Friday, October 23, 2009


NaNo is starting up in like 10 days.

it's rainy, I stayed in bathed and washed clothes. I had to ask a housemate to change the plugs and he was good and did so.

Nice news, 'Capitalism a Love Story' has actually been held over! This means it's making money for the Mercy family! YEAH! I am glad it's making money in our Gulag! It means that maybe those drug raids have shifted the 'zek vs urki' equation! :)

also the 'Mad Cowboy' is going to speak Nov. 8th. I hope to get to that one.

I did do a cool hack with some shoes. I had gotten a big bag of shoe laces, and some were suitable for the nice boots a friend gave me but too short. There were however SCADS of appropriate laces, so I took four of them, cut end and knotted it for each side and then laced as usual, works and there's enough lace! :) and it doesn't look that wierd.

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