Friday, October 31, 2008


Stuff that doesn't work so easily as it might.

I am trying to upload some Dia de los Muertos photos on Flikr here at the library. I am having a slower time of it than at your average internet cafe in Sarajevo, because of having to do things WAY differently. It is taking way longer.

Getting onto things like NaNo takes longer too, and it really is bad when you only get an hour or a half hour to have these petty hassles.

Probably it's an equipment issue. I do sort of know what to do so it's not me at this point.

I had three days of hassle setting up my Mobile phone with Virgin too. The process is much more annoying than with HTEronet, and I did have to read someone elses language to do that!

Also why do they want your mother's maiden name on 'pay as you go' plans? I could see it if a credit card were involved, but 'pay as you go' is completely annonymous in BiH and Croatia.

You just get a card and top up, and you simply activate the phone. All steps are the same in all manuals that accompany your phone too.

There were three procedures given, between the phone user manual, the terms of service and the phone itself! You only need ONE!

I have 13 minutes for my photos to show up on Flikr and that is IT! Why does it take so long? It never did in the internet cafe or at home.


Happy Dan Vjestica for those who are into that...

Halloween is going to be a bit low key where I am at. My landlady objects to some features of Halloween, the witch stuff, on the grounds that she is a serious Christian. I am headed downtown to photograph some Dia de Los Muertos stuff, and to attempt to put it up at the city library. I am tired, but I had a nice breakfast and that helps. It is raining in the Yakima Gulag. We like rain, personally prefer it to snow since one needn't shovel rain, but we need snow too in it's season! :)

No body is coming here to get candy, unless the grandbabies come. Probably they won't. I believe there are other plans there. Haven't heard.

Anyway, have a nice day dear readers!

Thursday, October 30, 2008


The Obama Speech

So last night, my friend got her kid down for the night. After that she did some positively masculine channel surfing and we ended up watching the Obama infomercial.

Personally, I felt gladder than ever that I did vote for him!

Here is what I especially liked, in no particular order

1. Tax penalties for companies which send American jobs overseas! An idea whose time has COME LONG AGO!

2. Coverage for pre-existing conditions. There are people who don't seek medical care for long term stuff wrong with them because they may want to work still and don't want all their stuff on M.I.B. And they really get stuck getting insurance.

3. Incentives for small businesses to hire new workers...Again an idea which should really have been tried a long time ago...

Doing something to rachet down the useless war in Iraq isn't a bad idea either.

So we don't have much time until the election...6 days. I voted early, because my county is a vote by mail only area and so much has happened that I didn't want to risk waiting until the last minute.

I think most people I personally know are going for Obama.

Books I am reading: Right now I am reading 'Stealing Jesus'

The author makes a lot of points I have made in my personal discussions with people around me.

I am not done with the book yet, but it was an interesting sequal to an old Hal Lindsey book that predicted all the battles of The Last Days which have not happened, at least not in the manner HE thought they would. My friend got it for the pictures. It does have LOVELY pictures. Two pictures showed people who probably are Christian Palestinian Arabs, and the rest, he used images of people who very likely are/were Muslim people. I am going by what they were wearing and where the pictures were taken. He included pictures of Jews as well. This was pre-Wall so interesting from that point of view.


Watch This Space:

Soon last year's NaNo will be up on, through the createspace thing for NaNo winners last year. Some editing is in order and of course your friendly editor will be working on THIS year's book. Some editing is in order, and of course a cover design is in order.... but it is better than trying to do it the way I was going to, because let's face it, I am WAY MORE MOTIVATED than other folks! :)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Internet Access Intermittant

Sometimes there is an unsecured WiFi I can access, lately signal strength has been low. The library at the college lets me have half an hour, because they only have 2 public access computers.

This means I am on less than before, even in Sarajevo, because I don't have the option of using an internet cafe. It used to be ANYONE could use the computers in the Student Union here, but that has changed. At the college you now must be a student to use them. I suspect some have viewed unsavory things on those computers, and that this is part of why whey are less available.

Anyway, I could truck into town and use the Public Library computer for an hour, but lately things have been busy where I am living. So expect that blogging here may be light at times. Pray for a signal boost from the unsecured network! You will then see more of me!

That is a promise to my friends and a threat to my detractors! :)

Thursday, October 23, 2008



I have moved from my daughter and son-in-law's place. It is too small for five people, and it was getting hard on all of us.

My daughter and sone-in-law are very good people, so are my grandkids, but there was no way it was going to work. I love them all dearly and am very grateful to them. I had a lot of fun with the grand-kids, but face it, I have lived alone for years, I am a person who needs to have quiet.

My friend I am renting a room from has one child, but I also have my own room. She is going through some stuff where one more adult in the house is a help, and it helps me. So again, I am grateful!

I have cast my ballot, and I pray all goes well for my candidates!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


We get hate mail...

so we must be On To Something! :) I am feeling better, regular blogging should start soon ...

Friday, October 17, 2008



I've had a pretty bad cold, and that is why there isn't a lot up here, but chew on this for a bit....

Monday, October 13, 2008


Thanks Owen

Owen has reported that one of the three killers of Denis Mrnjavac got 9 years in prison.

The link is in French, and I am using the free computer access in the Yakima Gulag People's Library. So I can't say that it is easy to do linkies. He has a comment on the last post, you can view the comment and go there, if you read French. I read a little French.

Or you can copy and paste this.

My sister sent me this one. She often reads the Santa Fe New Mexican, we lived in the State of New Mexico many years both of us, and have a fondness for New Mexico cuisine. We also love otters, who wouldn't? They are such adorable playful beasties! Otters have been making a comeback in BiH too, with help. I think in the form of otters imported from Germany or someplace.

If you get History Channel, you can see a documentary called 'Black Blizzard' DO watch, it shows why I won't vote Republican.

Actually it was a very good documentary. Very well done indeed. Hoover was totally ineffectual against what happened. Free market forces my dupa!

Friday, October 10, 2008


Hat tip to 'Verging on Pertinance'

Tip of sesir to 'Verging on Pertinance'

Thursday, October 09, 2008


New availability of 'Oslobodenje' online

Wonderful news for people who live far from Sarajevo...

It used to be that you HAD to subscribe in order to access ANY content of Oslobodenje online, now this is no longer so, significant parts of the paper are available online, free! JUPI!

I was just checking, to see and this was really neat to find out.


Further on the Republican offering...

Sarah Palin had a speech published by Hillsdale College, in 'Imprimus' I did not take 'Imprimus' for myself, it was sent to me by a former employer. I really don't agree with much printed in there, and Sarah Palin really amazed me by thinking that the natual gas aond oil available from Alaska, all 6%! would be of significant use to the Lower 48! I mean SERIOUSLY! 6% isn't even enough to bring the price down a couple cents! jebiga!

The speech was ill-written as well. But then who was surprised.

I am not a big fan of Brigitte Bardot, on the grounds that she has predjudices I personally can live without...(she doesn't like either Muslims or Jews...) But she did put out a scathing statement on Sarah Palin, and her environmental policies. . .

The best thing though was sent by my sister. The 'Santa Fe New Mexican' yhad an article about some relatives of McCain and t heir dealings with the Ruidoso Downs Racetrack. O.K> a guy isn't responsible for what even his recent dead ancestors have been up to, but it was interesting reading.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

So more on Gov. Palin, and I should mention, that the National Enquirer has broken a sex scandal story on h er.

I am only kicking h er because it feels so damned good. Those supci have caused so much trouble, that it really is what I feel like at all times.

Monday, October 06, 2008


Quiet in the Yakima Gulag

It is quiet here, kind of an overcast day. I have had a couple of e-mails from friends in Sarajevo. I hear it is a bit rainy and overcast. Typical for t his time of year. I thought Fall and Winter might be early. That is to be expected I guess. If was seeing fallen leaves in JUNE!

Friday, October 03, 2008


Sarah Palin Can't Speak Proper English....

File under 'Tell US Something We Did Not Know Already!

Slate Magazine of October 1 2008, Sorry no proper link, got it in a different e-mail source... anyway, izvolite!
Sorry, a little later when I fix how the accessibilty tools are making my life Hell. Help right or get out of my way! People with actual problems need to be consulted about these accessiblity tools!

Thursday, October 02, 2008


Happy Id to my Muslim readers!

a little Bajram muzika from the adorable Sami Jusef,

Happy Id, I am sorry to be late with it, other things kept me off the 'Net. Things like not being able to be online.

I think McCain is now T.O.A.S.T. The U.S. Stock Market is now in serious DUBOKO GOVNO. The Republicans always fuck up the MARKET! REMEMBER,this gentle readers, Republicans ALWAYS fuck up the MARKET!

People will vote for Obama out of REVENGE! Mark my words!

People who mess things up on that scale do not deserve to be in office. They will all be turned out.

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