore, ( I had to quit, health reasons...) this is about what I would think was in order! a toast to Ivica Kostelic! Ziveli! Svaka cast! :)

I believe he is only the second Balkans medal. I was glad to see Bodie Miller get gold, but I must say I was glad after all the hard work Ivica and Janica both have done, one of them medaled! Glad for Ivica as an individual, and also glad for Croatia.

Saturday, February 20, 2010



Originally uploaded by Yakima_gulag
almost prevented me doing a Lynx Dump

The link I could not get at last week:
Greek appointed to protect Serb religious heritage in Kosovo
Feb 16, 2010, 17:46 GMT

Read more:

Balkans in the Olympics: Sole Croatian Medal
| 19 February 2010 |

BBC has this discussion of Crna Gora and the language

I haven't seen it on the news here, yet but Gen Haig has died

From: Andy Soos, ENN
Published February 17, 2010 02:38 PM
Balkan Heat Wave

Bosnia: Police Launch Search in Foca
| 19 February 2010 |


Let's Just Send the Car For Them!

Let's Just Send The Car For Them!
Originally uploaded by Yakima_gulag
O.K. I am home, recovering from a flare up, and my ankles are not wonderful today. So I took some stuff for both problems, plus the abscess on my tooth keeps trying to come back. Things are a lot better if I take it easy. So since next week will be busy, I am taking it easy. I have to go have my eyes evaluated for cataract surgery. Actually they may fix one eye, the stronger one, but they may decide it is worth it to fix both eyes. This would be a good thing if it can be done.

So since I can, I have been enjoying the internet access we have now where I live. I really love having both TV and the internet. Not that I mind a good book to read!

The weather here has not been too bad. I got up and made Bosnian coffee and leftover cake and meds for breakfast. My son sent me a wonderful little thumb drive, it is one of those ones that folds up so you can't lose the cap someplace.

I have been looking for a favorite Bosnian T.V. show, Pećat over on Google and YouTube, with no particular success. I miss that show, it was pretty excellent. Why no episodes are up is a mystery to me.

Now to post this and sneak back out of here.

I want to send the proverbial car for the Dans Guardian thugs who keep me away from stuff like my OWN BLOG!

I just found out Google is being sued, a class action suit against Google Buzz, can someone who wants to obliterate Dans Guardian in a legal fashion please start a suit against them? I would be happy to testify against them!

Thursday, February 18, 2010



Originally uploaded by Yakima_gulag
This picture is some of my dead ancestors. I thought it would be cool to put it in the blog.

here is a link I saw about the pilot who crashed his plane into offices in Austin where the IRS, the FBI and CIA have offices. If he were Muslim, we'd hear that he had 'self radicalized'
To me this does look like a deliberate act of terror. Of course he torched his own house. He had family
What is up with that?


On an Excursion to eliminate:

The overwhelming amount of Japanese and Chinese spam that has been placed in my blogs comment box,NOTE TO SPAMMERS DO NOT THINK I WILL PUBLISH YOU! IF you are writing in some language I can't read or your English is not up to some minimal basic standards, you AINT A GETTIN IN HERE! GOT THAT? GOOD!

now back to our regular programming. I managed to lose all internet connectivity last night trying to de-nut Dans Guardian. I went to their site and found that my attempt to send them some diplomaticly worded e-mail about the problem failed. Then I looked down. Those poseurs have NOT UPDATED Their alleged site since 2005 That's FIVE YEARS Narodi! FIVE YEARS! further I could not find say a phone number to call them. I only wanted to try to get the thing to not keep me out of sites, but by the time I noticed no phone number I was thinking some combination of ethnic cleansing and legal action was really what I wanted to do to them. May they seek their children in the river with a fork!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


A Week of Dangerous Excess is OVER

Originally uploaded by Yakima_gulag
OK everyone who has been fattening me up for the kill, I am back on my normal diet, at least until the family Easter Party, when I will sit in the corner and select carefully, VERY carefully from the delicacies offered. Medjuvrijeme, enjoy this soundless clip from Svako Dobro Bosna i Hercegovina, one of my favorite Bosnian TV shows. Try to imagine spirited and lively music... relax enjoy the sunshine!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Very Old Bosnian footage: Pre Wolf Hunting Dance

Pre Wolf Hunting Dance
Originally uploaded by Yakima_gulag
Considering that this is my way of getting around the unwanted, unjustified filtering of my attempt to do a Lynx Dump, this should have been a Pre-Lynx Hunting Dance, but this was the best I could do!

Izvolite! :)

Lynx Dump:

Bulgaria Refugee Director Charged, Will be Fired

Balkans: Drug trafficking provokes diplomatic row

Afghan situation like Bosnia: Holbrooke
Web posted at: 2/16/2010 5:26:20

EXCLUSIVE: Former Gitmo Prisoner, Rehabilitated in Saudi Arabia, May Soon be Released,2933,586117,00.html?sPage=fnc/us/crime

view & vote:
The Latest Green Cars

Snowflakes Up Close

The Week in Pictures

Kultur Korner: I like this guy's stuff, it's cute and imaginative:

Serbian Artists' Imaginative, Sustainable Takes on Everyday Objects

From the same place, an article on sustainable fashion design:

Bosnia: Woman Hurt in Robbery, Thief Killed

(They should mention in the headline that the woman killed the would-be thief!)

(sorry there is a paywall here)
Bosnia Serb Referendum Threat Alarms Muslim Returnees
Prijedor, Banja Luka, Sarajevo | 16 February 2010 | By Sabina Niksic


Access to the page:

... has been denied for the following reason:

Weighted phrase limit exceeded.


Pornography, Pornography (Italian), Warez

You are seeing this error because what you attempted to access appears to contain, or is labeled as containing, material that has been deemed inappropriate.

If you have any queries contact your ICT Coordinator or Network Manager.

Powered by DansGuardian

Those sleezy greezy b*****ds blocked me from an article which ONLY CONCERNS RELIGIOUS and POLITICAL subjects. It is NOT an article with porno or warez.


Queen of Kludge!

Good, the emergency work-around worked! Just call me the Queen of Kludge! :)

OK I did get to see the opening ceremony for the Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010. I watched the Parade of Nations and of course kept an eye out for Bosnia Hercegovina's team of 5, and was delighted to see them well spoken of by the announcer. Croatia and Serbia both got kind of hosed by NBC though, being shown after a lengthy commercial break as opposed to live, and not shown really entering the arena.

The weather here is improving, it's changeable still so my arthritis is acting up all over the place. I may be online a bit more intermittently. At least if I don't manage the Dans Guardian cleansing, I will be able to by pass it using Flikr! Meaning y'all get more pix! Maybe even the occasional film clip!

Once I understand how to remove it, lengthier posts should follow.

All the best!

Sunday, February 14, 2010


I am trying to get around an obnoxious content filter

Originally uploaded by Yakima_gulag
Which blocks me from getting on my blog from home. I have instructions as to how to disable the damn thing, bu I am not doing something or other quite right. Anyway once I get rid of the content filter, I can blog more. We all need to find the company that made Dans Guardian and take them all down.

Friday, February 12, 2010



More Reasons I hate banks:


Foggy in the Yakima Gulag

It is way foggy this morning. I have an early appointment, I came here as much to actually stay awake as anything else. I have been annoyed by small things I use being misplaced in my room despite the fact it is not an overly cluttered room. A clip I use to keep my scarf on that I purchased in the Markale, some batteries I got because the ones in my CD player have run out and now I have no clue where the Hell I set them. A favorite sewing needle decided to grow legs apparently and walk away. Even the desparate tactic of walking barefoot throughout my room has not resulted in a painful find, and normally that last measure would have resulted in finding the needle. In the case of the needle some person called me on my mobile phone right when I was using the needle, not naming names but getting distracted can cause anyone to lose things.
On the upside, the new neighbor made dinner for everyone last night. Turns out he hates eating alone. I don't awfully mind eating alone. I have figured out a mostly healthy diet for myself that can be made using a microwave. I don't like to get fancy unless I am cooking for more than one. It simply involves too many dishes, too many pans and too much time. Why go to all that fuss for just one person? So I don't. :) The two ladies in the house don't cook the two guys however are OBSESSED with cooking and go to trouble daily to cook. I think it's almost funny. :)

Thursday, February 11, 2010


In the Library in my Birthday Suit

No not in a state of nudity, which is what Americans at least mean when they say 'birthday suit' but in an outfit given to me by my friend the artist Jeannie Fairchild. Look her up on Google to see pictures of wonderful things she makes. She actually got this really lovely shalwar-khameez in Oregon at a yard sale for $3 and then realized that she could not 1. bear to cut it up, 2. probably could not wear it anyplace either. 3 realized that it was something I loved 4. realized I'd probably at least wear it on occasions when I needed to Really Impress Someone.
It is lovely. I don't have to impress anyone today. I am only wearing it to enjoy the turned heads when my lovely daughter takes me out to lunch.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Layoffs are bad for business!

my favorite Newsweek headline of like ALL TIME! ok big question..

WHAT the HELL TOOK THEM SO LONG? Regular folks like already had this figured out!

relevant link here:

read it narodi! :)

Tuesday, February 09, 2010


Blame the stupid, ignorant Americans...

some food for thought....


Some blogs are so inactive, I am considering

a mild purge of my blog-roll, if only to save people bothering to go to places where it is the same old-same old. I feel bad for the situation of the Balkans corner of the Blogosphere, some very good writers and commentators have been inactive, at archive status for so long that it has become sort of sad.
I am not doing anything immediately, I will at least wait until Saturday or Sunday when I hope to have a block of smooth internet sailing from home. It is not a decision I will be taking lightly.

Monday, February 08, 2010


Bad news in Indian country being totally ignored

The heavy snow has hit the area of the Sioux and Cheyenne country very badly, people have been without power in semi-modern, very badly made homes for like 11 days now. NO government help has been sent, they are freezing, and the local Tiin Maa club has been raising funds for them. please help if you can! Tiin Maa is a campus club here, MEcHA has been helping too.

Friday, February 05, 2010


Wonderful Early Birthday Present!

A friend gav e me the most AWESOME shalwar kameez and scarf, the thing that makes it awesome is it has gold embroidery on it and it fits me right, and it looks just awesome! Thanks Jeannie! :)

Wednesday, February 03, 2010


So, I was at the coffee shop, planning a MASSIVE Lynx Dumpt...

I was at Tropical Heat, a wonderful coffee shop where I go routinely for quality time with my netbook, but like all the coffee shops in the Yakima Gulag seem to have this thing called 'Dans Guardian' as a filter. I can't get rid of it, lower the filter's sensitivity or deal with it, and it locks me out of this blog very frequently. Usually it accuses me of having Japanese Porn, or some such ridiculous charge.
Sometimes my blog is heavily spammed by people with various squiggly languages, and I don't have all the time in the world to knock off their comments. I leave them un-dealt with in the comments area.

Anyway the stuff I wanted to do a Lynx Dump on has to do with a village near to the Brcko District in BiH which has roughly 100 residents. It is crawling with Wahabbit types. So massive numbers of Federation and Republika Srpska police went in and busted some people. I will have to hunt down the links I wanted, I don't have time at Raymond Hall or the Public Library even for all this. Meanwhile I have good news for my faithful readers. The presence of a new housemate means we can actually afford to upgrade our cable service. This upgrade will result in my having internet at home! Also it will result in possible phone service. The Very Worst Case Scenario is I will be able to have Magic Jack installed or Google Talk, which means I can be in touch with all the Long Lost relatives who want to pick my brains about the huge lot of Dead Ancestors I have researched. I will actually be able to speak with them without going totally broke! This is fantastic, and everyone ought to notice an improvement in this blog right away.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010


Warmer weather in the Yakima Gulag

It looks like all the cold weather meant normally for the Yakima Gulag got sent off to the Granit Grad Gulag instead. . . not that I am complaining, I filmed a spider haniging out on the outside of the kitchen window, (literally hanging out...) A little fuzzy wolf spider or jumping spider looking critter, and a variant colored box elder bug paid me a visit in the wee hours on Saturday. I had awakened and needed a pill for pain, and read a book until I felt like sleeping again. The box elder bug took a walk on my book, no doubt drawn by the little lamp my friend gave me for reading at night.

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