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Yes !

Tropical Heat is a great place to come get coffee, and maybe even a foot-long hot dog! They have other good stuff to eat and drink and from my point of view, the best of all, free WiFi for customers! !

Alright on to today's news

This looked interesting

and so did this article

Like Clark I don't know what we do about the terrorists actually being in Pakistan, perhaps we need to arm wrestle our Pakistani allies a bit more? Tie some foreign aid to handing over terrorist suspects?

I wish they would not have put a deadline on the Hague Tribunal.

there ought not be a limitation on when you can prosecute war crimes.

Croatia and Slovenia resolving their border dispute is going to help Croatia.

Not Balkans news but important. Ireland is one country which is in real trouble. I no longer am sure if the EU would be good or bad for Ireland. I only know that Ireland is in a really serious recession, then again recession is a way of life in Ireland with a centuries old past! :(

Again, not Balkans news specifically, but important, because guess what? WOMEN ARE IMPORTANT! :)

plus this is kind of a cool web-site anyway...

The UN actually compensating someone? Great, about time....

now when do they do this for the people they failed in Srebenica?

Tuzla people protest Jurisic verdict..

and back to the subject of war crimes, I haven't had a Mladic update in some time...

This one is excellent and includes a photo gallery.,1518,652292,00.html#ref=rss

and here is a big fat hairy WTF!

gotta love the fake cops who have been crawling outta the woodwork like so many cucarachas!

don't forget to click on the part two! alright I am pissed off for the next week or so...

So in the interests of calming down, check this out, nice article about Lukomir, of the places I did not get to go to in BiH. Unfortunately, altitude is not my friend, and Lukomir is way high up.. If you ever go to BiH and can do it, you should see Lukomir though. Maybe if I could take some coca leaf tea and an oxygen tank along....,1518,652292,00.html#ref=rss

Sadly the decision to accept responsibility for the killings in Pristina doesn't bring back the victims, and as you say Srebrenica is the elephant in the living room. And UNMIK has also washed its hands of responsibility for the lead poisoning of the Roma children in Mitrovica - did I send you this link -

Two good articles on Mladic and dissatisfaction with the ICTY's rush to pack its bags. Unfortunately the Lukomir link was a duplicate of the Mladic article link.
Hi Owne, sorry about the duplicate... sadly when I work on my blog at Tropical Heat, I am using a netbook and I am bent down about in half to see, and my neck usually is not happy. Then I start getting dizzy. I was waiting for the table nearest a plug in, the only plug in they have and being pestered by a fly that thinks I am it's pet.

So much for my trivial complaints, I will try to remedy the Lukomir article next week.

Yeah I did see the thing about the poisoning. Stories like that occur all over the region at regular intervals. Sometimes it is soemthing sometimes it is not. I could frankly not figure out what was happening. Thanks for the link.
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