Tuesday, July 10, 2007



Health warning: This IS Pravda probably you don't want to look at this at work.

40 sentence for Milosevic hit man upheald


This man killed so many people. 40 years is being way too nice to him.

Bad news for the Bulgarian nurses and the Palestinian-Bulgarian doctor


8 more days before I know if the people who bought my house can get their loan, they are pre-qualified so I hope that goes well for them. I am waiting for the dispatcher at Salvation Army to get back. I had wanted to donate the couch to the hospice, but they don't do that here. Instead, I am tired St. Vincent de Pauls, and that didn't work out because they are between drivers and not taking donations as a result. So I called the Salvation Army and the Salvation Army dispatcher isn't in yet. Probably I will just give the school desks I use as computer tables to a friend. She has expressed interest in them, another friend will get the trunks if she can get someone to help her get them to her place. I still need the tarp. I'll give it to that friend next. and I need to go out and throw stuff away out in the garage, like quick before it gets hot.
take care dear readers.

I guess the fact that the item reports that the children's families have accepted the draft of an agreement is a sign of hope that the death sentence won't be carried out, but as far as the cause of justice is concerned this is still an obscenity.
So Serbia's Supreme Court has essentially confirmed that Milosevic had Stambolic murdered. It remains to be seen how Milosevic's champions deal - or don't deal - with that.
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