Monday, July 31, 2006



Afternoon Updates:

Bosnian Muslims Object to 'South Park'

*Note: the same cartoon in fact was censored in the U.S.

Czech Soldier Dead in Kosovo

Uzbeks who were airlifted to Romania have resettled abroad for the most part

Lebanese in Bulgaria Protest Israeli invasion

'Serbia will always consider Kosovo it's own'

Germans Re:open Dragan death case

After 14 Years RS still BiH's Stumbling Block

Oric Sentance Contested

Can we all say apeasment?

British Buy Houses, Locals Leave

This is what I was talking about the other day when I was discussing the dangers of tourism. The only way around it is to do what Croatia does and require a special permit for foreigners to buy land in their country.

Opinion Piece

Circumcisin lives on amoung Kosovo's Slav Muslims

These folks are the descendants of Bosnians who ended up in Kosovo for varying reasons, some centuries ago.

I spent a pleasant day in the company of the grand babies. Logan is finally showing signs of wanting to get out of diapers and is talking well, and Keirna is very sharp, she actually turned down a piece of candy that would have been too much.
I told her that is a sign she's a very intelligent little girl, and her mom said 'or a sucker!' but laughed. I said 'No seriously some sweets are good, but too much is too much and it's good to know when it is too much!'

Sunday, July 30, 2006



Exit Festival

Bosnia, Hellava Comeback

Further about the two British Tourists Attacked on Hvar

Two Albanian Men Attacked in Belfast Gay Bar

Saturday, July 29, 2006


Bez Struja

Bez Struja means 'without current' which we certainly were down in my part of the Gulag for around half an hour.
My theory is that it must have had to do with a motor vehicle accident, I heard sirens shortly after the power went down.
I called the power company, then I called Trinity and then my daughter to see if they had power. Trinity wasn't up, my daughter was however. They offered to get me if it got too hot, and I thanked them. Going there tomorrow however to just hang out and see the babies.
Trinity later called me to say power had been down in her area as well.

This was from yesterday, the attack by an un-named Muslim American who said he was upset over the Israeli attack in Lebanon.
I'm upset about it too, but I'm upset as well with Hezbollah for attacking Israel. Both sides upset me.

Attack in Seattle

I was at Trinity's house keeping cool.

This is a bit shocking, over all Croatia has been a very safe tourist destination. That appears to be changing...
This is sad and shocking.

Friday, July 28, 2006



Evening Updates:

Bosnian Concentration Camp Trials Begin Today

Del Ponte Admired Milosevic,,1832806,00.html

Fisticuffs in Tirana Parliment, Natioal Guard Called out,,1832806,00.html

Woman in Serbia Freezes Herself to Death

That's My Story and I'm Stickin' To it!

I went to cool off at Trinity's house, we watched a couple movies and I cooled off. Did me some real good to do that.

Armed Defense of Kosovo 'Last Resort' Serbian Radicals say

Milosevic 'Fascinated' Del Ponte

EC Ambassador Condemns Attacks on Serb Returnees to Croatia

Police, Public Broadcasting Reforms in BiH face further delays

Albania to introduce electronic passports

Naked Scandinavians leave Albanian Police Speechless;_ylt=A86.I0ivHcpE2goBFhOdk3QF;_ylu=X3oDMTA5aHJvMDdwBHNlYwN5bmNhdA--

This was a cultural competancy moment! Albania is 90% Muslim! They aren't hardcore, but public nudity of this sort is a 'no no' !!!
I remember reading that Enver Hoxa did not want to allow tourism, his words 'Would you invite pigs and sows into your home?' This is the sort of thing he meant. Albania isn't the only Balkans nation where this type of public nudity has been objected to. On the island of Krk a local priest objected as well to the let it all hang out attitude,
I think clothing optional beaches might be a good idea. There must be some places where that could be done, and then people who didn't want to take it all off, could be on different beaches.

NPR had an interesting report on San Francisco becoming so expensive that people with children, even fairly well off people with children can't afford it. I can tell you it's true, and while the reporter did not mention this, it was caused in part by tourism. Tourism is dangerous, on the one hand it's easy money, relatively speaking, on the other hand tourists bring up prices for everything, and God help the locals if they decide to buy property, and stay on. Then rents and real estate prices become a crushing burden on the locals. The tourists may love the beaches and so forth, but they never really become like the locals, and they displace them. This has happened to so many lovely parts of the world. Yes they inject a lot of cash into an economy, and sometimes cause reforms bit by bit, but the downside is the inflation which is beyond the normal sort of inflation that steady, measured progress by and for locals might make.This sort of inflatation disrupts the natural succession of generations and the traditions they carry over time.

Interesting Nature Note, I saw today a totally unusual thing, an albino baby Box Elder Bug, I tried to get a picture of it, but it dropped off my arm as I was trying to get at the camera. The coloration was quite interesting and pretty. Gray markings on white. I knew it was a Box Elder Bug because of it's other physical features. I was mildly bitten by an adult Box Elder Bug last night, it was an icky pinching sensation and I shook the bug off me. They have a straw like mouth piece, it probably was trying to drink some of my sweat.

Thursday, July 27, 2006


and Comrade Katjusa's unpleasant outing in the Gulag;

Ocassionally nasty stuff happens...I lost track of my Non Driver's Identification Card. That was bad. What is worse is I discovered this in the bank. Under stress Comrade Katjusa cannot remember numbers. They really need to ask things other than numbers. But that is neither here nor there...So leving the bank I went home. I searched and searched. Called the only three stores at which I made any purchases lately. no luck
So I took my trusty U.S. of A. passeport, and went back to the bank to transact my business. This was a request for counter checks and an order of new checks, I was fresh out. Very Inconvenient.
They were very helpful.
In fact they tried to be earlier and were most courteous. For the record I like my bank,they are nice.
Then Comrade Katjusa went and paid bills, and returned downtown all by Yakima Gulag Transit, which is an excellent public transit service. no serious complaints there! minor ones yes. We'll get there.
Well the heat was terrific, we Zeks don't like 102 or above very much!
Went first to the Union Gap Mall to freshen up. Was having kind of a bad hair day anyway, and knew that at the D.O.L. I would have to show my hair. So sorted that out, washed up, and wandered about, actually did a small amount of retail therapy there.
So after that went to the D.O.L. got going the wrong way, and some lovely young ladies I asked for directions helped me. It was nearly a mile and a half.
Got there, and actually my number was called pretty soon. I explained the problem. The poor woman behind the desk was not having a good day. She informed me that my lost ID was WAY out of date. So I had to pay the full fee. Nema Problema, I used one of the four counter checks and did it. Then had a particularly gruesome photographic experience. Granted I was tired, but I look like I will probably go home and ethnically cleanse someone or other. I look truely GRIM!


Ivan the Terrible's Departure from the Gulag:

OK, here is the story promised to all last night:

So, this trip's been a bit of a disaster. Started
out alright: got out to the Yakima airport early
enough to get a seat on the bench, waiting for the
shuttle. Shuttle arrived right on time.
This is where trouble was subtly hinted at, though:
the driver wasn't really on the ball. She didn't get
out and ask everybody to line up or anything – she
just pulled up, opened the doors, and got back in to
wait in the driver's seat. She just sat there until
someone knocked on the window and asked if we were
going to board, at which point she started letting us.
On the up side, she neglected to collect the extra
fee on my baggage, even after I brought it up.
Next fun happened when we got to SeaTac. We got
there right on time and everything, and I went to the
curbside check-in because the line looked about a
third the length of the one inside, maybe less.
(There was just like a $2 fee per bag – small price
to pay to not stand around for two hours.) Well, the
line's moving pretty good...and then I get to the
counter, and the guy says there's computer trouble.
For a brief moment, I was worried that I'd been
flagged for a no fly list or some nonsense, and they
were stalling me for security to get there.
Turns out, the problem really was computer related:
the computers for Northwest went down. Right as I got
to the counter. Company wide. A baggage guy finally
did get me a boarding pass and baggage claim tickets.
Figuring he was in for a lousy, lousy day, I made sure
to tip well.
Went through the security checkpoint, which was a
laugh. The whole shoes thing is retarded, and they
made me give up an inch long pocket knife while
letting me keep a larger screwdriver set for no
particular reason. I didn't bother to argue, given
how brown I am.
Got to the gate, waited around. Didn't eat a proper
meal – stuck to the bags of snacks my sister D.. put
together for me, because I was too nervous to really
eat. I'd gotten there with three hours to spare.
Flight got in on time, but after we boarded, they
waited an extra forty, maybe fifty minutes to take off
– they wanted to give one or two straggling
passengers a chance to make their connections. So, I
figured that was fine. Then, when we went to taxi out
of there, the plane died. Lights dropped, AC cut out,
and we sat in the dark for five, ten minutes until the
pilot informed us that the auxiliary power had died
for unknown reasons. He advised that they'd try to
get it back, so we could go. That took another maybe
ten minutes, and we took off.
We got to Minneapolis, and the pilot warned us that
the computers were still down, so they couldn't tell
us anything about our connections – all we could do
was consult an agent or the board in the terminal.
We'd arrived basically right when my connection was
slated to leave, and so I missed it. Wasn't even
listed on the board when I got there. So I went to
the front desk, all the way outside of the security
zone to get help.
They had one working terminal. Some blonde girl
monopolized it for like an hour, trying to get a
manager – once again, I arrived at the desk as the
one working computer dropped. The lady at the desk
offered to let me use a phone behind the counter to
reschedule, which took another hour, (mostly spent
transferred around or on hold), and then I finally got
rescheduled. They got me a set of vouchers for a
hotel, shuttle and two meals. Got to the shuttle for
a boarding pass, and they told me that I also had to
call their 800 number to book my shuttle for the
following morning. It was like midnight by this
point. Sighed, got on the shuttle. Got to the hotel.
Nothing was open except a Denny's, due to the hour.
They didn't take meal vouchers, so I paid cash for
take out. Got back to the hotel, and in a bit of good
luck, found they had free wifi, so I didn't have to
pay exhorbitant phone fees to call K. and the
shuttle. Got to bed at 3 AM or so.
Woke up at 7, got to the shuttle, and everything went
more or less smoothly from there, although the
computers were *still* down.

Then, finally got here, and things were great. Not
awkward at all. Her friend J. picked me up, and
we all went and had dinner, caught the new Pirates
movie. Right now, feels like I've already lived here
more or less forever. (Or would if my stuff weren't
all in boxes, anyway.)
Talk to you all soon!

Ivan the Terrible


After Yahoo being snicky with everyone for no reason I can understand, the same thing has been happening with Blogger/Blogspot.
So it was a bit more difficult to get today's selections to you! izvolite! :)

700 Skeletons Exhumed in Kamenica, BiH

Croatia Denounces Crimes Against Serbs for First Time

Reactor in Serbia to be Cleaned Up before Terrorists Can Get to it.

Metafilter Post on Arberesh People

Check out the music link, it's got some nice songs, Their music has a soft quality, and sounds very light hearted.
I liked seeing the pictures of Arebeshi dress, they seem to have preserved very old features of Balkans dress. Note the partial armor on the women's dress. That feature is seen in other Balkans countries.


Wednesday, July 26, 2006



The flight of Ivan the Terrible was delayed due to computer problems, but I heard on the news that one pilot from the airline he's useing had to be replaced because hte pilot was drunk.

That was on the news in the middle of the night, and I haven't heard anything since. They put him up in the Super 8. When there was a delay on my flight in 2000 to Sarajevo, I was offered a room at the Zagreb Intercontinental, such a difference!

Water Shortage on Pag Drives Out a Bunch of Tourists

IRA planned to buy a block of flats and a bank

Today's Mladic Update

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


And How is it I Missed This?

Slovenia has ok'ed Domestic Partnerships. Via Comments @ Glory of Carniola


From Neighbors in Our Gulag

Other News From Our Gulag


a very attenuated clip of the ceremony for the re:opening of Stari Most in Mostar Bosnia and Hercegovina. I had the whole thing somewhere in my stuff. Anyway the anniversary of the reopening was the 23 of July and I forgot to put something about it.

I'll put the other video in a seperate post YouTube can be wierd at times.

Today it is again hot, Ivan the Terrible Minister of Technology left the Yakima Gulag for the Greater St. Louis Area. We in the Yakima Gulag wish him all the best. We wish his girlfriend all the best too!
Momcilo Mladic pleads 'not guilty'
Serbs leave rebuilt homes in Kosovo
Hepatitis Victims 133 in Bulgarian village
Minorities in Montenegro accuse Djukanovic of Betrayal

Tesla's Memory Unites Croats, Serbs

Beautiful People: Movie Review

Montenegrin Militaries Institute Proceedings Against Serbia and Montenegro Army

Today's Worthless Mladic-Karadzic Updates
MTV EXIT in Sarajevo
Pair Act Against Trafficking
Croatian Court turns down prosecuter's appeal
Kosovo Talks

Monday, July 24, 2006


Hot again today

Things are ever nastier in Lebanon.

CIA Operation Revealed by Frequent Flier Miles,1,1064628.story?coll=chi-news-hed&ctrack=1&cset=true

Bosnians Favor EU entry

Bulgaria Closes Slaughterhouses not in Compliance with EU Rules

Serbians, Montenegrins Line up for German Citizenship

Sunday, July 23, 2006


Greetings from the Russian Steam Bath in the Yakima Gulag

It's fiendishly hot again today, it's only 10:47 and I'm dripping sweat, my bedding was wet from sweat when I woke up at 3 am to try to air the place. mizeran...

I don't know what is going on with Yahoo the last couple of days, I can't get at my mail if it won't let me in. I think it may have to do with weather conditions outside of the Yakima Gulag which are quite bad in a few places, St. Louis for one, part of New York City for another.
It could even be the more aggressive firewalls in my new computer. I really don't want comment spam and I don't want to have Klingon swear words be the substitute for how I do it now. It's highly annoying. I know there are bigger issues out there, like the war that has broken out in Lebanon. . . .

Today's Karadzic Update

Albania just siezed the assets of some groups connected with bin-Ladin, I can't give details because the source is subscription only and I won't waste my money that wat. This is only a heads-up that that has happened. I'm sure details will come out later.

Lest we forget..

Saturday, July 22, 2006


This goes out to Majkal from GoC gde si Majkal?


A Box Elder Bug Film from last year


Hot Saturday

Neandrathal Genome to be Deciphered

A fairly recent fossil from Croatia is going to be used in this project.

Kostunica Against Kosovo Independance

but that's hardly any surprise

Also no surprise, it's extremely hot here in the Gulag. I tried to wake up early and air the house out again and it was very ineffective because it's also quite humid.

Friday, July 21, 2006


Hot Friday

International Evacuees by Country and Numbers

Although if you read these pages regularly you know that Croatia was not on the list for evacuees here, and certainly other Balkans nations evacuees have been excluded from this article.

French Help Macedonian Evacuees

'Kosovo Largely Independant' Rupel of Slovenia

Mario linked this, it seems the least I could do! :) Hi Doug!

Tick Tick Tick for Serbia

Leader of Ataka Party Disciplined

Ataka Leader in the Dark about Conviction

Way to piss everyone off! Turks Armenians and Bulgarian government Woooohooo!

Bird flu in Bulgaria not the H5N1

I think I saw the SAME article a couple months ago! I think I posted it a couple months ago too!,0,1817046.story?coll=sfla-features-headlines

An Article on Medjugorije

Today is going to be very hot in the Yakima Gulag, the permafrost is gone it'll be 103 to 107 today. Thank God I was able to get up nice and early and air the house well! Sometimes I'm simply too tired to wake up that early!

Thursday, July 20, 2006



Story of the Evacuation of Croats From Lebanon
With pictures of the damage.

Albania Asks France, UK for help in Search for Helicopter

Bollywood and Croatia Link
Terror Trial Starts in BiH
Today's Mladic Update
Mladic Reportedly Hid in Belgrade
305 Victims of Ethnic Cleansing Laid to Rest
Bird Flu Confirmed in Domestic Birds in Bulgaria
Huge Acropolis Complex Found in Bulgaria
Serb Town's Website Calls For Acts of Terror Against Muslims

Well it's now nine days of the attack on Lebanon. I would maintain that Lebanon. The right wing rant media of course are busy making up stories about the Americans of Lebanese background being 'ungrateful' complaining about the food and all that. Sorry that stuff turned out to be not altogether true during the Hurricane Katrina business, so I'm not buying that now.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Bez Struja

Ivan the Terrible just came in from mailing some stuff, and told me the power was out downtown, someone among the crew responsible for the new 'Streets of Tirana Look Alike Project(TM)' hit a power line. So the people working downtown are deprived of air conditioning even of fans, and it was miserable.


In by the back door again...

Blogger has been razjebao today so I had to sneak in, Owen I'll publish your comments as soon as they let me...

Serbia to Sell Off Surplus Armaments

Tensions in Kosovo

Albanian Man Wants to Tell His Story

Mesic felt he had a good meeting with Blair

Tuesday, July 18, 2006



Afternoon Updates:

I added Bosnia Vault to my links. there is a lot of good information there and it's become a must stop for news of the region as she finds stuff I don't find, and she has reviews of books, a valuable service that will inform you of good books on BiH out there. It's a well written blog and deserves more readership.

a href="">Kosovo Status Talks in Trouble

Portests of Attack Party Block Traffic in Sofia

Torch light rally byAttaka Party Demands Silence from Mosque

Extremely High Unemployment Among the Disabled in Serbia

I would suspect this to be the case in all the Balkans nations, for the simple reason that there are not enough jobs for ANYONE.

EU Will Not Press Serbia to Give Up Kosovo

Today's Mladic Update
EU Welcomes Serbian Plan to Arrest Mladic

New Arrest Warrent for Milosevic's widow
Warning this story has that icky cellulite ad...
A Former Bosnian Serb Leader Indicted for War Crimes

The Annoying Bay of Piran Dispute

Croats stuck in Lebanon have been fleeing by way of Syria, and so are the other Balkans people stuck in the region. It's very dangerous going that way because of the Isrealis. Their blizkreig has hit roads that lead to Syria.

Americans at least can leave by ship under safe conduct. The whole damn thing seems so 'Winds of War'

Monday, July 17, 2006


And this is just ... eeejuw!

Remember the earlier discussion of President Bush's expletives? Not that long ago! well here's some more creepy stuff, just click on the title...
In an American workplace this would be regarded as sexual harrasment! JUST what has been going on at this summit?!?


very sweet moment

I was airing the house and some teenaged girls walked by in a group past my house, they were cute to start with, and then three of them gave the big maple tree a hug!They came back with a couple boys and did the same thing! it was too sweet! Again, really cute girls anyway..


Rude Awakening...

Well as if the poor people in Indonesia hadn't had enough, there was another tsunami, which hit Java, it followed another heavy earthquake.

Aside from that, the situation of rocket fire between Israel and Lebanon has continued on, it's now what six days.. . a week. President Bush is at the G-8 Summit in Saint Petersburg, and he says in a public meeting with Tony Blair and Putin present, 'We have got to get these people to stop doing this shit' I'm not making this up. OK I am very prone to using bad language, in my own private life. I'Pm not a world leader. I realize that President Bush 1. Has terrible responsibility, 2. consequently he gets tired, 3. is only human 4. has done worse things than to say a four letter word. 5. probably deserves credit for a few things and doesn't deserve to be criticised for a four letter word.

No one can help what happened in Indonesia except to help the survivors, it's not any one person's fault, but there is no excuse really for war, except a bunch of guys who all need some operation to reduce their problem of testosterone poisoning. I'm not taking sides here, both sides need to chill frankly. Hezbollah should have been disbanded years ago, and Israel, while I support the need for Israel, needs to calm down too. The odds of them calming down while being hit by rockets are slim to none, I would not calm down in their place either, and the Hezbollah guys definately need to cut it out with the rockets already, and now that the Israelis are shooting back that's not happening only when guys are shooting rockets at you, well of COURSE you shot rockets back in the general direction of whoever shot them at you! I'm glad my mother didn't have to live to see this. She really lived in fear of general war in the Middle East and this would look a lot like it to her if she were here to talk about it. This is all very bad stuff.

About 50 Serbs Evacuated from Lebanon

Today's Mladic Updates

I wouldn't be talking about this, I'd just do it if I were them!

Serbia to Reveal Plan to Hunt Mladic

Request for no loudspeakers on Sofia Mosque

It's one thing to have the azan, etc, but the loudspeakers do more harm than good. I hope this can be worked out sensibly between the locals.

Wierdness! I never heard the like!

Small Bulgarian Town Invites Micheal Jackson to Stay Strikes at Pirate Internet Providers

warning, if you are worried about Echelon or Karnivor, this link is from Iran...but it is your Gotovina update for today

3 Croatian Generals on Trial

Visit Beautiful Romania!

Sunday, July 16, 2006


The Tomb of the Unknown Folk Singer

Originally uploaded by gustomaina.

Somewhere in Serbija!



Srebenica Trial Begins

Maltese Judge Presides Over Srebenica Genocide Trial

Russia Throwing it's Weight Around Regarding Kosovo

Romanians to be Evacuated from Lebanon

Bulgaria Opens Telephone Hotline For Bulgarians in Lebanon

'Yes' means 'No' or maybe not

Not Balkans related or Yakima Gulag related but oh what the heck, everyone else has football news.

What Zidane's Mother Thinks of the Whole Mess-o-Rama

Saturday, July 15, 2006


Saturday Morning

9 Charged With Helping

Over 400 Bodies of Victims of Srebenica Exhumed

Bosnian Elvis Impersonator

'Elvis' is not a rare given name in BiH, I don't know the origins of the name, other surprising given names include 'Indira' and 'Elvira''

Frankly the guy looks a bit more like Johny Cash, but who ever heard of a Johny Cash impersonator?

Kosovo Trial Takes on Mantle of Milosevic Trial

I've been waiting to hear from someone whether I get a ride to a rally for Bill Richardson down in the Valley, I hope I can go, because Bill Richardson is great! I want to meet him.

Friday, July 14, 2006


General War in the Middle East?

Seriously, the Israelis are attacking Lebanon. The Hizballah people are not just rolling over, they are fighting back and the civilians on both sides are having a very nasty time of it.

It really has been awful reading about all this.I am afraid for Israel, I am afraid for the Lebanese people. At some point it's not impossible that other Arab nations might intervene, if that does happen it will creat a general war. I can't say I like it, I really don't.

Ummm WTF! Hizballah has remote control drones??!!?? How the bloody Hell did THAT happen?


Alright I could not find this in time for the Fourth of July so ....

Just For Bastille Day!Happy Bastille Day to all my French readers!



Gulag Jokes,

Medieval Monuments in Kosovo

Grain Elevator Explodes in Croatia

Del Ponte Curbed as Srebenica Genocide Trial Starts

There may be other news later.

Thursday, July 13, 2006


Marchers, Orange Order parade

Marchers, Orange Order parade
Originally uploaded by Laurence Cooley.

Just so you can see what a Boyne Day parade looks like.



It was lovely and cold last night! This of course meant that I slept better. I am getting used to the laptop, it's a very nice one, I watched 'Murderball' last night. Zupan is a Croat namehis father certainly LOOKS like a typical Croat guy, but with all that Celtic tatooing on him there's got to be a good streak of Scottish Irish or maybe even Pictish! :)So maybe his mother is from that background? Not that that matters, Mark Zupan kicks ass and takes names, and I ended up really respecting the whole team. Do see it! the film was entertaining, and very moving but not in a sappy way, in a real way. Sometimes films about people with serious handicaps are very sappy, this film NEVER for a moment let you forget that these guys are men! In fact it took on the touchy subject of how guys who are quads deal with sex.
The games were riveting, I seldom enjoy watching sports but I got so involved with the guys that I was cheering them on. It takes GUTS to play such a rough game as wheelchair rugby, it's a rough game, makes regular able bodied rugger look DULL really really really really DULL by comparison!
Joe Bob says 'check it out!'

Not a huge lot of news today yet.

A Burial in Srebenica

Bad Year for Serbia,1518,426518,00.html

Arben Xhafari to Resign from Macedonian Politics

Economic Info on BiH

Ethno Jazz in Bulgaria

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Evening Updates:

This story about the relations of the suspects in detention at The Hague is of interest because earlier I mentioned other incidents of ethnic and religious problems in other parts of Europe,namely Northern Ireland. In the prisons, such as Long Kesh, the guards had to keep the Loyalist and Republican prisoners carefully segregated, they had no feeling of common identity as Celts, the prisoners in the Hague DO however mostly, except for a couple Albanians, have a feeling of some common identity as Slavs. They view their common history very differently, but they sort of put that aside because under detention conditions they must in order to have any human interaction. The other thing is interaction accross ethnic/religious lines is as much a local tradition as the conflict is.
The normal thing in Northern Ireland was very little inter-religious inter-ethnic dating or even socializing.

Very Little Quarreling in Detention at The Hague

Milosevic Policies Compromise Serbia's Negotiating Position



I just bought a new laptop off my son Ivan the Terrible. It's a really nice machine, we are udergoing technical stuff, he forgot all about my assorted book marks. I'm tired, it has cooled off here today, actually I'm sitting with the door open, I am a real lover of cool breezes, especially in the summer. So this thing is tiny and light, which is a good thing. The only bad part is the screen is tiny. But I can put my face close to it, it's not the ened of the world.
Some features of it are really really nice!

I hope to use this thing for a long time to come! The main stuff that drives me nuts is that whenever you put in new stuff, stuff happens. It's a Federal Regulation or something.



Tadic Favors Elections in the Fall

Today's Mladic Update:
Serbia Refusing to Arrest Mladic\ACQDJON200607121038DOWJONESDJONLINE000660.htm&selected=9999&selecteddisplaysymbol=9999&StoryTargetFrame=_top&mkt=WORLD&chk=unchecked&lang=&link=&headlinereturnpage=

SERBIA: Rehn Visits EXIT Festival to Discuss Visa Regime

Serbian Poverty Level at 9%

Warning: Highly Annoying Pop-up that I think made my computer unhappy...

Bosnian Muslims Mark Anniversary of Srebenica Massacre

Where Milosevic's butchery held sway

News Release
Financial Sanctions: International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia

Today is the Anniversary of the Battle of the Boyne. I thought I'd mention that date because it is from an era when the British Isles were a place of religious and ehtnic conflict on a very great scale. Many were exiled, lost their lands, their freedom and their lives. Some repercussions exist to this day, primarily in Northern Ireland, which right now is fairly calm but they had 30 years of 'low intensity conflict'. Whenever a Western European wants to talk about the Balkans as being a place of 'ancient hatreds' etc, they need to look at these sorts of things and remember that the same could be said of themselves. It can happen anywhere.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Aniversary of Srebenica Massacre


Srebrenica buries loved ones,10117,19763283-23109,00.html

More on Commemoration of Srebenica Massacre

Bosnian Serb Sentenced To Five Years For War Crimes\ACQDJON200607110936DOWJONESDJONLINE000341.htm&selected=9999&selecteddisplaysymbol=9999&StoryTargetFrame=_top&mkt=WORLD&chk=unchecked&lang=&link=&headlinereturnpage=

Contempt trial of Croatian journalist starts at UN court§ion=theworld&col=

Bulgarians Open Recruiting Center

Monday, July 10, 2006


Afternoon Update

BiH cleared 3 CIA Flights

Convicted Bosnian Serb War Criminals on Hunger Strike Because of Oric Verdict

Tesla Honored

Milosevic Aides Come to Trial in The Hague



Western Union (and a couple of other Money Transfer Organizations) block or seriously delay money transfers to people with Muslim names

look I understand the need to prevent terrorism, but I can think of ways in which 1. this has an immediate effect on people who are innocent and NOT terrorists. 2. Such delays and blockages will drive money into the hawala system whether that system is legal or not, because it's practically instant. That system is KNOWN to have been a transfer method of preferance for terrorists, and it's very much harder to regulate! Western Union transfers leave a paper trail that can be used to investigate things.

Western Union is a fairly popular way of sending money home for people in the Balkans. It's got a lot of points in it's favor, 1. not everyone has a bank account, 2. not all banks there or here can handle wire transfers directly between accounts 3, relatively low risk of identity theft, which is a risk with transfers where either party must disclose an account number.

It is to be noted that not all Balkans Muslims have Muslim sounding first names, and another thing, some Slavonic names which are Christian can sort of look like wierd variants of Muslim names, 'Momir' for example, if you don't speak B/H/S, could look like 'Muamir' the personal name of Khaddafi, the famed ruler of Libya. So it's possible that some people may be affected who are definately NOT Muslim.
The other thing about this policy is of course terrorists constitute only a tiny number when compared to the large numbers of Muslims who mind their own business and do harm to no one. These are the ones most harmed, by not being able to conduct normal, harmless and necessary business of daily living.
That sort of thing creates resentment which can fester. Given how many ways people are spied on, one would expect it to be more efficient. The fact is though, that it's less efficient than a more focused approach would be.

Sunday, July 09, 2006



500 more identified Srebenica victims to be buried Tuesday

Not even peripherally to do with the Balkans, but interesting reading none the less!

A not that distant cousin of mine on my mother's side was Gavin Maxwell, who spent a lot of time among the Marsh Arabs when he went to find another pet otter. I learned about the community of the Marsh Arabs. The U.S. encouraged them to rebel against the regime of Saddam Husein and then failed to help them. These tribes have turned out to be the least violent and most effective resistance to extreme forms of Islam. They have the right combination of practicality, religious law and authority to make it work. The United States should not have encouraged their rebellion without backing them adequately and. I am glad the Marsh Arabs are seing something of a resurgence in their influence.

Tribal Leaders Calm Things in Southern Iraq

Linguistic notes on 'Common Slavic'

Trial of Milan Milutinovic Begins

Yet Another Arms Dump Found in BiH

Al Qaida tried to infiltrate MI5

Kosovo victims mourn in anger as new war crimes trial opens in The Hague

The Man Who Invented the 20th Century, Nikola Tesla

Bosnia's leftover guns: Sell, give, destroy?

Folklife update
: I am sitting at home listening to some interesting music that sounds like it's in Farsi, over Gulag State Radio.
KlapaDoWopella did something totally sweet and cute, especially after I razzed them about their Serbian football club shirts! :) Two wore BiH team shirts and two wore Croatia team shirts! They sang lovely stuff in Croatian, and then I had to go to the Self-Publishing workshop. It looks like the ONLY way not to get ripped off IS to go that route! it's initially expensive and time consuming and the fact that print media consolidation has led to there being only SIX corporate publishing houses in the U.S. is not helpful. It leads to a terrible situatiion for 'new' writers! It's bad for democracy too! Don't try to tell me it isn't, it is.
So if I do manage to get my book into print, it may be my last book. I did hear of places to submit unusual books though. Which may be of help with my late mother's stuff, perhaps even my stuff.
Anyway this lady's take is P.O.D. is a rip off, and in some cases a bad one. So I will NOT be doing that, I"m so glad I did not give in to pressure from a certain quarter of my family to go that route.
This lady told us how to get blurbs and all sorts of good stuff.
During this whole thing a spider was walking around on me.
I have a particular love for insects and arachnids, I almost decided to be an entomologist at one point, their delicacy, complexity and yes the courage needed to survive as an insect or an arachnid is kind of awesome to me. Further spiders are lucky! To dream of spiders means you will get money somehow, and to have an encounter with a live spider is a very great sign of wealth to come. This lovely orb weaver was all over me then went to the lady sitting next to me who flicked it away in a rough manner, whic may have killed the spider. I said 'Don't spiders are luck!' She was pretty rude to me. I know who'se clinic I will NEVER EVER go to! Mercy is a part of healing! If you have no mercy on God's small creatures and can casually kill something for just being there, then you have a problem in my books. Maybe it's not up there with the war criminals, but it's icky. The woman was wearing a Tibetan Buddist deal on her shirt too! I think the combination of things bugged me worse than if a more 'conventional' person had done this. I do my level best to not harm God's creatures who are about their business.
Anyway, the guys in both Dave and the Dalmatians and Klapa DoWopella are terrific guys, great singers and it was a pleasure getting to hang with them a little. I'm an official groupie for both groups! :) not in the naughty sense of the word, but in the sense of displaying embarrasing and comical enthusiasm, and singing along, that sort of thing. My friend V. and her daughter showed up, I sat with them for a bit. R. brought snacks and drinks, and V. actually came to the Festival in her walker a distance of several blocks UP HILL for her in this heat! I got her some nice incense, I need to get it to her tomorrow. So much to do ooj. I'm so glad I didn't see stuff I wanted to buy other than the book 'The Fisherman's Quilt' The author gave the self publishing workshop, and is a nice person all around also.

different, it's been written down for as long as anyone remembers and has had musical notatation for that long, and it's no vice if the singers have music books. I noted though that the singers often could work without their books, either way they sounded fantastic. Klapa has this marvelous quality of a light, nearly classical touch combined with very poetic expression, and really sad subjects. It's a very relaxing sort of music to listen to. The members of both groups were very nice. I told them that they sang like birds in the woods and they loved that! and chatted with them in Bosnian, so they were dears and did some Bosnian songs, some Serbian songs a Slovenian song, and even a couple Russian songs. I understood most of what I heard, not all, but most. A friend of mine I knew at school was there. She and I lost track of one another because what I listened to went on longer than what they had gone to hear.She and this guy she met went to another venue. I stayed where I was, because while I didn't terribly like the band that was playing before my Croatian homies came back, I knew they were coming back and that was what I was in a mood for, besides both food and drink were cheaper where I was.
So I took a cab home.
My manuscript came back. The good news is I will have no doubt recieved some criticism that may help me make the book better. The bad news is it probably was rejected.That usually is what it comeing back does mean right?
I had it sent to my daughters because of the size of the package. I had no idea when it would come back and someone is always around there, which is not always the case around here chez moi.
Anyway I think I'll go to the self publishing workshop tomorrow at Folklife. I'll look at what sort of critique I got, and go from there, any suggestions I think well founded, and I assume there ARE some, I will go with. It's a first novel, that is normal.
Just because my mother could write so well doesn't mean I can. Which brings me to her work. I really wish she'd had an agent, I really wish she'd had the energy to keep submitting manuscripts or the brass to self publish. I understand her reasoning in not doing it, but it really wasn't fair to me. Writers owe it to their descendants either to make all reasonable efforts to be in print in their lifetime. No endevor can leave behind it more problems for grown children than work with literary merit which can't be published because literary agents don't like dead people very much.
I had a VERY reputable agent explain this to me.
You can't send dead people on book tours.The fact that my late mother would not have gone on book tours ANYWAY is beside the point.Alive she would have been available for it.

Meanwhile all sorts of stuff with no literary merit or real entertainment value gets into print all the time.

At least I had a nice time with the music, and got to see some of my nicer friends. The de-junking process is going well but I needed a break.
Well Gentle Readers, there is Balkans news I'd like to share, but I can't even read it because of stupid subscription and registration sites, without being able read it myself, I can't judge the value of the information, so I can't present it.
I need to get some sleep now, Finally it's almost cool enough in here for me to sleep. Laku noc!

Saturday, July 08, 2006


Saturday in the Gulag

Today's Mladic Updates, sorry no Karadzic Updates....

Six Points for Mladic’s Arrest

Serbia To Pursue EU Ties Despite Pre-entry Suspension

Small Arms Are Big Killers,,30200-13531904,00.html?f=rss

Seselj in Evidence Row

I wonder if Mr. Seselj had an outburst similar to the one last year when he said he would 'f*** everyone' in the family of the judge?

Serbia’s Gradina Border Crossing to Receive Equipment for Locating Radioactive Materials

Six Points for Mladic’s Arrest

30 Injured in Montenegro Blast

I have always wondered how it is Roma are supposed to settle down if their places of settlement are destroyed? Roma strike me as being a good example of people persecuted by means of 'doublespeak'

EU Deputies Halt Demolition of Sofia's Roma Quarter*

Macedonian Businessmen Demand that New Government Start Fighting against Oligarchs

These Oligarchies in post Communist states really are Kleptocracies and everyone knows it! It takes a lot of courage to insist on the Kleptocracy not being favored! Not only that, it's vital for the freedom and the economic well being and peace of all these countries, whether it's the former Soviet Union, the Balkans nations, or Latin America. Monopolies are bad business. Competition is supposed to be what makes Capitalism work. There are perhaps a few enterprises where the governent ought to be supplying a given service, basic public utilities like water, electricity, telephone service makes good sense to me, but in most cases competition is the best for all concerned. Megabusiness is in it's way as pernicious as government control and it is under even less control by the ruled.

Folklife so far has been great. I got to see some friends who have a band, 1169 is th e name of the band. They are known for their covers, but they do original work too, and I like their original work, it's very fresh and good. Well people walked out on their original work! On the upside, I got to move in closer, so that my friend Cathy, who is their lead singer could see me. This gave the band a big boost, and then they did do some cover work when they finished their own stuff. You can see why people like their cover work, it's damn good, and they put their own original touches in it too.
Today I am going to be at the park, and see other music, the day looks like it will be hot, I am not going to make purchases today, I ran into Amy. She tried to get hold of me to do announcing, I HATE to announce, it's like herding cats. I'd do it only in a dire emergency. Frankly for once I just want to have a stress free festival, much as I enjoy the Volunteer and Performer Brunch and all the other behind the scenes stuff, I don't need stress right now. So I'm going to chill and enjoy the music, and my friends and the day.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Really Cool Tinfoil Hats

EU Has Not Changed it's Position that Mladic Needs to be Arrested

Bosnia Reconstructs

Irish Teen Dies in Bulgarian Plane Crash

Folklife starts this weekend, with all sorts of muzika i zabava u centar Yakimu Gulag! The festival gets Balkanized for the first time since the wars in the Balkans with two Croatian groups, let us hope friendly rivalry will one day result in other Balkans groups. I had NOTHING to do with it. ABSOLUTELY nothing. In fact I need to renew membership in Folklife. I haven't because I haven't been to any shows at the museum, too much homework! Usually my tests were on weekends too, and I had enough trouble. So I missed all of the concerts.
Anyway I hope every zek and every urki show up and have a good time!
I tried to link to the schedule but my computer HATES PDF files and sometimes it will freeze when I have to deal with them.
The weather has been less miserably hot. I think though that my rose bush is dead despite being watered, the little cute one in a pot. The chives look ok and the garlic isn't dead at least.
Huge altercation last night at about 9:30 to 10:00 pm. The daughter of the annoying people who live next door to the guy who does my lawn was late in she was supposed to get home at 5:00 pm but arrived at like 9:30 causeing a SCREAMFEST. ooooj
medjuvrjeme I was not sure if I should call the policija or not. The police often come to your door too if you call them, so I felt hesitation about calling them. I have to live here and I get enough graffiti as it is. So the response to excessive muzika is usually some of same on my part in the form of Makedonske gajda or some Gypsy Brass. That usually shuts it down in about 15 minutes, faster than the policija could get here anyway. No hard feelings since I shut my stuff off the minute they shut their stuff off.
Well off to do my hair and my hands. Take care Gentle Readers. It was cool enough I needed a blanket last night that was lovely!

Thursday, July 06, 2006


Today's news stories...


Shorter version of the same story only in English

Serbian Government, OSCE Cars Set on Fire in Croatia

DJ Serbian Military Officers Accused Of Tapping Defense Min

DJ Serbian Military Officers Accused Of Tapping Defense Min

SERBIA: Russia Hints Veto Over Kosovo

Macedonia looks to coalition;_ylt=A9G_RxJ6KK1EUGMBAhBm.3QA;_ylu=X3oDMTA5aHJvMDdwBHNlYwN5bmNhdA--

Last night there were thunderstorms from 3 am on, and it looks like more are possible today. It IS nice and cool in the house for once! So don't expect to hear a lot from me today by way of updates.1. I will be doing a lot of work in the usually very hot bedroom, and 2. I won't even have the computer on with this weather. I hope later to put up some film of the fireworks. They are remarkable for their smallness frankly, maybe they'll look a little bigger once on screen but it was hard to film them at the distance I did it.
Anyway later gentle readers!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

American Troops in Kosovo Mark July 4th


Simeon Saxe-Coburg Questioned about Pediatric Hospital

BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA: German Foreign Minister Urges BiH Politicians Take on Responsibility

BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA: Dizdarevic: Pre-election Atmosphere in BiH Reminiscent of 1992

Serbia may resume EU talks without Mladic

Torture claims as medics face HIV retrial

BiH Could Face NATO Sanctions

Albanian Crime Boss Shot in Center of Vlore

And this just in, Enron Founder Kenneth Lay has died of a massive heart attack. He died in his vacation home in Colorado. He was cnvicted of fraud in the Enron scandal. I personally suffered from the results of his fraud, in the form of extremely high heating bills which cost me thousands of dollars that they should not have cost.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Happy July 4th My Fellow Americans!

Warning Pictures possibly NSFW

in Croatian language
It is miserably hot here already it's 73 degrees. I have an invitiation to a pool party, which involves a barbeque, so obviously I'm going!

I spent a good bit of the night looking for misplaced items. I did not sleep, it was hot, I took breaks to air the house. My son has decided that the sandwich steaks are his favorite thing. They involve actual cooking and we try not to do that when it's not possible to air out the house. I finally found the items after I did my hair. I'm going to lie down awhile and rest up for the party. It's the Fourth, no need for servile toil, it's not the custom for this day.

Warning, some pictures may not be safe for work

Hvar is Full of Rich Homosexuals


Rest of the Story

Now gay people going to Croatia on holiday is nothing new, Split used to be a real notable place for for gay holiday makers.

Bishop Warns About Medjugorije Apparitions

Update:Folklife Festival next week in the Yakima Gulag will have some Balkans music! there is a Klapa group that will do Klapa and some Doo Wop stuff and then Dave and the Dalmatians. As well there is going to be a bit of Middle Eastern music, so we are getting Balkanized here!

Monday, July 03, 2006



65 prisoners sew lips in protest

Croatian Journalist Fails to Appear at the Hague\ACQDJON200607030847DOWJONESDJONLINE000296.htm&selected=9999&selecteddisplaysymbol=9999&StoryTargetFrame=_top&mkt=WORLD&chk=unchecked&lang=&link=&headlinereturnpage=

Amnesty International Urges Montenegro to Improve Human Rights Situation

the case of the people who have been 'dissappeared' should concern everyone. That kind of abuse of power is scary to say the least.

Macedonia Signs Agreement on Joining EU-led Altea Operation in Bosnia and Herzegovina

I just heard on NPR that the CIA has disbanded it's unit to find bin-Ladin, they did so some time ago actually. No wonder he can't be found if there isn't anyone specifically charged with looking for him! They had people justifying this and speculating on his whereabouts. For all I know he's alive and well in Argentina! or London, or perhaps even in Saudi Arabia. So all you have to do to dissappear totally is not have a cell phone? We all know better than that!

Tomorrow is the 4th of July, American Independance Day. Most yeares I go to the Fairgrounds here in the Gulag, and make a day of it, sitting in the grass under a tree, listening to music, eatting junk food, drinking over priced cold drinks, and standing up and down because the Anthem is played a lot, and then in the evening when the place can't get any more crowded, watching the fireworks. I love fireworks, the bigger the better!
Most years I've walked down to the Fairgrounds, and taken the bus back. That has been an excellent arrangement for me. Well the bus service is no longer available sadly. There isn't the money for it, and crowded as those busses got, there wasn't the ridership! I couldn't believe there wasn't the ridership! I had a hard time believeing the ridership was that low! It was so much EASIER to take the bus! They'd drop you off about anyplace you needed on the way back to town, it was a dollar, and it was perfect for a lot of people because you got right through the terrifying traffic!
I really appreciated the drivers who worked free that night, I always thanked them because not every city had this service! It was something very special in Yakima, a feature that shows the community minded spirit of this town.
Anyway, I will watch the fireworks, but from my own street. There are compensations, it's going to be easier to film them, and I can stand there with a large glass of nice cold mead. That would not be allowed if I were actually at the fairgrounds, for perfectly reasonable reasons! You can't have alchol on a hot day with that level of crowd to control. Let's face it, not everyone can drink a nice glass of mead in a civilized manner! But I'm going ot miss the barbeque, my usual supper Miz Dee's fantastic barbeque! I'm going to miss the music, and running into my old friends.
They used to have a fire truck so you could go get really really wet, that was how I kept cool. Last year they didn't have that. It's a good thing I brought a couple bottles of frozen water, and one of frozen coffee, that kept me from getting too hot.
There susually has been a family gathering that day too. I don't think there will be this year due to my daughter's work schedule. She's changing positions in her company, and that means being up early to make sure EVERYTHING is ready for her successor. The reason she's moving up is precisely that attention to important things, not leaving a mess for others to deal with.
Well speaking of messes to deal with, I will leave you gentle readers to go sort things in the bed room. It gets terribly hot in there as the day goes on, we could reach 101 today. Yesterday was miserable and last night was worse. My son did not help by deciding to cook at midnight. To be fair he opened a door, but the house smelled of the sandwich steaks for HOURS, and I was too tired to fully air the place and it was not cool enough until 3 am when i woke up and aired.
I had guacamole and corn chips for breakfast. No cooking involved.

Here is how it's made
1 ripe avocado
about a cup and a half of plain yogurt, I prefer Mountain High because it has l. bulgaricus
a few slices of fresh onion, a clove of garlic, salt to taste, five crushed peppercorns
I mush up the avocado, and the yogurt with the onions and garlic, add salt and the five cloves of crushed pepper, if I have it, I put a pinch of red chili flakes too.
Then top it off with sliced boiled eggs
Serve with corn chips.
That was nice, it doesn't heat up the house and it's got some healthy things in it.

Sunday, July 02, 2006




a dangerously cute lynx kitten is shown.

Sofia Zoo's Mountain Cat Introduces Cub to the World

Serbian War Criminal Arrested in Sutton

I have some regular readership from that town.

I don't think too much of the E.U. either. Just the possibility of being in the E.U. has had adverse consequences for Croatia.

Over 60% of Croat Citizens Do Not Approve EU and NATO Membership of the Country

Storms in Bulgaria

I like the name of this village! Yakimovo

Review of Flood situation in Bulgaria

Floods in Romania kill more people

Oh a funny story on NPR 'Punk Shuei' I love it! I consider Fung Shuei to be a load of hooie! I don't mind a neat space but the beliefs that the placement of furniture is going to affect your future in some way is just nutty superstition. I don't think it's brilliant to have things in a mess, BUT I get a little annoyed with the Western uncritical fad for all things Eastern. Almost nothing annoys me as much. There are legitimate European traditions that get rejected in this process. I know I come off as anti-Western sometimes, that's not entirely accurate, I'm anti- corporate modernist. I don't like badly designed stuff, whether it's clothes, furniture or dishes, but anything that's brilliantly designed is wonderful.
For example, those brilliant interlocking plastic plates! Trinity turned me on to those, they are a really ideal place to put leftovers, The fact that there's never a problem about lids or plates is brilliant! They are recycleable plastic, so I reuse them over and over again. I haven't thrown one out yet! They are great for carrying things to parties too, or from parties. They come in a lot of different colors, there's bowls too.
So when someone designs something new that is useful, I like and use it. What I don't like is anything that adds to the sum total of uglyness and impracticality.
The guy who started 'Punk Shuei' said people actually come to him to find out how to be DISORGANIZED! Hey I should ask him if he's selling franchises! Especially lately, while things are disorganized as I get rid of stuff I no longer need or want.
School contributed a lot to it, there are only three things you do if you are a student, homework, eatting and tasks associated with eatting, and sleep if you have done all the homework. Even with online classes, you wind up with a LOT of paper you hadn't counted on!

It has been very hot, and I have to get up very early to air the house and do kitchen things like wash the dishes. Soemtimes it's really hard to wake up that early because beign that hot makes it hard to sleep. I dont' like being cold and I don't like being this hot.

Saturday, July 01, 2006


Saturday updates:

Thousands welcome Muslim commander of Srebrenica after release from U.N. tribunal

Lawsuit against Dutch planned over Srebrenica lapse: Report

US, British agents searching for Mladic, Serbian defense minister says

There is only so much land in the Balkans, and the locals are going to have a hard time finding places to live in their own country. It's not right.

Croatia real estate booms as EU membership looms

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