Monday, October 26, 2009


Come ON Mr. Karadzic, you have had a WHOLE year!

I am having a bit of a headache from the weather today, but noted that the BBC had very good coverage this morning on the Karadzic boycott of his first day of trial. Karadzic himself was absent claiming that no lawyer could pull together a credible case for his defense! EXCUSE ME VERY MUCH WHILE I VOMIT INTO THE NEAREST WASTE-PAPER BASKET!
Karadzic was arrested a bit over a year ago! He's had time. He's had time even if the dog ate his lawyer's homework! I would have LOVED in my college days to simply absent myself when I did not have a paper ready! I would have totally gone for that! But guess what it doesn't fly to do that, professors will FLUNK you if you do that.

The Court owes it to themselves to stop people playing that game. I don't think any judge in the Yakima Gulag would tolerate this level of nonsense. The Hague definately should not and as to Mr. Karadzic playing these games, oh he was brave enough ordering the deaths of all those people, the shelling and the sieges, just not man enough to come to court and face the music.

I'm with you! This is not a tolerable excuse, it's just making excuses. And what must be obvious even for the court is that he is just trying to get an adjournment, which he succeeded in with a quiet support of the court. And that's everything but justice! So let's stop pretending this is a time for preparation of the defense and give it the right name - enabling to escape the justice. Julie
I'm not in favour of abuse of prisoners in custody, but this one simply wants a good smack round the ear. As you say, we had the dog ate my homework, enough.
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