Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Sit! Stand.! Sit Stand!

This post brought to you by the Yakima Valley Regional Library. I was downtown for a medical appointment anyway, so here I am at the library using the computer where the screen has that privacy screen deal and it's up too high.

I have to say the day turned out nice. Had some of the squash last night, with mixed vegetables, and some ramen noodles and broke up a beef patty in it. It was pretty nice. I think I will try cooking some of the squash in milk and sugar another time, yeah let's take some really healty food and make it not so healthy! :)

We DID in fact have a small amoutn of snow late in the night.

I do have an official diagnosis of IBS now. IBS I guess is the mystery disease. They don't really know what causes it, basically my insides are healthy but they don't think they are. Well it has gone on for YEARS. I am glad I have a diagnosis at least. I did get her to change my pain medication to something coated at least, because the other stuff was making matters worse. I am sure one day they will find that IBS is in fact very physical. The symptoms sure are! jooooj!

Spent the time I waited for this computer reading 'Russian Life'. They had a cool article about the Trans-Siberian Railway. A person I knew took a trip on it from Moscow to the end of the line, and flew back to the States. Back then the Soviet Union still existed. She had a very great trip. then she got married and had twins! :)

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