Friday, July 30, 2010


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Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Help! I feel like I stepped into a nasty little time warp!:

I just saw film of the third night of riots in Belfast on CNN. Obviously someone let the parade routes by the wrong housing estates again (for you Americans not up on the story 'housing projects') and people got upset.

I wonder as I did years ago, what would happen if a bunch of IRA types in uniform marched through Sandy Row some Easter Monday, how would that go down? The answer is pretty obvious, there would be upset people receiving them less than nicely.

Well this all is a shame, because Northern Ireland was getting a bit more peaceful and people were doing better. Of course the current economic state has not helped. Less business, less money coming in, people generally being more worried. Northern Ireland was in fact a very good model for what a decent economy can do for peace. Now I am afraid it is a good illustration for what a bad economy does to make for unrest. :(

Monday, July 12, 2010



This was on the BBC.

I was at the Folk Life Festival yesterday, but I did talk with people about Srebenica while I was there. Two people who knew nothing about it. I mean they knew it happened, but not details. So I filled them in.

I remember being at Club Easynet when they were burying people in Srebenica, and how one of the women who worked at the internet club was quietly crying and praying all through the broadcast. NO one went online while this was on. Everyone in there watched the broadcast and only began going online when it was all over.

No family that I knew was un-touched by the war, and there were neighbors of mine from Srebenica.


Folk Life Festival;

One of the best things about Yakima is the fact there is a Folk life Festival. Last year there were nasty rumors it would be elsewhere, other thanthe museum grounds. I am so glad those rumors were false!

I went both days. Klappa DooWopela performed on Saturday, in the par, and Friday in one of the downtown places. I could not really go downtown. :( *whimper whimper whine...* But I did get to see them in the park and say 'hello'. They took pleasure in having someone who understands their music in the audience. Like and Understtand are two different matters! :)

Sunday Dave and the Dalmatians performed in the park and I really enjoyed their set.Also enjoyed giving them a hard time that they need to learn at least a couple Bosnian songs, especially if they were going to sing 'Tamo Daleko' :) I mean make it a tiny bit more inclusive!

But seriously, both those groups were excellent and it was lovely to see them all and greet them.

Other wonderful groups performed as well. The sad news is that the festival was smaller this year. I blame the economy and the aforementioned rumors.
Pardon my absences. I am in the process of moving soon. The rooming house I live in has been sold and all of us have to leave. Too bad because it has been a very good place to live.

I am going to miss my house-mates and I am going to miss the wildly produuctive raspberry patch. I have hardly touched soda this year, because I have been juicing hte raspberries to drink instead.

Malinovoa is a LOT healthier than soda!

Sunday, July 04, 2010


Happy Independance Day to My American Readers!

Happy Independance Day! I will be spending this day with some old friends. They are having a barbeque and we will watch fireworks from a parking lot near to their place. I am not in a mood to go all the way in to the Fairgrounds this year. Too crowded. I do like being right under the fireworks, I have gotten some truely amazing video clips that way, but my poor camera is not what it was. So I will not be taking a camera at all, and the distance is not a problem.

Locally despite the illegality, people have been firing off large shells and I am fairly sure I heard small arms fire last night. I do not like to hear that. People if you got 'em, Do NOT repeat Do NOT use 'em!' Obviously Those People have not heard of the Ammunition Shortage I keep hearing about from Certain People!

I am having a bit of trouble with hay fever. I did not have this affliction before. It is annoying. The guy had come to mow the lawn and I felt the often described incredible tickling and realizing that that well, this is a problem I do have. Damn. Well coffee does help. I am going to make a cup of coffee and get ready to head out.

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