Friday, October 02, 2009


Chcago misses out on Winter Olympics.

One pleasure of my present digs is there is cable TV in all rooms. So I got to see WGN and how the people in Chicago reacted to losing out on the Olypics. Look on the Bright Side Chicago! The Olypics are a jinx! Every place that hosts the Olypics has a PROBLEM! Like Sarajevo for example... 4 years of war? Siege anybody? Someone getting shot at the games like in Atlanta? 'nuff said. Have fun Rio! They already have a state of war. just watch NatGeo the program about the drugs.

Lucky Chicago!

I have friends living on the Olympics front line here. Toxic dust from disturbance of industrially contaminated land, atrocious noise at intolerable times, theft of their open space, harrassment by the Olympics Delivery Authority, ignored by their local Member of Parliament, who's a junior govt. minister. And we're all having to pay for it.

The Betrayal of Beijing gave the game away, so to speak. After China was given the Games on the basis of promises about human rights promises, when they didn't keep those promises the International Olympics Committee went belly upward and and just enjoyed the show. The reality of the whole circus is money and politics.

I hope it's better for Rio. A friend in Rio says that the Earth Summit in 1992 did bring a lot of benefits to the city.
Winter Olympics? How on earth did Rio win?!
@Owen, My bad, I should have said 'Summer"

As far as the Beijing Olympics went, I thought the 'Birds Nest' looked more like a gigantic toilet seat covered with straw, otherwise the Chinese did a good job with the show itself, but you have to really WONDER about a country that has a celebration of 60 years of their allegedly Communist government and then doesn't invite the People, in fact they Disinvited the People! That never would have happened in the old USSR, they made a POINT of inviting the People.
The situation in China as far as human rights goes has never been wonderful, and it is getting worse all the time. Especially it is worse for people in the factories. Thing is they know better. That makes me feel sad.
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