Saturday, October 31, 2009


Lynx Saturation Saturday

x provocatively tititled column

'Listen Up Muslims We Fought For You'

The Cambridge historian Brendan Simms, who has made a particular study of the conflicts in the former Yugoslavia, wrote some years ago that “many in the European establishment have never forgiven the Americans for being right about Bosnia. Most Muslims, in Britain and worldwide, have forgotten it, if they ever knew it in the first place. For a long time I saw the inability of the US to parlay its efforts on behalf of European Muslims into credit ... as a failure of American public diplomacy. But in the course of my own modest efforts at public meetings, and the odd appearance on Muslim channels, I quickly realised that I was hitting a brick wall”.

and a new find of a mass grave in Eastern BiH

And the children of mixed marriages face intolerance

I know that there is a huge stigma on mixed marriages, one good thing about my former S.O.. was he did not buy into that attitude!

“Ethnic intolerance was not a precursor to war, but its consequence,” psychologist Dinka Corkalo Biruski, of Zagreb University, says. Her conclusion follows years of research into communities affected by war.

and this quote seems apropos

The more integrated the people are, the more violence is required to separate them,” Doubt writes in his book Sociology after Bosnia.

** really rings a bell on Black White relationships in the U.S. actually, because
Americans, whether Black or White have more in common with each other than they do with foreigners.

and what could be going on in Karadzic's warped excuse for a mind:,news-comment,news-politics,why-radovan-karadzic-is-sulking-in-his-cell

and file under 'Why am I so very unsurprised?'

and not Balkans related at all, just weird as Hell, because coyotes just don't attack people, not by ones twos or threes so something weird is up,people,news,canadian-folk-singer-taylor-mitchell-killed-by-pack-of-coyotes

looks like I am not alone in my reaction t to Plavsic's release and welcome

and that damned Dodik again...

and some stuff on Kosovo


Also this article about Magpies

My magpie friends in Sarajevo had reason to grieve one time I knew of, a member of a flock died some way or another and was in the road, and there were magpies fighting with crows by the remains of the dead magpie. I know there are people who hate magpies, but they are really very smart birds, like all the crow family and I liked watching them.


If TSA procedure is of interest to you, this should be read.

From MeFi, and fascinating, 'Do I have the right to refuse this search?'



! I put my phone number up for my fellow Yakima Wrimos to call me, and I have been at the site like on and off again all day scamming free WiFi time at the Valley Mall, and then buying coffee here at Northtown, and does ANY ONE call? No! Our ML has apparently been kidnapped by Somali pirates, she hasn't been in touch or anything. I really hate when people drop the ball by trying to leaad by consensus

At some point maybe people will show up, and I had hoped someone might call, you know, like the mobile phone? or reply to my post in the forums? I mean that works for me!

I do not have the numbers of anyone else, they must have gotten lost when I last moved. I could have sworn I knew where to find them but NOOOOO!

Friday, October 30, 2009


Sadly I did not get to go

to the Loggins and Messina concert with my friend. At the last minute, her former boyfriend who isn't really a fan changed his mind and decided to go. She did offer to lend me ticket money but it would have taken me three months to pay her back and I really have other important expenses at this time. It's really o.k. I had other stuff to keep me busy. Like working on the travel book I have been working on about my time in Sarajevo.

Editing is incredibly hard, I am trying to learn how to set it up in 'Landscape' and get the guttering right. Why does that need to be so hard to do? I am using Linux, I tried a few things today and decided to read the Help file and see what I understand. Then I will try again.


Happy Internet Birthday!

Actually it was ARPA net back 40 years ago and computers were like really HUGE physically, something like 40 years ago I actually took a walk INSIDE a computer with my mother, step-dad and youngest sister, it is freeky weird thinking my MOBILE phone, or a TI85 has more computing power than that huge behemoth where we walked around like so many ants!

Thursday, October 29, 2009


School is so much fun when you are NOT actually a student! :)

Went to the campus and had fun at a little concert by some guys called 'Hiatus' .. nice music, and then Kate, the recycling and poetry and fun maven made a lot of cardboard swords, helmets and shields and the odd meat cleaver painted with metalic paints. The smell of metalic paint takes me back to my childhood. My dad used to make toy swords out of wood for us and paint them with metalic spray paint.


nothing on Karadzic today

McNiel Lerher Report actually had a little something last night but the BBC is covering other stuff right now. Then in Detroit t he authorities broke up an extremist cell based in a mosque, there was a shoot-out as a result.

This kind of thing is very disquieting to say the least. These are home grown. I think the problem is partly less than really Muslim prison converts who set these things up. I think it is far closer to criminal enterprise actually than anything political and it bothers me a lot. The Christian Science Monitor had an article recently on this sort of thing.

Speaking of shoot-outs WAAY too much gunplay in the Yakima Gulag, gang shooting right by my kid's former high school! jebiga!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Check this out,

Kirk Johnson has been right on the money for some time, and if you are not reading his work regularly you should be, at least if you want to know more about Bosnia...


More on the Karadzic trial

I am relieved to see that the judge we have at The Hague Tribunal is a bit more tough than Mr. Nice was. I had great hopes for Mr. Nice being tough because I remember how he handled Provo and INLA types back in the day and I thought, FINALLY this mans talents would be used really constructively!

But noooo, they weren't he let a LOT get by.

The present judge is making some good loud noises about wanting to impose a lawyer if need be. I hope he does so soon, because in this case there is way too little justice even possible and what there is ought not be delayed.


Totally a non Balkans story but good news!

I am a big fan of Costco, but I had a problem with the fact they did not take the food stamp card, of all people who need to save money surely people on foodstamps top the list?

well, times have changed, I guess enough people who used to be members have gone other places that Costco has decided to take the food stamp card!

I really am grateful they did and I know many Yakimans will be grateful too!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Biljana Plavsic freed

So what's the deal h ere? Biljana Plavsic gets to go home... She was on the BBC wearing a HUGE nun-like wooden cross on her neck. So she found Jesus? me personally, I would not want to leave the particular prison she was in ... I would be sooo totally institutionalized.

Monday, October 26, 2009


Craft Distilling Now Legal in Washington State

Yes! you rakijaphile! You too can have a still, it involves some fees and stuff but it's now legal, you can even sell two bottles at a time to each customer if you are legaled up! Opa!


Come ON Mr. Karadzic, you have had a WHOLE year!

I am having a bit of a headache from the weather today, but noted that the BBC had very good coverage this morning on the Karadzic boycott of his first day of trial. Karadzic himself was absent claiming that no lawyer could pull together a credible case for his defense! EXCUSE ME VERY MUCH WHILE I VOMIT INTO THE NEAREST WASTE-PAPER BASKET!
Karadzic was arrested a bit over a year ago! He's had time. He's had time even if the dog ate his lawyer's homework! I would have LOVED in my college days to simply absent myself when I did not have a paper ready! I would have totally gone for that! But guess what it doesn't fly to do that, professors will FLUNK you if you do that.

The Court owes it to themselves to stop people playing that game. I don't think any judge in the Yakima Gulag would tolerate this level of nonsense. The Hague definately should not and as to Mr. Karadzic playing these games, oh he was brave enough ordering the deaths of all those people, the shelling and the sieges, just not man enough to come to court and face the music.

Saturday, October 24, 2009


So Karadzic is too chickenshit to attend his own trial..

at least Milosevic went to his trial. On the up-side maybe the whole thing will be less of a circus... samo Bog znais!

The relatives of victims of his reign of terror are going. The BBC had a story of one victim, and there is this

and some theories about how Karadzic evaded justice this long.

and an annoyingly slow loading video if you want to see an interview with Kardzic

and lately Russia has really been cosy-ing up to Serbia, letting them have gas etc, so are they using Serbia to help them with the rest of Europe? I think it's likely

looks like my initial instinct for caution on this story was justified...

The students who got sick were not sickened by toxins as had been feared.

and some imam in Albania got busted for alleged terrorism.

this is a really wierd case..

and Sanader is bailing! Opa!

and for the Kultur Korner:

Kadare is getting a prize. I did not realize he was still alive! :)

well this I guess should be it for Lynx Saturation Saturday.

Friday, October 23, 2009


The Oniion Movie

got shown on G-4 which never is in any normal T.V, schedules. They have this show called 'Movies That Don't Suck' and it was on that.

Also rescued a spider, a gorgeous fluffy black and orange one with green iridescent eyes. It resisted rescue, it liked our door, but I was afraid one of the less spider friendly residents might have done it in. I filmed and photographed it as well.


NaNo is starting up in like 10 days.

it's rainy, I stayed in bathed and washed clothes. I had to ask a housemate to change the plugs and he was good and did so.

Nice news, 'Capitalism a Love Story' has actually been held over! This means it's making money for the Mercy family! YEAH! I am glad it's making money in our Gulag! It means that maybe those drug raids have shifted the 'zek vs urki' equation! :)

also the 'Mad Cowboy' is going to speak Nov. 8th. I hope to get to that one.

I did do a cool hack with some shoes. I had gotten a big bag of shoe laces, and some were suitable for the nice boots a friend gave me but too short. There were however SCADS of appropriate laces, so I took four of them, cut end and knotted it for each side and then laced as usual, works and there's enough lace! :) and it doesn't look that wierd.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


'Butte America'

Really good film on the history of Butte, Montana and the hard rock miners there. The mines in Butte even were more dangerous than the mines in Czarist Russia. I knew people died but I had no idea how BAD it was in the mines. The guys interviewed were cool, and it was a good documentary.


Really worthwhile article in this weeks 'The Nation'

it was titled 'BEyond Rescue' and had to do with sex trafficking. If you don't meet the basic needs of the victims, they will be trafficked again. Just how it works.


Funny stuff from 'Attack of the Show'

They had Serbia represented on their show, guys with an old green Yugo, propped up at the front end by boards, used as a lever, a fulcrum (bricks I think?)and some sort of loud annoying American music. Their idea of 'car hopping'

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


65 th Anniversary of NAZI s being driven out of Yugoslavia

So the local feed of the BBC did have a reporter in Belgrade, especially since Medvedev is in Belgrade for this day. They HAD intended giving coverage of constitutional negotiations in BiH as well, same reporter, but ran out of time. I am sure the BBC website has the full story.

I have enjoyed having the BBC on twice a day on PBS a lot. They cover many stories that don't get covered in U.S. media, even PBS or NPR. I realize a half hour format is not friendly to the type of in-depth coverage the BBC is noted for, and noticed he wasn't the only reporter cut short before finishing a story. Maybe it was just a bad morning.

It actually warmed up a little here in the Yakima Gulag. The sunflowers are bravely trying to bloom again, actually the raspberries, particularly the ones behind the garage have been trying to yield more fruit, BUT the weather is so up and down I doubt we'll see the usual second harvest of raspberries. Too bad really since they are so nice. They have to be trimmed back, and that is being arranged for.

I am still thinking about stuff that was in 'Capitalism a Love Story' So much of it made me mad, but a lot of it inspired me, especially the workers at Republic Windows, and the people who took back their homes that they'd been foreclosed out of, and the sherriff in Wayne County, Michigan who decided not to enforce any more foreclosures. If all those people wind up on the streets, all over the country, that is a recipe all kinds of trouble. Seeing people fight back short of that point is a good thing. Seeing them do so non violently is beautiful!

Monday, October 19, 2009


Cop tech stuff...

Did you know a new type of road spikes are being made right in the Yakima Gulag? They are deployed on a ruler like strip from a police car which gets next to the pursued vehicle. The advantage is they don't need to be picked up later and only harm the pursued vehicle! Genius!


The INformant

And yes girl's movie day out included The Informant. Do see it for yet another informative picture of capitalism in action. Wonderful portrayals of F.B.I. and D.O.J. faces. The guy who actually WAS The Informant was of interest too. and the offices, the bosses, all in all pretty damned good. If anything 'The Informant' was at LEAST as incendiary a film as 'Capitallism A Love Story'

Now for 'BCCI the Great Untold Story'!


Capitalizim ljubavna prica

Capitalism A Love Story was EXCELLENT! Go see it!

There's stuff that was covered which I missed out on in my year in BiH. Some of which might have caused me to round up any scythe and pitchork and torch inclined neighbors to go do something about....

Readers of this blog already know I have a problem with the concept of usuary, it is un-Scriptural, it is against ANYONE'S Scriptures!

I wish the two priests and the bishop interviewed had mentioned the fact that interest is DIRECTLY forbidden in Scripture, I wihs that Micheal Moore had interviewed a Rabbi and perhaps an Imam and a really well informed Protestant minister on the subject of interest and dealing in interest. It would have really been good for the point he was making.

I of course really loved the part about Republic Windows. Also for the record, I have been to personally areas in BiH that got rocketed and bombed to Hell that look better than Flint, Michigan, and some other 'Post Cards From Hell' once wonderful, or at least O.K. towns and cities across America. I want this film shown in places that send us a lot of illegal entrants! I think it might turn back some people. That would be a good thing right now.

There were several urban eviction actions which were shown, guess what, take away American's T.V.s, their homes, their comforts and guess what, Americans don't make bad rebels after all! I was a little concerned on that score to be honest with you all...

Friday, October 16, 2009


File Under Annals of Bad Design...

The plug for the electric stove and the plug for the new dryer rented to keep our clothes dry have to be switchedlll I can't switch them, the plug fits WAY too tight, the outlet is prectically on the floor and I get dizzy going for it. I couldn't unplug it at all. Who the Hell designs these things? And once we know, Mr. Mladic, I have a little job for you! grrrrr grumble grumble....


Capitalism a Love Story will be whown int the Yakima Gulag

Looks like our local concession to zeki v.s. urki is going to be here. I hope my household can get to it before Centralni Komietet decides we don't need this film here! :)

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Bee in my bonnet...

Alright, I wanted to see if home generators can be run off biodiesel, and it looks like with certain precautions and modifications the answer is 'yes' ... I was sort of wondering about that late at night after seeing a comercial for home generators on T.V., the kind you run off diesel or gasoline.

Home generators are essential survival tools for people who have appliances, and it seemed weird I'd never even seen mention of the diesel kind, let alone biodiesel kind of home generators.


Free cookies :) followed by free coffee! :)

So today at Safeway where I usually shop since they do employ my daughter, I ended up with some free cookies! :) Then there was a daeal on campus, so I ended up with free coffee, and how to make a self watering doohickie for sprouting plants and that was fun. Sometimes it is nice to just get out. Today was one of those days.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Sit! Stand.! Sit Stand!

This post brought to you by the Yakima Valley Regional Library. I was downtown for a medical appointment anyway, so here I am at the library using the computer where the screen has that privacy screen deal and it's up too high.

I have to say the day turned out nice. Had some of the squash last night, with mixed vegetables, and some ramen noodles and broke up a beef patty in it. It was pretty nice. I think I will try cooking some of the squash in milk and sugar another time, yeah let's take some really healty food and make it not so healthy! :)

We DID in fact have a small amoutn of snow late in the night.

I do have an official diagnosis of IBS now. IBS I guess is the mystery disease. They don't really know what causes it, basically my insides are healthy but they don't think they are. Well it has gone on for YEARS. I am glad I have a diagnosis at least. I did get her to change my pain medication to something coated at least, because the other stuff was making matters worse. I am sure one day they will find that IBS is in fact very physical. The symptoms sure are! jooooj!

Spent the time I waited for this computer reading 'Russian Life'. They had a cool article about the Trans-Siberian Railway. A person I knew took a trip on it from Moscow to the end of the line, and flew back to the States. Back then the Soviet Union still existed. She had a very great trip. then she got married and had twins! :)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


New and improved! Tuesday Lynx Dump!

Click on the 'read more' for some interesting discussion.

'Rethink Afghanistan'

Karadzic immunity plea rejected

GOOD! I'm just sorry he's not in a nastier place to live. I shoud live so good! My kids should live so good! My friends should live so good.

And not so good... The UN delays Karadzic's trial.

And the Yakima Gulag is not alone in having an early Winter! :( Same goes for the Balkans...,cold-wave-hits-balkans-with-early-snow-and-heavy-rains.html

Sarajevo got some really deep snow. We have only had the threat of snow...

And how has this specifically affected BiH?

It ain't pretty folks!

And this is good news, Germany is going to seriously help BiH :)

And I bet this will thrill his fans in BiH! President Obama has a real fan base in BiH

Srebenica the search goes on..

and the original Guardian article..

And from Stjepan Mesic, a good ally of Bosnia Hercegovina over the years...

We should not allow the Bosnian Serbs to tear BiH into pieces.

I am grateful to any man who calls Dodik on his shit.

and the visa issue keeps on keeping on na zalost.

India rejects Albania's demand for Mother Teresas remains

Mother Teresa may have been ethnically Albanian but she was born in Skoplje, which last time I checked is in Macedonia, and where people die of their own is where they should be buried as far as I am concerned unless there is a good reason otherwise...

Besides, I do not think she would want to be moved.

And an article on flying nightmares...

I may never fly again in my life the way things are going, but still, I feel some anger on this mans behalf, because of what he experienced. My advice, is whenever that happens, get help getting to where you need to go! I make them throw me on a cart and get me there.


Squashes! Squashes! Squashes!

My housemate M. went out to take some of her trash out and noticed a strange yellow glow in the tangled frozen leaves, and a few frozen blossoms that had been hidden from view when the weather was good. She took a closer look and detected a whole lot of long tubuluar looking squashes, what type she wasn't sure. So she came and got me. She also got a knife and we discussed them. Obviously the thing to do was cut them and bring them in. So we did, the biggest weighed like 10lbs, it almost hurt to carry it in, and we rounded up the others, and I spent the evening cutting them, removing the huge numbers of seeds and then cutting them down to size and blanching them. They are all securely in freezer bags in our fridges. Even the biggest one has very soft flesh, and they will be delicious additions to soups or even one could make them into puddings.

I have a few cuts on my hands to show for the night's work. That is o.k. Winter is coming on so suddenly! They even said we might get up to an inch of snow. The snow hasn't fallen yet, but it is bleak out there.

The landslide in Naches, which led to the closure of Route 410 still is big news. Some homes have their power back, but a lot of people both up by the river and even in town where the river re-routed itself are going to have to move. It is a MESS! People were hearing rumblings in the hills for at least a week or two, but no one really knows what caused the landslide. All anyone knows is that it is a huge inconvenience to the people who have lived there for in some cases 2 or 3 generations.

Monday, October 12, 2009


First Killing Frost hits

Our locks froze over the weekend. I was who fixed them. I used a pencil. Scribble on a key, attempt to fit key into lock, if the lock is frozen this will help. It did! it almost felt like a physical object was blocking the lock but it got worse. I was just trying something before we had to go buy locks and put them in.

The frost last night decimated our poor sunflowers, but the raspberries still are fruiting, theres FLOWERS ont hem. I picked a few this morning! :)

a big chunk of Highway 410 blocked off the small town of Naches, and took out the power. People had to be evacuated! Welcome to the opening salvos of a Yakima Gulag Winter!

Friday, October 09, 2009


Congradulations to President Obama!

I woke up this morning to hear on the BBC that President Obama has gotten the Nobel Peace Prize! Congradulations and Keep on Truckin' Mr. President! :)

Hope the 'go to Hell money' helps too!

(Go to Hell Money is a sufficient sum of money that you can afford to tell people to 'Go to Hell!' 'case you were wondering...)


Capitalism a Love STory NOT in the Gulag so far...

I have been looking forward to Micheal Moore's latest film, 'Capitalism a Love Story' but so far, even though it has been out since last Friday.. no Gulag showings. Part of the problem is that there is only one family that owns all the theatres right in the Yakima Gulag. Now to be fair to them, years ago they courageously showed 'The Last Temptation of Christ' a very bold move for a conservative Catholic family, and in our Gulag this was brave indeed because the theatres owned by the Mercy family were picketed for showing this film.

So odds are the fact that Micheal Moore's latest film is not showing here yet has more to do with distribution and profits than with the fact the owners are fairly conservative. I am giving them the benefit of the doubt because they HAVE in fact shown other Micheal Moore films.

HOWEVER these have frequently been special showings arranged by people who are in the Peace and Justice community. So maybe that will happen here. I sure hope so because I badly want to see this film. Odds are though, my friends and I will have to rent a copy, make mucho pop corn and watch that way. Steta. no ... SRAMOTA!

Thursday, October 08, 2009


Please Read this Book! Please read everything else she wrote!


Too Much Coffeee!!!!

Yeah, I was up at Northtown with a friend last night, and I got one of their 'Bottomless Cups' of coffee, and surfed the net until my battery was way down and chatted with my friend who brought me there. She and I were talkinga bout insurance since this is one of my friends still in the business. She felt I was pretty much right about what I had to say about things in the post I made yesterday about the financial services and insurance industries in genera..

Also saw on PBS last night and the night before an EXCELLENT two parter on how health care is currently hanlded in The Netherlands. I think it is a system that would actually fly in the States, and it appears to work. I know I get readers from that part of the world. I would invite comments on how they feel the system is working for them.

I am interested in hearing anything they think does work also what does not work...

The first night's stoy of the couple that moved from the U.S. to the Netherlands because their son is autistic especially intrigued me. The situation of children with autism is rather rough here, some parents are able to afford decent care, and others are not ablble to do much of anything for their kid, and it really depends on a patchwork of insurance and social services which may or may not work in a given case. I am also interested in the situation of adults with disabilities, especially autism and intellectual challenges because that is something that really tells if a health care system is really top of the line or not.

So is the treatment of people at the very bottom of society. I am interested in some voices from the Netherlands on this subject. Please it is Dutch De-Lurking Week! :)

Wednesday, October 07, 2009


The Barefoot Burglar

check this s*** out!


Happy Bar Code Birthday!

remember him?
This Post brought to you by North Town Coffee House

Check this out too!


My big suggestion for getting rid of financial meltdowns...

About the time I became an insurance agent..( I am NOT REPEAT NOT an insurance agent now...) the insurance industry began to stop paying base salary plus a modest commission. After training you went from salary and base commission to just commissions and bonuses. This also was true in the banking industry to some extent, especially in the executive positions. Tellers made salary but not the people higher up the ladder.

This fact of life has been the case in sales for a long time. No salary, just commissions and bonuses. Well people start feeling insecure if they are not doing so well, they may cut corners at such times and then what happens?

Well what happens is one starts cutting corners. I was out of the business before it happened to me, my friends left in the business are good enough, have decent enough client bases that they have avoided being in a situation of cutting corners, but enough people have run into trouble that it is easy to cut corners.

'Positive Thinking' and all that has been really bad for people in sales, financial services and insurance! 'Positive Thinking' should really be called 'Magical Thinking'. I am not saying to be all negative all the time. I am just saying that too much 'Positive Thinking' and too little willingness to face reality and human nature has been a bad thing. Capitalism as we know it is bi-polar. It is time to break out the meds!


State-Wide Manhunt for 'The Barefoot Burgler'

There is a teenaged burgler who steals everything from peanut butter to airplanes. Seriously the dude crashed an airplane on the Yakama rezervation last year and has been stealing and crash landing small aircraft all over the place. Since so far his crimes are all property crimes, no one is going all out enough to actually capture him. He has a fan-club on FAcebook and the whole thing is just Loony-Tunes.

I mention this because he's from the San Juan Islands, and was running around stealing stuff while I was on vacation with various family members there and we had NO IDEA! He just melts into the woods, and has really been elusive.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009


Small Stuff I Hate!

Alright, whoever is calling from an unfamiliar number to someone's mobile phone really should leave a message or a text to say why they called. I admit to failing to do this on one occasion but when the person called me back, I said who I was and why I had called. There is a way to find out about numbers but ONLY to a POINT and ONLY if you PAY and that is '' I found them unincredivle, I was underwhelmed, because all I could get out of them was a location and if it was a land line or not, and once whether it was comercial or not. Nothing more, no name no rank no serioal number no one to b*^%$ out. I really wanted someone to b*^%$ out by the time I'd been wakened at 5 am and then at 6 am by people too chicken to leave a damned message. I guess I will find a land line and a calling card and procede to do just that anyway at some untoward hour.

Monday, October 05, 2009


Monday Web Mondo

Alright, links for all! The People Want Links! Power to the People!

Amnesty International Demands Justice for war time rape victims

Considering how often rape is a part of war, despite all conventions and laws against it, any voicess against this vile behavior are welcome.

I still think the Algerian solution of declareing women who suffered this abuse as 'shaheed' would be another useful measure.

A Sarajevo FC fan was killed in a soccer rumble. Police were attacked as well.

EULEX finds signs of mass graves in Kosovo.

Promises not kept 9 years after revolution.

Former KLA members found guilty of torture


the missing link! :)

Lukomir the last mountain village in Bosnia

Irish Yes vote on EU opens doors for Balkans nations

Friday, October 02, 2009


Chcago misses out on Winter Olympics.

One pleasure of my present digs is there is cable TV in all rooms. So I got to see WGN and how the people in Chicago reacted to losing out on the Olypics. Look on the Bright Side Chicago! The Olypics are a jinx! Every place that hosts the Olypics has a PROBLEM! Like Sarajevo for example... 4 years of war? Siege anybody? Someone getting shot at the games like in Atlanta? 'nuff said. Have fun Rio! They already have a state of war. just watch NatGeo the program about the drugs.

Thursday, October 01, 2009


More on young person shot to death in old neighvorhood..

The guy was shot RIGHT in front of an apartment complex where I lived when I first arrived in the Yakima Gulag back in 1987! ooopa!


Good-bye Walt!

Going to Cheshire Books and visiting with the watch-cats was a really important part of any trip to the Potemkinov Selo known as Downtown Yakima. His last day was yesterday. I retrieved a couple of my stray books and went home. Yeah it was all on the news and stuff, but still, when it happens for real it's all bad...:(


Today's news brought to you by Tropical Heat!

Yes !

Tropical Heat is a great place to come get coffee, and maybe even a foot-long hot dog! They have other good stuff to eat and drink and from my point of view, the best of all, free WiFi for customers! !

Alright on to today's news

This looked interesting

and so did this article

Like Clark I don't know what we do about the terrorists actually being in Pakistan, perhaps we need to arm wrestle our Pakistani allies a bit more? Tie some foreign aid to handing over terrorist suspects?

I wish they would not have put a deadline on the Hague Tribunal.

there ought not be a limitation on when you can prosecute war crimes.

Croatia and Slovenia resolving their border dispute is going to help Croatia.

Not Balkans news but important. Ireland is one country which is in real trouble. I no longer am sure if the EU would be good or bad for Ireland. I only know that Ireland is in a really serious recession, then again recession is a way of life in Ireland with a centuries old past! :(

Again, not Balkans news specifically, but important, because guess what? WOMEN ARE IMPORTANT! :)

plus this is kind of a cool web-site anyway...

The UN actually compensating someone? Great, about time....

now when do they do this for the people they failed in Srebenica?

Tuzla people protest Jurisic verdict..

and back to the subject of war crimes, I haven't had a Mladic update in some time...

This one is excellent and includes a photo gallery.,1518,652292,00.html#ref=rss

and here is a big fat hairy WTF!

gotta love the fake cops who have been crawling outta the woodwork like so many cucarachas!

don't forget to click on the part two! alright I am pissed off for the next week or so...

So in the interests of calming down, check this out, nice article about Lukomir, of the places I did not get to go to in BiH. Unfortunately, altitude is not my friend, and Lukomir is way high up.. If you ever go to BiH and can do it, you should see Lukomir though. Maybe if I could take some coca leaf tea and an oxygen tank along....,1518,652292,00.html#ref=rss


Cooling down...

How quickly things have cooled down leads me to expect we might have a more gulagish winter than usual. I am glad to be somewhere warm enough, and pleasant enough!

More later. I am in Raymond Hall, but I am going down to Tropical Heat in a little bit.

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