Saturday, October 24, 2009


So Karadzic is too chickenshit to attend his own trial..

at least Milosevic went to his trial. On the up-side maybe the whole thing will be less of a circus... samo Bog znais!

The relatives of victims of his reign of terror are going. The BBC had a story of one victim, and there is this

and some theories about how Karadzic evaded justice this long.

and an annoyingly slow loading video if you want to see an interview with Kardzic

and lately Russia has really been cosy-ing up to Serbia, letting them have gas etc, so are they using Serbia to help them with the rest of Europe? I think it's likely

looks like my initial instinct for caution on this story was justified...

The students who got sick were not sickened by toxins as had been feared.

and some imam in Albania got busted for alleged terrorism.

this is a really wierd case..

and Sanader is bailing! Opa!

and for the Kultur Korner:

Kadare is getting a prize. I did not realize he was still alive! :)

well this I guess should be it for Lynx Saturation Saturday.

There are three coachloads of Karadzic's victims travelling from Sarajevo to stand outside the Court when the trial victims, plus more from other parts of Europe including Germany. The trial's scope is so limited that it will never provide the victims with true justice but better something than nothing and better late than never.
Yes, I know, in fact one of my old neighbors, Munira Subasic is among them, she was quoted in the Seattle Times and there was an article on the Karadzic trial in the Wall Street Journal.
Outside the Court:
Times Online
October 26, 2009


Munira Subasic, 62, whose husband and brother were murdered at
Srebrenica, said: "They cannot do this like Milosevic. He died and
juctice died with him. We know there is enough evidence against Karadzic and we pray it will not take time because we need justice.

"My message to Europe is that there was a Holocaust against the Jews and a genocide aginst Muslims in
Bosnia becuase we were in a minority. Everyone has a right to live and everyone has a right to justice. We have those same rights."
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