Wednesday, October 07, 2009


My big suggestion for getting rid of financial meltdowns...

About the time I became an insurance agent..( I am NOT REPEAT NOT an insurance agent now...) the insurance industry began to stop paying base salary plus a modest commission. After training you went from salary and base commission to just commissions and bonuses. This also was true in the banking industry to some extent, especially in the executive positions. Tellers made salary but not the people higher up the ladder.

This fact of life has been the case in sales for a long time. No salary, just commissions and bonuses. Well people start feeling insecure if they are not doing so well, they may cut corners at such times and then what happens?

Well what happens is one starts cutting corners. I was out of the business before it happened to me, my friends left in the business are good enough, have decent enough client bases that they have avoided being in a situation of cutting corners, but enough people have run into trouble that it is easy to cut corners.

'Positive Thinking' and all that has been really bad for people in sales, financial services and insurance! 'Positive Thinking' should really be called 'Magical Thinking'. I am not saying to be all negative all the time. I am just saying that too much 'Positive Thinking' and too little willingness to face reality and human nature has been a bad thing. Capitalism as we know it is bi-polar. It is time to break out the meds!

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