Tuesday, October 13, 2009


New and improved! Tuesday Lynx Dump!

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'Rethink Afghanistan'


Karadzic immunity plea rejected


GOOD! I'm just sorry he's not in a nastier place to live. I shoud live so good! My kids should live so good! My friends should live so good.

And not so good... The UN delays Karadzic's trial.


And the Yakima Gulag is not alone in having an early Winter! :( Same goes for the Balkans...


Sarajevo got some really deep snow. We have only had the threat of snow...

And how has this specifically affected BiH?

It ain't pretty folks!


And this is good news, Germany is going to seriously help BiH :)


And I bet this will thrill his fans in BiH! President Obama has a real fan base in BiH


Srebenica the search goes on..


and the original Guardian article..


And from Stjepan Mesic, a good ally of Bosnia Hercegovina over the years...

We should not allow the Bosnian Serbs to tear BiH into pieces.


I am grateful to any man who calls Dodik on his shit.

and the visa issue keeps on keeping on na zalost.


India rejects Albania's demand for Mother Teresas remains


Mother Teresa may have been ethnically Albanian but she was born in Skoplje, which last time I checked is in Macedonia, and where people die of their own is where they should be buried as far as I am concerned unless there is a good reason otherwise...

Besides, I do not think she would want to be moved.

And an article on flying nightmares...

I may never fly again in my life the way things are going, but still, I feel some anger on this mans behalf, because of what he experienced. My advice, is whenever that happens, get help getting to where you need to go! I make them throw me on a cart and get me there.


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