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Zabava u skola

and best of all! in the Hopeless Union Building!

Ian as a younger person was in a thing called Professor Bud's Mini-Circus so he knows a few tricks, and he does sometimes bring his unicycle, and balloons to school to entertain us Zeks. He was very nice and brought it Monday.

This is the longest clip, and I hope it came out decently!

you can't tell imediately which is highly annoying. Pix to follow.


a couple odd stories

Hardline Serbs Reject Dutch busses

Of course Milosevic's hard left and his right wing defenders in the States and elsewhere, blame Clinton about the wars in the Balkans. They also are the very people who most hate Clinton and least believe him. So why is he supposed to be such a prize witness in that case?
I'm confused.
Milosevic wants Clinton subpeonad


I had to go get a link again Mladic Hang out outed story

Alright, I don't know what happened to the link there, I did what I was supposed to do.
This story is so psychologically interesting that I went ahead and reproduced the illustration and the story, it bothers me the more I read it frankly.
My remarks stand, Mladic's reactions were extreme and unusual. Scroll down to my original story from February 27 for remarks. The way blogger handles edit function this was the only way to rectify whatever went wrong with the link.
Thanks Owen for letting me know.

Mladic hangout outed

World News

The Times February 28, 2006

The grave of Ana Mladic, who committed suicide in mysterious circumstances (Sasa Stankovic/EPA)

The graveside bench that could snare most wanted war criminal
By Peter Wilson in Belgrade

IF SERBIAN authorities had really wanted to catch Ratko Mladic over the past decade a smart place to start would have been a well-kept grave site in Belgrade’s Topcider cemetery.

While police and intelligence services have supposedly been scouring the nation for the man who masterminded the 1995 slaughter of 8,000 men and boys in Srebrenica, General Mladic has regularly been spotted visiting the grave of his daughter Ana.

Last Friday, as 10,000 Mladic supporters from the nationalist Radical Party gathered a few miles away in main square in Belgrade to protest against international demands that the former Bosnian Serb general must finally be handed over, Ana’s grave was once again unmonitored.

A few people wrapped in heavy jackets quietly cleaned other graves dotted around the cemetery, which is spread over a wooded hillside in the city’s south-east suburbs, but nobody paid any attention to Ana’s resting place or the wooden bench installed beside it.

A chilly wind had sprinkled pine needles over the grave. Somebody had recently placed two fresh bouquets of purple flowers on its grey granite, which bears a simple inscription in Cyrillic script: the family name and then “Ana 1971-1994.” The death of Ana, a beautiful medical student, from a single gunshot to the head left her doting father deeply depressed and the Serbian public intrigued by her apparent suicide and its impact on General Mladic.

Munira Subasic, a Muslim widow from Srebrenica, has had more cause than most to wonder about General Mladic’s behaviour after Ana’s death.

“There have been thousands of nights when I have laid in my bed unable to sleep, asking myself how he could lose his daughter like that and then inflict the same pain on other parents,” she said in an interview in the Bosnian capital, Sarajevo.

“This was a human being who had felt the pain that only a parent can, and then he killed so many other children, destroyed so many other parents . . . Losing his daughter should have sent him on the right path. Instead it sent him twice as far on the wrong path — perhaps it somehow made him more brutal and unable to care about other people’s pain.”

Ms Subasic, talking in an office run by a support group of Srebrenica widows, was speaking from terrible experience. On July 12, 1995, she tearfully pleaded face to face with Mladic in Potocari, a village outside Srebrenica, to save the life of her son Nermin, 19.

General Mladic had just led his men into the “safe haven” which was supposedly protected by Dutch peacekeepers, and addressed a terrified crowd in front of Serbian television cameras. Standing in an open car park, General Mladic assured the thousands of families who had been herded together that they would be safe, even as his ethnic Serbian troops began the ominous process of separating males aged 12 to 70 from their women and children.

“There was already the smell of blood in the air, and when Mladic stopped talking and the cameras went off I pushed forward and begged him to spare Nermin because he was ill. He looked me in the eyes, asked my son’s name and said he would be safe. Then he cheated me.”

Ms Subasic’s friend Kada Kotic was also standing just two or three yards from General Mladic. She heard him turn to his bodyguards and other soldiers clustered around him and say: “Brothers, use this chance well because we will never have an opportunity like this again.”

Their “opportunity” was to wipe out any possibility of future resistance by exterminating most of the men of Srebrenica. Ms Subasic’s son was dragged away and never seen again. Her husband Hilmo, 50, an engineer, was found in a mass grave.

The Mladic family’s own tragedy had come just over a year earlier. Ana had always been close to her father, a career soldier admired by his men for his willingness to eat and sleep with the ordinary troops.

A former senior official in the Serbian Government said that during a family celebration in the 1980s — when General Mladic had been a mid-ranking officer in the army of the united Yugolsavia — he had taken out his favourite pistol, won as an award at military school, and declared that he would only ever fire it to celebrate the birth of a Mladic grandson.

Ana allegedly replied that in that case she would keep the Mladic name when she married so that her father could one day fire the gun when she had a son.

General Mladic orchestrated the siege and shelling of the Bosnian capital, Sarajevo, which would eventually claim at least 12,000 lives.

Ana died on March 24, 1994, with conflicting accounts saying her body was found in her blood-splattered bedroom, in a nearby park or in the woods near the Topcider cemetery. All accounts agreed that she was killed with her father’s treasured pistol.

Some of General Mladic’s supporters claimed that she had been depressed about the vilification of her father over atrocities committed by his troops. His critics contend that she took her life after being horrified by her father’s actions, perhaps even making her own tragic protest. Family members said she had always been ebullient until a study trip to Russia a few months earlier, which had left her depressed.

In Russia she may have been exposed for the first time to independent news reports about the atrocities being committed in the Balkans. The one-sided nature of Serbian media coverage was such that many Serbs were genuinely shocked last year by the broadcast of newly uncovered video footage showing Bosnian Serb troops killing civilian men at Srebrenica.

A third theory about Ana’s death — one widely held in Belgrade — is that she was murdered by hardline political or security forces who wanted to keep General Mladic in line. Proponents of that theory point out that it is unusual for a woman to choose a handgun when committing suicide, and that it was hard to believe she would use her father’s favourite pistol to do so.

Whatever the truth, it was after her death that Mladic is accused of ordering the murders, mass rapes and “ethnic cleansing” that became the biggest bloodbath in Europe since the Second World War.

According to Serbian media accounts, the distraught father asked the military doctor who performed the post-mortem examination, Zoran Stankovic, to retrieve the bullet from Ana’s brain and to cut off her hair so he could keep both for ever.

Mr Stankovic later told a Serbian magazine that he had formed a special bond with General Mladic, as he had done occasionally with families for whom he had performed autopsies. Mr Stankovic is now the Serbian Defence Minister whose forces have failed repeatedly to capture General Mladic.

The minister indignantly denies going soft in the hunt but his ministry was recently forced to admit that General Mladic had been allowed to keep drawing his military pension while supposedly on the run, and that serving and former members of the military had helped to shield him.

# Peter Wilson is Europe correspondent of The Australian


Bird Flu

According to a story on Hrvatska Radio Televisija, bird flu has crossed the specis barrier, a cat in Germany has been diagnosed with bird flu.


Genocide Trial updates

Massacre videos shown at Genocide trial

It looks like more of the video than most people here got to see was shown at the trial.

Dodik says genocide trial is illegal


You know you live in the Balkans when...

From Carniola Red White and Blyugo


Why did the chicken cross the road?

See above, typical Balkans free range chicken.

I guess this should help prevent piracy. I'd say software piracy is the second industry after cigarette smuggling in a lot of Balkans countries.

Microsoft Opens BiH branch

Yeah I know, more of a Mind Improvement Sort of Story:

I wanted to include this story last night but it was on one of those damned obnoxious subscription sites where you have to pay. Obviously a few places haven't heard that famous quote 'Information wants to be free'

Footballer sold for meat

Kostunica's statement on Kosovo

Just heard on NPR it was Svetlana Allelujeva's birtday, that's Stalin's daughter. I have her books, I need to read them.

Monday, February 27, 2006


Cool website that I bungled into

The Six Thousand

is simply a listing of cool people up to cool stuff, they had to find a Slovenian in here, anyway check it out, it's cool

Teja Krasek


I was tempted to do a snarky title, but this is too serious...

This is horrifically sad, in any family. I wonder what really happened. I favor the theory that the daughter was upset by what her father was doing and that it constituted a protest, the only one she could make. I do not think she would have heard such different perceptions in Russia from Russian media though because Russia has always been a staunch ally of Serbia. Maybe not of Yugoslavia per se but definately of Serbia.
Still this theory doesn't cover why the extraordinary hostility to Muslims? Why did it get worse when his daughter died? This is interesting and it is as I said, a very tragic story, and his reactions were those of an 18th century man, not a modern one.

Favorite Mladic Hangout Outed

And I guess bird flu which I reported on earlier is confirmed.

Bird Flu definately in BiH


This is a joke video

Some of this is true, some is pure sillyness, you have to be educated in the ways of Sushi to know for sure! It's nicely filmed though.

Worth watching because most of us are not going to visit the World Court anytime soon.

From Reuters, Video of begining of genocide trial

Of course this was a totally forseeable thing..
EU threatens to freeze Serbia talks over Mladic

This is a really bad guy, even his own friends were not safe from him. I'm glad they arrested him. Spanish police seem to be doing pretty well lately...

Veselin Vukotic Arrested

Not the only important detail about the trial.
Female Judge for Genocide trial

Bulgaria denies Marko Milosevic's involvement in smuggling case

Sunday, February 26, 2006


Among other things Serbia wants a month's grace in their efforts to catch Mladic...

Serbia hopes for a month's grace on Mladic handover

The trial begins.
Genocide Trial Against Serbia Begins

Considering this is from the People's Daily and that's a Chinese paper and the Bird flu came from China...
Five new bird flu outbreaks in Europe

And I wonder at what point the economic costs of other damage to womens lives will be added up? It's good to start right here with work and unequal pay though.

What is the economic cost of the Gender pay gap,? Britain counts the cost


A bit of news to look over with your morning coffee

New Constitution to be Signed in BiH

And you thought I'd let you off without a Mladic story? WRONG!!! What made you think I'd let you off that easy? This looks to me like a good analysis of the whole story.

Not the first only the worst

Please not another deadline

One of the biggest reasons to arrest people who have been part of the criminal conduct of war, they don't really stojp when the war is over. They keep messing things up for decent people. Another thing, maybe it is time to reject a taste for pointless luxury. That is another thing fueling this sort of thing.

Dead Mobster in Bulgaria part of Marko Milosevic ring

Trajkovski was a really unusual man for the Balkans and it often crosses my mind what would have happened had he survived, had he not been killed in the plane crash in Stolac. Macedonia is another part of the Balkans that is at risk of conflict, and Trajkovski did what he could to prevent this. Perhaps the fact that basically Macedonia is stable is because of the work this man did.
Flowers laid at the tomb of Trajkovski

Ethnic Turkish Party in Bulgaria

Saturday, February 25, 2006


This is not good news...

Most people are going to assume the only Bosnian Rwandan connection is genocide, and that killer bit in No Man's Land where the one Bosnian soldier is reading to his buddy how awful things are in Rwanda.
No there's more and you are not going to like it, sorry but you better know.

Rwanda Bosnian connection


Why I Will be Buying Danish

Danish Humanitarian Aid in Chechnya

Danes tried to help people in Bosnia and Hercegovina during the war, providing a lot of humanitarian aid, and it looks like they are doing the same in Chechnya.

5 million $ or is it 3 million pounds

Serbia at a Crossroads

And this just in from Ireland, When I was there it was a calm place! I stayed in a hostel not far from where this riot took place!

Riot in Dublin


I've got Good News and Bad News

Bird Flu has been confirmed in a dead swan in Croatia. The French have confirmed bird flu on a turkey farm.
I speak almost weekly with my fiance who lives sometimes in Bosnia, sometimes in Croatia, and he told me yesterday that the results were not in on the swans from Jajce, so it's not definate that they have bird flu in BiH. Probably they do though, because birds do not have borders.

The Bad News

You would not know it from the front page picture in Slobna Dalmacija, but there is no Mad Cow disease in Croatia.

The Good News

The Rest of the Story

I'm not sure I'd class most Balkans countries as high risk areas for BSE in any case because the more objectionable methods of feeding and raising animals have not become common in most of these countries. The closer one remains to the natural conditions of the animal in question in a natural setting, the safer you are from diseases showing up. Cattle were meant to eat grass, not grains, not bones, not blood. Cattle who ate such things long ago were considered to suffer from 'depraved appetite'

NPR coverage on Ratko Mladic....

EU and Serbia Spar over Accused War Criminal Mladic

Friday, February 24, 2006


The Rumor Mill Grinds On and On (while your editor plays her humble part)

This Should be Bigger News Than it Is

and so should this....

Illegal Drug Trade Routs Endanger Stability of the Balkans

The drug trade is not without serious local effects in the Balkans, this is not the first such story I have read of it's kind in Slobodna Dalmacija, only one of the more tragic.

Local effects of drug trade

Rest of the story

And I don't know why anyone would listen to this man, if it was going to happen, if it was plotted, or if anyone was even interested in doing it, why hasn't it happened already long ago? File Under 'Oh Please!'

Accusations by Milosevic's Brother

Accused of some of the worst crimes in the last war. One of which was the torture to death of a two and a half month old baby...

Lukic Pleads Not Guilty

Back to the Feeding Frenzy du Jour:

Trust Us, No Really

Mesic Says Serbian Governement

So to give what I think based on last night's stories and the rumors, maybe there is a nasty little stand off right in Belgrade, and the authorities are trying to avoid, 1. The deaths of innocent bystanders, 2. The death of the suspect himself.

Apparently Mladic has threatened suicide in the event of capture, another thing, he has an entourage probably. The neighbors have claimed, when accosted by journalists not to have known anything. In the Balkans people usually DO know their neighbors, at least they know a little something, because it's that kind of place and in peaceful times it's a good idea. When people do NOT know their neighbors, it's usually out of not wanting to know, if you know what I mean and I think you do. Some of the neighbors may have a very clear idea what is going on. Some indeed may be complicit, but that doesn't mean they should die or be injured. An urban stand off being handled discretely, with care is almost the only situation that could explain logically the wierdness of the last few days.
Now in the U.S. that is not what happens for much lesser things. the satchel bombing of several city blocks of Philedelphia in the M.O.V.E. case, the fiery destruction of the house where the Symbionese Liberation Army where holed up, or the Ruby Ridge and Waco fiascos come to mind. Maybe the Serbia Crna Gora government are aiming for a more civilized way of handling a very messy situation. If I'm right the rest of the story should be very interesting. I do hope I'm right that they have him cornered, and that they do arrest him. Of course I am aware I could be wrong on t his. Still kad ima dim ima vatra


Time joins medija fiding frendzj!'

Massive Pro Mladic rally in Belgrade

***Bonus Link, film from Frontline an NPR program

Frontline video<


This is getting to be really wierd.

Know what, it's just really hard for me to work up a nice level of bleeding heart liberal sympathy for this guy.

Milosevic not going to Russia for treatment

And of course more stuff about the ever wierding Mladic story.

Death Threats

By the way Foreign Minister Bot has the coolest last name! Seriously it's so NationSTates! I can't wait for Secretary Longbottom to show up!

What Carla Del Ponte has to say about all this.

Yet another Mladic Cornered Story

Thursday, February 23, 2006


International Herald Tribune enters the Feeding Frenzy

IHT coverage


The Rumor Mill Grinds On

OK so arrest his ugly ass already! jebiga!

Mladic Ill?

Mladic may be seeking surrender

more of the same

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


OK Mladic still hasn't been arrested and it looks like he's still in Serbia

So one wonders when Mladic will actually BE arrested, wait the medija fiding frenzj je previse zabava! ( a little Cro-Serblish for y'all that lives in Rio Del! )


I wish he would move on with his trial too and quit wasting everyone's time already...

I remember Milosevic's first judge, a not terribly nice man with a lot of experience in the Diplock courts and I remember thinking 'ok there is sometimss a time and place for such people...' and thinking that two more suited men could not in my wildest dreams have met and settling in to enjoy the spectacle. The judge died. I felt a bit sorry for him.
Milosevic is probably physically sicker than the judge was. That's neither here nor there, it's the self inflicted illness of too much slivovica, too many fine Cuban cigars and too much of the high fat part of the Serbian diet, literally living too high on the hog. Oh perhaps the tensions of office did some of the damage but again self inflicted. You may have noticed, I have a very hard time feeling terribly sorry for Milosevic.

Milosevic told to move on with his defense


How to Build a Bridge...or .... not....

Disputed Bridge

Having been in the region, I can say that passing through customs in the region is not really that hard. In any case intelligent people in the region make sure to have a passport. Foreigners in the region are going to have a passport. Any emergency requiring a quick crossing might be better served by water or air transport in any case. I think a bridge, especially a modern one would look ugly anyway. Isn't beauty to be allowed as a consideration anymore?
And besides did the Croats REALLY ask the Bosnians?
We also are don't know whether ships might become larger one day and thus unable to cross under such a bridge and it would need to be a long bridge. Does anyone out there remember 'Galloping Gertie' ? That bridge became unstable in a high wind and simpley kept in motion even after the winds died down.
I never minded making sure I had my passport if we were perhaps going to Neum. I mean big fat hairy deal!


Where there's smoke there's fire......or maybe not ....or maybe

At this point I'm left to wonder what the huge international media feeding frenzy which I admit to consuming as avidly as anyone else was about. Maybe the idea was to sell newspapers.

Anyway I really was hoping he'd get arrested. There've been rumors about his imminent arrest or even that he was arrested over the last couple of years. I selected this article because of the picture, lots of newspapers with lots of headlines.

Lots of annoyed tired embarrassed journalists.
There is in fact an arrest warrent for him in Serbia signed by Kostunica. So maybe there was and still is some reason to think they were close to arresting him.

One government funcitonary said that reporting on the arrest of Mladic was a effort to manipulate the situation and to hinder or even prevent his arrest. I would love to know how B92 would be involved in such a thing, they are noted for their frequent opposition to the government that Mladic served.

ABC news story on Mladic


Sorry yet another update.

RTE says Mladic hasn't been arrested

LA Times says Mladic has not been arrested yet

Alright, B92 still is sticking to it's story at this time. It's day time in the area, so you'd expect he'd either have been arrested by now.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


This source says he was arrested after all

Bear in mind that this would be at an un-Godly hour in Belgrade, a time when people would be very unlikely to hit the streets and raise any immediate Hell.
But then again it could be more of the same. One thing is definately the case, trying Mladic in Serbia itself would be quite a problem for the present government. Anything that proves he was all along in Serbia or even in Serbia frequently is not good for what more responsible people would like to do either. So again with a grain of salt, apothecary measure type of grain...
and because even though this is a British source, I am inclined to trust B92.

Rat Trapped


Mladic Arrrested! Por Fin! Wait! More contradictory reports!

Finally Mladic has been arrested, this was reported on Tanjug, the Serbia Montengero news agency.

***Again with the UPDATES***

Serbia denies Mladic even was ever LOCATED now

B92 is standing by it's earlier reports

B92 stands by it's reports

The Turkish Press article reveals that Mladic was treated three times for an undisclosed illness under an assumed name. That I found interesting because it's pretty hard to do anything really annonymously in that part of the world. One is either 'erased' like in Slovenia or one exists and has a dossier of some sort.


Kostunica is saying that Mladic was not arrested. It is also unclear whether he was arrested in the area of Tuzla, or in Belgrade. My take, he has in fact been arrested, but that various people in the Serbian and Republika Srpska governments want to get together and decide what their story is.

O.K. now this is starting to piss me off a little...


Located but not arrested

Another unclear Mladic story

Bulgarian News Service report, Mladic located negotiations of surrender in progress

This article gives a vague location in Serbia

B92 Belgrade reports arrest according to Baku Times.


The Telegraph reports on Mladic

Other news.

Well it's well deserved! cool!

More Bird Flu News

Long Live the Kleptocracy!

Monday, February 20, 2006


Late to this story but here goes..

I have to say I am not thrilled with the notion of any foreign company running American ports. I don't care what the 'safe-guards' are, I don't care if it's an allied country, I don't care that at one time the British did this, frankly I don't necessarily trust them at all times, I don't care if the UAE runs it, it's still foreign companies doing what should be done by American companies!
I was really disgusted that Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity* as usual were spinning this to their advantage.
I'm NOT a Mike Savage fan, in fact I really don't like the guy politically or from what I can percieve of his personality on his radio show, BUT I have to admit that he's RIGHT in this instance and I have got to give him credit for breaking the story really. No one was talking about it before he raised the issue. Hell I sure as Hell did not know. He's been willing to have Senator Schumer on his show, a Democrat to discuss it,rather than to paper it over and back up the NeoCons. Good that he raised it!
I hate when our sovreignty is compromised in the name of business. I wanted to give Rush a capsicum high colonic for his performance today and Friday about the whole thing. What these foreigners are ok because they are RICH?
I found the mental gyrations wierd and dizzying on the Rush show today, it was painful listening to that. Same with Hannity.
Countries real countries have several things in common, one of them is running their own damn ports!

*UPDATE!!!* I owe Sean Hannity a BIG FAT appology! he's actually against at any rate the company from the UAE running the ports. He was not against a British company running such facilities. I am against ANY foreign ownership of port facilities, even by allied nations such as Great Britain or Holland. I think this is a strategic type of facility and ought to be run by Americans. Evan an allied nation can have citizens who are against the U.S. and a port is a highly vulnerable environment from the viewpoint of security.
We have enough damn trouble keeping up with our own damn terrorists, there was a bust of fascists a couple days ago and Islamists today. Why should we import further problems?


Believe it or not I had to code this for a Billing and Coding test a quarter ago...

Assault with a fish

I I had to code 'Assault c a fish' for a Billing and Coding test once and it was the big laugh of the test. so just for Jane, who thought up that question here is an actual account of 'assault with a dead fish'!

it was E962.1 the cool part is I found a free site for looking up ICD-9 codes!

Considering how expensive the code books are, it's cool to have found that!



Taking matters into her own hands

Taking matters into her own hands
Originally uploaded by Yakima_gulag.

yes a Giant Hershey's Kiss, very delicious!


As if the Bird Flu wasn't enough!

When I look at my paper and see guys in bright orang HAZMAT suits on the front page with a load of bleeding fish, and see a headline something like Mad Fish Disease, um it kind of gets my attention. This is really bad for Croatia. It is not nice for any place it happens. People are very dependant on fish in the coastal areas of the Balkans, it's a nasty economic blow.

Has Mad Fish Disease Arrived Among Us?

Rest of the Story

Since I'm assuming a majority of my readers read English, here is some information in English. I'ts a bit technical, but it's detailed

and will help you understand what exactly is going on.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Information on VHS

A slightly easier read from the EU, in English

Warning ugly pictures of VHS effects on fish

EU prevention measures

Saraynet's coverage of 'Grvbavica' Saraynet is worth looking at anyway on some sort of regular basis, I've read it weekly for basically ever since I've been online.

Bird Flu arrives in Bosnia

Other story of note in Saraynet, BiH has ordered the killing of wild swans in the area of Plivsko lake, this is near to Jajce, an ancient city in BiH, they have to disinfect the water supply, some 4,500 poultry in a three kilometre radius of Plivsko Lake, in 12 villages have to be killed, and other poultry in the country has been ordered to be kept strictly indoors. Of course this was just a matter of time.


Bird Flu slaughter in India

So is this yet another slow news day in Serbia? Or is this for real? Yet another story that isn't well sourced, the man saying this isn't giving sources.

Deal on Mladic Arrest?

Omarska Memorial will not be built

Sunday, February 19, 2006


Origami Heart

Who could forget such a token of love?


Video live from the Yakim Gulag People's Institute of Higher Re:Education


Spitting Image to Return!

Spitting Image was a favorite cancelled British show that all of my crowd watched, I have never forgotten the rehersal for the State Dinner with PM Thatcher.


Weekend Round-up

Janica gets her zlatna krofna!

rest of story

Nice pictre of her with the medal too! long story on this. I hope I was the first to break it to you!
Ceric has been pretty upset with people rioting about the cartoons. He's been pretty vocal about it, although I doubt it's been noticed much in the States.
Bosnian Mufti against protests about cartoons

Covered better by Quod over at Balkan Scissors but bears repeatition

I wish I could think of anything nice to say about Mr. Annan.

Kofi Annan gets big $s

Please, do NOT all go buying houses in Croatia! Thank you!
yet more rave reviews of Croatia

BTW these were Albanian Muslim workers.

Workers from Macedonia kidnapped in Basra


Bird Flu

Bird Flu has reaached India, a man died in Mahrastra State, actually I'm surprised that it took this long for reports of bird flu to reach us from INdia. Of course if it starts to spread there, it could be really deadly.
Bird Flu has been confirmed in a duck found dead in France.

Friday, February 17, 2006


Brother Outsider

Tonight those of you zeks, (well it's not liike I expected urkis to show exactly!) who missed seeing 'Brother Outsider' and that was most of you! I know !! you missed a really good film that revealed a lot even I did not know about the Civil Rights Era. I did not know what I should about Bayard Rustin, who was perhaps one of the greatest organizers on the planet!
He was also a fantastic singer and a brilliant man. Some of why he is not better known has to do with the fact he was also gay. Back when I was growing up, being gay was seen a lot differently. He did not let it keep him from doing things, but he was in the background. This kept him alive when so many brilliant leaders in all communities were being assasinated. It brought back memories of an era that in many ways I remember fondly. I don't like the zombie like apathy of present times.
Bayard Rustin was the man who did the organizing for the March on Washington, and he gave Dr. Martin Luther King his REAL education on non-violence! It was interesting to see the walkie talkies in use then the size of a phone book! with a LONG antenna too! To think all those people 200,000 of them were orgqnized on 2x5 cards, with walkie talkies, and mimeograph machines and old diesel busses! Such memories to see all of that!
This was a short documentary film and was followed by discussion. One of the instructors and his wife showed up, she was in the Poor People's March when it passed through Reno. She met Bayard Rustin and had memories. The woman who ran the projector was present in LA for the Rodney King Uprising. It was fascinating to hear their experiences. I of course shared some of my own memories.
Thanks for the ride home Professor Strong! If you visit there's film of the Hell Hounds and you will see why I really appreciated having a ride home, normally at two blocks well no biggie, but those Hell Hounds changed things.
One of them was out, Daddy Hell Hound. He was on 15th where he plain did not belong.
I was lucky to be upwind of him, so I took the long way around and avoided problems. I need to go someplace tomorrow to pay a bill.
I think I'll take a bus and avoid the Hell Hounds. If I do it right, it shouldn't be hard getting down there without an encounter. Then I need to do my Spanish. I am so relieved not to have the other classes!


Big Scandal

this is satire and humour don't sue me please anybody!

Mission Control Has a Slick Black Market in Forgotten Commuter Type Spill-Proof Coffee Mugs!

When people go to classes in certain of the newer buildings at the Yakima Gulag People's Institute of Higher Re:Education they have to leave their spill proof coffee mugs on a table or sometimes on the floor by the door. The rule is because of the fact that there is a lot of expensive computer equipment in the newer buildings. That usually is fine, people usually remember their mugs.
Sometimes however they forget.
The personel who clean in the newest of the new buildings Buiding C are refered to as 'Mission Control'
Mission Control remove all mugs.
What happens to the mugs?
They are taken to a facility a secret one, and sterilized, all identifying marks are removed, and then they are resold in a slick black market operation.
The prices range from fo cents to $5.00 for a rear 'Burger King' mug from the old Burger King that no longer exists, a coveted item here for it's historical value to steel commuter mugs that won't leak even if they are turned upside down and shaken hard for $3.00.
They are sold to local thrift stores or on e-Bay.
So keep your mugs out of the hands of Mission Control Comrade Zeks and Urkis!


After a Miserable struggle with 1. Proffessor TiniTajni and 2. the moribund mouse here's todays' offerings

Bird Flu in Egypt

Bird Flu Romania

Also a source that doesn't like being copied or redistributed or linked says that one cow has been tested in Croatia for Mad Cow disease. I don't know where in Croatia.
So I found a source that was less fussy about that, and here is a full story.

Mad Cow Disease case found in Eastern Croatia

So the Russians are going to take him in after all.

Milosevic to be Treated in Moscow

When I went to BiH the first time, while of course I was well aware of the war, I remember reading travel advisories that said definately do not ask questions about the war, and not to take pictures of any destruction or anything. It of course was a lot less rebuilt back in 1998 when I first was there too. Anyway I don't blame the Bosnians for prefering to show visitors nice places, who wants to be remembered for what happened there and yes there are a lot of nice places to see.
I don't recomend going into areas which have to do with the war without a competent local guide, because you can get hurt, you can step on a landmine and die, or be seriously injured.
So do call a reputable guide like the one in the article! Don't go blundering off on your own if you don't know the language! That's just asking for trouble. The Christian Science Monitor has a pretty worthwhile article on the subject.
My first and last trips I passed the home where the tunnel is many times, that was before it was a museum.

War Tourism

Thursday, February 16, 2006



We got some snow out there. It's dark but I went outside, and took pictures of the snow.

Since I came to the gulag, the latest it snowed here was one St. Patrick's day when it snowed a bunch, like a foot or something. So snow can come pretty late here.

The highway between Selah and Ellensburg is closed both ways due to accidents I-82. The radio station is going nuts four feeds at once again.
I wonder when those people at KIT will learn how to run their equipment? Is it really th at hard? I guess.

Anyway I got a few decent pix of it, in the dark. I will take more in the morning. Thank God I don't need to go anywhere but I worry about my son, he can't drive in this. He may need to take the bus.

They often predict snow that never arrives here, but this sure did arrive. I shall put out old nuts for the birds. Poor things will be hungry.

Speaking of birds, the poor swans in Europe! A swan that tested positive for H5 bird flu virus was found dead in Denmark. One was found in Germany too a day or so ago.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Women who eat chocolate have happier babies

I adore excuses to do stuff I like to do!


Musical Parody

Wierd Al's take on Lost

Wierd Al parodies 'Lost'

Atomik Harmonik

Pick Brizgalna brizga

Note all the ways Wierd Al is musically very Slovenian!



Boy I don't want to go out for burgers anymore after seeing this story!


Odds and ends

Professor injured in explosion in Croatia

rest of the story

Bird Flu reaches Germany! Two swans in the Baltic area found to have H5 virus. This was on NPR this morning.

Update on Cheney's victim: The birdshot piece that reached Mr. Whittington's heart was the size of a BB pellet. He's still in the hospital.
Republicans even have expressed embarrassment that Cheney has been very un-forthcoming. Cheney contends that he's 'not running for president.' He doesn't feel very accountable. To be fair, one assertion he makes may have merit, namely that he wanted to give Mr. Whittington's family time to deal with the press. That might be the only thing that has merit. Let him face the media feeding frenzy like a man. Others have had to be in the middle of that.

We in the Gulag have been promised or threatened with some extra cold air tomorrow. Siberski Ekspress?
I saw a couple actual snow flakes when I was out and about. Someone teased one of my more innocente school friends that they saw snow flakes. Well I ACTULLY DID. Just two but they WERE snowflakes. People should watch wha the hell they joke about!

Some Balkans news yeah some people do come here for that....

Bird Flu Tests available in Bulgaria

Former Chief Mufti of Bulgaria Questioned on embezzelment

Pliva acquires generics drug company in Spain

Trafficking in Persons on the Rise in Kosovo

How come this is never news when it happens in Sarajevo? I mean heck I have had problems getting through for as long as three days and it is NEVER news!

Phones go Out in Kosovo Again

Criticism of Civil Society Forum

Dad phones daughter 'from the grave'

That's wierd, I thought that already happened...

Arms Embargo on BiH lifted.

Actually you know those people with the wrist bands that say 'WWJD' What Would Jesus Do? on them, if people really thought like that, there'd be no cartoons like those ones in Europe.

Effigy burnings a thing of the past

On the Muslim side, a positive influence of American convert Muslims and of Muslims who live in the U.S. is begining to occur! I was

waiting to see if this would happen!

Muslim Reaction in Denmark as reported by NPR


Muslim reaction in the U.S.

Interview with imam working in the U.S.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Tailgunner Joe is Rolling In His Grave

"The Russians are Coming!

The KGB is now part of this consulting business that is organizeing security in the U.S.
I had no idea Block Watch had a political organization, lobbyists maybe but not a political organization.


Cheney's victim has mild heart attack

According to a report I just heard on Fox News, the victim in the shooting incident with Vice President Cheney had a mild heart attack. It was apparently caused by a bit of bird shot that got lodged in his heart. No attempt is going to be made to remove the bit of bird shot, but the victim will remain in hospital under observation another weak.
Sean Hannity was livid because apparently Micheal Moore said something about the victim being dead already.
Well the shooting incident wasn't revealed for nearly 24 hours. This is the sort of thing that would have any member of the other party really getting flame-broiled about now.
There have been calls for Cheney to resign.
Bird shot might not seem like it could do real damage, but it depends where it hits, how close the victim was, the condition of the victim's skin, and the victims over all health what effect it will have.
There have been accusations that Cheney was drunk at the time of the incident, and apparently he did not pay the $7 fee for the bird tags.
So I guess at best he got some 'splainin' to do.

Monday, February 13, 2006


A bit about religion , a bit about Bird Flu a bit about Cheney.

The case of the Valhalla was one of the more dramatic things that happened in the 1980s. I still have the book about it by John Loftus, somewhere in my pile of books. This article covers more about that incident.

The Valhalla many years later

Of note, I actually visited Mddjugorije. I've been to lots of places of pilgrimage, recognized and otherwise, and I have no opinion about the occurances. It's not possible to form an objective opinion. It sure was a shot in the arm to the local economy though.

This article comments on Wahabbi inroads in various parts of the Balkans. This is a process that is furthered by the fact of war either past or possible, that radicalizes people, and as well perhaps more importantly, the fact of Saudi money pouring into these regions.

Christian Science Monitor Article on Islam in the Balkans

Of interest:
Bosnian Muslims called upon to cease protests over cartoons

A doctor weighs in on what the medical consequences of being 'peppered' are. Granted it is not buckshot, but birdshot, but when you are dealing with an older person, older people are a bit more delicate physically.
Peppering a contribution to the discussion of Cheney's marksmanship

Sunday, February 12, 2006


Film news, to take your mind off the Bird Flu news...yeah that's it...

This film is the first to recieve any serious help from any agency within BiH. I guess Danis Tanovic showed them a thing or two! As well it's time that a film paid some serious attention to the situation of women and children in time of war.
Note also the actress is a Serbian lady playing the part of a Muslim lady. This continues a trend begun by Tanovic in 'No Man's Land of having people of one ethnic group portray members of a different ethnic group.

I am a big fan of all films this man Mr. Anderson has been in. He is himself a remarkable actor, and has been involved with remarkable projects.

Actor from Twin Peaks, Carnivale


I hadn't really thought about it but yes this day indeed marks the fourth anniversary of the Milosevic trial. So many memories, where were you when they finally arrested Milosevic? I was in Sarajevo, and watched the arrest on both PBS BiH and HRT. We'd all just finished eating dinner and were having a coffee. What were you doing? Where were you?

Milosevic trial marks fourth anniversary

Now to the Bird Flu news, Slovenia has reported Bird Flu, and it's been reported other places,outside the Balkans, Italy and Nigeria. In Sicily, hospitals are testing people who present with flu-like symptoms for Bird flu.

Slovenia reports Bird Flu

Bird flu news. This has been sad all around. While I am no fan of panic as a response, it looks like reasonable preparedness couldn't hurt.

Further Bird Flu news

Saturday, February 11, 2006


stuffed bread for dinner

stuffed bread for dinner
Originally uploaded by Yakima_gulag.

Stuffed bread, first hollow out either a French or Italian loaf. That is time consuming and best done by hand, by someone with even smaller hands than I have!
Next brown some meat, preferably sausage meat mixed with beef.
add a couple diced onions and some diced garlic before it's browned.
a teaspoon of Italian seasonings if you like.

Once the meat is browned break an egg in it, mush it up with the breadcrumbs from hollowing the loaf of bread. Stuff the loaf with the resulting mix. You want it to be failry solidly stuffed. Pour garlic butter or olive oil with crushed garlic and Italian seasoning in it on top of the loaf, wrap it in foil, and then put it on a bakeing sheet. Then bake it for half an hour at 350 degrees Farenheit. When you serve it, it's best to slice it.
If you want this to be easier, you can put the meat filling in hollowed out little loaves instead of one big one. This makes a great lunch.
I like it with of course a nice red wine, but of course if it's a work lunch then a Jarritos Sangria flavored soda is a nice choice.
Otherwise have it with what ever soft drink you like.



Steppin' is about the tradition of dance mostly performed by members of Black American fraternities and sororities, it is more correct to say 'historically Black' since sometimes they do accept White pledges.
One of the ways they bond, publicise their fraternities and have a good time is by perfomring a type of dance called 'stepping' Shows where there are many frats participating are called 'step shows'.
Now dance unaccompanied by instrumental music is not an ENTIRELY African American thing. Step damceomg am Irish dance style started off unaccompanied, and there is in the Balkans the 'silent kolo' which is claimed by both Serbs and Croats. These dance traditions are all quite different, from different ethnicities and races, differing religious groups, but ONE importatn thing is in common.
The groups which have these dance traditions have been oppressed seriously at some point in their history and have been denied at some point in their history the use of musical instruments.
As well this type of dance tends whether it is the Afro-American 'stepping' or the Irish step dancing, or the various forms of silent kolo, to emphisize body posture appropriate to military training.
In fact it was almost like a form of close order drill in the case of all three of these traditions. There is a defiant aspect to it.
In the case of Irish step danceing you seldom meet a Protestant Loyalist who is involved with it, it's almost entirely a Catholic thing. In urban Irish American populations there was a very strong association between step danceing and militant Irish nationalism. In fact this connection was so marked that the FBI used to investigate step danceing classes and associations in order to detect more ardent Irish nationalist sympathizers, the sort that might for example give money to, or join the IRA.
Now with Black Americans one interesting thing I learned about stepping is that the first fraternity to form a milittary training group for Black youth interested in joining the U.S. Army was Omega Chi Fi. They really are something to watch in performance I might add, you can't beat royal blue athletic shirts emblazoned with their letters, along with BDU pants and get this GOLD combat boots! On really buff African American male bodies, it's visually stunning! So were their routines.
they formed an organization that led to the ROTC. A lot of their members ended up being military officers both before and after the desegregation of the U.S. military by President Truman.
The film covered the question of Black sororities too. That was of interest because the style that resembles military drill is retained but the girls of course are more graceful, and pay attention to haveing nice outfits in their sororoity colors.
Most of the 'music' was from feet, slaps to differing parts of the body, or shouts and responses, but some musical accompaniment has come in.
I did not know that the 'Ice Ice baby ' thing had it's start in this either.
It was cool.
I feel bad missing the first of the films, since only one person went. I had a horrid migraine, I would also have liked to see the Austin Lounge Lizards the same night but really that kind of pain you just are a wet noodle rolled in dirt.
Next two films I'm going definately.
There's been an effort to bring Ebony back as a club at the Yakima gulag People's Institute of Higher Re:Education.
I've wanted to start a Slavic Heritage club. As I've been there, there are a lot of third gen people who know absolutely nothing about their assorted Slavic heritages, who are curious. It could be fun to rent movies to view, like 'No Man's Land' or 'Battle of the Neretva' or 'The Incredible Lightness of Being' or 'the Don Kossacks' or other films.
I'm going to be gone by the time I even have time to do such a thing.


The Editor of this Blog Celebrates a Birthday today.

The real fun will be tomorrow, I'll be going to my daughter's for dinner, to hang harmlessly with the grandbabies and eat. It's mid term time too, so I will have to do a couple exams sometime this weekend too. jasam pravi sit o skola!
I called my fiance to pick on him for AGAIN not sending me a birthday card or a Valentine's day card. I told him it's going to be a LOT of steak dinners! which of course made him laugh.
One of my friends has to go to a funeral today and is not having a nice day. I hope she'll be ok today. She knows who she is.

Friday, February 10, 2006


Yakima Gulag Literary Gazett Marked First Anniversary Yesterday

It began with a report about the Vagina Monologues, which this year I may not attend at all, nothing against it but I think three times would be too much. Some pictures of pretty bottles and that fun picture from 'The Role of My Family in the World Revolution'
It's no longer simple fun and games, for example I'm considering installing a breathlizer at the door, but it's been fun meeting people who have visited, and I now wonder endlessly about the nameless lurkers from all over who read these pages for like a second and return for another second and then disappear only to return for a second
Who are these people?
Thanks to the many kind people who visit and who have their own blogs which I visit,who have given me a sense of global virtual friendships, the feeling I can go for a coffee in a number of new cities only I'm afraid to. People who meet me in real life after thinking they 'know' me from the Web tend to not like me so well, so I think I'll avoid spoiling those beautiful ephemeral friendships....

Presented in the interests of equal time and fairness or something...

Not ALL dogs are Hell Hounds! properly trained dogs do valuable work.
Qwest Sends 2nd Bomb Sniffing Dog to BiH

So when do dogs end up on a watch list?
Hell Hounds an International Threat

Interview with new Kosovo President
The new president appears to be moderate. This would be a big difference from how the West Bank people elected a Hamas president.

"We consider the reform of local government necessary for all of Kosovo's citizens," Sejdiu said. This reform, according to him, should not allow the ethnic Albanian majority to behave in a dominating way and should not allow creation of enclaves where Serbs live separate lives.

Far from the Balkans but people of the Balkans can relate....

International Aid a sick joke as usual

Coca-Cola strike in Zagreb

Warning, Echalon and Karnivore both will pick up on this link

Protest s of caricatures in Serbia

Russia has been being really wierd in their foreign policy lately, inviting the Hamas guys for talks and then this nice little mixed message.

Of course they should talk....NOT!

I will be saying things about mixed messages to do with Hamas if they actually accept the invite.....


Poetry Slam disappointing.....

This year's Black Box Poetry Slam frankly disappointed. 1. Rhymed Preachments in place of real poetry. 2. Rhymed Propaganda in place of real poetry. I am for example not wild about the war in Iraq, and one guy wrote such a BAD anti-war poem that by the end of this assault on my ears I wondered who the hell's side he was on. Then there was the stupid usual poems about people's pasts of drug abuse, boy they miss the DRAMA!
One guy read a poem about his drugging days and some girl who was engaged in prostitution that he knew. I found myself wondering why is it that badly written rhyme seems to go on forever? Badly written rhyme about unedifying subjects in particular seems to have no end. It's like they pick up the rhyming dictionary and can't stop.
I really was getting annoyed because of the jugeing too. This time the judges only decided who made it to the second round with some numeric finagleing by the person who started Poetry Slam. While I like the transparency of no haveing the judges in the other room no dramatic running in and out by the person who started Poetry Slam, I'd like to see one more change, and that being someone else keeping track of the numbers. There are enough mathematically oriented people on this campus, surely one such person could be invited to write down the scores, some person who doesn't care one way or the other about poetry.
There was one person who claimed never to have read before a group before, she wasn't too bad actually, and there was my friend the former taxi driver, who read nice work.
I have no idea who won. My stomach began to really bother me so I left earlier than usual.


What's Up With This?

Went by the Hell Hound House by car yesterday and noticed that the male Hell Hound and the baby Hell Hounds were in the YARD!!!!
I did not see Mama Hell Hound, of coures Mama Hell Hound could have been any place, she could have been anyplace from the pound to a shed on the property to indoors. There is a large ill-made dog shed that I've noticed at night is lit with some sort of warming lamp.
Nice to know someone cares if their Hell Hounds freeze...
Now if they'd only get busy with some obedience school for them.
Going into town today, and I still have the pix on my camera, so I'll take out the other pix, and go to see someone at Animal Control and see if they want the pix.
I am really surprised the dogs are still there after needing to be rounded up that last time.
It would be something like a fourth time. Another thing, those puppies still weren't weaned so I bet they HAD to bring Mama Hell Hound back not to starve the puppies. I doubt they are fully on solid food. Mama Hell Hound was still nurseing them.

Thursday, February 09, 2006


Body found in lavatory of United Airlines flight.

A man who had already done some wierd shit was found hanged in the lavatory of a United Airlines flight which landed in Denver. He'd already crashed his SUV into a dealership and set the place on fire, HOW DID this man even get on the plane? Enquireing minds want to know.


Extremists in Sarajevo burn Croatian flag over Muhamad Carictures.

Here's the really annoying part, I don't think Croatia was part of this problem!* I can understand Muslim people being angry about the cartoons, I can understand them protesting, but even a lot of Muslim leaders, some of whom count as being 'extreme' in their views have not liked these demonstrations.
One comment I want to make about the Americans who have weighed in on this useing matters like the art scandals involveing blasphemous and insulting images of Jesus, People raised Christian did this, not Muslims.

* Correction, Nacional printed the caricatures, that still doesn't make what happened in Sarajevo right, let people protest in front of any office that Nacional has in Sarajevo, or not buy that paper. about 1500 people were in this protest.

I also think it was stupid and provacative of Nacional to print this caricature on Nacional's part. Feelings are still pretty raw in the Balkans and sometimes editorial discression is a really good thing. Meanwhile maybe they have endangered the Croat minority liveing in Sarajevo.
That was thoughtless of the editors, meanwhile they've harmed Croatian business interests too.
As for Denmark, well the saddest part of this is Denmark has a past of being really helpful in the Middle East, on a diplomatic level, on the level of doing humanitarian aid and ONE idiotic incident spoils things for all of Denmark.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


The Hell Hounds Go Tooo Far, your intreped correspondant gets it on film

I was comeing home from my errands at the Yakima Gulag People's Institute of Higher Re:Education, namely visit some of my friends hanging in the Hopeless Union Building and then going to see the head of Allied Health Department about applying for graduation sometime before I further sully my decent academic record.
I go the long way, and then come to my corner, and the BITCH is OUT, on MY corner and my camera is in the house!
Well I began saying the most awful things in Bosnian and jumping up and down and yelling at the dog. This actually intimidated her a little, she's trailing a leash. So I get in the house, grab my digital and run out and start taking pictures and then i took some film of her running around loose.
I went in and called the police and told them. They were gonna ho-hum the whole thing, and I said 'Look I got that dog on film I grabbed my digital to film her and it's decent film, I can tell when I use the movie feature. So Animal Control calls, I tell her I do have film that the female canine needs to be rounded up or I don't dare leave.
I get a feeling Animal Control are not big fans of these people. The female btw is a Boxer -Sharpei mix. She's a beautiful dog, but that is an aggressive combo. It's the fourth time she's been out where she doesn't belong. I don't know if the other dogs are loose or not, I'm not exactly going out and find out.
I told the lady at Animal Control that I'd filmed them before, and the film is up on my blog actually, while they were in the yard, more to be able to show them which dog I meant if it ever came to that. I told her about the woman comeing out and yelling at me, and she said 'Pay no attention to her, she's an idiot!' I told her I simply pretended not to speak English. It's an act I can do to perfectiion anyway now! She laughed her butt off!
Anyway. I'll have film as soon as I can get it up on MyTube.
So there go my outdoor errands for today.
At least for now.
I'm going to do one of them by cab after lunch, that way if Animal Control doesn't have her, I don't need to go right by her.
She wanted to come after me on my own damn corner. Well that's over. I think those people are in trouble now. Whatever excuses they've been giveing the City will be over.
The whole family of dogs was out! The mama who was on my corner harrassing me, the daddy and the babies all were out, and they were all barking at people. They came after a schoolmate of mine who had the misfortune to park near Hell Hound House. She is a good Christian girl, and nto apt to exagerate, she told me one student felt sho threatened by the adult male dog, who came too close and acted like he might bite the student so he KICKED the dog! I am not surprised, when dogs are that aggressive and they escape, as these ones did en masse, then the owners should not expect people to be all sweet about it.

Sunday, February 05, 2006


Well it's kind of the cherry on the s*** taco...

As the sherriff in the Milagro Beanfield War said. . . It's been kind of a bad day


The Seahawks lost and I promise I did NOT listen to the day. Me listening to the game

is generally a jinx.. so just to be nice I did not listen. other things that were not

fun were happening anyway.


Assorted stories..

This is sad news, of course liveing on the slag heap of the Trepca Mines is hardly a safe place to raise a family. The dust from lead really gets around and of course it's worth note that none of Mitrovica is exactly safe from the dust. It hits the Roma harder because that is where they live.

Lead Poisoning

Go Janica!

Who keeps saying smokers won't kill over their habit?

Husband Kills Wife Over Cigarettes

It looks like there is definate bird flu in Bulgaria. It's not going to be avoided so easily because birds do not have borders.

Ptice nema granice!

Hardly a surprise. Any Serbian president who gives up Kosovo will be at very least out of office. So he can't say anything else.
Tadic Will Not Sign Kosovo Independance


Why to either rent a palco or sit in the nosebleed section...

This is Pajarito, the flying bull. He came into the ring and basically the first thing he did was leap the fence. Normally this would be a nice run around the callejon, and then back out into the ring. This 1,000 pound animal jumped into the first rows of seats. I've actually witnessed this before. At the time my family were conveniently located in a palco so no problem for us. Normally we liked sitting fairly close in. There is a respectable distance for a bull to cover if he's going to leap. He had to have pretty good legs to do it!
The teacher in the Spanish conversational class was rather pleased to have someone in the class who has familiarity with the bullfights and he told the story of this bull, in class, and asked us if we knew what the bull's name meant, of course we all knew it was 'Little Bird'!!

Saturday, February 04, 2006


I Bet Our President Loses Sleep Over This...

Turning Muslim in America

This is a fairly long film. It's interesting What it is about is Americans in Texas, of a type commonly called 'Rednecks' who have become Muslim. In today's political climate, it's an interesting turn of events. A fair number of the women have adopted not just hijab, (required) but niqab (not required) Interestingly most of these people appear to be the sort of people who probably voted for the current president.

It's interesting that many of these converts used to be Baptist, and that a woman among them came of 'a priveleged backgrournd, private schools, tennis lessons..'
One thing I noticed that was impressive is that the mosque was intergrated! there were Black faces among the White! That is actually a positive as far as I am concerned.

What do I think? I do not think that America is going to become a Muslim country. If I were Muslim I would rejoice at so many new converts who seem fervant, as a Christian I must lament their loss. A lot of their criticisms of what is going on in Christianity hold water whether you are Catholic, or Protestant. I will not speak about whether this is so of the Orthodox way, but for certain it is true of the Catholics and the Protestants.
Christians do not observe modesty any more, which used to be a hallmark of Christians, Christians are involved in dealing in interest, which used to be a terrible thing, now our economic system is dependant on interest.
I wish some of these people had stayed and been the back-bone of a true reform within Christianity. That would have been a great work, and one I have not given up on.
I wish these folks well. I hope they learn tha difference between what is required and what is not required and which will only cause antagonism towards them. Niqab for example I am assured is NOT required. In fact it is not permitted on the Hajj, the Pilgrimage. It can result in more problems than it 'solves' I was pleased though to see that they were happy people mostly. I don't think these same people were happy before. Of course conversion, any conversion has it's moments of joy. It has also it's moments of difficulty. I hope that within their new community they will recieve the support they will undoubtably need at times.


Assorted News

This is fairly big news. The General who was comander of Yugoslav forces was exonerated. he is now the general of the Macedonian army.

Croatia Exonerates Yugoslav General

Brigitte Bardo upset over dog cull By the way this has got to be the worst picture of Brigitte Bardot I have ever seen! I'm sorry the Romanians are right to do something about the dog problem. This needs to be followed up by a massive campaign to have people neuter their pet dogs so that there will not be a stray dog problem any more. Dogs can be dangerous! I like dogs but dogs need to be properly trained and cared for. They should not be allowed to sink to a totally untrained and feral state.

Krishna Devoteees in Bulgaria Note in the picture the accordian, I think it's the first time I've seen one of those used at a Hari Krishna event. Was it an unseasonably warm day in Sofia?

U.S. Disappointed that Serbian Army hid Mladic

OK disappointed I can see, surprised? please don't be naive!

Bird Flu News

No Bird Flu Treatments Available

Balkans countries with bird flu

Friday, February 03, 2006


Give this a listen please...

This story mentions peripherally thae bad situation of the Christian minority in Iraq since the war began. It is really bad, and I'm not makeing this up. This is an NPR story.
I've been saying for some time that one of the really sad aspects of the war in Iraq is the situation of the Christians who didn't have it that great under Saddam but he did not actively persecute them either.
It is bad that Christians in the Middle East have their entire way of life destroyed.
These people are closer to the roots of what Christianity is all about than anyone in the West. Any Christian person should be concerned over the loss this represents to all Christians.

Thursday, February 02, 2006


Happy Birthday Trinity!

Today we celebrated Trinity's birthday, she looked radiant, and we all had fun going to Red Robin, and eatting good things and haveing nice drinks. I've been haveing a headache all week so I aske to be dropped off at home, the clown car picture will be posted tomorrow.
So will some other party pictures
Take care dear readers.


Church Sign

Radmila over at 'My Two Second Shelf Life' had this cute thing. I think I will use it again, it's too good to pass up.


A Wacky Day...

the internet wasn't working here this morning, I have no idea why. I rebooted the router twice. I went to school to handle some paperwork stuff, and then I wanted to use the computer lab to check my mail. I had problems with a few things so I came home. I'm tired. I hurt.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Serbian government is trying a number of people in a case refered from the Hague Tribunal. The case is expanding a bit.
Zvornik War Crimes Trial in Serbia may get bigger

Copy and Paste Speech

The New High Commissioner Speaks

Who Let the Dogs Out?

Too bad there wasn't a designated driver for this man!
He was probably headed home after like six slavas

I think I'm a little familiar with the Putin answer on this matter.
Putin on 'Frozen Conflicts'

OK now I have the answer, common hardships can be a unifying factor sometimes at least.
Doesn't happen often enough.

Serbs, Albanians Protest Long Power Cuts

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