Friday, October 30, 2009


Sadly I did not get to go

to the Loggins and Messina concert with my friend. At the last minute, her former boyfriend who isn't really a fan changed his mind and decided to go. She did offer to lend me ticket money but it would have taken me three months to pay her back and I really have other important expenses at this time. It's really o.k. I had other stuff to keep me busy. Like working on the travel book I have been working on about my time in Sarajevo.

Editing is incredibly hard, I am trying to learn how to set it up in 'Landscape' and get the guttering right. Why does that need to be so hard to do? I am using Linux, I tried a few things today and decided to read the Help file and see what I understand. Then I will try again.

Not a good idea to be learning the technicalities just as you're about to start. But I guess you lost your old software on the old computer. Can you get somebody to load Open Office for you, the word processor doesn't seem to be too far away from Word?

Concerts are like sporting events, for making rich people richer and poor people poorer. Sad.
@Owen, I have open Office on here already, and it is basically pretty good, but I have had problems in the past with this particular project, it
s not the first time I beat my head on this particular stone wall and if Open Office did this thing that well, my son who is a LOT more tech saavy than I am would not have gone and gotten the free templates..
There is wiht NaNo a free self publishing thing available to get a prooof copy of your this year
s book.The only catch is the file has to be correctly formatted when you send it to them. I missed out on having a proof copy last year for the same reason, I tried then, and couldn't figure it out. My son has been working on a Sci-Fi trilogy, and he found himself up against the publishers wanting things set up already. It
s a lot harder to tweak some things in Open Office.
@Owen again, my friend won those tickets on the radio she probably would not have gone otherwise.

and yeah concerts can be such a zoo, but a free one, hey I
ll take it! :)
Nothing in computers is straightforward. I just had a crash, had to transfer things, used the Windows Settings Transfer Wizard and it killed the graphics driver, the audio and I still can't use the printer. What is the point, one asks oneself? Good luck, anyhow.
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